Roadside Markers

Lincoln County Indian Raids

Osborne County


          The desperate struggle of Plains Indians to keep out white settlers was a succession of raids and massacres. There were several attacks in present Lincoln County. In 1864 Cheyennes on a foray through the Saline valley trapped four buffalo hunters against a rocky ledge a little south of this marker and killed them after a bitter fight. In 1868 three women who had been kidnapped and maltreated by marauding Indians were found several days later half-dead on the prairie. In 1869 ten persons were massacred and two women captured on the Saline river and northwest of here on Spillman creek. Federal troops later rescued one of the women in Colorado. A monument to the victims of 1864 and 1869 stands on the courthouse square in Lincoln.

Erected by the Kansas Historical Society
and State Highway Commission

Marker beside K-18 east of Lincoln in Lincoln County

August 4, 1998 / Bob Walter / Wichita, Kansas /

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