Poetry of Kansas

Hello God!

Good morning God, how are the
        aspen trees,
Last night I heard them weeping in
        the snow,
That's a splendid storm you're
        wearing on your head,
              Hello God, hello!
How are the pine and spruce trees
        making out?
I heard them crack beneath the
        Weight of snow,
You're dyked out in a gorgeous
        storm today,
              Hello God, hello!
How will the gray birds weather
        such a gale?
I saw them blown like feathers in
        the snow,
Where did you get that blizzard you
        have on?
              Hello God, hello!

__Elizabeth N. Barr.

The High Winds of Home
Elizabeth N. Barr
(Olathe: privately published. 1922)
Page 19

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