This was Edward Funston's library, which was his "delight." He was a man of education, a constant reader of history, literature and the sciences, and an interested student of state and national affairs. He served in the Kansas House of Representatives from 1873-1875, and served as Speaker in 1875. Elected to the Kansas State Senate in 1880, he became President pro tempore of that body.

From 1884 to 1894 Edward served in the U.S. House of Representatives from the Second District on the Republican ticket. He was for many years the Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture. "At a change in Presidential administrations, when all the post offices in the Second District became vacant, there was an influx of office seekers to our home, that completely disrupted the domestic routine of the family... I have seen them seated with Father in the library arguing their qualifications for their respective offices..." (written by Ella Funston Eckdall)

The furniture belonged to Edward Funston as did many of the books on the shelves. The lamp, now electrified, originally burned whale oil, and belonged to either Edward or Ann's parents.