Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

Mary Tenney Gray
Only a tangle of nut-brown hair, 
A maze of arms uplift and bare, 
A scamper of feet, all swift and brown; 
Thus they differ from those in town. 
Now after, the calves, now high in air, 
A-flitting here and flying there, 
Lading the. wind with maddest glee, 
As full of fun as full can be. 
Up in the loft where the swallows hush, 
Out where wintergreen berries blush, 
High on the hill where ripe berries glow, 
Deep in the swamp where blue flags grow. 
Falling asleep on a cock of hay, 
Risking necks or running away; 
Hunting what next they can do or dare, 
Full of frolic and free as air. 
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