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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a number of Sedgwick County, KS marriage affidavits in their library. (Some of the affidavits from the 1870's and 1880's are missing from the files even though the names appear in the index). MHGS has copies of the marriage returns for 1882 and 1883, then 1885 through April 1913. These contain the same information as the affidavits along with when the marriage was performed and by whom.

Here you can access a marriage index covering Books A through Z, 9 May, 1870 to 24 May 1922. If you would like a copy of any affidavit we have, please send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each affidavit to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. You must include the names of the bride and groom, the date, Book and page number or our committee will be unable to fulfill your request.

If there is no date in the date column there was no return made to Probate Court that the marriage was performed. From April 1, 1915 to May 28, 1917 (R405 through T386) no marriages were recorded in Sedgwick County, only that application was made for a license. These must be obtained from Vital Statistics in Topeka.

Index courtesy of Bill Pennington.

U - Z

Uden, Mina F.              Cox, F.E.                    22 Apr 1888    D278

Uhl, Bertha                Kuechenmeister, Ferdinand    18 Sep 1888    D389

Uhl, H.T.                  Schulte, Mary                03 Apr 1889    D518

Uhl, Hattie                England, Charlie L.              1-Aug-14   R081

Uhl, Lula                  Ireland, E.E.                    5-Oct-21   Z326

Uhler, Ira                 Wheeler, Eva J.                 22-Dec-04   J448

Uhrey, G.W.                Eubank, Dorothy O.              17-Jul-19   W292

Uithoven, Jacob            Links, Mary                  27 Mar 1896    G074

Ukena, Fred                Stitzler, Lizzie             17 Aug 1878    A352

Ukena, Gesena P.           Primm, John                      6-Jun-04   J252

Ulery, Thomas F.           Ames, Lucy                   05 Oct 1892    E623

Ullam, James               Kurz, Marion                                S116

Ullery, Hazel              Whitehead, F.E.                 20-Mar-18   V045

Ullery, Sadie              Smith, A.E.                                 S578

Ullery, Zella M.           Fortner, Clemmon L.              9-Dec-20   Y318

Ullom, Hazel               Linville, Scott                 10-Jun-17   T434

Ullum, Orma (Mrs.)         Wood, Emmett                    20-Mar-00   H293

Ullum, Roy                 Scrivener, Mary                 29-Sep-11   O349

Ulmer, William H.          Hiser, Lille(lie)               16-Jun-04   J257

Ulrey, Anna Marie          Smith, Horald I.                30-Jul-21   Z170

Ulrey, William I.          Roeder, Annie B.             10 Mar 1890    E094

Ulrich, Horace E.          Morris, Belle                   19-Jan-15   R333

Ulrich, Ida                Thayer, A. Leroy                            S276

Ulrich, Lena               Willott, Edward A.              26-Jun-20   X539

Ulsh, Charles M.           Johnson, Mary E.                 8-Aug-06   K346

Ulster, H.C.               Byers, E.M.                     31-Dec-06   K506

Umbarger, Charles H.       Phillips, Louie              26 Jan 1892    E484

Umbarger, Charles Kenneth  Wright, Mattie                   1-Jan-20   X092

Umbarger, Gladys           Waldron, Hugh W.                20-Jun-21   Z066

Umbarger, I.D.             McAlister, Cora                 11-Jun-21   Z041

Umbarger, Vernon Lee       Duncan, Mary                     3-Jan-20   X107

Umbenhower, Sophia         Soderberg, Herman Walter         5-Jul-21   Z114

Umhofer, Eugenie           Bolstad, Salmar P.                          S167

Umphres, C. Lillie         Royse, Jesse M.                 22-Aug-20   Y043

Umphrey, Mattie            Knox, Isaac J.               28 Nov 1894    F447

Umsted, Clara Louise       Troutman, Ray                    1-Sep-08   L547

Unangst, Agnes             O'Mahoney, Clarence          29 Aug 1888    D368

Unangst, David B.          Baxter, Sarah (Mrs.)         16 Jun 1892    E560

Unangst, Florence          Jones, J.B.                  08 Oct 1885    C318

Unangst, Gertrude          Parcher, L.W.                   17-Sep-10   N338

Unangst, H.E.              Kerley, Mary                 22 Jan 1899    H029

Underwood, A.              Taylor, Velma Laclyde                       S415

Underwood, Alice           Coffey, Joshua                  25-Feb-15   R372

Underwood, C.S.            Moran, Agnese M.                            S466

Underwood, Charles A.      Miller, Bessie                   7-Jun-05   J589

Underwood, Charles L.      Brown, Mamie                 29 Dec 1891    E460

Underwood, Cora L.         Gant, Archie D.                 15-Sep-20   Y110

Underwood, Ed              Brown, Lizzie                   25-Apr-10   N110

Underwood, Elizabeth       Harris, Benton                   9-May-18   V138

Underwood, Elsie           Miles, C.E.                      3-Aug-21   Z182

Underwood, G.B.            Bird, Marie                      7-Nov-21   Z412

Underwood, George W.       Busenbark, Jennie            15 Dec 1881    B217

Underwood, Gracie          Means, Clark                 19 Jan 1882    B236

Underwood, H.R.            Surber, Frances                 26-Apr-18   V113

Underwood, Howard Umphrey  Johnston, Ione                  24-Nov-19   W630

Underwood, James           Love, Sylvia                    24-May-19   W160

Underwood, James H.        Henn, Grace                     27-Dec-19   X083

Underwood, Jessie B.       Oliver, Curtis H.            22 Jul 1894    F382

Underwood, John R.         Gafner, Katie                    7-Oct-18   V431

Underwood, Josie           Sloan, David C.              13 Aug 1884    C118

Underwood, Lawson M.       Mullen, Jane                     7-Feb-10   N008

Underwood, Lizzie          Reed, John David                24-Nov-10   N461

Underwood, May             Currier, Felix               30 Dec 1899    H244

Underwood, Minnie          Loomis, George               11 Feb 1894    F312

Underwood, Norman          McNaught, Fay                               R522

Underwood, R.L.            Chambers, Samantha Marie         7-Sep-10   N315

Underwood, Silva           Maden, Ellis                     6-Nov-09   M515

Underwood, Wayne L.        Carroll, Barbara                10-Dec-21   Z475

Unger, Agapit              Giefer, Caroline                            T468

Unger, Agnes L.            Wikoff, James E.                18-Nov-14   R238

Unger, Alice               O'Brien, Henry                  14-Feb-19   V610

Unger, Edna Meryl          Reed, Charles Robert            24-Dec-10   N518

Unger, Gladys              Roles, Earl A.                   1-May-18   V122

Unger, J.F.                Randall, Stella                             S097

Unger, M.L.                Davis, Martha A.             27 Jul 1885    C284

Unger, Mary                White, James H.              02 Aug 1877    A281

Unruh, Helen               Williams, Gilbert V.                        T212

Unruh, J.F.                Harvey, Elizabeth               22-May-22   Z779

Unruh, Mary                Borton, Linus Leroy             29-Aug-12   P389

Unseld, Herbert            Reed, Jeanette                  31-May-19   W172

Unzner, Charles            Harman, Mary                    18-Apr-06   K248

Upchurch, Beulah           Bird, Arthur C.                 18-Mar-20   X263

Updegraff, Chester D. (Dr.)Fisher, Josephine Alice         25-Nov-07   L212

Updegraff, Clara B.        Foulke, E.L.                    16-Jan-06   K177

Updegraff, Mary E.         Keller, Jacob                26 Jun 1879    A433

Uphoff, Frank              Jones, Lillie                   24-Dec-13   Q469

Uphoff, Laura E.           Shouse, A.H.                    20-Nov-21   Z433

Uphoff, Lester             Bailey, Ruby                                S250

Upjohn, Florence Irene     Briggs, Emmett B.                4-Apr-20   X299

Upp, B.E.                  Brothers, Alta M. (Mrs)          8-Sep-10   N318

Uppendahl, D.              Asendorf, Dora                              S240

Uppendahl, Dora            Klinker, John                05 Apr 1887    C620

Upshaw, John               Walker, Ella                    21-Apr-18   V103

Upshaw, John W.            Lewis, Hattie                   11-Oct-14   R181

Upshaw, Mada               Marshall, Walter                29-Jan-14   Q518

Upshaw, W.I.               Dutton, Lydia                    1-Dec-20   Y310

Upton, Estella Rose        Garrison, Pearl M.              24-Nov-21   Z450

Urban, Annie               Yochens, F.C.                   14-Dec-04   J439

Urban, F.S.                Walker, Mary                    29-Apr-14   Q611

Urban, Luella M.           Goodin, Collier L.              22-Dec-09   M563

Urban, Mike                Bernard, Lela                03 Jun 1897    G306

Urbina, Panblina           Fuerte, Maretino                 4-Aug-19   W328

Urion, John                Cook, Flora Ella                29-Aug-00   H382

Urious, Cosezsion E.       Flores, Mike                    30-Jan-15   R346

Urner, John T.             Clift, Elsie Belle                          T311

Utley, James G.            Spitler, Jennie                 10-Nov-09   M522

Utsler, H.C.               Byers, E.M.                     31-Dec-06   K506

Utt, Edna E.               Clark, J.W.                     20-Jul-18   V285

Utt, Ethel                 Weaver, Jack                    18-Oct-19   W535

Utt, Fannie                Jefferies, Stanley              14-May-11   O144

Utt, Henry Earl            Brady, Iva                      31-Mar-09   M197

Utt, Howard                Hamton, Dorothy                 14-Jun-20   X486

Utt, Ida Pearl             Kleinegger, Laurence            26-Feb-20   X220

Utt, James G.              Dickey, Lotie E.                 3-Feb-02   I172

Utt, Loretta E.            Hockenbery, Fred R.             25-Dec-21   Z504

Utt, Nettie                Cornwell, G.C.                              R623

Utt, Williard T.           Hackney, Lillian                            R563

Utter, Hazel               Burman, Clifford                21-Nov-11   O423

Utter, Prior               Musick, Addie M.                30-Apr-01   H572

Utterback, G.C.            Holcomb, Sylvia                  7-Dec-20   Y323

Utterback, John M.         Price, G. Anna                  22-Nov-11   O427

Utz, A.S. (S.A.)           Black, J.B.                  14 Nov 1886    C529

Utz, Albert V.             Cooper, Dora A.              22 Jan 1893    F058

Utz, Carl                  Comer, Ora                      28-Feb-12   P128

Utz, Edward G.             Fry, Annie                   12 Nov 1882    B318

Utz, Emil M.               Counter, Maude                  24-Nov-09   M537

Utz, Eva                   Alumbaugh, Harry H.             11-Mar-09   M176

Utz, Joseph(hus)           Musselman, Isadora              21-Oct-01   I083

Utz, Lawrence Guy          Fry, Elmira                     18-Dec-07   L237

Utz, R.L.                  Pike, Ethel                      8-Nov-11   O403

Utz, Sarah                 Fry, Joseph                  30 Nov 1882    B326

Utz, William G.            Good, Minnie G.              24 Dec 1894    F463

Utz, William S.            Race, Stella A.              27 Nov 1889    E027

Vachal, Carrie             Maixner, Wencil                 20-Jan-10   M626

Vachal, Lydia L.           Maixner, Charles S.             21-Dec-21   Z490

Vaden, A.W.                Watson, Catherine               20-Oct-13   Q386

Vaden, Cuma                Brown, Eddie                                S289

Vail, C.B.                 Grummons, Elva               25 Mar 1884    C061

Vail, Elmer L.             Holzman, Clara                  16-Nov-09   M527

Vail, Erma                 Garrison, Frank                 16-Apr-13   Q111

Vail, Isabella             Hartman, H.A.                23 Jul 1883    B396

Vail, Jeannette            Shipley, R.M.                   16-Jan-12   P066

Vail, Lucretia             Benson, Ulysses                 11-Mar-12   P142

Vail, Merle M.             Courtright, William A.          24-Sep-19   W461

