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    BOOK NO.                                AUTHOR                                                                TITLE

R-380 1   Ferguson, Joe E. Ohio Land Grants  
R-380 2   Brown Co. Historical Society History of Brown Co., Ohio 1973
R-380 3     Wonderful World of Ohio Magazine 10/69 to 9/70  
R-380 4   Mitchener, C. H. Centennial History of Muskingum & Tuscarawas Valley 1975
R-380 5   Gilkey, Elliot Howard Ohio 100 Year Book 1901 1898
R-380 6     Ohio Source Records from the OH Genealogy Quarterly 1986
R-380 7   Aughinbaugh, B. A. Know Ohio, A Souvenir of the Buckeye State 1947
R-380 8   Ogan, Lew History of Vinton County, Ohio 1954
R-380 9   Graham, A. A. History of Richland Co. 1807-1880 1972
R-380 11   Fillmore, Sam Methodist Church Comes to Ohio 1976
R-380 12   Hanna, Charles A. Historical Collections of Harrison Co., OH 1975
R-380 13   Schneider, Norris F. Y Bridge City, Zanesville & Muskingum Co., OH 1977
R-380 14     History of Ross and Highland Cos. Ohio 1978
R-380 15     Historical & Biographical Franklin & Pickaway Cos., Ohio 1978
R-380 16   Hanna, Charles A. Ohio Valley Genealogies 1900
R-380 17   Washington Co. Hist. Soc. Washington Co., Ohio 1980
R-380 18   Thompson, Carl N. Historical Collections of Brown Co., Ohio 1969
R-380 19   Colletta, Lillian  et al Cherry Ford Cemetery, Adams Co., OH 1964
R-380 20   Hunter, Miriam C. Marriages Coshocton County, Ohio  1811-1930 1967
R-380 21   Dyer, Albion Morris First Ownership of Ohio Lands 1969
R-380 22   Conner, E. Margaret  et al Pioneer Cemeteries of Guernsey Co., Ohio 1963
R-380 23   Douthit, Ruth Long Ohio Resources for Genealogists 1972
R-380 24     Highland Co., Ohio Paint Twp Cemetery 1962
R-380 26   Mart, Larry D. Clinton Co., Ohio Obituaries 1867-1875 1976
R-380 27   Cummins, Virginia Raymond Hamilton Co., Ohio Court & Other Records 1966
R-380 28   Larson, David R. Guide to Manuscripts, Collections & Institutional Records in Ohio 1974
R-380 29   Smith, Maxine Hartmann Ohio Cemeteries 1978
R-380 30     Licking Co., Ohio Marriages 1808-1822  
R-380 31   Winnagle, Mrs. Roscoe Trumbull Co. Early Marriages 1800-1865 1973
R-380 32     Muskingum Co., Ohio Marriage Book 3 1835-48  
R-380 33   Smith, Marjorie Ohio Marriages  
R-380 34     First Families of Ohio Official Roster 1982
R-380 35   Clermont Co. Gen. Soc. Marriage Records of Clermont Co., Ohio 1800-1850  
R-380 36   Powell, Esther Weygandt Early Ohio Tax Records 1971
R-380 37   Akers, Edna Ohio Research Notes  
R-380 38   Wickham, Gertrude  Van Rensselaer Pioneer Women of the Western Reserve 1896
R-380 39   Bell, Carol Willsey Ohio Wills & Estates to 1850: An Index 1981
R-380 40   Clegg, Michael Trumbull Co., OH Newspaper Obit Abstracts 1812-1870 1981
R-380 41     Meigs Co., Ohio from Hardesty's Historical & Geographical Encyclopedia 1992
R-380 42   Wagoner, Peggy Some Van Wert Co., Ohio Cemeteries 1978
R-380 43   Whitson, Skip Old Ohio 1977
R-380 44   Ohio Genealogical Society Trumbull Co., Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions 1800-1930 1983
R-380 45   Colket, Meredith B, Jr. World Conference on Records in Ohio 19969
R-380 46   Brubaker, Joan Bake Cemetery Inscriptions Preble Co., Ohio  
R-380 47   Brubaker, Joan Bake Abstracts From The Eaton Democrat, Preble Co., Ohio 1877-1881  
R-380 48 v 1 Howe, Henry Historical Collections of Ohio, Volume 1 1896
R-380 48 v 2 Howe, Henry Historical Collections of Ohio, Volume 2 1896
R-380 49   Scott, Mildred Thompson Bible Records Ashtabula Co., Ohio 1979
R-380 50   Whitt, Aileen M. Clermont Co., Ohio Pioneers 1798-1812 1983
R-380 51   Upton, Harriet Taylor History of Trumbull Co., Ohio 1909
