Poetry of Kansas

The Silent River

By the side of the silent river,
  Which moves so tranquilly,
In its downward course forever,
  I sit and think of thee.
On the shore of life's wide, drear ocean,
  I pine all alone on the pier,
With my heart full of deepest emotion
  And longing for you, my Dear.
And as constant and true in devotion
  As the river's course down to the sea,
And far deeper indeed than the ocean,
  Is my lasting love of thee.
Oh the ship of my love seems freighted
  Too heavily to arrive.
And my hope too dissipated
  Much longer to survive.
Flow on, O silent river!
  Sail home, O ship to me!
For my love is true forever___
  True to eternity.

__Colfax Burgoyne Harman


Poems Of Sentiment
Colfax Burgoyne Harman
(Valley Falls, Kansas: Harman Publishing. 1905)
Pages 142-143

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