Poetry of Kansas

Language Of Flowers

"Rose Acacia" Friendship, Love and Truth.
"Acanthus" Gracefulness and Art.
"Adonis Flor" Recollections Painful to the
"Agnus Castus" Cold as an icicle, Life
        without Love.
"Agrinony" Grateful for Favors Kindly Bestowed.
"Almonds" Giddiness, Heedlessness of Worth.
"American Beauty" Liberty Everblooming.
"Althea Rose of Sharon" Peace and Happiness
  in Every Garden Spot.
"Amethyst Admiration" With Sunny Smiles
      from June till Life's December, Beaming
      like the Star of Hope for a Happy Bright
"Aloe" Bitterness and Hate.
"Amarinth" Unfading Immortality
"Amaryllis" Beautiful but Timid in Presentation.
"Anemone Garden" Withered Hopes Forsaken.
"Wild Flowers" Desertion, Friendless.
"Angelico" An Emblem of God's Creation in
      Heart, Soul and Body, full of Inspiration.
"Arbutus" It Matters not where I Rove,
      Thou Art the only one I Love.
"Ash" In Grandeur Grow each day, each
      year in Wealth, mild or severe, always
      sturdy and sincere.
"Aspen" Sighing for some loved one gone,
      never more to return.
"Asphodel" Deeds of kindness by old or
      young will be remembered beyond the
"Aster" Afterthought by society.Held in
      high esteem for love of variety and serene.
"Bachelor Button" Hope, faith in single blessedness.
"Mint" Full of glee and pleasantry.
"Balm of Gilead" A touch a cure for all of you.
"Balsamine" Never still, never im-
      tient as a child.
"The Meadow Lark" is our Kansas bird,
      in every state his voice is heard.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Page 20

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