R-380 52   Henderson, Frank D. Roster of Soldiers of  the American Revolution Buried in Ohio 1973
R-380 53   Berry, Ellen T. et al Early Ohio Settlers Purchasers of Land 1800-1840 1984
R-380 54   Bentley, Elizabeth Ohio Cemetery Records Extracted from "Old Northwest" 1984
R-380 55     Franklin Co., Ohio Records from the "Old Northwest"  
R-380 56   Short, Mrs. Don  et al Darke Co., Ohio Marriage Records 1817-1840 1966
R-380 57   Short, Mrs. Don  et al Darke Co., Ohio Will Abstracts 1818-1857  
R-380 58   Short, Mrs. Don  et al Preble Co., Ohio Marriage Records 1808-1830 & 1831-1840 1966
R-380 59   Short, Mrs. Don et al Preble Co., Ohio Will Abstracts 1808-1836 1967
R-380 60   Gutgesell, Stephen Guide to the Ohio Newspapers 1793-1973 1974
R-380 61     Ashland Co. Death Notices; Shelby Co. Deaths, Marriages, Will Abstracts  
R-380 62     Name Index to the Franklin Co., Ohio Plat Maps 1842, 1856, 1883 1982
R-380 63   Ohio Genealogical Society Seneca Co., Ohio  Bible Records 1983
R-380 64   Franklin Co. Genealogical Society Franklin Co., Ohio Cemetery Records 1981
R-380 65     Members of the First Presbyterian Church, Greenfield, Ohio 1820-1910 1910
R-380 66   McBride, David N.  et al Marriage Records of Highland Co., Ohio 1805-1880 1962
R-380 67   Scott, Daniel History of the Early Settlement of Highland Co., Ohio 1983
R-380 68   Ashtabula Co. Geneanlogial Soc. Ashtabula Co. History - Then & Now 1985
R-380 69   Berry, Ellen T.  et al Early Ohio Settlers Purchasers of Land in Southwestern Ohio, 1800-1840 1986
R-380 70   Green, Karen Mauer Pioneer Ohio Newspapers 1793- 1810 1986
R-380 71   Bowman, Mary L. Genealogical Researchers' Ancestor Surname File of Athens Co., Ohio 1986
R-380 72   Nicholas, Samuel H. Coshocton Co. Centennial History 1811-1911 1984
R-380 73   Alliance Genealogical Society Early Marriages of Stark Co., Ohio 1809-1840 1986
R-380 74   Bell, Carol Willsey Ohio Lands: Steubenville Land Office 1800-1820 11983
R-380 76   Ohio Genealogical Society Oak Grove Cemetery in Bowling Green, Wood Co., Ohio  
R-380 77 6th Bell, Carol Willsey Ohio Genealogical Periodical Index: A County Guide 1987
R-380 78   Dickore, Marie  et al Hamilton Co., Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions 1963
R-380 79   Dickore, Marie et al Hamilton Co., Ohio Marriage Records 1808-1820 & Wills 1790-1810 1959
R-380 81   Craig, Robert D. Butler Co., Ohio Marriages 1803-1823 1964
R-380 82   Conner, Mrs. Robert M. Wills Index of Muskingum Co., Ohio 1804-1863  
R-380 83   Craig, Robert D. Clermont Co., Ohio Cemetery Records 1964
R-380 84   Craig, Robert D. Clermont Co., Ohio Marriages 1800-1821 1964
R-380 85   Arms, Richard G. Bulletin: Historical & Philosophical Society of Ohio 1958
R-380 86   Craig, Robert D. Resident Proprietors of the Connecticut Western Reserve 1804 1963
R-380 87   Colletta, Lillian  et al Tombstone Inscriptions of Brown Co., Ohio 1963
R-380 88   Craig, Robert D. Brown Co., Ohio Cemeteries 1963
R-380 89   Winnagle, Grace Marvin Abstracts of Probate Records Trumbull Co., Ohio 1803-1843 1986
R-380 90   Howe, Henry History of Athens Co., Ohio 1817-1889 1977
R-380 91   Howe, Henry History of Belmont Co., Ohio 1801-1889 1977
R-380 92   Howe, Henry History of Harrison Co., Ohio 1814-1889 1980
R-380 93   Birt, Susan, M. K. Heatherly Marriage & Death Notices taken from Champaign Co., Ohio Newspapers 1987
R-380 94   Whitt, Aileen M. Clermont Co., Ohio Wills, Estates & Guardianships 1800-1851; An Index 1986
R-380 95     Hancock Co., Ohio Ancestral Charts 1984
R-380 96   Pike, Kermit J. A Guide to Major Manuscript Collections - Library of Western Reserve Hist. 1987
R-380 98   Alig, Joyce L. Mercer Co., Ohio History 1978
