Poetry of Kansas

Cheer Others And Forget Thyself

Life's sunny places once were mine
        To toil for bread unneeded,
And weary pilgrims passed me by,
        Their trims all unheeded.
I did not try them to explore
        The byways and the lane;
To try to comfort or restore,
        Give others joy again.
I thought the world was all like me,
        Unneedful of a brother,
To comfort and to cheer and be
        A help to one another.
I thought the pleasures of the world
        Just came to all mankind;
All measured up to meet their need,
   And each their share would find.
And so unheedful of life's woes,
        I went my way believing
It was enough, I had repose,
All were their share receiving.
Then unprepared, I found one day
        I needed one to cheer me;
With all my loved ones far away,
        No one to comfort near me.
And then me thought I heard a voice
        Say, "Thou weren't ever cheery;
Thou didst not help the sad rejoice
        When days were dark and dreary.
And now life's burdens are revealed,
        But thou canst rise above them,
Go forth and labor in life's field;
        Show others that you love them."
And in thy labor, and thy love,
        New happiness be thine.
To help a brother is to prove
        There is a Love Divine.
Go forth to labor, take thy part,
        This world is full of care;
Go forth and comfort some sad heart;
        You'll find them everywhere.
And when I scattered roses
        Their perfume came back to me,
My bread upon the waters cast,
        And drifted out to sea
Was multiplied as it came back,
        My ship its laden bearing
Returned to me, I did not lack
        Because with others sharing.
And then this world Seemed filled
            with bliss
        When I was kind and cheery;
Life's pleasures I could never miss___
        This world could not be dreary
When I forget myself, and tried
        To find a way to scatter
Life's pleasures and whate'er betide
        To me it did not matter.

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Pages 20-21

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