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R-620-1     History of Great Britain, Part I
R-620-2 The Crusader; Archer & Kingsford
R-620-3 A Short History of England
R-620-4 Journal of the American Irish Historical Soc., Vol 29, 1930-31
R-620-5 Origin of Great Scottish Families, The Ango-Normans in Scotland
1057-1200, Coutts
R-620-6 Political & Cultural History Of Modern Europe, Vols. 1, 2
R-620-7 Our Welsh Heritage
R-620-8 The Clan MacGregor
R-620-9 The Boer Fight for Freedom
R-620-10 Contest for Empire 1500-1775
R-620-ll Sveriges Historia, In Nativie Language Ochnorges
R-620-12 Stoke Poges Church, England
R-620-13 Czechoslovakia
R-620-14 Czechoslovakia Sources & Doc.
R-620-15 Thomas G. Masaryk- Czech.
R-620-16 Czecholovakia Policy for Victory & Peace
R-620-17 Fordors Ireland 1973
R-62o-18 House without A Poof
R-620-19 Outline History of Poland
R-620-20 Lives in the Scottish Convenantes
R-620-21 In Search of Your German Roots, A Complete Guide to...; Angus
Baxter, GPC 1994
R-620-22 Annals on N. British Soc. Halifax Nova Scotia 1768-1903
R-620-23 Dr. Edward Benes Pres. of Czechosluvia
R-620-24 Genea. Gazetter of Scotland (2 copies)
R-620-25 List of Wills (1700-1725) Prerogative Court, England
R-620-26 Wills in the Public Rec. Office, London, England
R-620-27 Norfolk Co. Marriagesl795-1870 Ontario, Canada
R-620-28 The Loyalist in Ontario
R-620-29 Marriage Notices of Ontario
R-620-30 The Ancient Parish Registers England and Wales
R-620-31 Trail of the Black Walnut
R-620-32 Histories & Antiquities of Kilkenny; Healy (Office)
R-620-33 English Genealogy
R-62O-34 Irish Genealogy, A Simple Guide
R-620-35 Official Year Book Commonwealth of Australia
R-620-36 Genea. Manuscripts in British Libraries R-620-37 Men of Canada-The Canadian Album, Vols. 2 & 3
R-620-38 Genalogical Research in England & Wales, Vols. 1,2,3
R-620-39 The Hazeldean Cemeteries Ontario, Canada; Moodle & Elliott
R-620-40 Scottish Surnames; by Sims
R-620-41 The Scotch Ancestors of President McKinley
R-620-42 Tracing our Swedish Ancestly
R-620-43 German-English Dictionary, English-German
R-620-44 Tracing Your Ancestors in Canada; by Kennedy
R-620-45 Irish & Scotch-Irish Anc. Research, Vols. 1 & 2
R-620-46 The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vols. 1,2,3,4,5
R-620-47 In Search of Scottish Ancestors
R-620-38 Czechoslovakia Research
R-620-49 Your Ancient Canadian Family Ties by Oliver
R-620-50 A Genea,. Handbook of German Research R-620-50V I&II A Genealogical Handbook of German Research; Larry O. Jenson
R-620-51 Belgian American Research Material
R-620-52 Hospodar (Bohemian Newspaper) Omaha, NE, Vol. 31 32, 33
(Oversized - all in one)
R-620-53 German American Ancestry, 11th Annual Topeka Genea. Workshop
R-620-54 Irish Families
R-620-55 Annoted Bibliography of Material Available for Purchase-Germans
from Russia
R-620-56 Migrations to/from Canada, by Marion C.Keffer
R-620-57 A Franco-American Overview, Vols. 3,4,6; Quintin Pub.