R-380 99   DiThomas, Mary E. Jefferson Co., Ohio Marriages & Wills  
R-380 100   Beardsley, D. B. History of Hancock Co. - from Earliest Settlement to Present 1989
R-380 101     Beaver Funeral Home Records,  Pike Co., OH 1999
R-380 102     Perry Co., Ohio - Coal & Salt Lick Township Cemeteries 1989
R-380 103   Phillips, W. Louis Annotated Bibliography of Ohio Patriots 1986
R-380 104   Howe, Henry History of Williams Co., Ohio 1820-1889 1977
R-380 105   Graham, Bernice  et al Washington Co., Ohio Marriages 1789-1840 1976
R-380 106   Porter, Lillie A. The Lillie Porter Collection of Harrison Co., Ohio 1990
R-380 107   Ayres, Mrs. Edwin B, Jr. The Hillsboro Story 1807-1957 1957
R-380 108   Wolf, Carolyn  et al Nine Communities of Monroe Co., Ohio; A History 1984
R-380 109   Williams, Luella Feldner Monroe Co., Ohio Will Abstracts 1988
R-380 111   Stroup, Hazel Butler Co., Ohio Church Records 1980
R-380 112     The Ohio Genealogical Society  
R-380 113   Hacking, Anne Smyth Butler Co., Ohio Cemeteries 1989
R-380 115     Handy Tips for Your Genealogy Research in Ohio  
R-380 116   Maxwell, Fay Franklin Co., Ohio 1806-1810-1814 Taxes + Montgomery Twp 1826 Chattels & Ma 1974
R-380 117   Maxwell, Fay Franklin Co, Ohio 1811-1832 Death Records from Area Newspapers 1977
R-380 118   Miami County HistoricAL sOC. History of Miami Co., Ohio 1991
R-380 119   Graham, A. A. History of Fairfield & Perry Counties, Ohio 1974
R-380 120   Mikesell, Shirley Keller Early Settlers of Montgomery Co., Ohio 1992
R-380 121   Bell, Carol Willsey Columbiana County, Ohio   Deed Abstracts 1803-1808 1983
R-380 122     Madison Co., Ohio Cemetery Records  
R-380 123   Kopp, Rita Monroe Co., Ohio Newspaper Abstracts  
R-380 124   Monroe County Chapter OGS Ancestor Charts of Monroe Co. 1991
R-380 125   Eynon, Nola R. et al Wills Index of Guernsey Co., Ohio 1812-1900 1967
R-380 126   Beebe, Mary E. Hovorka  et al Ashland Co., Ohio Research Aid 1984
R-380 127     History of  Warren County, Ohio 1994
R-380 128   Bell, Carol Willsey Ohio Guide to Genealogical Sources 1988
R-380 129   Bowers, Ruth  et al Gateway to the West 1989
R-380 130   Pabst, Anne C. Smith Some Records of Pioneers of Delaware Co., Ohio 1966
R-380 131   Clegg, Michael Portage Co., Ohio Newspaper Obituary Abstracts 1825-1870 1982
R-380 132   Clegg, Michael Trumbull Co., Ohio Newspaper Obituary Abstracts 1812-1870 1981
R-380 133   Khouw, Petta County by County in Ohio Genealogy 1978
R-380 135   Wiseman, C. M. L. Pioneer Period & Pioneer People of Fairfield Co., Ohio 1984
R-380 136 NTBCO   Historical Souvenirs of Clermont Co., Ohio 1977
R-380 137   Herbert, Jeffery G. Cincinnati Free Press 1874-1920, Index of Death & Other Notices 1993
R-380 138   Broglin, Jana Sloan  et al Defiance, Fulton, Henry, Paulding, Putnam, Williams & Wood Cos. Obits 1987
R-380 139   McHenry, Chris Symmes Purchase Records - A Verbatim Copy of the Entry Book, Pamphlet 1979
R-380 140   Greiner, Grace Jeffers  et al Cemetery Records of Carthage, Lodi, and Rome Twps. Athens County Ohio 1989
R-380 141     Hancock Co., Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions 1989
R-380 142   Richmond & Arnold Allen Co., Ohio History & Biography 1906
R-380 143   Midlam, P. & B. Tombstone Inscriptions of Marion Co., Ohio 1985
R-380 144   Marion Area Genealogy Society Marion County Family Genealogies - Territorial Days to Present 1981
R-380 145     Lewisville, Laings & Malaga: Three More Communities of Monroe Co., Ohio 1989
R-380 146   Hamilton Co. Chapter of Ohio GS Hamilton Co., Ohio Burial Records 1994
R-380 147   Simon, Margaret Miller Springfield Township Cemetery & Death Records, Mahoning Co., Ohio 1995
R-380 148   Wood, Glenn Linwood Cemetery, Russellville, Jefferson Twp, Brown Co., Ohio 1975