Vail, Otho P.              Mayberry, Emma G.            16 Sep 1891    E385

Vail, Randolph             Warfield, Flossie                8-Aug-18   V311

Vail, Russell L.           Roberson, Viola                 21-Jan-11   N562

Vail, Theron L.            German, Gladys M.               20-Mar-07   K576

Vail, W.O.                 Sullivan, J.R.                  26-Jan-09   M114

Vail, Walter C.            Dunlap, Gladys M.               10-Sep-14   R138

Vaile, Albert J.           Morris, Ida E.               23 Dec 1875    A184

Vaile, Minnie              Mahan, G.H.                  26 Nov 1899    H214

Valdez, A.                 Mendoza, A.                     14-May-19   W137

Valdez, Concha             Ramirez, Antonio                17-Aug-20   Y037

Valdez, Gregoria V.        Mendoza, Julio Soto             18-Jun-19   W220

Vale, Frank W.             Hettmansperger, Minnie Pea      20-Sep-08   L570

Vale, Mary E.              Segebartt, Luie (Lewis)         25-Dec-06   K500

Valencia, Thomas           Richardson, Eva                 25-Mar-18   V054

Valentine, A.A.            Valentine, R.                09 Sep 1878    A358

Valentine, Antha A.        Bach, John                   31 Oct 1894    F427

Valentine, Camille A.      Littrall, L.C.                   6-Jun-14   R016

Valentine, Garnet          Fischer, Oliver                 26-Dec-19   X079

Valentine, Georgie         Vickers, W.L.                27 Sep 1893    F209

Valentine, Glades          Thompson, Oliver F.             11-Sep-20   Y098

Valentine, Hattie          Tinker, John                                S134

Valentine, Hattie          Tinker, John                                S485

Valentine, Ida B.          Holloway, William C.         26 Feb 1884    C045

Valentine, Iva             Dennison, Chester L.            19-Jan-02   I158

Valentine, J.D.            Tiffin, Lizzie                   9-Apr-02   I217

Valentine, J.F.            Gasswint, Synthia Katherin      12-Jun-17   T431

Valentine, J.R.            Brown, Mary                     16-Sep-09   M432

Valentine, Jay             Stitcel, Maggie              05 Jan 1881    B127

Valentine, Laura           Johnson, Henry A.            15 Sep 1888    D388

Valentine, Lizzie          Morgan, C.H.                    14-May-14   Q629

Valentine, M.B.            Allen, Maggie                14 Feb 1889    D492

Valentine, Marian J.       Rowley, Nelson H.            22 Aug 1895    F580

Valentine, Mary B.         Wright, Richard M.              16-Jun-01   H611

Valentine, Mattie          Grinstead, John W.              23-Jun-01   H621

Valentine, Mervel M.       Mockley, Caroline V.            11-May-01   H587

Valentine, Oscar E.        Beck, Alta                   19 Oct 1899    H190

Valentine, R.              Valentine, A.A.              09 Sep 1878    A358

Valentine, Ulysses Grant   Pryor, Ona                   22 Oct 1890    E221

Valentine,John Franklin    Fell, Katie                     18-Jan-12   P067

Valk, James                Hubbard, Eliza                  12-Sep-17   T624

Vallance, Annie            Bowman, D.E. (G.)            04 Oct 1894    F218

Vallance, Emma             Rosenfelt, Benjamin F.       23 Mar 1899    H058

Vallance, Sarah M.         Osterloh, Walter H.             21-Mar-03   I513

Valle, Arnulfo             Gallegos, Anastaria             25-Jun-13   Q212

Vallentine, R.E.           Sizemore, Nora                   8-Dec-14   R273

Valtr, Fannie              Stone, H.W.                     16-Mar-14   Q570

Van, Elie                  Cade, Paschal                   18-Jan-21   Y419

Van, Isaac                 Clark, Sallie                29 Aug 1882    B299

Van, Mary                  Prince, John                    16-Jan-20   X133

Van, Stella                Smith, Arthur                   23-Apr-08   L381

VanAken, Laurence W.       Lewellen, Grace                             R528

VanAllen, Ruth Eileen      Washburn, Clinton M.             1-Jan-20   X097

VanArsdale, Clara          Folker, Bernhardt H.             9-Nov-09   M520

VanArsdale, George B.      Manary, Mae R.                  15-Jul-03   I604

VanArsdale, Hester         Eilerts, John                   11-Feb-03   I483

VanArsdale, Joseph W.      Fisher, Mary Frances            16-Dec-07   L235

VanArsdale, L.B.           Null, Clara                                 S200

VanArsdale, Lottie         Brown, George W.             03 Nov 1889    E005

VanArsdale, Lucile K.      Jenkins, Lloyd M.                           T268

VanArsdale, Sylvania (Mrs.)Fox, George S.               16 Feb 1879    A400

VanArsdale, W.O.           Jones, May O.                               T294

VanArsdall, Thomas J.      Sampson, Katie I.            15 Apr 1894    F339

VanAtta, Roy L.            Hoag, Nellie                    12-Jun-19   W209

VanAuken, Daniel A.        Gemberling, Agnes E.         30 Dec 1880    B122

VanAusdall, Myrtle         Conger, Clarence Hugh           16-Jun-12   P283

VanAusdell, LaVerne C.     Banta, Alta                     23-Aug-17   T583

VanAusdell, P.D.           Johnston, Bessie Margaret       10-Sep-18   V380

VanBenthusen, F.C.         Edes, Ella                   24 Dec 1888    D462

VanBenthusen, Will         Taylor, Jennie L. (Mrs.)     12 May 1878    A335

VanBeuggen, Cornelis       Baker, Welhellima               24-May-11   O158

VanBibber, Chester G.      Rhyn, Mildred                    9-Apr-19   W064

VanBoskirk, J.J.           Yunker, Anna L.                  4-Feb-13   Q020

VanBruen, Ruby             Luton, Royal                     8-Dec-17   U321

VanBrunt, Lula Lunetta     Wood, Claude Alfred              6-Feb-21   Y459

VanBrunt, Mable            Wingert, Walter L.                          W048

VanBuren, Maud E.          Decker, Ezra                 21 Dec 1893    F272

VanBuren, Nellie           Whitley, Roy                    29-Dec-17   U422

VanBuren, S.R.             Hornamann, Lucy              24 Dec 1881    B225

VanBurg, John M.           Oliver, Myrtle H.               22-Jan-21   Y429

VanBuskirk, Capitola       Wilson, Harry G.             25 Sep 1890    E205

VanBuskirk, Getty          Warrensburg, David P.        12 Aug 1896    G131

VanCamp, L.B.              Lynn, Nellie                     2-Apr-18   V067

VanCampen, Lydia           Sharpsteen, B.F.             16 Feb 1896    G047

Vance, Arrilla             Maddison, Edwin H.           05 Nov 1885    C333

Vance, Beedie (Beadie)     Davis, M.                    19 May 1897    G302

Vance, Blanch              Smith, Charles                   2-Dec-19   X014

Vance, Clara               Wright, Robert W.               18-Jun-21   Z064

Vance, Clara N.            Lynch, W.W.                  22 Nov 1887    D164

Vance, J.                  Porter, Maud                 06 Sep 1888    D381

Vance, J.J.                Light, Harrie C.             06 Sep 1888    D380

Vance, Leola               Crim, Ozie                      12-Nov-20   Y262

Vance, Mabel               Blackburn, G.L.                             T308

Vance, Oleta               Denmon, Charlie                 11-Aug-21   Z203

Vance, Susanna             Robinson, George W.             21-Jul-02   I301

Vance, Vida V.             Whitney, J.S.                               S501

Vancil, J.W.               Neiman, Luella                  20-Jul-10   N240

Vancleave, Clyde           Mott, Grace                     14-Aug-07   L084

VanCuren, Albert H.        Blake, Anna E.                  14-May-13   Q142

Vancuren, Arthur A.        Vulgamore, Laura L.              8-Aug-06   K346

Vancuren, Nellie           Hervey, Brazilla G.             15-Nov-06   K447

VanCuren, Rollie           Lane, Bessie                    23-Nov-10   N465

VanCuren, William          Henley, Lizzie (Mrs.)        03 Dec 1892    F028

VanDann, Jennie            Touhill, Edward              14 Aug 1876    A217

Vandaveer, C.F.            Brooks, Christinia M.           29-Jul-05   K004

Vandaveer, James L.        Bedwell, Lelia                  27-Nov-19   W638

Vandaveer, R.G.            Reynolds, Josie                             S163

Vandebeer, Elizabeth       Jameson, Jasper              26 Mar 1888    D256

Vandegrift, Ida            Brown, J.N.                  08 Sep 1887    D098

Vandegrift, Ira            Reeder, Leona May                3-Jan-03   I454

Vandegrift, Minnie         Farrow, C.S.                 25 Jan 1888    D205

Vandegrift, William W.     Bush, Bertha J.                 25-Dec-01   I137

Vandemark, Arthur          Godsey, Ollie C.             20 Nov 1898    G615

VanDeMark, Josephine       Griswold, Oberly A.              1-Jun-21   Z009

VanDeMark, Lura            Moreland, George                27-Sep-13   Q343

VanDeMark, Ollie C. Katie  Black, John J.                   3-May-05   J561

VanDeMark, Virgie          Berger, Edward                   1-Jun-21   Z008

Vandenburg, Ellis H.       Parkhurst, Martha Margaret      22-May-07   K632

Vandenburg, Rena           Swan, Andrew H.              23 Apr 1874    A116

Vandenhemell, Rosa         Vanhoogstraet, Peter         10 Feb 1880    B034

Vanderbilt, E.M.           King, Florence L.                           R494

Vanderbilt, Oscar          Brooks, Maggie               30 Aug 1887    D090

Vandercook, H.T. (F.)      Britenfield,Margaret E.      26 Oct 1898    G598

Vandergrif, Laura          Ocker, Lewis E.              26 May 1885    C259

Vandergriff, Rosa          Moss, Lewis                  24 Jan 1883    B343

Vandergrift, Bertha Jane   Diefenbach, Otto F.             28-Feb-21   Y498

Vanderhoff, Garrett E.     Bryant, Eliza                   23-Dec-08   M064

Vandermarel, Henry         Fogler, Hannah Jantz                        T147

VanDerMark, Edna L.        Reagan, William L.               2-Jun-19   W178

Vandermark, Joseph         Givens, Gertrude                28-Jul-14   R075

Vandermark, Mary           Bryant, Harold W.               23-Oct-11   O380

Vanderstay, Lena           Adkins, Charles B.                          S385

Vanderstay, Lina           Zeider, John                    12-Jul-11   O244

VanderVeer, Albert C.      Converse, Kate Gwenn            28-Oct-05   K093

VanDerveer, Ethel L.       Marshall, E.C.                   9-Oct-02   I374

VanderVeer, Leah Westbrook Kuhl, Lon L.                    18-Jun-12   P289

Vandeventer, Elsie G.      Ferriter, J.C.                  16-Aug-20   Y028

VanDeventer, F.            Garrison, Mary E.            30 Mar 1898    G483

Vandeventer, H.H.          Lamaster, Rhoda                  2-May-00   H315

Vandeventer, Harry G.      Bloss, Helen Florence           21-Sep-10   N348

Vandeventer, Hazel Kirk    Feldner, W.L.                   16-Sep-14   R147

Vandeventer, J.E.          Bloss, Bertha May                1-Jun-04   J248

VanDeventer, Laura         Wilbur, Leon                 15 Nov 1896    G188

Vandeventer, Lucy B.       Robertson, John B.              26-Oct-21   Z386

Vandevort, C.W.            Henderson, Emma              14 Mar 1880    B052

VanDeWater, George H.      Cann, Cora                      28-Feb-09   M160

Vandine, A.E.              Anderson, Mary A.                           T241

Vandine, John Jr.          Dumont, Grace                   24-Dec-01   I142

Vandiver, Epp              Whitaker, Eliza              19 Aug 1884    C120

VanDiver, Ina              Watkins, LeRoy E.               18-Mar-20   X261

Vandiver, W.G.             Bush, Ella                       1-Nov-13   Q405

Vandiver, W.G.             Lawson, Dora                                S330

VanDolah, G.P.             Schneider, Elizabeth            25-Mar-18   V054

VanDoren, Charles L.       Alliston, Jessie             06 Oct 1889    D623

VanDorin, Isaac W.         Briley, Henrietta            15 Jul 1874    A126

VanDorsten, Lora M.        Plank, Claude                   16-Oct-06   K407

VanDorsten, Madge          Williams, Jay                    7-Jan-20   X116

Vandruff, Laura I.         Davis, Edward G.                            S343

VanDusen, C.W.             Mosteller, Della Lelah          14-Dec-19   X035

VanDusen, Ella             McMillen, Hiram                 18-Jun-19   W175

VanDusen, J.H.             Thompson, M.J.               17 Jun 1887    D034

Vandusen, Nelson           Marlin, Mahalie                 11-Feb-11   O011

