Poetry of Kansas

The Old Woman's Butter.

A BIG fat woman came into the store,
    And she was all in a flutter.
She said to the clerk, who was standing by,
    "I've fetched you a roll of butter.
"A little wee mouse got into the cream,
    But then I thought I would churn it;
Bah! I couldn't begin to eat it myself;
    My stomach, 't would certainly turn it.
"But then I thought nobody would know,
    So if you will only exchange, sir."
"All right," said the clerk, "I guess I can,"
    As he eyed the queer looking stranger.
So he took the butter and went way back
    And simply printed it over;
But he did it so quick and so complete
    That she could not discover.
"Well, madam," said he, as he fetched it back,
    "Here's a pound with an extra flavor."
"Oh, thank you ever so much," said she,
    "For doing me such a favor."

__Hulda Fetzer.

Hulda Fetzer
(Independence, KS: ___. 1906)
Page 60

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