Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

Lillie H. Kellam.
THROUGH dusky arches floats thy pleading hymns 
              Till all the air 
Grows tremulous for light o'er pathways dim; 
              The waves of prayer, 
Led by the glory of the Eternal Day, 
Break at thy feet,which late have found the way. 
Thrice happy thou beyond these boundaries 
              Of doubt and sin, 
Whose adamantine crags forbidding rise 
              O'er fens within, 
Where many a peril waits the unwary soul, 
So slowly faring toward the heavenly goal. 
For thee the angels' smile, the cloudless day, 
              The harps of gold, 
Before whose strains earth's shadows flee away; 
              Ere back hath rolled 
The tide of prayer to these dull shores of night, 
Strew thou thereon some gleams of kindly light. 
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