R-380 149   Wilson, Linda H. Cemetery Inscriptions of Brown Co., Ohio 1977
R-380 150     George Vaneman, Hancock Co. Presbyterian Minister His Daybook & Genealogy
R-380 151   Cummins, Mary Anne Denison St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Delaware, Ohio - The 1st 100 Years 1817-1918 1993
R-380 152   Hehir, Donald M. Ohio Families, A Bibliography of Books About Ohio Families 1993
R-380 153   Young, Rev. Jacob An Itinerant Ohio Pioneers, Rev. Jacob Young 1857
R-380 154   Aughenbaugh, Gloria Gone to Ohio & Purdy's Journal 1990
R-380 155 v 2   Butler County Ohio Ancestor Charts, Vol 2  
R-380 155   Knox, Dennis Butler Co., Ohio Ancestor Charts 1988
R-380 156     Butler Co., Ohio Probate Records 1803-1850, an Index  
R-380 157   Weaver, Darlene F. Pickaway Co., Ohio Probate Court - Abstracts from Order Book I 1852-1858 1994
R-380 158   Schaar, Nancy Boothe Harrison Co., Ohio Will Index 1813-1972  
R-380 159   Kocher, L. Richard A Listing of Entrymen on Lands in Athens Co., Ohio 1994
R-380 160   Herbert, Jeffrey G. Restored Hamilton Co., Ohio Marriages 1860-1869 1997
R-380 161 5th Bell, Carol Willsey Ohio Genealogical Guide 1990
R-380 162   Hughes, Lois E. Wills Filed in Probate Court Hamilton Co., Ohio 1791-1901 1991
R-380 163   Reed, Beverly Todd Lucas Co., Ohio Index to Naturalizations Records in the Journals of Common 1993
R-380 164     Index of Declarations of Intent of Immigrants Naturalized in Lucas Co., Oh 1996
R-380 165     Putnam Co., Ohio Cemeteries 1989
R-380 166   Adams, Barbara  et al Marriage Records of Shelby Co., Ohio 1819-1870 1981
R-380 167     Warren Co., Ohio Deeds 1984
R-380 168   Barcus, Polly  et al Licking Co., Ohio Marriages 1984
R-380 169   Caccamo, James F. Marriage Notices from the Ohio Observer Series 1827-1855 1994
R-380 170   Ottawa County Chapter of OGS Death Records from the Probate Court, Ottawa Co., Ohio 1869-1908 1981
R-380 171   Minderman, Edith Johnson Marriages from the Probate Court, Ottawa Co., Ohio 1840-1890 1982
R-380 172   Belmont County OGS Ancestor Charts of the Belmont Co., Ohio OGS 1993
R-380 173   Ruff, Paul Miller Zion Lutheran Church, German Twp., Harrison Co., Ohio Parish Records 1993
R-380 174   Potts, Allen L. Germans to Marion Co., Ohio & Their Ancestors 1996
R-380 175   Sams, C. J. Cemetery Inscriptions; Elijah Hayward; 1957 1988
R-380 176   Doak, Mrs. John Washington Co., Ohio Early Marriage Records 1789-1803 1971
R-380 177   Smith, Richard G. Wayne Co., Ohio Early Land Records 1988
R-380 178   Trowbridge, Michael L. Marriage Records, 1851-1900 Gallia Co., Ohio 1986
R-380 179     A Directory of Cemeteries & Family Burial Sites in Wood Co., Ohio 1997
R-380 180     Adams Co., Ohio, Jefferson Twp Cemeteries  
R-380 181     Adams Co., Ohio, Green Twp. Cemeteries  
R-380 182   Wolf, Donna M. Irish Immigrants in Nineteenth Century Ohio: A Database 1998
R-380 183   Scheitzer, George K. Ohio Genealogical Research 1994
R-380 184   Fletcher, Marvin  et al Marriage Records, 1805-1866, Athens Co., Ohio 1985
R-380 185   Evans, Nelson W.  et al History of Adams Co., Ohio 1900
R-380 186   Dickinson, C. E. The Belpre Settlement 1920
R-380 187   Roush, Herbert L. Sr. The Unknown Settlement, Historical Narrative of Little Hocking, Washington 1983
R-380 188   King, Rufus Ohio  
R-380 189     Williams' History of Washington Co., Ohio 1788-1881 1976
R-380 190   Sakal, Ruth Lewis Pike Co. , Ohio Newspaper Obituaries 2000
R-380 191     Pebble Township & Pee Pee Township Cemeteries  
R-380 193     Scioto Township & Union Township Cemeteries  
R-380 194     Guardianship Records of Minor Children, Pike Co. , Ohio 1815-1889  
R-380 195     Abstracts of Vol 1 Wills, Pike Co. Ohio 1999
