Poetry of Kansas


Dear Sweetheart of old, loved in the fair days.
When life was as fresh as a bright new toy 
Made for just you and me, Dear, girl and boy, 
Strong in our boast of the many bold ways 
We'd conquer the world that lay in a haze 
Of splendid tangle before us. No joy 
But we would reach it; no evil alloy 
But what, at our valor, would stand at gaze! 
Let me come back to you, Sweetheart of old; 
Let us play the years have been only hours; 
That we parted last night at the pasture gate... 
I hear your feet in the fallen leaves' gold; 
No horrible surfeit skulks and glowers... 
I knock at your heart, Boy! I wait__I wait!

__Hannah Rea Woodman.

Poems by Hannah Rea Woodman
(Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: A. V. Haight & Company. 1909)
Page 3

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