Poetry of Kansas


The Rose And The Tomb
(Victor Hugo)
The tomb said to the rose:
"With the tears of the dawn from
    What doest thou, flower of love?"
The rose to the tomb answering
"What make you of the souls that
        are fled
    To thy gulf ever gaping and
Said the rose to the cold somber
"From these tears I distill in the
    Rare honey and amber perfume."
Said the tomb: "O thou blossom
        of sighs,
A German Love Song
(Original by Frau von Hillern)
Upon the rose, upon the rose,
    Still my heart is hanging,
And when you come beneath the
    There you'll find it clinging.
Many fruits the fruit trees yield,
    So pleasant and so fair,
And yet methinks no other tree,
    Such fruit as this can bear.
O sweetheart, haste and pluck it
    Nor leave it hanging thither,
For soon beneath the burning sun
    'Twill perish, waste and wither.


(The following were adapted from the
Japanese with the help of M. T. Yamamoto.)

National Anthem

Dynasty of Emperors shall last
    While a thousand generations
        shall glide,
'Til eight thousand sons have
    Shall the Son of Heaven's house
'Til the pebble grows a mighty rock
    Which the mosses cover o'er and


By Basho
I come, in the falling gloom,
Weary, seeking an inn,
Sad as thy purple robe,
O thou wisteria bloom!


By M. T. Yamamoto
Ideal love is like a star
High and pure, but O so far,
Shining o'er my dreams of you!
Lo, our earthly loves are dew!

Morning Glories

(By Chiyo, a well-known lady poet.)
For thy dear sake, sweet flower of
        the dawn,
    Asagaho, the morning glory vine,
My drink shall from a neighbor's
        font be drawn,
    About my well-rope, lo thy ten-
        drils twine!

The High Winds of Home
Elizabeth N. Barr
(Olathe: privately published. 1922)
Pages 42-45

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