R-380 196     Camp Creek Township Cemeteries & Tombstone Inscriptions 1990
R-380 197     Seal Township Cemeteries & Tombstone Inscriptions 1986
R-380 198   Sylvester, John E. History of Jackson Co., Ohio 1803-1953  
R-380 199   Daniel, Robert L. West State Street Cemetery, Athens, Ohio 1993
R-380 200   Schumacher, Beverly et al Marshfield/New Marshfield Cemetery Inscriptions, Athens Co., Ohio 1981
R-380 201   McVey, Owen  et al Greenlawn Cemetery & Greenlawn Memorial  Gardens, York Twp, Athens Co., OH 1987
R-380 202   Conklin, Janie Parks Abstracts from the Waverly Watchman Newspaper, 1918, WWI  
R-380 203   Pike County OGS The Republican Herald, March 3, 1870 - Jan. 27,1876; Old Folks Interviews 1999
R-380 204   Hixon, Mary J.  et al Marriages in Vinton Co., Ohio 1850-1870  
R-380 205   Hixon, Frances Welch  et al Wilkesville Township, Vinton Co., Ohio 1982
R-380 206   Hixon, Frances M.  et al Clinton Township, Vinton Co., Ohio 1992
R-380 207     Tombstone Inscriptions, Swan Township, Vinton Co., Ohio 1998
R-380 208   Hinds, Virginia Horner Tombstone Inscriptions, Evergreen Union Cemetery, Waverly, Ohio 1978
R-380 209     Abstracts of the Journal of Wills, Inventory & Sale Bills, Gallia Co., Ohio 1985
R-380 210     History of Gallia Co., Ohio (& Map) 1882
R-380 211   Evans , Henrietta  et al Early Gallia Co., Court House Records 1846-1899 1984
R-380 212   Evans, Henrietta C.  et al Abstracts of Gallia Co., Ohio Chancery Records 1835-1852 1984
R-380 213   Schumacher, Beverly et al Death Records of Souers-Cardaras Funeral Home Nelsonville, OH 1936-1970 2000
R-380 214   Trowbridge, Michael L. Marriage Records, 1803-1850, Gallia Co., Ohio 1983
R-380 215   Evans, Henrietta C.  et al Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Lived in Gallia Co., Ohio 1985
R-380 216   Montrose, Carol Davis-Hammerstein Funeral Home Records 2001
R-380 217   Willard, Eugene B. The Hanging Rock Iron Region of Ohio 1916
R-380 218     History of Lower Scioto Valley, Ohio 1884
R-380 219   Jackson Co. Genealogical Society Jackson Co., Ohio History & Families 1816-1991  
R-380 220   Caldwell, J A Atlas of Harrison County Ohio  
R-380 221     Index to the Grave Records of Soldiers of the War of 1812-Buried in Ohio 1945
R-380 222     Naturalization Chronological Index Brown Co, Ohio 1818-1906  
R-380 223     A Reference Guide to Research Sources of Brown County, Ohio  
R-380 224     Adams County Ohio Cemeteries  
R-380 225 a   Cemeteries of Cheshire Township, Gallia County, Ohio  
R-380 225 b   Cemeteries of Perry Township, Gallia County, Ohio  
R-380 226     Adams County Ohio Misc Courthouse Records  
R-380 227   Williams, D W A History of Jackson County, Ohio, Vol 1  
R-380 228   Steele, Robert W & Mary Davies Early Dayton 1796-1896 1895
R-380 229   Kilner, Arthur R Greene County, Ohio Births Prior to 1869 1988
R-380 230   Klise, J. W. State Centennial History of Highland County, Ohio, Volume II 1980
R-380 231   Walker, Charles M History of Athens County, Ohio 1996
R-380 232   Sperry, Kip Genealogical Research in Ohio 1997
R-380 233   Dills, R. S. History of Green County, Ohio 1974
R-380 234     History of Clinton County, Ohio 1973
R-380 235   Schumacher, Beverly Index To Athens County, Ohio Estate Records 1805-1914 1988
R-380 236 v 1 Moore, Richard V Births in Harrison County, Ohio, 1867 to 1971 1997
R-380 236 v 2 Moore, Richard V Births in Harrison County, Ohio 1867 to 1971 Vol 2 1997
R-380 237     Cemetery Records of Clinton County, Ohio 1798-1978 1980
R-380 238   Bell, Carol Willsey Ohio Society DAR Genealogical & Historical Records 1985
R-380 239   Hall, Harvey Cincinnati City Directory for 1825 1988