R-620-58 World Conference on Records of Switzerland Spain, Italy, Russia,
Chech., Yugoslavia
R-620-59 World Conference on Records-Scandanavian
R-620-6O World Conference on Records-So. Africa, Ivory Coast, Egypt,
India, East Asia, Japan, Polynsia, Oceania, Australia,
The Pacific
R-620-61 World Conference on Records-Austria, Hungary
R-620-62 World Conference on Records-Mexico, Central America, South
R-620-63 World Conference on Records-Canada
R-620-64 World Conference on Records-France, Belgium
R-620-65 World Conference on Records-Germany
R-620-66 World Conference on Records-British, Wales, Ireland, Scotland
R-620-67 Directory of Scots Banished to American Plantations 1650-1775;
David Dobson, 1983
R-620-68 English Estates of American Colonists 1610-1699, Coldham, GPC 1983
R-620-69 English Estates of American Colonists 1610-1699, Coldham, 1983 GFC
R-620-70 Switzerland Together with Chamonix & the Italian Lake; Karl
R-620-71A&B Prelimnlary Survey of the German Collection-Vols. A&B; R.
Smelser (2 copies Vol. B)
R-620-72 Preliminary Survey of the French Collection; C. Russell Jensen
R-620-73 Descriptive Inventory of the New York Collection, Eakel & Gunn
R-620-74 Descriptive Inventory of the English Collection; Eakel, Outsen &
R-620-74A Descriptive Inventory of the English Collection of Genea. Soc.
of Utah; Arlene Eakel
R-620-75 The Face of the Home Countis, by Harold P. Clunn
R-620-76 Bibliography on the Colonial Germans of North America; by Meynen
R-620-77 A Practical Help to Genea. Research in Swedish Records, Johansson
R-670-78 Finding English Ancestors from Seminar Proceedings
R-670-79 Dictionary of Scottish Settlers in North America Vols. I, II, III,
R-670-80 Middlesex; by Sir Clifford Radcliffe
R-670-81 Gravestone Inscriptions; County Down Vols. 1,2,3,4,& 5 (Ireland)
R-620-82 The Rebellious Welsh; Louis B. Elwood & J. W. Elwood
R-620-83 The Story of the Irish Race, by Seumas MacManus
R-620-84 Germans in America: Restrospect & Prospect: German Soc. of PA
R-620-85 German Locality Index
R-620-86 1836-1845 Bytown Gazette Abstracts of Births, Deaths, & Marriages
Bytown Independent for 1836
R-620-87 The Nonconformist Register, of Baptisms, Marriaees & Deaths
1644-1702, 1702-1752 R-620-88 Address Book for Gemanic Genealogy, 1977 by Ernest Thode
R-620-89 German Family Research Made Simple; by J. Konrad
R-620-90 Norway, How to Trace your Ancestors
R-620-91 In Search of Your European Roots
R-620-92 Cheshire Parish Registers, Marriages Vol. IV, Phillimoire,
Biagg, Choise
R-620-93 Hem Och Hard (Supplement to Sweden American post)
R-620-94 Minnesskrift, Augustana Synoden 1860-1910 (Swedish-American
Lutheran Church)
R-620-95 How to Find My Gerrnan Ancestors & Relatives; Dr H.F. Friederichs
R-620-96 Atlas for Germanic Genealogy, 1982, Ernest Thode
R-620-97 Deciphyer Germanic Records; by Edna M. Bentz
R-620-98 The Church Records of Germany, by the Genea. Society
R-620-99 The Register Booke of Christnings, Marriages & Burials within the
Precinct of the Cathedrall & Metropoliticall Church of
Christe of Canterburie; Robert Hovenden, London, 1878
R-620-100 The Irish in America; Michael J. O'Brien
R-620-101 The Scotch-Irish, Vols. I a II; Charles A. Hanna
R-620-102 The Land & People of Austria; Wohlrabe & Krusch
R-620-103 Genea. Oueries & Reports of Research, Commemorating 300 Years of
German Immigration to USA, Herr Pfarrer Alfred Hens Kugy, Pfalz
R-620-104 Gernlan Senlinar; by Fredrich R. WolImershauser
R-620-105 GeneaIogical Research Guide to Germany; Margaret Krug Pfalz
R-620-106 Wellington Co. History; Wellington Co. Hist. Research Soc.,
Vol. 1
R-620-107 In Search of Lanark (Canada); by Carol Bennett
R-620-108 Prospect United Church Cemetery, Lanark Co., Canada, Ontario
Genea. Soc.
