Poetry of Kansas

A Man of Faith
One Poem in Two Forms

I. In Blank Verse

A skeptic met a man with faith in God,
And noted well his constant trustfulness;
And how to heaven's will he was resigned;
And soon he fully wished himself to be
A man of trust, a man of faith in God.
A doubter, groping, stumbling darkly on,
Did come to know this selfsame man of faith,
And soon his heart was opened to the truth,
And doubt and darkness fled, and light came in.
Again, a Christian, weak, disconsolate,
And sorely tempted to forsake his God.
Did journey once beside this man of faith,
And soon his faith revived, and hopefully
He kept on plodding in the path of life.
'Tis thus a man of faith imparts himself,
His spirit, like the. pollen, wanders forth,
And fructifying other hearts, once dead,
Makes life to throb where life before was not;
Or, like the gentle moisture from the clouds,
Reviving drooping, dying plants,
It strengthens, straightens us to look to God.
II. In Rhyme
A skeptic met a man whose faith in God
Was strong as beechen beam or iron rod:
And noting well his constant trustfulness,
He felt the power of such a faith to bless.
And feeling thus, he soon conceived he must
Himself begin a life of Godly trust.
A doubter, plodding in his pathway dim,
Came near this man of faith and walked with him.
And soon his heart was opened to the truth,
And doubt went out and faith came in, in sooth.
A Christian soul, disconsolate and weak,
And tempted sorely God no more to seek,
Did journey near this man of faith, when, lo
The good man's faith did seem to overflow,
And reach the other, till he was aglow
With faith as firm as ever he did know.
A man of faith thus nobly conquers doubt.
His spirit, like the pollen, wanders out,
And fructifying hearts inert and dead,
Makes life to throb where once was death
Or like the gentle moisture from the sky,
Renews the life which, drooping, soon would die.

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Page 47-48

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