Poetry of Kansas

The Nodding Sunflowers

Did not know, when first they saw
      What to think of Kansas;
Prairies here too wide and raw--
      Was no gold in Kansas!
So ox teams in days of old
Went on West to find the gold--
Drivers daring-drivers bold--
      Went on West thru Kansas.
Golden sunflowers beckoned "Here,"
      On all routes then Kansas;
Nodding, meant then "Have no fear,
      Better stop in Kansas."
But they did not look for gold
Where the billowy prairies rolled--
That the sunflower's language told--
      In those days, in Kansas.
Thought the sunflower's nodding meant
      "Keep right on thru Kansas."
Not the language or intent,
      "Stop right here in Kansas."
So they passed o'er gas and oil,
Salt beds, too, and prairie soil,
Where they raise beeves without toil,
      Every year in Kansas!
Kansas! Still the best on earth!
      Kansas! My own Kansas!
Here where Freedom had her birth,
      We still sing of Kansas.
Onward to the stars that shine--
Freedom's Home it still is mine--
Sunflowers nodding at the shrine--
      Understood is Kansas!

__Ed Blair


Random Rhymes
Ed Blair
(Spring Hill, Kansas: New Era Publishing Co. 1939)
Page 113

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