Poetry of Kansas

Path Of A Proper Kansan

Some follow the path of the winding walk
        That leads to a hollow goal;
Or trip fantastically the carefree way
        That ends on some rocky shoal;
Or perhaps again, the chute they take
        Direct to Hell's Hungry Sea,
But these and others that lead awry
        Are not the paths for me!
Some live the lives of base hypocrites,
        And the image of man defame;
Others lie, and steal, and forge, and rob,
        Without one pang of shame;
Others sink-how sad--to the lowest depths
        That a son of man could be;
But such a life as one of these
        Is not the life for me!
The path I would follow goes straight and up,
        And leads to the highest peak;
The life I would live is the humble and true,
        As that of Him, lowly and meek;
And whether or not I reach my goal,
        When my sun comes time to set,
I can sigh with relief--in utter peace--
        And look back with no regret

Stanzas For Kansas
Leonard Allen Prowant
(Wichita, Kansas: __. 1937)
Page 32

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