Poetry of Kansas

Serenade Of The Sunflowers.

We are the original settlers,
And this is our commonwealth
We ever shall claim
              Both the name
                          And the fame
Which the squatter has taken by stealth.

We came with the elk and the cactus
Not yet was the Indian here
And still we remain
              Though the grain
                          Of the plain
Has banished the bison and deer.
We never would yield to invasion,
Though enemies thickened around.
When corn, wheat and rye
              Raised their high
                          Battle cry
We laughed at their blusterous sound.
We cheered when the plowman attacked us:
His furrows we hailed with delight.
Wherever he trod
              Every rod
                          Of his sod
We seized as a prize of the fight.
The Sun is our gallant defender;
We thrive in his furious glow
Then withers the maize
              In the blaze
                          Of his rays,
But we only flourish and grow.
They wanted a title for Kansas,
A title resplendent and great
A name
               That should shame
                         Every claim
                                  To her fame
So they called her the Sunflower State.

__Harry Edward Mills.


Select Sunflowers
Harry Edward Mills
(Fort Scott: Sunflower Press. 1901)
Pages 9-11

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