VanDyke, Genevieve M.      Parrott, Jerry S.               22-Feb-19   V625

VanDyke, Ida M.            Hills, Edwin L.              14 Sep 1887    D104

Vandyke, J.W.              Drummond, Sarah C.               3-Sep-21   Z251

VanDyke, Pearl             Peoples, R.B.                   20-Feb-18   U575

VanDyke, William J.        Cambron, Bessie                 25-Apr-14   Q606

VanEaton, Lulu B.          Lang, William A.             30 Sep 1885    C311

Vaney, James               Vaughn, Parlee                  28-Jan-09   M120

VanFleet, Carl T.          Faecher, Adella E.              16-Oct-02   I378

VanFleet, Charles M.       Wilson, Edna                                S310

VanFleet, Daniel           Thompson, Mary                  28-Mar-10   N073

VanGeison, Emma            Chamberlain, James           26 Feb 1883    B352

VanGeson, Hazel            Howe, A.J.                                  T319

VanGieson, A.L.            White, M.J.                  12 Feb 1882    B242

VanGieson, Abbie Lois      Hill, Paul L.                   26-Jun-21   Z080

VanGieson, Aileen          Collins, A.C.                               S334

VanGieson, Eva             Thorne, H.O.                 28 Dec 1884    C182

VanGieson, Hattie          Humble, George               15 Jul 1880    B079

VanGieson, L.E.            Blatz, Laura                 28 Sep 1884    C142

VanGieson, Lettie          Bever, Edward                16 Jul 1878    A344

VanGieson, V.C.            Vosburgh, Mina M.            23 Feb 1886    C389

VanGundy, Cletha           Curry, Robert L.                 2-Apr-22   Z681

VanGundy, E.               Dugan, Lucinda               25 Dec 1884    C181

VanGundy, Florence         Crandall, Charles                4-Apr-20   X306

VanHaverbeke, Anna         Wiggins, Thomas                  2-Jul-17   T485

VanHee, Henry J.           Smith, Nettie Avice              7-Sep-09   M412

Vanhoogstraet, Peter       Vandenhemell, Rosa           10 Feb 1880    B034

VanHorn, Ben F.            Anderson, Nellie M.             19-Feb-12   P114

VanHorn, Fred              Cassidy, Nellie                 29-Apr-04   J221

VanHorn, Grace             Norton, L.J.                    31-Jan-22   Z582

VanHorn, J.P.              Robinson, Lyla                  18-Jun-21   Z061

VanHorn, Joe T.            Ayer, Marie                                 T208

VanHorn, Joel R.           Powell, Ella R.              10 Dec 1885    C355

VanHorn, Lanson E.         Davis, Mary                  12 Oct 1893    F224

VanHorn, Laurena           Briggs, W.H.                    26-Sep-00   H409

VanHorn, Leona A.          Casad, Edwin P.              24 Apr 1895    F528

VanHorn, Levertt           Engel, Emma                  29 Nov 1893    F257

VanHorn, Lora Mae          Cox, F.K.                       18-Jun-19   W222

VanHorn, Mamie Elsie       Pixley, Bliss N.                 5-Jun-18   V192

Vanhorn, Maud              Foster, John                    27-Jul-12   P349

VanHorn, Maudie            Darney, Frank                    3-Jun-20   X451

VanHorn, Susie             Shults, Charles S.                          C255

VanHorn, Thad              Huff, Grace Edith                1-Aug-01   I012

VanHorne, Alice            Carr, William L.             14 Apr 1897    G281

VanHorne, Loretta V.       Wadsworth, Emanuel W.        02 Apr 1891    E319

VanHuss, J.F.              Brewer, Josie E.             24 Apr 1888    D277

VanHuss, Luva G.           Foote, Ernest E.                17-Jan-22   Z559

Vaningen, Grace            Hoffman, Theodore F.            24-Feb-10   N030

VanKannon, Richard         Muffler, Sophia                 14-Jul-10   N242

VanKirk, Arthur Z.         Hart, Maggie B.              04 Jul 1891    E356

VanKirk, Birdie            McNeill, William P.                         S553

VanKirk, Edward W.         White, Gertrude              14 Jun 1898    G524

VanKirk, Effie             Rinshed, W.L.                18 Feb 1883    B348

VanKirk, Frank I.          Caughey, Nannie M.              10-Oct-00   H428

VanKirk, Lee               Challans, Doris                  1-Apr-22   Z686

VanKirk, Mary Ellen (Mrs.) Fassett, Lewis                   6-Feb-02   I174

VanKleef, Henry            Bray, Stella                     5-Jun-17   T422

VanLandingham, G.B.        VanLandingham, S.R. (Mrs.)   26 May 1897    G304

Vanlandingham, George A.   Cooper, Mary E.                 20-Jan-14   Q510

VanLandingham, Helen Jane  Copeland, Cornelius B.          16-Sep-08   L568

VanLandingham, Reba GertrudHand, Frederick Edwin           31-Jul-07   L069

VanLandingham, S.R. (Mrs.) VanLandingham, G.B.          26 May 1897    G304

VanLeu, J.H.               Patten, Julia                29 Jul 1897    G331

VanLeuven, F.Z.            Swezey, Lucy E.              15 May 1888    D297

VanMatre, C.V.             Garvin, Miriam H.                9-Jul-17   T493

VanMatre, Mary             Hanschildt, Fred R.             11-Jun-07   L011

VanMeter, Arthur           Sander, Alvena                              S223

VanMeter, Chester N.       Banks, Alma A.               20 Jun 1883    B382

VanMeter, Esther           Gray, L.J.                      19-Jan-21   Y421

VanMeter, Ina              Finch, H.E.                     18-Dec-12   P571

VanMetre, James C.         Ludlam, Myrtle E.               28-Feb-15   R373

Vann, Clara                Bowdry, Van B.                  29-Jan-08   L291

Vann, Frinszella           Downs, W.K.                                 S077

Vann, James                Bowman, Hannah                  15-Jan-06   K176

Vann, James                Holands, Gertrude               28-Jul-20   X612

Vann, Mattie               Copeland, N.B.                  16-Sep-14   R150

Vann, Maud                 Schoonover, H.M.                            S037

VanNahmen, Joseph          Bogner, Kunnia                   4-Nov-14   R217

Vannatta, Elmer            Persell, Belle                   6-Aug-08   L508

Vanneman, John W.          Andrew, Belle                01 Oct 1891    E397

VanNess, Ann Elma          Sharp, William Edward Jr.        7-Feb-21   Y460

VanNess, Fred W.           Blackstun, Hallie M.            20-Oct-21   Z364

VanNess, Harry             Bixler, Clara Maud              15-Apr-18   V096

VanNess, Minnie M.         Smith, Parker S.             05 Mar 1881    B141

VanNostran, W.L.           McCoskie, Mary               29 Feb 1884    C047

VanNote, David C.          Allen, Maggie                   28-May-17   T387

Vannote, Lavina            Griggs, Casper D.                5-Mar-18   V020

VanNover, Florence G. (Mrs.Hunter, W.M.                    16-Jun-04   J264

VanNover, W.J.             Sampson, Florence G.            10-Jun-00   H336

Vannoy, James L.           Padgett, Cora B.             23 Jun 1891    E352

Vanocker, O.W.             Lynch, Nellie                   26-Sep-00   H411

VanOrder, Madge            Cale, Raymond C.                16-Jun-17   T449

VanOrsdol, James O.        Anderson, Mattie C.          11 Dec 1872    A054

VanOsdol, Malinda          Harvey, Charter                  4-Mar-22   Z639

Vanover, Roy W.            Norfolk, Clara                  16-Feb-11   O020

VanPatten, Eva             McColgan, S.M.                   7-Aug-17   T561

VanPatten, Fred            Miller, Eva                     24-May-05   J579

VanRiper, C.E.             Duncan, Lettie B.                9-Jul-01   H636

VanRiper, Glenn Byron      Secrest, Faye Clara              9-Oct-18   V437

VanRiper, Jesse            Miller, Nellie                   7-Sep-21   Z264

VanRossun, John            Stonebarger, Ida                24-Nov-11   O429

VanSant, Beulah            Chesney, R.H.                   30-Sep-17   U025

VanSant, Inez Betrece      Snavely, E.B.                               S100

VanSant, John L.           White, Alma                  02 Oct 1894    F405

Vansant, Winnie            Richardson, Claude F.           25-Feb-07   K558

VanScoik, William H.       Brown, Ora                      26-Nov-09   M540

Vanscoyoc, M.              Hufman, Elizabeth               14-Sep-08   L565

VanScyoc, Ethel Blanche    Caler, Ralph Rader               6-Nov-07   L193

VanScyoc, L.R.             Searl, Agnes                    18-Jul-17   T510

VanScyoc, Theodore Louis   Evans, Mabel(le) Amelia         20-Dec-05   K142

Vansdoll, Olive            Mills, William Clyde            14-Feb-12   P104

Vanselous, Ida (Mrs.)      Tetirick, A.R.                  20-Feb-00   H277

Vanselous, Thomas          Williams, Cora Belle            21-Dec-21   Z495

VanSickel, Herman R.       Tschopf, Hazel Lois             30-Dec-19   X091

VanSickel, Margarete B.    Charboneau, John S.             19-Nov-10   N454

VanSickle, I.M.            Baldwin, C.                     10-Dec-11   P011

VanSickle, Roy G.          McKown, Gladys D.               30-Dec-19   X090

VanSickles, Vinita         Orvis, J.B.                     22-Oct-10   N405

VanSlyck, H.R.             Dewhirst, Nina E.               23-Aug-21   Z230

VanSlyke, Glen E.          Muret, Pauline                   3-Apr-20   X302

VanSlyke, Minnie           Leap, Arthur E.              07 Nov 1894    F430

VanTillburgh, George W.    Brooks, Elvira               09 Nov 1871    A018

VanTine, Stella            Ahsmuhs, C.C.                               S468

Vantrease, F.C.            McIntosh, Ada                               T180

VanTrees, Frank B.         Hirsh, Margaret                 24-Dec-11   P033

VanTuyl, Guy W.            Page, Daisy C.                  25-Mar-13   Q080

VanValkenburg, Ida M.      Potts, Theodore              23 Mar 1884    C060

VanValkenburg, Lula May    Rush, James Morgan           10 Nov 1896    G186

VanValkenburgh, Heylin     Schuermann, Henry A.            20-Oct-20   Y209

Vanvalzah, F.B.            Wolfe, Emma J.               04 Sep 1883    B400

VanVolkenburg, E.          Merideth, Effie                  6-Nov-05   K101

VanVolkenburg, Mary        Calvert, A.L.                27 Nov 1896    G198

VanVolkinberg, John        Ritter, Emma                 23 Oct 1873    A087

VanVolkinburg, Antonette   Chamberlain, J.W.            07 Jul 1885    C274

VanVolkinburg, Daisy       Edgington, Daniel F.         25 Dec 1890    E270

VanVolkinburg, Dollie      Peaks, William                   9-May-09   M247

VanVolkinburg, G.L.        Haifley, Maud                26 Aug 1899    H143

VanVolkinburg, Lissie      Spellman, Clarence              19-Jun-18   V224

VanVolkinburg, Ruth        Martin, Thomas               24 Dec 1877    A303

VanVolkinburg, William     Irons, Jennie C.                27-Oct-10   N419

VanVolkingburg, Charles H. Anderson, Rosa               16 Jan 1893    F055

VanVranken, Ruth A.        Smith, Fred                      8-Apr-22   Z695

VanWagonen, G.W.           Green, Cecil May                            T300

VanWagonen, Nellie         LaPlante, Earl Ellard            7-Jan-19   V558

VanWerden, C.L.            Perry, Mildred                  27-Jun-17   T473

VanWinkle, Dessie          Krause, O.W.                     9-Nov-11   O407

Vanwinkle, Lacy Newton     Cale, Minnie G.                 25-Jan-11   N568

VanWinkle, Ollie M.        Shire, M.B.                     29-Oct-02   I389

VanWye, Charles            Brown, Emma                     20-Jun-20   X511

VanWye, Fred S.            Frable, Ethel                   21-Feb-10   N027

VanY, Bernice              Millikan, Paul                  21-Jan-20   X138

VanY, Earl Briseland       Stanley, Edna Pearl             21-Aug-20   Y046

VanY, Pearl William        Wright, Leola Queen                         S217

VanZandt, Lula             Pendergraft, J.W.                2-Mar-20   X227

VanZandt, Muriel           Whitecotton, Francis R.         24-Jan-18   U503

VanZandt, Myrna            Bennett, R.E.                               R544

VanZant, J.W.              Pace, Annie M.               23 Dec 1897    G426

Varah, James W.            Mann, Myra E.                    2-May-19   W112

Varenhorst, Anna Lydia     Tull, Floyd E.                  24-Apr-19   W091

Varenhorst, Henry F.       Hershey, Dollie Irene            2-Jun-20   X439

Varner, Ancil D.           Oldfield, Allis              10 Oct 1894    F416

Varner, Asenath E.         Wilson, John                     9-Feb-01   H517

