V= Datlight Thoughts - A poem by J. P. Dunn Poetry of Kansas

Daylight Thoughts

Ever is a little word,
To try is smaller still,
Link them together
And they will move a hill.
It may sound a little odd,
Yet it is very true,
Bees make the sweetest honey
From the wild oat bloom.
Never cross a stream
Until you reach its shore.
Never pluck a rose
That has never bloomed.
Never offer a wedding ring
To a lady when she begs to be excused.
Never shake hands with a man
That recently had the flu.
Never pick up a stick to strike
A poor dog sick or lame,
Never buy a gold brick
Unless you deal on tick.
Never sing in public
Until you learn the key,
If the sun don't shine today or tomorrow
It may not shine for two or three.
Never build a house upon
A foundation that is sand,
Never send a boy to mill
When you can send a man.
Bear in mind, my brother,
Old John Barley-corn is dead.
Better it's Uncle Johnnie,
Than you or I in his stead.
No plant ever grew
Without an imperfect leaf or flower.
No character ever was so good
That it did not have a flaw.
No grief is really grief
Without a course of tears.
No man is a manly man
Until matured in years.

The Plains Poems in Kansas
J. P. Dunn
(Independence: --. 19??)
Page 47

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