Alfred Gray

"In the death of Alfred Gray, who passed away on the 23d of January 1880, Kansas lost a most valuable citizen, who greatly added to her honest fame. Born at Evans, Erie county, N. Y., December 5, 1830, he worked as a boy on a farm, and later embarked as a sailor on Lake Erie. After rising to rank of first mate he came ashore, turned his mind to study and books, and finally became a practicing lawyer at Buffalo, N. Y. He abandoned excellent professional prospects to become, in 1866, a farmer in Wyandotte county, Kansas Territory. He took part in politics and war, and was chief clerk of the last Territorial Legislature, and rose to the rank of Division Quarter-Master in the Union Army. It was in 1866 that Alfred Gray began his career of usefulness to the State. In that year he was elected a director of the State Agricultural Society. From this society grew the State Board of Agriculture, with Mr. Gray as its secretary, and the system of biennial reports which he prepared for years, and which have always be regarded as authority on Kansas agriculture, industries, and resources, throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe. Mr. Gray's services to Kansas in connection with the Centennial Exhibition of 1876 were beyond price. He died the victim of overwork. His memory is preserved by a public monument and in the name of Gray county."

Prentis, Noble L. A History of Kansas (Winfield: E. P. Greer. 1899) pp 161-162

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