Poetry of Kansas

Lines Of River

From the foot hills of the Rockies
      To the mouth of river Kaw,
Is the finest agricultural country
      That a Kansan ever saw.
Great expansive fields of wheat,
      Alfalfa, corn and rye,
The herbage God has painted green
      As green was more pleasing to
There are other vales and rivers
      As fertile as the river Kaw,
The Verdigris and Arkansas,
      Scenic Neosho, Elk and river I
The silver Colorado blending
      With beautiful Rio Grande,
Hold a sacred place in memory
      To the cowboys on the ranch.

The big and little Caney
      And Walnut too is blest
With fertile virgin soil,
      Oil and natural gas.
To dear old Missouri river
      Forever we must be just
For her early navigation
      To the sunset Golden West.
The Blue river and the Solomon,
      Smoky and Saline,
Are full of picturesqueness
      To the Western pioneers.
The old-time dugout palace,
      And the sod house on the plain
Are the emblem of successes
      Of those happy by-gone days.
To our sister at the north, "Nebraska"
      And the great river Platte,
To Daniel Freeman, first homesteader,
      We now take off our hat.
Every line of river sparkles
      Beneath all the stars on our flag
From the old state of Maine
      Down to New Orleans and the Gulf.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. DunnDec 22, 1925
(Independence: --. 19??)
page 23

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