Stylized Sunflower

Lincoln County and the Indian Wars

Stylized Sunflower
By the 1850s Plains Indians were faced with evergrowing numbers of travelers and settlers in central and western Kansas. Treaties were negotiated by the U. S. government, often taking advantage of tribal divisions, forcing native peoples onto reservations and limiting their hunting areas. Although relations between settlers and Indians were generally peaceful, tensions developed as more settlers arrived.
Inevitably, some Native Americans acted to defend their lands. In 1864 Cheyennes attacked four buffalo hunters a short distance south of this marker and killed them after a bitter fight. In 1868 Cheyenne Dog Soldiers attacked settlements along the Saline and Solomon Rivers and their tributaries in present-day Lincoln, Cloud, Ottawa, and Jewell Counties. In 1869 thirteen settlers were killed and several wounded during a conflict between the Cheyennes and settlers in the Saline River valley and northwest of here on Spillman Creek. A monument to those settlers stands on the courthouse square in Lincoln.
Erected by Kansas State Historical Society & Kansas Department of Transportation

Marker text sent by Robert Walter, Pittsburg, KS

Lincoln County
Lincoln County
K 18 (between MP 98 and 99), in pull off, north side More
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November 11, 2002 / Bob Walter / Wichita, Kansas /

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