Poetry of Kansas


CELESTIAL city, fair, beyond the sky,
    Beyond the light of sun or shining star___
    By faith I see it, standing thus afar;
    Within its walls my fond possessions lie,
    And often in the flesh I longing sigh
That some swift messenger with golden car
Would sweep so low my hand could touch the bar,
And I be carried thence o'er mountains high,
Into the spirit realm, where God is light;
    Where peace supernal reigns, where love is law;.
    Where Truth forever sits enthroned as king;
Where faith shall end in actual living sight;
    Where thought and doubt and dread no longer awe
    The soul, which feels the blight of sin's deep sting.

__James A. DeMoss


Kansas Zephyrs
James A. DeMoss
(Thayer, Kansas: ___. 1892)
Pages 50-51

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