Varner, C.E.               Seger, Mabel                     1-Jun-10   N159

Varner, Ethel              Skaer, W.W.                     20-Nov-20   Y281

Varner, Flora A.           Leavitt, C.M.                09 Oct 1882    B306

Varner, George             Marshall, Mabel              04 May 1898    G501

Varner, Gertrude           Jones, Minion                               T043

Varner, Lena May           Puckett, Edwin Ralph             1-Dec-08   M031

Varner, Lucile             Wilson, Harry                               S444

Varner, Nellie A.          Oldfield, Walter S.          11 Aug 1895    F574

Varnum, Guy                Newkirk, Golda                  10-Sep-12   P408

Varnum, R.W.               Waldron, Hazel Beatrice         28-Feb-14   Q548

Vasey, Henry B.            Carson, K.A.                 30 Aug 1884    C126

Vasicek, F.C.              Nelson, Viva                                T017

Vasser, Essie              Reed, C.M.                      28-Apr-20   X359

Vasser, Maude              Wolf, B.E. (E.B.)                2-May-04   J224

Vaughan, C.T.              Skinner, Sylvia              10 Jun 1896    G102

Vaughan, Floe              Maddix, G.E.                    16-Nov-10   N450

Vaughan, Thelma Enil       McColphin, Orville               3-Dec-17   U307

Vaughan, Theresa G.        Dugan, N.F.                     16-Nov-04   J415

Vaughn, Anna               Douglass, Tommy                             T102

Vaughn, Claud T.           Beckner, Lula                13 Jun 1894    F370

Vaughn, Elsie              Herron, Chester                 12-Jun-17   T442

Vaughn, Frances            Sanders, J. Clyde                           R436

Vaughn, Frances Cecilia    Wormington, Loren Earnest                   T283

Vaughn, Gilbert M.         Mattison, Irene                             N357

Vaughn, Ira Leo            Knox, Mabel                     22-Feb-19   V627

Vaughn, Joseph L.          Vincent, Mollie Lee             26-Sep-06   K384

Vaughn, Josie F.           McMillen, John               14 Dec 1892    F032

Vaughn, M. Verla           Brandenberger, Albert O.         5-Mar-18   V019

Vaughn, Maggie             Weirick, Charles E.             14-Jan-02   I158

Vaughn, Margaret           Williams, Ralph                 25-Jul-17   T525

Vaughn, Parlee             Vaney, James                    28-Jan-09   M120

Vaughn, Paul Ray           Landrith, Eva                   21-Oct-19   W541

Vaughn, Raleigh            Stelle, Eva                      4-May-21   Y620

Vaughn, Thomas F.          Furlong, Henrietta M.        12 Jun 1877    A271

Vaughn, W.G.               Tharp, Lela A.                              S499

Vaught, Andrew             Smith, Vina                     19-Sep-21   Z290

Vaught, Dewey              McKiernan, Myrtle                3-May-19   W113

Vaught, Dorothy Faye       Becker, John Benjamin           22-Sep-20   Y130

Vaught, Hyacinth           Mulkins, Cecil                  24-Nov-21   Z446

Vaught, Thomas Jerry       Stutes, Edna                     4-Aug-20   X632

Vawter, John               Cole, Edna                                  T340

Veach, Bertha O.           Orahood, Walter                             S472

Veail, Harry A.            Zimmerman, Lena A.               1-Nov-05   K098

Veail, Marguerite Pauline  Dibble, Fred Almond                         S011

Veatch, Alma (Mrs.)        Taylor, Addie                02 Jan 1890    E058

Veatch, C.L.               Dickey, Dorys                    6-Oct-20   Y167

Veatch, Henry W.           Keller, Elizabeth A.         23 Feb 1888    D231

Veatch, Sarah L.           Miller, John                 24 Dec 1891    E450

Vedder, Clara              Albert, Charles                 13-Jan-03   I445

Vedder, Elizabeth          Ast, John                    08 Feb 1899    H031

Vedder, Joseph             Simon, Emelia                   22-Jul-13   Q244

Vedder, Leona              Hermes, Ben                     11-Jan-10   M613

Vedder, Mary               Weber, Peter                    12-Aug-19   W337

Vedder, Philomena          Faber, Michael                              T349

Vedder, Rose F.            Faber, John                     10-Nov-14   R219

Vega, Apolonia             Chacon, Aurelio Jesse            1-May-20   X351

Veich, Berthina            Washburn, Harold                 9-Jul-18   V267

Veith, Anthony F.          Patterson, Ethel                28-Aug-09   M392

Venard, Dottie             Haynes, Silvester Cyrus         12-Aug-14   R095

Venard, Kate E.            Powell, Walker V.            28 Jan 1894    F304

Venard, Maude              Covalt, Otis                    21-Oct-07   L175

Venerable, W.D.            Turner, Emma                 28 May 1895    F546

Venice, Edna               Wright, John                    12-Jul-10   N238

Venis, Rosie               Mosby, Clarence                  1-Apr-22   Z683

VenJohann, John            Shipper, Annie                  23-Oct-17   U088

Venjohann, Katie           Betzen, William                 14-Oct-13   Q359

VenJohn, Casper            Smith, Mary                      7-Sep-20   Y059

Venosdel, I.E.             Anderson, Alice Irene           30-Apr-19   W109

Venrick, Bernice M.        Denny, Andrew J.                11-Mar-21   Y517

Vensel, Charles Stanton    Robbins, Ethel Estelle          26-Jul-08   L494

Venstra, E.A.              King, Athena                 28 Dec 1886    C566

Venters, Sallie            Clark, Bud C.                07 Apr 1889    D520

Ventle, Ben F.             Boyer, Rosa                  30 Jul 1890    E177

Ventle, Susie              Tuttle, John                     4-Nov-00   H452

Verboom, John              Falk, Mary Elizabeth            26-Jul-21   Z154

Verhoeks, Vivian M.        Adams, Thomas W.                16-Dec-20   Y338

Vermilion, Clara           Ortmeyer, Harry A.              26-Feb-19   V629

Vermillion, Josie          Heuley, A. Joseph            05 Dec 1888    D449

Vermillion, Rollie         Elder, Nellie                   19-Oct-09   M483

Vermillion, Ruben          Hawley, Bessie May              10-Mar-09   M174

Vermillion, W.B.           Reinke, Rachel                  30-Apr-21   Y613

Verner, Minnie             Bonecutter, Oscar E.         07 Apr 1897    G279

Vernon, Archie L.          Kumberg, Bessie                 23-Jul-21   Z151

Vernon, Bert               English, James                              S468

Vernon, Cathrine           Gragg, Edward                    6-Sep-13   Q306

Vernon, Maude              Buford, Albert                   8-Jul-01   H636

Vernon, Therese            Pantenburg, A.                  24-Mar-20   X276

Vernon, Vivian             Luna, Esiquio Jr.                           R566

Vernon, William B.         Brandon, Eliza(zia)             15-Dec-07   L236

Vero, Emma                 Berkshire, Claude Edward        25-Oct-09   M499

Vesey, E.J.                Brown, Emma C.               16 Feb 1888    D224

Vesey, Ida F.              Deffenbaugh, Morris          10 Oct 1887    D127

Vesper, Henry W.           Lehmann, Barbara A.          02 Jun 1886    C446

Vesper, Menno A.           Henrion, Ola E.                 12-Nov-07   L198

Vesser, C.L.               Ward, May                       27-Mar-12   P162

Vest, Lloyd A.             Snyder, Clara Pearl              4-Dec-19   X017

Vest, Ottie                Arnold, Joseph               25 May 1879    A427

Vest, Sarah J.             Beauchamp, William P.        17 Dec 1892    F033

Vestal, Bertha M.          Gleason Leonard O.              10-Jun-09   M288

Vestal, Daisy W. (Mrs.)    Campbell, J.R.               25 Aug 1896    G137

Vestal, Golda              Evans, Columbus A.              30-Dec-20   Y385

Vestal, Versie             Burnside, Richard A.             1-Aug-17   T548

Vestering, Irene           Lander, Francis J.              11-Jun-19   W201

Vestring, Louis F.         Kretchmar, Marie L.              7-May-19   W123

Vestring, Marie            Wells, Paul C.                  17-Oct-17   U086

Vetter, Barbara            Biering, Fred                   27-Jul-20   X609

Vetter, Elizabeth          Scherer, Carl                    9-May-03   I550

Vetter, H.V.               Sharp, S.R.                      6-Sep-19   W418

Vezey, W.E.                Brose, Mary E.               24 Dec 1882    B332

Vice, C.M.                 Pryor, Pearl                                S012

Vice, W.                   Chandler, M.C.                  22-Sep-19   W084

Vichliaz, Agnes M.         Goldschmidt, Frank J.           14-Jun-11   O185

Vick, Judge                Gaines, Della                    5-Sep-09   M407

Vick, Louis                Lawson, Sylvia                  27-Oct-10   N418

Vick, Mary                 Smith, Frank                    28-Dec-17   U390

Vick, Rollie               Burrows, Cora                   20-Jun-12   P294

Vick, Ruby                 Hatch, Charles F.               21-May-10   N148

Vick, Russell H.           Lee, Gertrude                   17-Nov-20   Y272

Vickers, Carl B.           Cole, Myrtle B.                 20-Mar-07   K578

Vickers, Charles P.        Smith, Bessie                   28-Jun-05   J613

Vickers, Frank R.          Logsdon, Nora                10 May 1890    E140

Vickers, George W.         Walters, Clara B.            11 Nov 1880    B109

Vickers, Jack              Jefferson, Maebelle             26-Oct-18   V456

Vickers, John L.           Harris, E. Lois                 29-Jan-07   K532

Vickers, Lottie            Conklin, Fred                   13-Dec-17   U340

Vickers, Lottie L.         Rasar, William W.               11-Mar-19   W018

Vickers, Sadie J.          Sander, F.W.                 06 Oct 1887    D120

Vickers, Varsee            Williams, G.                                H377

Vickers, Versie            Williams, G.                     8-Aug-00   H373

Vickers, W.L.              Valentine, Georgie           27 Sep 1893    F209

Vickery, Earl Lewis        Rouch, Rose                     22-Sep-14   R156

Vickery, Hazel             Sumner, J.B.                     5-Oct-21   Z325

Vickrey, O.A.              Lauck, Lucile M.J.           14 Apr 1888    D269

Viele, James M.            Jewett, Elsie                02 Nov 1884    C153

Viele, Minnie W.           Miller, Lee Charles          21 May 1890    E143

Viers, Nora                Mullen, Carl E.                  2-May-19   W110

Vieth, Anthony E.          Patterson, Ethel                28-Aug-09   M392

Vieth, Ben G.              Tihen, Lizzie                17 Feb 1892    E498

Vieth, Lucinda             Stevens, C.W.                   24-Sep-03   J029

Viets, Arthur J.           McKitrick, Beulah C.             7-Jan-03   I458

Viets, Blanche             Nealeigh, H.L.                  15-Jan-13   P635

Viets, C.R.                Jarrus, Adella                              S136

Viets, E.M.                Taggart, H.J.                   19-Jun-02   I276

Viets, Hazel Stella        Logue, Raymond Dixon            29-Aug-17   T602

Vignati, Anna Marie        Nair, Avery V.                              S518

Vignati, Marie             Nair, Avery(eny) V.             20-Jul-08   L484

Vigus, Henry W.            Quarles, Hattie L.           12 Aug 1873    A080

Vilderback, Viola May      Parsons, J.G.                               S457

Vile, Edwin                Slusser, Katie E.                5-Jul-01   H634

Vile, Walter               Sims, Dollie                    15-Nov-10   N447

Villalobos, Priceliano     Moreno, Cladia                   2-Jun-08   L420

Villalpando, Augustin      Lopes, Louisa                    5-Apr-19   W056

Villes, Anna               Pauly, Benedict                 25-Jan-10   M615

Vince, Nancy A.            Knott, Alexander             01 Jul 1888    D332

Vincen, Kittie             Cross, F.E.                  29 Jul 1896    G127

Vincent, Alfred Herbert    Wiley, Jessie Elsie              1-Jan-11   N537

Vincent, David D.          Jaycox, Jessie O.            12 Mar 1896    G065

Vincent, Demice K.         Blackman, F.H.                  20-Sep-20   Y129

Vincent, George M.         Culp, L.B.                      15-Apr-22   Z711

Vincent, Isaac B.          Wilson, May B.               17 Feb 1892    E500

Vincent, James A.          Witt, Laura F.               27 Jan 1885    C201

