Poetry of Kansas

Scenes In The Sunflower State


I've seen the azure dome of heaven,
        Without a flickering cloud,
Tinged with shooting exhalations
        Which, enveloping like a shroud,
Gathered within its golden mantle
        The twinkling sentinels of night,
Wrapped within its folds most gentle
        By the Sun-god's brilliant light.

I've seen the golden dome of heaven,
        Like an effulgent, glowing cloud,
Tinged with darting sun reflections
        While the earth, a queen most proud,
Sported dewy diamond jewels
        The most transient gems of all
Lured without their crystal pools
        By the Sun-god's beaming call.
I've seen the starlit dome of heaven,
        Like a dazzling, sparkling crown,
Tinged with ghostly, shimmering deflections;
        While the air in shining gown
Bathed in misty, spectral show;
        And the sentinels of night
Added their holy, auroral glow
        To the Moon-goddess' silvery light.

Stanzas For Kansas
Leonard Allen Prowant
(Wichita, Kansas: __. 1937) Page 15

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