Collection of Kansas Poetry

Miss Hattie Horner

William Haskell Simpson.
      HUSH-A-BYE! hush-a-bye! 
Bees have left the fragrant rye, 
Clouds are fading in the sky; 
Home the weary birdies fly__
      Hush, baby dear, 
Soldiers rest from war's alarms, 
All is quiet on the farms__
God's peace clasps us in its arms. 
      Sleep, mother's near! 
      Hush-a-bye! hush-a-bye! 
Moonlit silence wraps yon hills, 
And this river feels no thrills 
From the still wheels of the mills__
      Hush, baby dear. 
You, too, find soft-billowed rest 
On sweet mother-love's warm breast, 
When rose flushes quit the west. 
      Sleep, do not fear! 
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