Vincent, Lily C.           Scoggan, Charles             02 Aug 1889    D584

Vincent, Margaret Joan     Anderson, Daniel             17 Jan 1886    C377

Vincent, May               Rustenhaven, Hal                30-Sep-19   W484

Vincent, Mollie Lee        Vaughn, Joseph L.               26-Sep-06   K384

Vincent, Robert            Thompson, Mattie             28 Mar 1892    E525

Vincent, William           Goodman, Rose B.                28-Aug-20   Y063

Vincent, William G.        Forker, Laura E.             19 Mar 1891    E312

Vincient, Minnie           Bowman, William              04 Oct 1897    G375

Vines, Agnes               Mercer, Frank                   23-Mar-10   N064

Viney, Charles R.          Knife, Frankie A.                8-Nov-09   M519

Viney, Charles R.          Wethers, Augusta             21 Nov 1880    B093

Viney, George A.           Thompson, Julia              20 Dec 1881    B221

Viney, George B.           Butler, Grace                   17-Apr-10   N095

Viney, Harry C.            Hessel, Mabel                    1-May-05   J558

Viney, Katharine           Riggs, W.O.                     24-Mar-19   W036

Viney, Katherine           Spurgeon, J.B.                  24-Apr-20   X350

Viney, Nettie C.           Weiler, Lewis E.                20-Oct-01   I082

Viney, Walter              Richmond, Clara                 10-Aug-07   L081

Vinsant, Daniel L.         Miller, Arizona              24 Dec 1892    F036

Vinson, George J.          Williamson, Ethel               28-Jan-08   L289

Vinson, Sallie A.          Herrington, George H.        06 Jun 1887    D026

Vint, Clara                Barker, Edward                  31-Aug-03   J006

Vinton, Berdella Wyman     French, Benjamin                            R527

Vinton, Charles R.         Walker, Annie R.             10 Mar 1895    F506

Vinton, John R.            Taggart, Frances                28-May-19   W166

Vinton, Lillie             Nott, William                   14-Jun-10   N186

Vinyerd, Nelson            Layman, Etta                 03 Jun 1878    A336

Virgin, Charlie B.         Callaway, Anna                              R591

Virgin, Frank              Graves, Applene                 21-Dec-10   N511

Vise, Dewey                Lukins, Irene                    1-Feb-19   V592

Vlahos, George             Purcell, Hazel                  23-Jun-21   Z075

Vlcek, Iva E.              Niblack, M.C.                   20-May-20   X413

Voegeli, Frank             Wetta, Rose                      8-Oct-12   P438

Voegeli, John J.           Spexarth, Lizzie                25-Aug-08   L518

Voegeli, Joseph L.         Sendelbach, Rosalia          22 Aug 1889    D588

Voegeli, Josephine M.      Sendelbach, Joseph G.        04 Nov 1890    E232

Voegeli, Louisa M.         Sendelbach, Michael H.       26 Apr 1893    F121

Voegeli, Louise            Schneider, Frank A.             14-Apr-20   X310

Voegeli, Mary              Simon, Markus                    6-Feb-12   P077

Voegely, Anna(nie) C.      Heimermann, John P.          24 Feb 1897    G256

Voegely, Minnie M.         Landwehr, Joseph H.              1-Oct-01   I040

Vogalsberg, Bobby          Adank, Harvey                   12-Jul-21   Z118

Vogel, Dora E.             Hunter, Oliver                  15-Jun-05   J601

Vogel, Karoline            Buerkle, John                01 Jan 1889    D470

Vogelaar, W.C.             Rehon, Stella                   25-Dec-20   Y365

Vogeli, Math               Simmons, Mary                24 Nov 1894    F442

Vogelman, Phillip          Olberding, Josephine            22-Nov-10   N462

Vogelsand, Nora C.         Schubert, J.C.                  20-Aug-17   T585

Vogenitz, Loren V.         Foster, Murilla V.           25 Mar 1894    F331

Vogenitz, Russell O.       McCartney, Olive Blanch      02 May 1894    F346

Vogh, Emma                 Seiler, Adolf(lph)               2-Mar-10   N038

Vogles, David R.           Smith, Emma C.               25 Jan 1880    B029

Vogles, Jennie             Davis, David                    23-Dec-06   K494

Vogner, Barbara            Winter, John                    26-Apr-22   Z714

Vogt, Adam                 Spencer, Annie                  11-Nov-05   K105

Vogt, Daisy                McClaren, Orville               24-Apr-21   Y601

Vogt, Edward               Fent, Couetta Ina Lee           26-Nov-09   M541

Vogt, Ernest               Shahlheber, Helen               21-Jan-21   Y425

Vogt, George               Hill, Allie                                 T209

Vogt, Harry H.             Broer, Anna J.                   7-Oct-14   R179

Vogt, Lena                 Papon, Frank                    26-Jan-20   X153

Vogt, Mary D.              Peters, Herman M.                           S087

Vogt, Pearl                Wilson, Willie G.               11-Nov-19   W596

Voigt, Seigfried S.        English, Florence               20-Apr-12   P200

Voil, Anola Ruth           Kerley, Paul                    11-Jan-20   X121

Voils, James A.            Voils, Laura H.                 18-Jul-12   P339

Voils, Laura H.            Voils, James A.                 18-Jul-12   P339

Volgamore, Eva             Hall, Isaac G.                  28-Jan-02   I169

Volk, J. Gerald            Jewett, Grace E.             04 Jun 1896    G101

Volkman, Henry Ernst       Secamp, Martha M.            15 Nov 1891    E421

Volkmann, Emil             Kuehl, Alma                     27-Mar-01   H540

Vollmar, Pauline           Holmes, Guy W.                  28-Apr-14   Q608

Vollmer, Scott             Dunn, Elizabeth                 20-Sep-18   V403

Vollweider, Louise         Brandenberger, William          24-Apr-02   I228

Vollwieder, Anna M.        Thach, Charles R.                6-Jan-14   Q493

Voltz, C.J.                Barrie, Minnie                   4-Sep-10   N313

Volz, Ellen                Friend, Everet T.            01 Mar 1899    H050

Volz, Gabriel              Kuhn, Emma                   18 Mar 1882    B253

von Herrlich, John F.      Hossfeld, Matilda A.         14 Sep 1899    H157

Von Rehm, Poldi(Paldi)     Boyd, Benjamin Y.            28 Jun 1891    E355

Voorhees, Lydia O.         Manela, William Ira             20-Jun-10   N194

Vorderlandwehr,Theresa     Senn, R.N.                                  S332

Vorhees, E.J.              Coply, Edith                 01 Oct 1887    D119

Vorhees, Theodore          Lane, Mary E.                19 Feb 1880    B038

Vorhies, Bertie            Mitchell, George                 5-Jun-17   T421

Vornauf, George P.         Lawless, Kate (Mrs.)         28 Aug 1899    H144

Vornauf, Katie             Scheile, Fred                   14-Sep-04   J345

Vorys, Effie L.            Bradrick, Harry W.               6-Sep-05   K031

Vosburgh, Gladys           Kohler, Raymond                 31-May-18   V169

Vosburgh, Mina M.          VanGieson, V.C.              23 Feb 1886    C389

Voss, Beulah               Porter, Bert                    29-Dec-09   M596

Voss, Byron R.             Miller, Mabel L.                19-Dec-06   K488

Voss, Frank                Adams, Dollie                   10-Sep-17   T622

Voss, Harriett             Kraft, Arthur E.                            Z778

Voss, John C.              Seiwert, Mary                    7-Feb-11   N561

Voss, Thomas M.            Gray, Louisa O.              07 Jan 1893    F051

Vossen, Alvina             Roll, Arthur D.                 16-Sep-19   W439

Vossen, Lambert            Schartz, Marie Anna             23-Jun-20   X520

Votaw, Lessie M.           McAninch, P.C.                  25-Dec-06   K501

Voth, Elizabeth            Wedel, Jacob D.                 17-Nov-05   K111

Voth, Susie                Doerksen, J.J.               09 Apr 1898    G489

Voyd, O.M.                 Piper, Esther                    6-May-12   P226

Voyls, Mabel M.            Matzka, E.L.                 19 Oct 1898    G593

Vredenburg, D.C.           West, Lizzie                     8-Feb-05   J493

Vreeland, Alice            Tomlin, W.E.                 05 May 1888    D290

Vreeland, Anna             Barley, L.A.                 06 Oct 1898    G585

Vreeland, Clara B.         Brandon, Addison T.          20 Apr 1884    C069

Vreeland, Frank            Olvey, Lillie M.             13 Mar 1887    C608

Vreeland, Fred             Smart, Nettie                   14-Oct-00   H427

Vreeland, Grant            Tomlin, Mattie B.            06 Aug 1884    C116

Vreeland, Ivy              Scarth, Harry                04 Jun 1899    H102

Vreeland, Mabel            Gates, M.E.                     30-Jun-03   I595

Vreeland, Orthe Clyde      Blach, Bessie                   22-Jun-10   N201

Vreeland, Winona           Shaver, C.W.                    21-May-13   Q151

Vulgamore, Bessie          Pickens, J.W.                    8-Nov-13   Q415

Vulgamore, Catharine D.    Harkey, John                 15 Nov 1888    D431

Vulgamore, Elizabeth (Mrs.)Fetters, William P.          22 Mar 1891    E314

Vulgamore, Elizabeth Ann   Vulgamore, Solomon           02 Oct 1885    C314

Vulgamore, Emma            Sanders, J.M.                09 Jul 1878    A343

Vulgamore, J.W.            Giggy, Hattie Agnes          23 Nov 1887    D166

Vulgamore, Jane            Martin, B.B.                 13 Jan 1884    C028

Vulgamore, Jess            Douer, Maud                     16-Oct-08   L608

Vulgamore, Jess            Downer, Maud                    16-Oct-08   L608

Vulgamore, Laura L.        Vancuren, Arthur A.              8-Aug-06   K346

Vulgamore, Nellie          Berryhill, Grover               25-Oct-13   Q395

Vulgamore, Newton M.       Mabin, Linnie                    9-Aug-03   I625

Vulgamore, Solomon         Vulgamore, Elizabeth Ann     02 Oct 1885    C314

Wachendorf, Catharina (Mrs.Bichne, S.N.                 26 Apr 1892    E534

Wachenheim, Mary           Richards, Herman R.          29 May 1889    D548

Wachob, Charles D.(R.)     Richmond, Mattie             30 Mar 1891    E316

Wachob, George             Sloan, Anna                  22 Sep 1889    D610

Waddel, Lloyd L.           Bottenberg, Mildred K.          19-Aug-20   Y041

Waddell, A.J.              Daubert(udert), Mary Alice   22 Sep 1897    G362

Waddell, Albert J.         Wilkinson, Emma E.           13 Nov 1884    C159

Waddell, Alice Caroline    Middleton, Charles E.           21-Aug-20   Y045

Waddell, Edith             Nevins, Benjamin F.                         S387

Waddell, Ella              Holmes, Charles F.           19 Oct 1893    F232

Waddell, Grace             Hughes, Emmet                   19-Jun-20   X511

Waddell, Helen Marcella    Mathewson, John Webster         11-Dec-20   Y327

Waddell, Sarah M.          Jones, David W.              16 Sep 1883    B409

Waddell, Zura              Grayson, Charles W.             26-Apr-06   K256

Wade, Alice                Parrott, W.C.                17 Dec 1896    G214

Wade, Belle Ann            Gagwin, Abijah S.            02 Sep 1892    E605

Wade, Creth                Kumberg, Maude                  18-May-18   V158

Wade, Curtis N.            Rauk, Mary J.                10 Sep 1890    E194

Wade, D.M.                 Massey, G.E.                 25 Jan 1899    H033

Wade, Earl                 Jennings, Alice                  6-Aug-21   Z191

Wade, Earnest              Carmackael, Ida                 22-Jul-19   W309

Wade, Effie                Loring, C.E.                     4-Nov-17   U159

Wade, Emma                 Stimson, E.H.                24 Mar 1886    C414

Wade, Gish                 Daniel, Pearl (Perlie)           1-Oct-10   N370

Wade, J.W.                 Richardson, Stella              25-Nov-18   V495

Wade, John W.              Ramp, R.M.                      22-Feb-22   Z622

Wade, Laura E.             Bunce, S.W.                  28 Nov 1884    C165

Wade, Meredith E.          Holloway, Anna                   3-Dec-05   K126

Wade, Perry                Kunkel, Nina                    10-Mar-15   R382

Wade, Sarah Ella           Mitchell, W.D.               14 Oct 1896    G168

Wadell, Charlie A.         Waters, Julia                29 Apr 1888    D283

Wadkins, Cally             Arnold, William K.           24 Apr 1890    E128

Wadkins, Jean(ennie)       Henson, Albert               30 Dec 1890    E262

Wadkins, Jennie            Henison, Albert              30 Dec 1890    E262

