Poetry of Kansas

Old Folks At Home

If you have a dear old mother and a father
              old and gray,
Sit down and write the letter and to them
              kindly say:
Dear mother, I shall ne'er forget how kind
              you were to me,
When I was a little child beneath your ever
              watchful eye.
Words that are unspoken have no kindness
              to impart,
Like the knelling of the bell that makes the
              tear-drops start.
Don't wait until their tired steps reach Heav-
              en's pearly gate.
Pluck roses while they're living, place them
              on their plate.
We live out in the present, yesterday is past
              and gone.
Tomorrow is not ours, in fact it may never
The silver path that leads to fortune may
              vanish while you wait.
So make the old folks happy before it is too
Write them a tender message full of hope
              and good cheer.
Show them that you think of them each hour,
              each day, each year.
Who knows what bitter memories may haunt
              you if you wait?
With a loving spirit, write them before it is
              too late.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)

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