Poetry of Kansas

A Fireside Song.

The calendar marks Winter,
    The mercury is low,
The ground is white, and all is bright
    With the brilliance of the snow.
Within our home is springtime___
Sunshine and warmth are there___
A rosebud blooms and fills our rooms
    With beauty rich and rare.
So what care we for winter?
    Jack Frost may come and go-
The snow may stay or melt away,
    We heed it not, for oh!___
A bud from off Love's rosebush
    Has fallen at our feet;
We nourish it and cherish it,
    For it is wondrous sweet.
It tells of Love's great mystery___
    Of Life's strange genesis;
It draws our hearts with all the arts
    Of perfect artlessness.
We watch its slow unfolding,
    We guard it with all care;
Tho 't is so small, it's to ns all
    That seems most sweetly fair.
To him who made the flowers
    And singing birds and light,
We humbly pray, "Oh, guard alway
    Our tender bud from blight."


__Frederick J. Atwood.

Kansas Rhymes and Other Lyrics
Frederick J. Atwood
(Topeka, Kan.: Crane & Company. 1902)
Pages 48-49

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