R-620-109 Scottish Heritage; R. Welldon Finn
R-620-110 History of the County of Bruce (Canada) Norman Robertson
R-620-111 Wellington Co. History, Wellington Co. Hist. Soc. Vol. 2
R-620-112A Index to Names & Historical Ref. Appearing in "Linger in Leeds";
Evelyn Punis Earle
R-620-112B Index to Names & Hist. Appearing in "Leeds the Lovely"; by
EarIe (with above)
R-620-113 Index of Personal Names Appearing in "Richmond Sesquicentennial;"
Ontario Genea.
R-620-114 Index of Personal Names Appearing in "Up the Front" (Morrisburg);
Ontario Genea.
R-620-115 History of Maryborough Township 1851-1976, 100 plus 25 Committee
R-620-116 Ontario History, Ontario Historical Soc, March 1967
R-620-117 Surnames 1982 - Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genea. Soc.
R-620-118 The Early Days in Guielp (Guielph & Candad Co); by Cameron
R-620-119 Canadian Cemeteries - #1 thru 9 - Ontario (in one hook)
R-620-120 Forming a One Name Group; by Derek A. Palgrave
R-620-121 1817 Census Perth-Lanark Co.a, Ontario; by Mildred R. Livingston
R-620-122 Genea. Guide, German Ancestors from East Germany & Eastern Europe
R-620-123 Scotch-Irish Sources for Research; Afton E. Reintjes
R-620-124 Founded Upon a Rock, Carleton Place Recollections; H. M. Brown
R-620-125 Franktown Public Cem, Lanark Co., Beckwith Twp. Conc. 3, Lot 12;
Ontario Genea. Soc.
R-620-126 Genea. Sources in the Douglas Library, Kingston, Ontario; Ontario
Genea. Soc.
R-620-127 History of Simcoe County-Part 5 Its Public Affairs; A. F. Hunter
R-620-128 History of Lanark Co., Canada
R-620-129 Scottish Chiefs; by Jane Porter
R-620-130 Destiny of the Scotch Irish, An Account of Presbyterian Migration
1720-1853; Porter
R-620-131 Postleitzahlen - Verzeichnis (ABC- Folge--Post)
R-620-132 Tracing Your Ancestors in Ireland (3 Pamplets in an envelope)
R-620-133 Tracing Your Ancestors in Britain
R-620-134 Clans & families of Ireland & Scotland, C. Thomas Airney
R-620-135 German American Names; by Geo. Jones GPC
R-620-136 Of German Ways; LaVern Rippley
R-620-137 A Brief German Course; C. F. Kayer & F. Monteser R-620-138 The History of the County of Bruce 1907-1968-Vol 2; Norman McLeod
R-620-139 Scottish Colloquium Proceedings, Univ. of Guelph, 1969 Vol. 2
R-620-140 The Surnames of Ireland, Edward MacLysaght
R-620-141 Handy Tips to Your Genea. Research in Germany
R-620-142 Clan Map of the Scottish Highland; Johnston
R-620-143 Scots Kith & Kin; Pub. C. J. Cousland & Sons, Ltd
R-620-144 History of Stanstead Co. Province of Quebec, Heritage Books
R-620-145 Early New Brunswick, Canada Probate Records 1785-1835; Heritage
R-620-146 In Search of Your British & Irish Roots, Augus Baxter, 1982
R-620-147 Barbados Records-Baptisms 1637-1800; Sanders, GPC 1984
R-620-148 Genealogies of Barbadoes Families; Brandow, GPC
R-620-149 Handbook on Irish Genea.-How to Tract your Ancestors & Relatives
in Inreland; 1984
P-620-150 Ethnic America, Thomas Sowell, Basic books, Inc. 1981
R-620-151 The Complete Book for Tracing Your Irish Rootsat Home and Abroad;
0'Laughlin 1980
P-620-152 Heritage of Ireland; Brian deBreffnny, 1980
R-620-153 Scottish-American Court Records 1733-1783; David Dobson, GPC 1991
P-620-154 Scottish-American Court Records 1650-1900; David Dobson, GPC 1991
