Poetry of Kansas

Who Ever Promised You Ease?

Plodding is hard when the pathway is rough,
Smiling is hard when your neighbors are gruff,
Patience is hard when the spirit is tried,
Working is hard when rest is denied:
        But who ever promised you ease
Summer is hard when the mercury boils,
Springtime is hard with its manifold toils,
Autumn is hard when it rains and rains,
Winter is hard when the sunlight wanes:
        But who ever promised you ease.
Sleeping is hard in your wakeful hours,
Waking is hard when sleep overpowers,
Saving is hard when your wages are poor,
Planting is hard with the fruitage not sure:
        But who ever promised you ease
Meet the world bravely and all there is in it;___
Joy, if at times you are able to win it,
Sorrow, if that is your lot and your share;
God has not promised you freedom from care,
        God has not promised you ease.

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Page 99

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