Poetry of Kansas

"Mariana In The
Moated Grange"

Last night the clashing thunders
A jagged lightning rent the sky,
But now the sun is in the trees
The clouds go laughing by,
The song-bird I have loved so long
To my window comes with his mate,
What is amiss with fate,
That you come so late, that you
        come so late?
The air is sweet with the breath of
And the song-bird comes with his
Wild bird, greet him with a song
Though he come so late, though he
          come so late,
Tarry, he will not be long,
O stay and greet him with a song,
Wild bird, wild bird, wait!
The song-bird goes ere he dew,
But I wait for you, I wait,
Till the stars are high in the blue,
And the moon is low at the western
But what is amiss with fate?
And why do you come so late ?
The willows burst their scented
And the wild bird comes with his

__Elizabeth N. Barr.

The High Winds of Home
Elizabeth N. Barr
(Olathe: privately published. 1922)
Pages 41-42

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