Poetry of Kansas

The Girl Beyond The Bridges.

WHEN but a lad, both young and green,
 I fell in love prodigious, 
 Wi' a lady fine, (I wished her mine)__
 Who lived beyond the bridges. 
 When e'er I saw her, church or fair,
 It made me have the fidges; 
 She made my heart go pit-a-pat__
 This girl beyond the bridges! 
 She looked so sweet, and dressed so neat,
 An' then she was religious: 
 She semeed a very saint to me__
 This girl beyond the bridges. 
 I used to whistle, sing, and think,
 While walking 'tween the ridges 
 Among the corn: no other's born 
 Like her beyond the bridges! 
Oh, she was small, demure, withal,
 The very queen of midges; 
 And such a voice she had__oh, my!
 This girl beyond the bridges! 
 One night she gave my heart a shock__
 It seemed most sacrilegious: 
 She said I need not come again 
 That girl beyond the bridges! 
___John W. Beebe
Beebe, John W.
Prairie Flowers
(Topeka: Geo. W. Crane & Company. 1891)
page 140
January 10, 2002 / John & Susan Howell / Wichita, Kansas / howell@kotn.org

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