Poetry of Kansas


While we deck each grave with flowers
    Plucked by friends with tenderest care,
For the dear one who fell in Battle,
    At home and overseas.
We promise as we kneel beside them
    Beneath the Elm's quiet shade,
That their flag of yesterday
    We hold in ecstacy today.
Place each flower with tender feeling
    O'cr some friend you cherished dear
While he slumbers'neath its fragrance,
    In the valley, sea or plain.
For his spirit hovers 'round you
    In your daily walk to cheer,
Comfort, keep, direct you onward,
    What a precious thought so dear.
May each mother's love be melted,
    By the lapse of many years,
As her mind is drifting backward,
    For the one she loves, so dear.
May each one who fought in battle,
    For the dear old flag to save,
Have a place in fond remembrance
    O'er his dear and sacred grave.
May Old Glory float from time immemorial
    With that freedom for us all,
One by one resting sweetly,
    Waiting for the bugle call.
When the Master calls each veteran
    To His home beyond the skies,
Then to dwell in peace and comfort,
    Then we will raise Old Glory high.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
page 25

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