Poetry of Kansas

I Am Free.

I am free! I am free! I stretch wide hands
To the laughing mad-cap winds; I enfold
All prisoned things, crouchant, wretched and cold
In my new warm life. I would lose their bands,
Give them crimson, kisses, fame, riches, lands!
I'd give them liberty, splendid as light,
Sweet as water to desert thirst, the sight
Of distant green blur on the blazing sands!
'No more angry words that cut keen like steel;
No jealous, dim doubts that sicken the mind
And toss it like foam on a maddened sea;
No more stupid, half-despised efforts to feel
The old passion surge, resistless and blind;
I am free, free, free! Dear God, I am free!

__Hannah Rea Woodman.

Poems by Hannah Rea Woodman
(Poughkeepsie, N.Y.: A. V. Haight & Company. 1909)
Page 21

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