Poetry of Kansas

The Four Factors of Wealth

The land is the entire earth
The oceans, lakes and rivers,
The rainfall, heat and cold,
The winds, storms and weather
And all material beneath
The surface of earth and water
And all the fishes of the seas
Are united in one factor.
Labor is a working man transformed
To master natural forces
With intelligence to create weal
By skilled and unskilled labor.
With the ability to perform
And create faster than consume
Natural resources thus transformed
Is called capital produced by labor.
Capital begun with economy
Progress and civilization
Chiefly to assist man
In the subjugation of nature.
Invention and the use of tools
Man armed himself with weapons
To protect against warfare
To which he was subjected.
Coming down to modern times
With each stage of evolution
Man became better able to create
And save additional capital.
With land, labor and wealth
Organized into a working union
Men are better fed and clothed
With better shelter and education
The duty of enterpriser
Is to direct capital and labor
To unite the three in one
With nature's creations.
Assume the risks connected with
The business organization
And take the profits that arise
From economic operation.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Page 43

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