Poetry of Kansas

Easter Morn'

While the Robins warble their love,
    On this beautiful sweet Easter morn'
It denotes that the old year is gone
    And a new year from heaven is born
With its Seasons for Mankind to share,
   In sunshine, Shadow and rain,
All should rejoice and be glad
    And welcome our new Easter morn'.
How delightful the weather had been
    All through the declining year,
How sweetly the birds, too, have sung
    On the trees that were leafless and bare.
To be Happy is our constant, desire
    Instinctive in every man's mind;
Then why should we not all try
    To return just compensation to God?
At Peace in the Garden of Olives
    In a valley below High Weeping Hills,
In a Tomb lay our crucified Savior,
    Guarded by soldiers that no one enter in.
At midnight, a, voice came from Heaven
    For a son to rise from the Tomb,
The angels appeared in great numbers,
    And removed from the grave the large
The Keeper stood in a death silence,
    Being amazed at the beautiful sight,
He hastened away to the village
    To proclaim that the Christian Era had
The women of the Holy City went early,
    And kneeled at the Tomb of the Lord,
Then spoke the Heavenly watcher to them,
    On this beautiful sweet Easter morn'.
Fear not, I know you seek Jesus,
    This glorious new Easter morn'.'
The Lord has risen in splendor
    O'er sin, death and the Tomb.
He will be with us ever
    In spirit, if not in form,
And will meet us in Heaven tomorrow,
    On the eternal bright Easter morn'.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Page 31

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