Wadkins, Lockie            Oakford, William             13 Apr 1888    D269

Wadleigh, Helen M.         Kreider, Frank W.                           T291

Wadley, J.W.               Jester, Effie Dora           17 Mar 1893    F100

Wadley, Nelson W.          Thompson, Vernal                31-Mar-19   W046

Wadley, O.A.               Poland, William                 25-Apr-14   Q605

Wadlow, Bertha             McFadden, Jack W.               19-Nov-13   Q426

Wadlow, Fred               Brawner, Bessie                  8-Jun-11   O182

Wadlow, Hester             Aspy, DeWitt                     7-Apr-18   V069

Wadlow, Louis M.           Hobeck, Anna                    13-Mar-12   P143

Wadlow, Roy Claude         Thompson, Ida                   10-Dec-11   P010

Wadsworth, Blanche M.      Peck, John R.                    6-Oct-17   U049

Wadsworth, Carrie A.       Whiteside, Albert N.         05 Aug 1894    F384

Wadsworth, Cora            Amey, Harrison               09 Apr 1897    G278

Wadsworth, Dollie          Yoce, Hugh L.                03 Jul 1890    E167

Wadsworth, Emanuel W.      VanHorne, Loretta V.         02 Apr 1891    E319

Wadsworth, Erma E.         Fulkerson, Clyde R.              7-Aug-21   Z187

Wadsworth, Eva             Hoffman, Nelson              02 Aug 1887    D074

Wadsworth, Mamie           Andrews, William S.          02 Aug 1887    D074

Wadsworth, Mary            Yoce, John W.                24 Dec 1891    E457

Waer, Anna H.              Sissel, Charles E.              30-Jan-01   H514

Waer, Charles A.           Humbert, May                     9-Aug-11   O277

Waer, Charles W.           Flock, Dolores                  27-Feb-01   H530

Waer, Frank M.             Cordell, Myrtle                 19-Sep-02   I355

Waer, Frank M.             Garnett, Mary                   11-Aug-21   Z203

Wafer, James Oscar         Oliver, Bess Virginia           11-Apr-10   N093

Waford, Bert               Marable, Pearl                  23-Jan-18   U501

Waford, Clay               Tucker, Alma                     1-Oct-19   W488

Waford, Clema              Craig, Charles                  22-Jul-11   O258

Waford, Margaret           Kelly, Ernest                    1-Sep-13   Q299

Wager, Bessie              Fisher, Fred                     8-Oct-17   U056

Wager, Winifred Marie      McCrea, Charles R.              30-Nov-19   X007

Waggerman, Cora B.         Caple, Orville L.                1-Oct-01   I061

Waggerman, Julia           Billings, Richard               13-Jul-09   M342

Waggner, Louie K.          Bowen, Darius P.                18-Mar-10   N058

Waggoner, Bernard          Rich, Mary                      20-Jan-09   M110

Waggoner, Esther L. (Mrs.) Waggoner, Moses              12 Oct 1892    E632

Waggoner, Flesher          Weaver, Grace                    6-May-19   W121

Waggoner, Frank M.         Callogy, Mary                    1-Jan-21   Y393

Waggoner, James E.         Bally, Alta V.                  24-Jan-05   J478

Waggoner, John H.          Armstrong, Elsie V.             19-Jun-07   L028

Waggoner, Moses            Waggoner, Esther L. (Mrs.)   12 Oct 1892    E632

Waggoner, Ora              Callaway, Bertie                10-Oct-18   V442

Waggoner, Ralph E.         Cheek, Grace                    27-Jul-21   Z158

Waggoner, Wayne M.         Bishop, Lola May                26-Aug-21   Z237

Waggy, Kate                Rand, John H.                    3-Apr-04   J201

Wagner, Adolph             Bales, Bertie                   29-Apr-19   W102

Wagner, Anna M.            Sendelbach, Joseph G.        17 Jan 1899    H026

Wagner, Anna M.            Stack, W.P.                      2-May-06   K263

Wagner, Calvin             Jackson, Martha S.           10 Jul 1873    A078

Wagner, Caroline V.        Gray, Justus H.              04 Apr 1878    A326

Wagner, Charles            Fox, Garnet                  18 Feb 1896    G048

Wagner, Charles H.         Carnahan, Mira                  20-Jan-12   P074

Wagner, Clara              Worrall, Isaac S.            07 Nov 1877    A296

Wagner, Clarence           Comb, Laurie                    25-Dec-13   Q476

Wagner, Cora               Angle, Albert                   18-Jan-11   N558

Wagner, Dorothy            Reed, Ralph R.                              L559

Wagner, Emma               Thompson, Amos R.                7-May-08   L398

Wagner, Fredericke         Jacke, Fred                  23 Jan 1885    C199

Wagner, Gale H.            McLean, Alberta Faye            12-Jun-20   X478

Wagner, George J.          Elward, Maggie                  24-Dec-02   I440

Wagner, George W.          Allen, Grace                    12-Mar-12   P144

Wagner, Harold             Booth, Grace                                S356

Wagner, Harvey E.          Martin, Monna Belle              4-Mar-14   Q554

Wagner, Helen              Plank, Samuel                23 Mar 1879    A412

Wagner, Henry              Wootress, Betty                 20-Feb-13   Q042

Wagner, John J.            Kaiser, Cecil C.                            T303

Wagner, Katrina            Fisher, Joe                  08 Sep 1884    C132

Wagner, Leona Louise       Satterthwaite, Earl             27-Jul-21   Z160

Wagner, Leroy Franklin     Brenton, Lottie                 22-Jul-08   L490

Wagner, Louise F.          Roche, Harry M.              06 Oct 1884    C145

Wagner, Lucille            Kinkaid, Lee                    24-Mar-15   R396

Wagner, Mary               Anderson, Axel                  21-Aug-12   P381

Wagner, Mary               Dyson, Charles A.            28 Oct 1890    E231

Wagner, May                Burke, John L.                  31-May-13   Q169

Wagner, Minnie E.          McNabb, William A.           08 May 1889    D535

Wagner, R.A.               Costin, Minnie               24 Dec 1899    H236

Wagner, R.A.               Grein, Lela                     20-Sep-21   Z294

Wagner, Reginald V.        Imes, Nellie E.                  8-May-04   J228

Wagner, Ruth Irene         Baechler, Charles E.            15-Dec-10   N502

Wagner, Susie              Marnane, Daniel Raymond         27-Nov-07   L210

Wagner, William P.         Irwin, Anna Marie               10-Apr-18   V080

Wagoner, Chloe A.          Whitcomb, Claude H.             22-Feb-10   N026

Wagoner, Elsie             Kreeger, James                              T054

Wagoner, Esther            Chesebro, Wayne                             S545

Wagoner, J.B.              Brasfield, Lynda             23 Sep 1898    G560

Wagoner, John S.           Ross, Bessie                    24-May-03   I561

Wagoner, L.D. (Rev.)       Gardiner, Ida M.                17-Sep-02   I353

Wagoner, Lemuel Jacob      Long, Cora Alice                29-Jul-14   R076

Wagoner, Leo Allen         Paidrick, Elma Sybbelle         23-Feb-20   X216

Wagoner, Montello          Norris, Dollie                  21-Jun-10   N197

Wagstaff, R.R.             Houston, Elizabeth              15-Oct-03   J055

Wagstaff, Richard          Leveridge, Catherine            12-Jun-00   H337

Wagy, C.J.                 Handley, Ola                    17-Sep-10   N333

Wagy, Irene                Fisher, Jack H.                 11-Nov-19   W598

Wagy, Jennie               Brumbaugh, Albert J.         06 Aug 1889    D586

Wahans, L.H.               Taylor, Orphy                   22-May-13   Q155

Wahl, F.H.                 Mann, Lilen(llian)              12-Jan-07   K517

Wahl, George               Ramsell, Frances             04 Oct 1885    C315

Wahle, Anna                Hite, E.E.                   16 Aug 1888    D360

Wahlmeier, J.D.            Tshaple, Mary                   26-Apr-21   Y601

Waidley, Harry             Hurd, Lenora G.              31 Dec 1894    F470

Wainscott, Ethel           Pfaff, Fred B.                  14-Oct-09   M474

Wainwright, H.L.           Dresser, J.W.                22 Nov 1887    D165

Wainwright, Marie Meva E.  Eckstein, Otto G.            11 Oct 1893    F227

Wait, Annie                Brackett, James              25 Nov 1872    A051

Wait, Carl M.              Goodwin, Elmia                              R489

Wait, Dolly                Gale, Charles T.                23-Oct-21   Z372

Wait, Geneva Jane          Stevenson, Charles Edwin        22-Dec-09   M575

Wait, Harriet              Miller, Robert               29 Jul 1872    A040

Wait, L.D.                 Hull, M.I.                       4-May-12   P223

Wait, Vina                 Widick, Earl                     1-May-18   V125

Waite, Gracia Lee          Clark, Harry T.                 26-Jun-21   Z082

Waite, Joseph L.           Fife, Minnie E.                  2-Jun-20   X444

Waite, Minnie R.           McDow, Austin M.                23-Jul-06   K334

Waite, Morris G.           Tapp, Minnie R.                 11-Mar-03   I500

Waite, Richard             Greenlee, Gladys                 6-Jul-14   R060

Waite, S.B.                Winter, Josephine                1-Mar-11   O035

Waits, John B.             Gustaf, Alicia                  17-Oct-17   U091

Waitt, Mary Catherine      Colburn, Harry                   1-May-18   V123

Wake, Pearl                Stevens, Thomas R.              15-Jan-10   M619

Wakefield, Bartlett        Parsons, Maggie                 15-Jan-08   L281

Wakefield, Bettie (Mrs)    Pile, G.N.                   03 Jul 1898    G534

Wakefield, E.              Chamness, Ada                05 Dec 1895    G004

Wakefield, Elizabeth       Duel, C.D.                                  S018

Wakefield, Emma            Kirk, V.S.                      22-Dec-11   P028

Wakefield, Eva             Bryant, Ira A.               16 Jul 1886    C468

Wakefield, Eva             Pake, George V.              11 Oct 1898    G586

Wakefield, Ferd            Noble, Hazelle                   4-Apr-07   K592

Wakefield, Frank W.        Rowe, Leah                       7-Feb-11   O005

Wakefield, James H.        Gregg, Sally                 14 Jan 1892    E476

Wakefield, Juanita         Schneider, Walter E.            15-Sep-21   Z282

Waken, John                Nicholas, Fannie                 2-Sep-09   M402

Walcher, Harley B.         Musgrove, Florence Marie         7-Aug-18   V310

Walck, Henry Lewis         Ashworth, Millie                22-Dec-20   Y353

Walck, John H.             Brown, Sarah                    19-Apr-10   N099

Walck, Joseph F.           Marks, Mary                                 S026

Walcott, Ione              Humphrey, Thomas J.                         T167

Walden, Arthur             Mayberry, Susie                 30-Aug-11   O302

Walden, Catherine          Martin, Charles W.               2-Feb-18   U526

Walden, Laura              Ellis, B.B.                     24-May-09   M264

Walden, Lenora             Jones, Roye C.                   4-Mar-11   O042

Walden, Marshall S.        Harrison, Rosa Belle            11-Apr-00   H303

Walden, Naomi              Baker, Bert                                 T359

Waldie, Robert             Jones, Cora J.B.                18-Mar-18   V043

Waldie, Samuel Houston     Hall, Grace May                  5-Aug-19   W334

Waldner, Anna              Katzinger, Edward                           D307

Waldo, Benjamin J.         Hull, Ivry                      18-Jun-21   Z059

Waldorf, Charles           Elson, Edna                     16-Mar-09   M182

Waldorf, Effie             Russell, Spurgeon                8-Nov-11   O403

Waldorf, Emma Pearl        Batman, E.C.                                T183

Waldorf, Georgia           Madill, Robert J.                6-Aug-11   O272

Waldorf, Harvey K.         Stillwell, Jessie K.             5-Sep-06   K365

Waldorf, Mamie             Malcolm, Orville                18-Feb-18   U568

Waldorf, S.E.              Richardson, Cleo                 8-Feb-14   Q525

Waldron, Hazel Beatrice    Varnum, R.W.                    28-Feb-14   Q548

Waldron, Hugh W.           Umbarger, Gladys                20-Jun-21   Z066

Waldron, James E.          Smith, Allie                    31-Oct-13   Q404

Waldrop, Jayne             Johnson, William                27-Jan-20   X158

Waldrop, Lena Ida          Adams, Clarence M.                          Q048

Walerius, Frank J.         Mertes, Mary                                T116

Wales, Hattie Lee          Elam, Robert                     6-Jun-17   T422

