Poetry of Kansas

Church Dedication Hymn

In tender love we've reared this house, 0 Lord,
                    Thine own to be;
In joy conceived of love, with sweet accord,
                    We give it Thee-
A house of praise to point unto the sky,
A temple to our God, the Lord, Most High.

Thus now, the finished token of our love
                    We dedicate
To Thee, Thou Lord of all below, above;
                    Jehovah great;
Creation's Origin; eternal Source,
Whence all the streams of being take their course.

To Thee, 0 Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
                    Sole seat of grace,
To Thee, 0 Lord of all the starry host
                    In realms of space;
To Thee, to whom all earth and heaven shall bow,
We humbly dedicate this temple now.

Lord, help us, too, that we may act apart,
                    For praise divine,
A sanctuary true, within the heart,
                    A sacred shrine
Where we may meet with God; a holy place,
Unsoiled by sin and purified by grace.

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Page 82

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