Poetry of Kansas

A Cry From the Depths in a Day
of Gloom

I stumble about day and night,
    I shuffle and loll in the way;
When 'tis dark I grope for the light,
    And I see but heed not in the-day.
I walk when I might better run;
    I crouch when I might better climb;
And I leave many duties undone
    Through a listless employment of time.
Just a loiterer am I at best;
    Just a rover at random, endued
With wandering motives, and zest
    For the shallow and fickle and crude.
Half-hearted in seeking the right,
    Half caring which way I shall go,
I know not a half that I might,
    And I heed not a half that I know.
But I hope my meanderings trend
    Up the slopes to the fair hill-sights,
Where sunset glories shall blend
    To inspire in me purer delights;
Where the soul sees its worth and its power,
    And is lured to lofty pursuit;
Where the germ of resolve comes to flower,
    And the flower to generous fruit.

Quillings In Verse
John Edward Everett
(Smith Center: ___. 1912)
Pages 18-19

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