Poetry of Kansas

Just As Well Laugh As Cry

There, my lad, I know I tis true
        That you stumbled and grievously fell;
But it's no use to make such a great to-do,
        As though that would make you feel well;
For it's all a state of the mind, my dear,
        And you could learn--if you would but try--
When disaster comes, instead of a tear,
        You could laugh and never cry.
Oh, life stretches on for many a year
        With much joy and grief thrown in;
And when we're too old to indulge in the tear,
        We'll receive many jolts on the chin;
So we might as well learn while yet still young,
        That it's useless to weep or sigh,
For nothing that comes can get us unstrung,
        If we laugh instead of cry.
We'd just as well laugh as cry, my lad,
        We'd just as well sing as sigh;
When you feel yourself yielding to sobbing wild,
        Take a grip and give it a try;
For it's all a state of the mind I know--
        And I am not giving you chaff--
You can if you will--whatever betide--
        Chuck the tears and give it the laugh.

Stanzas For Kansas
Leonard Allen Prowant
(Wichita, Kansas: __. 1937)
Page 33

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