Poetry of Kansas

Publicans And Sinners

I have not pitied those whose lives
         were sin,
And shame and sorrow, pain and
Not half so much as those whose
         even way
Leads changeless onward, dull and
         stark and gray.
For I have seen them on a winter
Make friends of foes and hold high
While those whose souls were up-
         ward bound to God
Have passed each other by without
         a nod.
Gamblers, drunkards, prostitutes
         and thieves,
Look with what pious pains we plot
         their doom!
With what religions and what gov-
We conjure, to deny them standing
         room !
And like the Pharisee we still
The Christ who pours out wine, or
         weeps with them.
New York Call, May, 1921.

__Elizabeth N. Barr.

The High Winds of Home
Elizabeth N. Barr
(Olathe: privately published. 1922)
Pages 34-35

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