Wales, Maude F.            Carpenter, Louis Allen           4-Oct-05   K056

Walk, Cora                 McDonald, William A.            23-Jun-10   N204

Walkcott, Eva M.           Clark, Isaac N.                             T118

Walke, Benjamin (Bernard)  Pitz, Anna Maria             24 Jun 1891    E345

Walke, William             Bowers, Clara                31 Jan 1889    D485

Walker, A.G.               Davis, Lottie                   12-Jun-20   X483

Walker, Agnes              Stewart, Clark                  12-Jun-18   V212

Walker, Albert             Crawford, Anna                   6-Mar-09   M171

Walker, Alexander          Buxton, Bessie               31 Dec 1888    D467

Walker, Allie              Gilbreath, James T.             27-Mar-01   H543

Walker, Anna               Martin, Eugene                   1-Sep-20   Y068

Walker, Anna Belle         White, H.I.                     20-Sep-20   Y119

Walker, Annie R.           Vinton, Charles R.           10 Mar 1895    F506

Walker, August H.          Lawson, Elsie M.             11 Oct 1896    G164

Walker, Ben                Roach, Mary D.                  30-Aug-21   Z245

Walker, Bernice            Ogden, W.C.                     28-Apr-09   M235

Walker, Bertha             Kubitscheck, Lawrence           11-Oct-09   M468

Walker, Bruce              Lamb, Lela                      29-Apr-19   W103

Walker, Bud                Jones, Joanna                    4-Jun-17   T420

Walker, C.P.               Jackson, Ethel               04 Jun 1898    G520

Walker, Carrie             Lomax, W.A.                      3-Nov-17   U164

Walker, Carrie             Seikman, Edwin                  29-Mar-20   X285

Walker, Cecil              Barrow, Georgia                  5-Mar-15   R378

Walker, Charles B.         Alexander, Alberta B.            6-May-07   K625

Walker, Charles C.         Somerville, Martha G.                       T280

Walker, Charles E.         Hasty, Sarah E.              12 Apr 1887    C627

Walker, Charles W.         Heinig, Anna                    24-Oct-06   K417

Walker, Chester L.         Bryant, Marguerite              18-Apr-22   Z714

Walker, Chester W.         Johnson, Mary                               S453

Walker, Christine          Evans, Leonard                  14-Oct-20   Y193

Walker, Clara              Macey, Wilbur C.                 8-Aug-17   T562

Walker, Claud              Whitesell, Mabel Irene           3-Nov-12   P491

Walker, Corwin G.          Riddell, Dora F.                18-May-11   O151

Walker, Crawford           Smith, Willie                   16-Apr-21   Y584

Walker, Daisy C.           Faker, F.J.                      6-Aug-00   H373

Walker, David V.           Johnston, S.E.               21 Jun 1887    D039

Walker, Delila             Reeves, William R.           27 Feb 1881    B139

Walker, Della              Richardson, J.S.                            S205

Walker, Dora               Starr, John                  15 Aug 1884    C129

Walker, Edith              Dolbow, George A.               14-Nov-19   W607

Walker, Edith              Peterson, Fred A.               27-Sep-11   O345

Walker, Edwin F.           Johnson, Chessie             22 Apr 1888    D272

Walker, Effie              Shirley, Henry W.               12-Jul-19   W280

Walker, Elias              Bahr, Anna                   20 Feb 1887    C587

Walker, Elias              Bohr, Anna                   20 Feb 1887    C587

Walker, Elijah Alexander (DJames, Allene(line) A.          24-Dec-12   P592

Walker, Elizabeth          Emery, Theodore                  4-Jan-21   Y396

Walker, Ella               Upshaw, John                    21-Apr-18   V103

Walker, Ellis              Nelson, Rosa                    18-Feb-19   V618

Walker, Emma               Ames, Charles F.             29 Feb 1888    D236

Walker, Emma               Telfer, William H.              16-Feb-20   X203

Walker, Ernest             McIlvain, Maude Marie           28-Nov-06   K467

Walker, Ethel              Kirby, Leon E.                  22-Nov-06   K457

Walker, Ethel              Wavada, John                     8-May-11   O138

Walker, Etta               Brown, Henry                                M405

Walker, Eva                Ray, John H.                     6-Dec-10   N487

Walker, Eva D.             Loomis, Arthur D.            30 Jan 1893    F064

Walker, Fanny              Waterman, S.M.               06 Jun 1880    B072

Walker, Flora              Davis, E.A.                     21-Sep-11   O334

Walker, Flora              Hollowell, Morris W.         28 Jan 1885    C203

Walker, Flora              Litchford, Bryan                25-Feb-20   X219

Walker, Florence           Major, Thomas                               S241

Walker, Flossie Faye       Feller, Otto                    20-Sep-19   W451

Walker, Frank E.           Brewer, Maebell                  2-Jul-10   N222

Walker, Fred               Whitaker, Clara                 27-Jun-18   V251

Walker, Fred A.            Pulec, Rose Agnes                           R423

Walker, George A.          Chatfield, Emma                 28-Jul-06   K339

Walker, George D.          Dishman, Nellie                 25-Dec-11   P021

Walker, George E.          Helmken, Meta                    4-Dec-20   Y313

Walker, George L.          Webb, Mary W.                02 Mar 1884    C048

Walker, George T.          Ray, Lola B.                 10 Oct 1889    D627

Walker, George W.          Sikes, Martha                13 Oct 1878    A366

Walker, Gladys             Golden, Ray A.                  31-Mar-22   Z680

Walker, Gladys B.          Fields, G.R.                                S362

Walker, Glenn              Nichols, Florence                8-Dec-10   N487

Walker, Grace B.           Firmin, Arthur L.               23-Jan-03   I472

Walker, H.C.               Garland, May Ema                12-Dec-12   P562

Walker, Hattie             Craig, Dodd                      8-Jan-07   K512

Walker, Helen              Witt, Orion                     28-Jan-21   Y438

Walker, Hester             Hull, Orval P.                  28-Jan-18   U511

Walker, Ida                Williams, J.S.                   7-Nov-08   L636

Walker, Isaac. C.          Hall, Fannie                 20 Dec 1871    A024

Walker, J.H.               Roach, Malinda J.            07 Sep 1886    C496

Walker, James              Gardner, Flossie                            S154

Walker, James A.           Everhart, Grace                 15-Nov-19   W609

Walker, James H.           Decker, May J.               04 Oct 1870    A003

Walker, James K.           Ward, Edith                     18-Jul-17   T513

Walker, James P.           Wright, Susan E.             14 Mar 1884    C055

Walker, Jennie             Brown, Robert W.                            T314

Walker, Jeremiah           Herring, Fannie              07 Jun 1888    D315

Walker, Jessie             Giberson, G.D.               08 Oct 1899    H175

Walker, John                                                           D433

Walker, John               Bohr, Mollie                 20 Nov 1888    D433

Walker, John C.            Lindquist, Edith E.             16-Aug-21   Z214

Walker, John D.            Mundy, Oletha                    1-Sep-07   L097

Walker, John E.            Morgan, Florence             28 Mar 1895    F516

Walker, John M.            Meidell, Eva                     6-Apr-18   V074

Walker, Julia A.           English, Henry W.            18 Apr 1891    E327

Walker, Kathryn            Mosby, William J.               17-Aug-21   Z217

Walker, L. Marie           Manning, Z. Parker              17-Jun-14   R028

Walker, Laura              Warnstaff, J.S.                 25-Sep-19   W473

Walker, Lenora (Lanora) MarBurright, John E.            10 Nov 1897    G403

Walker, Leo                Harris, Zola                     8-Aug-14   R080

Walker, Leroy              Smith, Lizzette                  7-Nov-20   Y251

Walker, Lida               Bentley, Gaither                 4-Apr-03   I524

Walker, Lida M.            Maddux, Simon A.             29 Apr 1890    E131

Walker, Lillie M.          Ramsdale, William M.         28 Jul 1891    E364

Walker, Louie              Shank, Lou                       1-Dec-20   Y309

Walker, Louis H.           Marshall, Myrtle Esther          6-May-22   Z752

Walker, Louis J.           Tharp, Belle S. (A.)         14 Jan 1886    C378

Walker, Louisa             Klein, William                  27-Feb-01   H523

Walker, Lucile             Nash, Earle D.                  11-Jul-18   V273

Walker, Lucy E.            Elliott, James W.                           S262

Walker, Lue                Chism, George W.                14-Apr-01   H558

Walker, Lyda               Dunlap, T.L.                 20 Nov 1881    B210

Walker, Lyllian E.         Smith, Phillip M.            18 Feb 1875    A152

Walker, M.A. (Mrs.)        McCarthy, J.W.               20 Apr 1893    F117

Walker, M.A. (Mrs.)        McCarty, J.W.                20 Apr 1893    F117

Walker, M.L.               Jordan, W.A.                    12-Feb-08   L307

Walker, M.U.               Cone, W.K.                   01 Aug 1893    F176

Walker, Mae                Dittmer, George P.                          P351

Walker, Maggie             Brill, William F.            14 Aug 1886    C481

Walker, Margaret           Porter, L.M.                    30-Mar-14   Q578

Walker, Margurite          Fouts, E.D.                     14-Feb-13   Q031

Walker, Marion             Williams, Mamie                 18-May-18   V155

Walker, Mary               Anderson, Albert H.          04 Sep 1893    F191

Walker, Mary               Robinson, Albert H.          04 Sep 1893    F191

Walker, Mary               Urban, F.S.                     29-Apr-14   Q611

Walker, Mary Agnes         Hart, Paul M.                    6-Oct-19   W495

Walker, Mary E.            Fisher, John                 01 Jan 1879    A388

Walker, Mary E.            Price, Veasey W.             16 Nov 1876    A235

Walker, Mary E.            Turner, James W.             07 Aug 1890    E180

Walker, Mary L.            Hoding, Charles G.           01 Aug 1892    E587

Walker, Matilda C.         Glass, George D.             24 Dec 1899    H232

Walker, Mattie             Meeker, H.C.                 25 Dec 1883    C020

Walker, Maud               Defenbach, Horace H.            21-Apr-14   Q600

Walker, May                Krider, David                    2-Apr-11   O074

Walker, May(ry) L.         Riggs, H.E.                     29-Jan-13   Q007

Walker, Minnie             Koontz, M.G.                    11-Dec-20   Y331

Walker, Minnie O.          Craig, C.H.                      5-Sep-17   T615

Walker, Mollie             Richardson, Richard S.       03 Dec 1871    A020

Walker, Nancy B.           Hotchkin, Frank S.           16 Oct 1888    D406

Walker, Nat G.             Calitzke, Elizabeth              5-Oct-20   Y166

Walker, Nellie             Clandy, C.C.                    21-Mar-05   J527

Walker, Nellie Viola       Benson, Ollie Walker            11-Sep-12   P409

Walker, Nicholas R.        Huffman, Ida D.              19 Feb 1889    D495

Walker, Olen V.            Gibson, Anna Lillian            28-Jan-19   V579

Walker, Olive              Meeker, John                    14-Feb-20   X200

Walker, Olive              Stitzer, George                 21-Jan-21   Y426

Walker, Oscar J.           Skolant, Rosie F.               22-Jun-04   J272

Walker, Oval               Oviatt, Nora Alice              22-Dec-10   N508

Walker, Paul               Nicholson, Ersa                 29-May-21   Y663

Walker, Pearl              Jackson, John                   29-Jul-12   P352

Walker, Pearl              McGuire, Clarence               15-May-20   X405

Walker, R.E.               Ross, Belle                      4-Dec-11   P004

Walker, Ralph Leon         Mesplay, Bernice                12-Jul-20   X575

Walker, Ruby               Shepard, George A.              14-Dec-19   X034

Walker, S.A.               Weaver, Minnie M.               12-Jan-05   J469

Walker, Sarah Elizabeth    Hedges, M.B.                 04 Sep 1897    G350

Walker, T.D.               Shreve, M.E.                    16-Jun-01   H612

Walker, T.H.               Winfield, Beulah                16-Jan-07   K522

