Historical marker on US-50
Garden City , Finney County

The buffalo was the department store of the Plains Indian. The flesh was food, the blood drink, skins furnished wigwams, robes made blankets and beds, dressed hides supplied moccasins and clothing, hair was twisted into ropes, rawhide bound tools to handles, green hides made pots for cooking over buffalo-chip fires, hides from bull's necks made shields that would turn arrows, ribs were runners for dog-drawn sleds, small bones were awls and needles, from hooves came glue for feathering arrows, from sinews came thread and bow- strings, from horns came bows, cups and spoons, and even from gall stones a "medicine" paint was made. When the millions of buffalo that roamed the prairies were exter- minated the Plains Tribes were starved into submission. A few herds saved the buffalo from extinction and there are now more than 22,000 in North American game preserves. A herd may be seen just south of Garden City

Erected by the Kansas Historical Society and State Highway Commission

Marker text sent by Mike LeMasters, Wichita, KS

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June 2, 1997 / Bob Walter / Wichita, Kansas /

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