R-620-155 Scottish-American Heirs, 1683-1883; David Dobson, GPC 1991 (two
R-620-156 The Institutions Laws & Ceremonies of the Most Noble Order of
the Garter; GPC 1971
P-620-157 Worcestershire Parish England 1st Marriage Records 1539-1805,
Scheuer 1990
R-620-158 Berkshire Parish England Marriage Records 1538-1805, Scheuer
Publ. 1991
R-620-159 The Parish Registers of Halifax Co., York Vol.II-Marriages &
Burials 1538-1953; E. W. Crossley, (1914) 1994 Heritage
R-620-160 Parish Registers of Gulval (Alias Lanisley) in the County of
Cornwell 1598-1812, Millett & Bolitho (1893), Reprint
by Heritage Books 1995
R-620-161 Tracing Your Swedish Ancestry; Olsson
R-620-162 Searching for Your Ancestors in the Netherlands; Van Resandt
R-620-163 Recherche En Genealogie/Research in Genealogy; Geneva-Switerland
R-620-164 Our French-Canadian Ancestors; Thomas J. Laforest; LISI Press
R-620-165 The Irish Roots Guide;Tony McCarthy, Lilliput Press, Dublin, 1991
R-620-166 An Irish Genealogical Source, "Guide to Church Records",
Public Record Office of Northern Ireland 1994
R-620-167 Beginning Scandinavian Research, Sun City Genea. Soc, 1996
R-620-168 Irish Marriages, being an Index to the Marriages in Wallker's
Hibernnian Magazine, 1771 to 1812 (2 Volumes in One); Henry
Farrar, (1897) repr. 1996 Clearfield
R-620-169 The Province of Quebec & the Early American Revolution-A Study in
English - American Colonial History; Heritage Books, 1996
R-620-170 Nova Scotia Immigrants to 1867; Col. Leonard H. Smith Jr.;GPC 1993
R-620-171 Phychiatrists, The Men Behind Hitler, By Thomas Roder Kubillus &
Anthony Burwell; 1995 Freedom Publ. R-620-172 Larousse's French-English Dictionary; Pocket Books 1971 R-620-173 Paradise on the Stepps, Odyssey of a Pioneering People; Joseph S. Height, 1973 Repr. Book Crafters R-620-174 Alberta Canada Genealogical Society Informat (taken from the Internet) R-620-175 Surnames of Ireland: Ewd. MacLysaght; 1973 Irish University Press R-620-176 Handbook on Irish Genealogy
; Heraldic Artists LTD 1978 R-620-177 Directory of Irish Family History Research; Ulster Historical Foundation; Belfast, N.IRE R-620-178 German Genealogical Research; George R. Schweitzer, 1995
R-620-179 England's Past Presented, A Popular History; A.M. Low 1953
R-620-180 Die Ahnenlisten-Kartei; NeBler, Hans and Hartmut Bruggemann, Veriag Degener & Co. 1977
R-620-181 British Family Names, their Origin and Meaning; Barber, 1960
R-620-182 English Surnames; C.M. Matthews 1967 R-620-183 Handy Guide to Italian Genealogical Records; 1978, Preece; Everton R-620-184 Polish & Proud, Tracing Your Polish Ancestry; Gnacinski, 1971 R-620-185 European Genealogy; Eakel, 1996; Family History World R-620-186 Surnames of Wales; John & Shelia Rowlands; 1998; GPC R-620-187 Welsh Family History, Guide to Research; John & Shelia Rowlands; 1998, GPC
