Sitting Room
This room, and what is now the adjoining library, constituted the original front room of the house. Later, the library was partitioned off and the bay window added to it. Ann Funston's oversize square rosewood piano, which was hauled from Kansas City by ox team, was placed here in her "tiny sitting room," and caused some comment among the settlers. One wheezy, little, old gentleman regarded it "with much concern and no little suspicion," and finally remarked, "That's the biggest sewing machine I've ever seed (sic)."

Here Ann Funston frequently played the piano and sang to Edward's accompaniment on the flute. Two flutes, which were also played by their son Fred, may be seen in the library. The rocker belonged to Ann Funston, a petite woman 5'2" in height. The sampler hanging between the windows was cross-stiched by a great aunt of Fred Funston.

The main beam of what was then the exterior north wall of the house has been exposed in the lighted viewing box in the floor. The register in the ceiling allowed heat to rise in the winter into the bedroom above Fred and his brothers.