Poetry of Kansas

The Model Old Couple.

There never was a wedded pair
    That equaled Dad and Mam; 
In harvesting he capped the sheaf, 
    In spanking she took the palm. 
She used to scour the pots and pans,
    While he would scour the hills; 
She footed all the stockings, 
    And he footed all the bills. 
No vices marred his perfect health,
    Or made his eyes grow dim; 
The filthy weed that others chewed, 
    It was eschewed by him. 
He never loafed about the town,
    In wrangle or dispute; 
And when he wished to go ahead, 
    He often went afoot. 
The dumb and helpless beasts of toil 
    Received his kindest care; 
Of nights he'd shed his cattle, and 
    The cattle shed their hair 
He said: "This little rule I find,
    Will win, and seldom lose; 
My P's and Q's I always mind, 
    And also mind my ewes." 
Said he: "Each day I never fail 
    To thank the Lord anew; 
He gives to us His rain, and we 
    Should give to Him His due." 
With love towards her little flock
    Her heart would overflow; 
And when the children needed bread 
    She always kneaded dough. 
If any scandal reached her ears,
    While busy with her yarn, 
She said she didn't give a snap__
    And then she gave a darn. 
Said she: "My neighbors' little sins
    Do not my spirit vex; 
In other eyes I see no beam 
    If mine are without specs." 
Some said her dairy was her god__
    But who our hearts can tell? 
If work to worship is akin, 
    She loved her cheeses well. 
At last when this contented pair
    Had old and feeble grown, 
Pa sat him down and made his will,__
    She had one of her own. 

__Sol Miller.

Kansas in Literature
(Topeka: Crane & Co. 1900)
Pages 64-65

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