Poetry of Kansas


Methought I slept, and dreamed one
That this old earth had passed away.
A new world seemed to meet my view
With all things beautiful and new.
There seemed to be a richer life,
Without depravity and strife.
The houses all were painted there;
No heart bowed down with black
The rosy sunset shed a glow
O'er houses neat, not built for show.
No neighbor's house stood dim and
Beside a mansion and a park.
I said, "What meaneth this new life?
"Where is the wanton greed and
        strife ?"
I saw the flag: red, white and blue,
Above it was the ensign true,
And brotherhood was written there.
It tells us other's burdens share
That all may help to bear the load
Of other pilgrims on life's road.
A new awakening o'er the land
Was started by a faithful band.
They talked, they prayed, they
        brought to view___
"I am my brother's keeper." You
May not stand by and wink at greed
While human beings are in need.
And so a purpose o'er this land
Was started by that loyal band;
From North to South, from East to
Homes were reclaimed, all families
Stranger or friend, for all below
We're brothers and we feared no foe.
And in that dawning day, no gun
Protects our harbor and our home.
There is no need that bloody strife
Should thus destroy our brave boys'
Our noble flag___Red, White and
Has made us patriotic true.
But let another banner wave
Above each home our land to save.
Let brotherhood be written, please,
And fling it forth to catch the breeze.
Let us behold it everywhere,
An ensign, other's burdens bear.
Fling out the flag and let it wave,
And with old Glory help to save
A world today that asks relief.
This sad world is a world of grief.
Let banners wave o'er every home
Proclaiming Brotherhood has come.
Read Genesis and don't forget
Thou art thy brother's keeper yet.

__Nettie Squire Sutton.

A Book of Poems
Nettie Squire Sutton
(Minneapolis, KS: Messenger Press. n.d.)
Pages 12-13

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