The Southwestern Hotel

Caldwell, Sumner County, Kansas

Built by C. G. Stall and a group of investors at a cost of $17,000, the Southwestern Hotel stood here for almost a century. Boasting 38 rooms, including a servants sitting room, billiards room, barbershop, fine dining hall, ballroom, a laundry and bridal chamber, the 3 story brick building was elegantly furnished throughout. Its restaurant was well known for its wide-ranging, exotic menu in 1886. A meal then included: Haunch of Venison with Chow-Chow, Salmon Salad, Sponge Boston Brown Bread. Bina Stewed Corn and English Plum Pudding. Following its years as a hotel, the fine old building served as the city's hospital until 1965 when a new district facility opened.
Erected 1993 by donations from Dave and Diana Lowe
Insurance Services, Inc. and the Caldwell Lions Club

June 2, 1997 / Bob Walter / Wichita, Kansas /

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