R-380 240   Belmont Co Chapt Ohio Gen Society Genealogical records in Belmont County Ohio Volume 5  
R-380 241   Powell, Esther Weygandt Tombstone Inscriptions and Family Records of Belmont County, Ohio 1989
R-380 242 NTBCO   Monroe County, Ohio Families 1992
R-380 243     History and Atlas of Monroe County Ohio 1882  
R-380 244   Brubaker, Joan Bake Mound Hill Union Cemetery, Eaton, Ohio 1992
R-380 245   Gilbert, Audrey Preble County, Ohio Common Pleas Court Records, 1808-1840 Volume I 1991
R-380 246   Gilbert, Audrey Preble County, Ohio Births, Volume IV 1897-1908  
R-380 247   Gilbert, Audrey Preble County, Ohio Marriages 1860-1898 1981
R-380 248   Gilbert, Audrey Preble County, Ohio Marriages 1899-1906  
R-380 249   Gilbert, Audrey Preble County, Oho Deaths 1867-1907  
R-380 250   Gilbert, Audrey Obituary Abstracts 1850-1890, Eaton, Preble County, Ohio 1981
R-380 251   Schlotterbeck, Seth S By Old Mill Streams, Preble County, Ohio 1986
R-380 252     Plat Book of Preble County Ohio 1912
R-380 253   Bowers, Ruth & Short, Anita Preble County, Ohio Common Pleas Court Records 1810-1850 1970
R-380 254   Preble County Gen Society A Researcher's Guide to Preble County, Ohio 1987
R-380 255     History of Preble County Ohio 1973
R-380 256     Directory of Preble County Ohio for 1875 1975
R-380 257   Phillips, W Louis Warren Co, Ohio Records of Apprenticeship & Indenture 1824-1832 & 1864-1867 1987
R-380 258   Howe, Henry History of Warren County Ohio 1803-1889 1977
R-380 259   Stille, Samuel Harden Ohio Builds A Nation 1941
R-380 260   Heiss, Willard Warren County Ohio Marriage Records 1834-1854 1977
R-380 261   Van Houten, Ellen & Cole, Florence Warren County Marriage Consents, Warren County, Ohio  1803-1903 1988
R-380 262   Van Houten, Ellen & Cole, Florence Divorces 1803-1900, Court of Common Pleas, Warren County, Ohio 1990
R-380 263 v 1   Warren County Cemetery Records, Vol 1 1984
R-380 263 v 2   Warren County Ohio Cemetery Records, Vol 2, Harlan Township 1985
R-380 263 v 3   Union Township, Warren County Ohio Cemetery Records 1985
R-380 263 v 4   Warren County Ohio Cemetery Records, Vol 4: Clear Creek Township 1986
R-380 263 v 5   Hamilton Township, Warren County, Ohio Cemetery Records, Vol 5 1986
R-380 263 v 7   Warren County Ohio Cemetery Vol 7 1988
R-380 263 v 8   Miami Cemetery, Corwin, Warren County Ohio Cemetery Records 1990
R-380 264   Brien, Lindsay M Genealogical Index of Pioneers in the Miami Valley, Ohio 1970
R-380 265   Short, Anita & Bowers, Ruth Preble County Ohio Marriage Records, Vol 1 and 2 1991
R-380 266   Christ, Mary Index to Wills and Estates 1803-1900 Butler County, Ohio  
R-380 267   Clark, Marie Taylor Tombstone Inscriptions of Grandview Cemetery, Chillicothe, Ross County, OH 1972
R-380 268   Hagenmaier, Nancy Bostic Seneca County, Ohio, Birth Records, Vol. 4-5, April 1888-1908 2006
R-380 269   Caldwell, J A History of Belmont and Jefferson County Ohio 1880
R-380 270   Williams, W W History of The Fire Lands, (Huron & Erie Counties) Ohio 1973
R-380 271   Davis, Eileen & Ireton, Judith Quaker Records of the Miami Valley of Ohio 1980
R-380 272   Neel, Thomas Stephen Ashland County Ohio, Research Aid #11, Clear Creek Township 2005
R-380 273     History of Gallia County 1976
R-380 274   Powell, Esther Weygandt Tombstone Inscriptions & Family Records of Jefferson County, Ohio 1990
R-380 275 v 1 Stickley, P. & Kiser, J. Early Settlers of Champaign County [Ohio] and Surrounding Areas, Volume 1 2000
R-380 276   Gibson, Dr. R. R. Harrisonville, Ohio: My Home Town 2009
R-380 281   Stickley, Pat Will Abstracts of Champaign County, Ohio: Books A thru F, 1810 - 1888 1996
R-380 282   Stickley, Pat Champaign County, Ohio Guardianship and Indentures 1805 - 1858 n.d.
