Poetry of Kansas

Plant A Little Garden Spot

Again the battle cry is heard
    Come join the ranks today.
An enemy has challenged us
    To get into the fray.
Our nation's honor is at stake
    We must accept the call.
To arms, to arms, to arms, awake,
    Our enemy must fall.
A home guard of defense is called,
    That you and I may meet.
If we would help to win the war,
    Let's plant a field of wheat.
Our boys must fight and we must help
    To do our part to win.
They must have food and clothes as
So now, we should begin,
    Let's find a lot or vacant spot
That needs to be in grain,
    And sow the seed that we may soon
A harvest reap again.
    A home protection we may be
Thus help our cause to gain;
    For we should work as well as
So plant a field of grain.
We all should do what e'er we can,
    It seems the world today
Must yet be cleaned from war and
    In battles stern array.
But afterward the dawn appears
    The wide world must have peace.
A glad awakening will be ours
    And wars forever cease.
So courage take and then go forth
    To battle long and hard,
And plant a little garden spot
    Within our own back yard.

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Pages 45-46

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