Poetry of Kansas

The Soldier Boy's Death.

WHAT! my Harry, my Harry slain?
And shall I never see his sweet face again?
Hush! leave me alone. No, I am not wild;
Surely, they never have murdered my child.
The morning he left, as he bade me farewell,
The anguish and pain I never can tell,
As laughingly he said that he would come back
When he had given those Filipinos a crack.
Surely, my Harry will come back to me,
Over the rolling and deep blue sea.
It is a mistake__they surely are wrong,
And my Harry will come to me ere long.
For how could he die in that far-off land
And leave me alone, I can't understand.
No, I am not mad, but I soon will be
If they don't bring my Harry to me.
The world can never repay what it owes,
For my mother feelings nobody knows.
The life of my boy is worth more, by Jar,
Than all the victory of this war.

__Hulda Fetzer.

Hulda Fetzer
(Independence, KS: ___. 1906)
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