Stylized Sunflower

The Emigrant Tribes

Stylized Sunflower
When the Pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock it is estimated that there were 200 Indian tribes in what is now the United States.  For 250 years they were gradually pushed west by the advancing frontier.  In 1825 the government determined to solve the Indian problem forever by removing all Eastern tribes to "waste lands" west of the Missouri.  Treaties were made and 28 tribes were assigned to eastern Kansas.  This marker is on the old Delaware reserve.  A little east was the Wyandot country.  South were Shawnees, Pottawatomies, Ottawas, Miamis, and Chippewas.  North were the Kickapoos.  "So long as the sun shines and water runs down hill," they were assured, this would be Indian Country.  Twenty-five years later, however, land-hungry settlers forced new treaties whereby the tribes were sold out and removed to present Oklahoma.  There are now only four small reserves in Kansas.
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Shawnee County  
Wyandotte County

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