R-620-188 The Mecklenburg Genealogical Handbook: Hall, Everton 1977 R-620-189 The Peterborough Chronical, Translated with an Introduction by Harry A. Rositzke, 1951 R-620-190 A Simplified Guide to Bishops' Transcripts & Marriage Licenses, There Location & Indexes in England, Wales & Ireland, J. S. W. Gibson, 1984 R-620-191 The Scottish Nation of the Surnames, Families, Literature, Honours, Biographical History of the People of Scotland; Vols. D-F; G-L; T-Z; by William Anderson; Heritage Books Classic 1995 R-620-192VI A Guide to German Paris Registers, Baden, Bavaria, Wuerttemberg; Cerny R-620-193 Landau Roman Catoholic Church Deaths 1860-1872; American Heritage Soc. of Germans, 1997 R-620-194 Landau Roman Catholic Church, Church Register Baptisms, Begun 1760, Ended 1866, AHSGR R-620-195 Landau, Beresan Districk Odessa; 1858 Census; GRHS & AHSGR R-620-196 Index for R-620-193 & R-620-194 R-620-197 A New Historical Geography of England after 1600; Cambridge Unvi. Press, 1973 R-620-198 Handy Guide to English Genealogical Records; Everton 1981 R-620-199 Irish Genealogy, A Ref. Aid; Bran Mitchell; Closson Press; 1999 R-620-200 Parish Maps of Ireland; Derry Youth & Comm Workshop; Brian Mitchell; Closson Press; 1988
R-620-201 Vol I and II Scottish Monuments & Tombstones; Rogers; Heritage F-620-1 Parish Research; by Eunice Lene Parman
F-620-2 Devonshire Notes & Notelets, Principally Genea. & Heraldic
Magazine #  Title
M-620-1 Lost in Canada
M-620-2 British Columbia Genealogist
M-620-3 Ontario Register
M-620-4 The Bulletin, Journal of Ontario Genea. Society
M-620-5 Families, Ontario Genea Soc.
M-620-6 Newsleaf, The Ontario Genea. Soc.
M-620-7 Generations, New Brunswick Genea. Soc.
M-620-8 Branch News, Ottawa Branch, Ontario Genea. Soc.
M-620-9 Branch Notes, Ontario Genea. Society
M-620-10 Branches of Bruce L Grey, Ontario Genea. Soc.
M-620-11 Rooting Around Huron; Huron County Branch, Ontario Genea. Soc.
M-620-12 Perth County Profiles, Ontario Gena. Society
M-620-13 Leeds & Grenville Branch News & Views Ontario Genea. Soc.
M-650-l English Genealogical Helper "Augustan"
M-650-2 Family History
M-650-3 Newsl. Inter'l. Soc. for British Genea. & Family History
M-650-4 Genealogist Magazine
M-650-5 The Newsletter Yorkshire Archaelogical Society
M-650-6 The Journal of Oxfordshire Family Hist. Society
M-650-7 Northumbriana
M-660-1     Eastern Eurepean Genealogist
M-670-1     German Genealogical Digest
M-670-2 Am. Hist. Soc. of Germans from Russia
M-670-2A Clues, Soc. of Germans from Russia
M-670-3 Heritage Review
M-670-4 Palatine Heritage Newsletter
M-670-5 Palatine Patter
M-670-6 German American Geneaiogy
M-670-7 The German Connection
M-670-8 Germanic GeneaIogical Helper
M-670-9 Der Kurier
M-680-1     Irish Genealogical Helper
M-680-2 North Irish Roots
M-68O-3 Gaelic Gleanings
M-680-5 L Directory of Irish Family l-listory Research
M-680-6 L The All-Ireland Heritage
M-680-7 L "eirephile, Irish History, Genealogy & Culture
M-680-8 L Ulster Genea. & Historical Guild
M-680-9 L Irish-American Genealogist
M-680-10 Inside Ireland
M-690-1     Scottish Genealogical Helper
M-690-2 The Rampent Lions
M-690-3 The Highlander
M-690-4 Argyll Colony Plus
M-690-5 The Family Tree; Publ. Moultrie, GA
M-700-l     Spanish Ameriean Genealogical Helper
M-710-1     Swedish American Genealogist
M-710-2 The Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly
M-720-1     The Augustan
M-720-2 World Round-up Records
M-720-3 Scandiavian Genealogical Helper
M-730-1     Belgium Laces
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