R-380 284   Wood, Harold E. A Copy of the Minute Book and Records of The First Religious Society 1796 - 1937
R-380 285     Gathering of the Descendants: First Families of Ross County, OH 1796-1996 1996
R-380 186     Beaver and Marion Township Cemeteries, Pike County, Ohio 1986
R-380 286   Baker, Wallace J. Christ Episcopal Church 1869-1969: A Centennial History of the Parish 1969
R-380 287   Howe, Henry History of Hamilton County, Ohio 1790 - 1889 (reprint) 1898
R-380 288   Howe, Henry History of Montgomery County, Ohio 1803 - 1889 (reprint) 1898
R-380 176 V 2 Doak, Mrs. John Washington Co., Ohio Marriage Records Volume 2: 1827 - 1841 1975
R-380 289   Schneider, N. F. & Stebbins, C.C. Zane's Trace: The First Road in Ohio 1973
R-380 290   Schneider, Norris F. The Muskingum River: A History and Guide 1968
R-380 291     Abstracts form Early Eaton, Ohio, Newspapers 1825 - 1850 1988
R-380 292 1989   Preble County [Ohio] Genealogical Society Five Generation Charts 1989 1989
R-380 29   Troutman, K. Roger [Ed] Ohio Cemeteries:1803 - 2003 2003
R-380 260 V 1 Heiss, Willard Warren County Ohio Marriage Records 1803 - 1834 1977
R-380 293   Van Houten, E. & Cole, F. Guardianships, Warren County, Ohio Probate Court 1803 - 1916 1989
R-380 294   Howells, William Dean Stories of Ohio 1897
A-380 1   Lake, D. J. Atlas of Washington County, Ohio (1972 Reprint) 1875
A-380 1 Index Cottle, D. L. & E. S. Index to Atlas of Washington County, Ohio (1972 Reprint) 1971
A-380 2   Hawkins, Mary Baker's Map of Ashtabula Co., Ohio (1981 reprint with index) 1856
A-380 3     Atlas of Belmont County, Ohio 1888 (1984 reprint) 1888
A-380 4   Niederheiser, F. L. 1897 Land Ownership Map [Ashland County, OH] (1988 reprint) 1897
A-380 5   Walling, H. F. Atlas of the State of Ohio (1976 reprint) 1868
A-380 6 1991   Ohio Atlas & Gazetteer 1991
A-380 7     Composite Collection of Cadastral Maps of Preble County, Ohio 1978
F-380-1     Ashland Co., OH Marriages A-Z
F-380-2     Hancock Co., OH Probate; Death Records 1867-1939
F-380-3     Wyandot Co., OH Marriages 1845-1865; Index to Deeds 1826-1870:
                 Cemetery Records
F-380-4     1840 Census Wayne Co., OH
F-380-5     1850 Census Butler Co., OH
F-380-6     1850 Census Columbiana Co., OH
F-380-7     1850 Census Fairfield Co., OH
F-380-8     1860 Census Adams Co., OH
F-380-9     1860 Census Wayne Co., OH
F-380-10    1870 Census Seneca Co., OH
F-380-11    1880 Census Gernsey & Hancock Co. (part), OH
F-380-12    1840 Census Hancock Co., OH
F-380-13 L  1880 Census Muskingum (part), Noble & Otta (part) Cos., OH
F-380-14 L  1900 Census Noble & Ottawa Cos., OH
F-380-15    1850 Census Putnam Co., OH
F-380-16    1860 Census Putnam Co., OH
F-380-17    1850 Census Defiance Co., OH
F-380-18    1870 Census Defiance Co., OH
F-380-19    1850 Census Muskingham Co.(part), OH
F-380-20    1850 Census Muskingham Co.(part), OH
F-380-21    1860 Census Muskingham Co.(part), OH
F-380-22    1860 Census Muskingham Co.(part), OH 
C-380-1     Wayne Co., OH Early Census Tax List 1795-1820
C-380-2     Census for Cincinnati, OH 1817 and Hamilton Co., OH Voters List
C-380-3     1850 Ohio Census Index
C-380-4     1820 Census Columbiana Co., OH
C-380-5     1820 Census Madison Co., OH
C-380-6     1820 Census Montgomery Co., OH
C-380-7     1820 Census Geauga Co., OH
C-380-8     1820 Census Greene Co., OH
C-380-9     1880 Census Index Ashland Co., OH
C-380-10    Ohio 1880 Tax Duplicate; by Petty
C-380-11    Ohio 1825 Tax Duplicate; by Petty
C-380-12    Ohio 1835 Tax Duplicate; by Petty
C-380-13    1850 Census Columbiana Co., Ohio; Ohio Genea. Soc.
