Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

Allen D. Gray
ONE time, when day's last lingering ray had faded, 
    And murky clouds obscured each cheerful star, 
And among the distant hills by darkness shaded, 
    I heard the whispering of the winds afar. 
Upon the bridge that spanned a flowing river, 
    I stood and gazed upon the outward flow; 
I saw the shadows on its bosom quiver, 
    Like phantoms rising from the depths below. 
It tarried not a moment, downward sweeping, 
    Out toward the bosom of the deep, broad sea, 
Whose mighty billows 'gainst the shores Were leaping, 
    Tossing their foaming spray perpetually. 
Life is a current setting toward the ocean 
    Of the Unknown: that sea without a shore; 
Where all the tumult of this world's commotion, 
    Is hushed to stillness in the evermore. 
( 49 ) 

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