Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

Kansas Symposium.
MEN said a noble few that Kansas soil 
Should yield its fruitage but to freeman's toil; 
And Freedom, cradled here, grown great and strong, 
Rose in her might to cope with ancient Wrong. 
"Set free! Set free !" she cried, nor stayed her hand 
Till only Crime wore chains in all the land. 
__Ellen P. Alllerton.    

KANSAS, most loved of Fortune's guests, 
    Child of our hopes and fears__
Kansas, whose genius ever wrests 
    Victory from Failure's tears__
Thy children hail thee as the best, 
    And will for ceaseless years. 
__J. W. D. Anderson.    

A six line rhyme on Kansas, did you say ? 
One cannot sing her glories in a day. 
Nay, more ! let all the authors of our State combine 
They could but mention Kansas in a six-line rhyme. 
__H. W. Bailey.    

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