C-380-14    1860 Census (Index) of Hancock Co., OH, Hancock Co. Chpt. of OGS
C-380-15    1870 Census (Index) of Hancock Co., OH, Hancock Co. Chpt. of OGS
C-380-16    1880 Census (Index) of Hancock Co., OH; Hancock Co. Chpt. of OGS
C-380-17    1850 Census Preble Co., OH; Ohio Genea. Soc.
C-380-18    1870 Census Preble Co., OH; Ohio Genea. Soc.
C-380-19    1880 Census Preble Co., OH; Ohio Genea. Soc.
C-380-20    1900 Census Preble Co., OH; Ohio Genea. Soc.
C-380-21    1910 Census Preble Co., OH; Ohio Genea. Soc.
C-380-23    Gallia Co. 1819 Tax Duplicate; Evans & James
CD-Rom 34   Greene Co., OH 1850 Census
CD-Rom 35   Shelby Co., OH 1850 Census
M-380-3       Ashland         The Pastfinder, Ashland Co., Chpt. Ohio Genea Soc.
M-380-4       Ashabula        Ancestor Hunt; Ashalubula Co., Genea. Soc
M-380-8       Brown           On the Trail; Brown County Genea. Soc.
M-380-9       Butler          Pathways
M-380-10      Carroll         Carroll Cousins
M-380-ll      Champaign       Champaign Co. Genea. Newsletter
M-380-13      Clermont        Clermont Co. Genea. Society
M-380-15      Columbiana      The Columbiana Co. Connection
M-380-16      Coshocton       The Kinsman Courier; Coshocton Co. Chapter OGS
M-380-17      Crawford        Tracking, Quarterly of Crawford Co., OH
M-380-18      Cuyahog         The Certified Copy, Greater Cleveland Genea. Soc
M-380-20      Defiance        Yesteryears Trails; Defiance Co.. Chapt. OGS
M-380-25      Franklin        The Franklintonian
M-380-26      Fulton          The Family Tree Digest
M-380-31      Hamilton        The Tracer; Hamilton Co. Chpt. OGS
M-380-32      Hancock         Hancock Heritage; Hancock Co. Genea. Soc,
                                   Findlay, OH
M-380-34      Harrison        Our Harrison Heritage; Harrison Co. Chapt. OGS
M-380-35      Henry           Quarterly of Henry County Genea. Society
M-380-38      Holmes          Holmes County Heirs; Holmes Co. Chapt. OGS
M-380-41      Jefferson       Jefferson County Lines
M-380-45      Licking         Licking Lantern
M-380-46      Logan           Branches & Twigs; Logan Co. Genea. Soc.
M-380-48      Lucas           Fort Industry Reflections; Lucas County Chapter
M-380-50      Mahoning        Mahoning Meanderings; The Mahoning County
                                   Chapter OGS
M-380-52      Medina          Medina County Story
M-380-57      Montgomery      Miami Valley Bulletin
M-380-60      Muskingum       Muskingum Newsletter
M-380-62      Ottawa          Marshland to Heartland
M-380-66      Pike            Pike County Chapter OGS
M-380-69      Putnam          Putnam Pastfinders, Putnam Co. Genea. Society
M-380-71      Rose            Ross Co. Chapter OGS Newsletter
M-380-74      Seneca          Seneca Searchers
M-380-75      Shelby          Shelbyana; Shelby County Genea. Soc
M-380-76      Stark           The Alliance Co. Genea. Soc Newsletter
M-380-78      Trumbull        Ancestry Trails, Trumbull Co. Chapt. OGS
M-380-83      Warren          Heir Lines Warren Co. Genea. Soc
M-380-84      Washington      The Tallow Light; Washington Co. Genea .Soc.
M-380-85      Wayne           Ancestors; The Wayne Co. Historical Soc.,
                                   Wooster, OH
M-380-87      Wood            Beginnings; Wood Co. Chapt. OGS
M-380-88      Wyandot         Wyandot Tracers Newsletter
M-380-SG-1    State General   The Report, Ohio Genea. Soc.
M-380-SG-3    Richland        Heritage; Richland Co. Chpt. OGS
M-380-SG-4    State General   Ohio Records b Pioneer Families, Ohio Genea. Soc.
M-380-SG-5    State General   Gateway to the West

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