Poetry of Kansas

A Young Lady's Holocaust.

MY lover's letters saved with sacred care,
     Tear stained I bring before the welcome fire,
     Inspired by some unholy, fell desire
To burn these missives, once so sweet and fair,
And float their priceless perfumes in the air.
     Now! as they rise upon the funeral pyre,
     And hopes of life and dreams of love expire,
It seems the scent of blossoms stihl is there.
Dear, darling treasures of my maiden dream!
     The brief, fond flutter of my blooming heart!
O friendly fire, how warm and bright ye gleam !
     As now blind Cupid's trophies here depart.
Henceforth to me how vain and weak shall seem
     The captive chains, and splendors of his dart.

__Joel Moody.

The Song of Kansas
Joel Moody
(Topeka: Crane & Company. 1890)
Page 128

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