Walker, Thelma Viola       Ennis, B.B.                      9-Feb-19   V599

Walker, Wesley             Siever, Eva A.                  22-Feb-20   X215

Walker, William B.         Galletly, Jane                  18-Apr-14   Q597

Walker, William E.         Rhoads, Emma                 02 Oct 1881    B194

Walker, William E.         Rose, Emma                   02 Oct 1881    B194

Walker, William Harry      Lauck, Irene Erickson            1-Jan-21   Y381

Walkley, Alta              Overley, R.                     21-Jun-21   Z071

Walkley, Nellie            Leichhardt, Norris              17-May-22   Z770

Wall, Ben                  Berlin, Fannie                   3-Jun-06   K279

Wall, Berry                Clark, Juliet Caroline          31-Oct-06   K429

Wall, Berry                Messerve, Elsie B.                          T179

Wall, Bridget              Dennis, Marion F.                           R410

Wall, C. Stuart (Dr.)      Green, Bessie                    7-Mar-10   N043

Wall, Charles A.           Conley, Alice (Mrs.)         15 Apr 1891    E325

Wall, Charles A.           Conoly, Alice (Mrs.)         15 Apr 1891    E325

Wall, Edmond R.            Carlson, Myannia                25-Nov-14   R256

Wall, Gladys               Osborn, William                 17-Sep-10   N337

Wall, H.R.                 Stout, Nell                     23-Jul-21   Z152

Wall, J.M.                 Glass, Blossom                              R529

Wall, Jesse DeVore         Royal, Blanche Edna             12-Oct-09   M471

Wall, Mary                 Hubbard, W.H.                               R448

Wall, May                  Blanchard, Ora                  24-Jun-08   L455

Wall, Neal                 Scantlin, Blanch                            T085

Wall, P.L.                 Block, Katie C.                 13-Jan-03   I465

Wall, T.B.                 Alexander, Kate M.           15 Aug 1880    B083

Wall, Thomas Berry         Clark, Harriet Obrist        06 Jun 1898    G505

Wall, W.C.                 Brown, Elizabeth                15-Mar-15   R388

Wall, Walter               Peterson, Vida                              T157

Wallace, A.G.              Beye, Clara                     30-Apr-11   O127

Wallace, Alice             Denny, Parris                   23-Jul-21   Z147

Wallace, Alice             Warner, W.C.                     1-Apr-07   K589

Wallace, Bessie            Sharon, W.J.                 08 Jun 1899    H105

Wallace, Bessie M.         Franklin, Hugh                   8-Nov-20   Y255

Wallace, Beulah            Belford, Edward                             S595

Wallace, C.W.              Ebberts, Aletha                             R580

Wallace, Carrie L.         Evans, A.W.                  08 May 1897    G296

Wallace, Charles C.        Pollard, Vena                   27-Jan-14   Q517

Wallace, Charles L.        Schartle, Pearl              12 Nov 1890    E245

Wallace, Clarence          Stewart, Mabel                   6-Apr-14   Q584

Wallace, Clova A.          Prayther, Charlie W.            31-Dec-08   M083

Wallace, D.C.              Eaton, Mary Emma             19 Feb 1885    C212

Wallace, Daisy             Forgie, David M.                11-Nov-11   O411

Wallace, David J.          McLean, Mary M.              31 Dec 1890    E266

Wallace, Dillie            Hartsell, G.W.                  22-Sep-10   N350

Wallace, E.C.              Mores, Emma E.               17 Oct 1883    B420

Wallace, Ella              Robertson, Harrison              4-Sep-20   Y084

Wallace, F.M.              Graham, Lulu                     7-Jun-10   N176

Wallace, Fannie            Cox, Perry                   05 Apr 1891    E319

Wallace, Fern E.           Osborne, Carl V.                18-Jul-21   Z140

Wallace, G.W.              Hawkes, Jane                 14 Dec 1887    D181

Wallace, George B.         Meirs, Lucy C.                   6-Feb-07   K537

Wallace, Georgia A.        McMaster, J.S.               21 Oct 1896    G174

Wallace, Grace             Wheeler, Harry Elmer            31-Aug-14   R122

Wallace, Grover William    Pennick, Dale Irene                         S420

Wallace, H.H. (Mrs.)       Carlton, E.D.                26 Jul 1885    C283

Wallace, H.V.              Brockert, Henrietta             15-Apr-22   Z712

Wallace, Herman A.         Waltz, Thelma                   14-Feb-20   X199

Wallace, Hettie K.         Morgan, George L.            15 Feb 1893    F078

Wallace, J.W.              Johnson, Minnie                  4-Oct-19   W499

Wallace, James             Knight, Muriel                  26-Oct-20   Y226

Wallace, Jane B.           McCarthy, J.F.                  20-Dec-10   N506

Wallace, Jannie            Child, Birney                   19-Sep-11   O326

Wallace, Jessie Byrd       Schoeb, Francis Roy             10-Nov-18   V475

Wallace, John A.           Andrews, Gertrude            06 Sep 1875    A165

Wallace, John P.           Eldred, Nellie A.               15-Dec-09   M557

Wallace, John W.           Alsyp, Bertha                   10-May-21   Y632

Wallace, L.D.              Melick, C.E.                 10 Feb 1897    G251

Wallace, Lela Pearl        Mason, I.G.                     23-Dec-00   H480

Wallace, Leslie C.         Koontz, Geraldine                6-Mar-18   V024

Wallace, Lester E.         Elliott, Mary Lee               14-Oct-05   K075

Wallace, Libby             Robertson, Nathan Edward        17-Feb-02   I183

Wallace, Lilly L.          Mason, Oliver B.             20 Dec 1891    E444

Wallace, Louie             Bachelder, W.H.              07 Dec 1879    B010

Wallace, M.A.              Snyder, S.A.                    30-Apr-01   H573

Wallace, M.L.              Learnard, Floyd E.                          S089

Wallace, Mahala            Bachelder, E.                04 Aug 1887    D077

Wallace, Mamie             Starnes, George                             T109

Wallace, Martha J.         Cochran, Robert T.           25 Dec 1881    B226

Wallace, Mary              Henderson, George S.            25-Aug-13   Q288

Wallace, Mary              Mason, Otis                     31-Aug-19   W395

Wallace, Mary              McMurdy, George              24 Jun 1883    B385

Wallace, Mary E.           Cochran, J.C.                    9-May-00   H317

Wallace, Mary J.           Phillips, George F.          13 Dec 1893    F266

Wallace, Mary L.           Murphy, Charles E.               5-Aug-10   N268

Wallace, Maud              Creas, C.H.                  30 Sep 1897    G372

Wallace, Minnie Belle      Johnston, George Nathan         28-Feb-12   P127

Wallace, Nancy I.          Armstrong, Edward E.         06 Apr 1873    A068

Wallace, R.H.              Merritt, Mary Pearl             11-Jun-10   N183

Wallace, R.J.              Farnsworth, Abby             07 Dec 1879    B010

Wallace, Reece             Howell, Myrtle                  24-May-08   L409

Wallace, Rosamond F.       Henrie, Joseph                  11-Feb-03   I479

Wallace, Sada              York, James M.               25 Dec 1892    F040

Wallace, Sadie B.          Swisher, J.C.                   22-Dec-20   Y352

Wallace, Sam               Schock, Silva                   28-Jan-19   V585

Wallace, Sarah             Somers, Peter                02 Apr 1888    D251

Wallace, Sarah D.          Conklin, Edward J.              15-Sep-08   L564

Wallace, Sarah E.          Bowers, Samuel I.            04 Nov 1875    A175

Wallace, Sarah L.          Stone, Will                  17 Jan 1894    F296

Wallace, Sophia Elizabeth  Roberts, H.F.                    7-May-21   Y619

Wallace, Victoria          Mullen, Bert Freman             18-Jun-21   Z057

Wallace, W.J.              Thompson, M.E.                  13-Mar-02   I198

Wallace, William B.        Thomas, Etta                     6-Jul-09   M337

Wallace, William McKinley  Bray, Leta                      18-Oct-20   Y204

Wallack, W.M.              Ammon, Faye                     10-Aug-17   T565

Wallberg, Adga(gda)J.L.    Holleicke, Frank             01 Jan 1894    F287

Walle, Anna                Hill, Lou                        8-Jul-07   L030

Wallenstein, June          Snow, Charles                   20-Nov-12   P520

Wallenstein, Pauline       Stettheimer, Lawrence           27-Aug-19   W368

Wallenstein, Rose          Goldsmith, Isaac                30-Apr-02   I232

Waller, DeWitt L.          Buckner, Susan Elizabeth        24-Jul-19   W312

Waller, Earl               Campbell, Hazel                  3-Sep-18   V369

Waller, Eva Flo            Grier, C.N.                     20-Oct-20   Y203

Waller, Hazel Ann          Lamborn, Benjamin Vinton         2-Nov-12   P490

Waller, Isaac              Davis, Emma B.                              C303

Waller, Isaac              Davis, Emma Belle            17 Sep 1885    C305

Waller, J.W.               Johnson, Rhe                     9-May-19   W131

Waller, John Lyle          Fowler, Beulah                  21-Dec-19   X057

Waller, Mabell             Townsend, Flint                 22-Apr-11   O116

Waller, Myrtle             McWilliams, Lewis V.             8-Apr-08   L359

Waller, Myrtle             Pechin, William                             F413

Waller, Olive              Sparks, Arthur                   1-Nov-20   Y238

Waller, Stella             Cox, Jennings B.                12-Dec-17   U333

Waller, W.M.               Hennessy, Florence              25-Dec-19   X074

Waller, William M.         Maxwell, Grace V.            18 Dec 1890    E264

Waller, Zepha Irene        McShane, Guy A.                 22-Jun-10   N203

Wallin, Francis May        Fowler, J. Berton               14-Jun-05   J600

Walling, Mabel             Holman, Carl L.                 15-Aug-17   T578

Wallis, Edgar Creighton    Kidwell, Mary June              28-Oct-17   U130

Wallis, Kathleen           Allen, Walter                   24-Jun-12   P303

Walls, Ada                 Pelton, Delos A.             07 Nov 1889    E011

Walls, Ed                  Weakley, Christina              17-Aug-13   Q279

Walls, J.W.                Laushbough, Adella           28 Sep 1887    D114

Walls, Lillian             Cope, Clinton C.                24-Apr-20   X351

Walls, Lizzie E.           Jones, Arthur C.                            S063

Walls, Roscoe              Randolph, Virginia               8-Apr-11   O091

Walls, V.S.                Mayo, Eva Isabella              22-Apr-11   O116

Walrath, Rose              Mark, William Edward         25 Oct 1891    E410

Walschmidt, Catharina      Rupp, Michael                25 Nov 1883    C008

Walsh, Bridget             Boylan, Simon                23 Nov 1898    G609

Walsh, Ione Louise         McHarg, Bruce                   29-Jun-08   L462

Walsh, Jennie              Durway, Charles J.              15-Apr-07   K606

Walsh, Lillian S.          Brown, Walter S.                 9-Dec-19   X025

Walsh, Margaret            Kennedy, P.F.                31 Aug 1897    G346

Walsh, Samuel J.           Hobbs, Stella                   22-Jan-12   P072

Walsh, Thomas J.           Dugan, Ellen                    22-Oct-19   W534

Walsh, Thomas J.           Gregory, Delphine Jennette      12-Nov-14   R207

Waltendangle, Iva          Orr, Clarence                    8-Dec-19   X023

Walter, Charles M.         Francis, Lota                    6-Mar-09   M170

Walter, Ernest H.          McCarthy, Henrietta             16-Aug-17   T581

Walter, Eugene E.          Hope, Annabella              21 Aug 1892    E598

Walter, Floyd William      Hessel, Eva Mae                 23-Dec-09   M571

Walter, Fred E.            Jones, Nellie                   12-Nov-05   K103

Walter, Lucy E.            Poole, Chester V.                5-Dec-08   M034

Walter, Olin               Roberts, Susie                  16-Mar-21   Y530

Walter, William            Wojahn, Ida                      4-Oct-12   P442

Waltermire, Cornelia O. (MrLane, Timothy M.             28 Apr 1891    E335

Waltermire, M.H.           Kirby, Martha M.             04 Mar 1887    C600

Walters, Arthur W.         Wren, Anna                      31-Dec-12   P610

Walters, Clara B.          Vickers, George W.           11 Nov 1880    B109

Walters, Edmond            Birdsell, Viola                 20-Aug-17   T586

Walters, Etta              Noll, William                30 Dec 1893    F288

Walters, F.L.              Houser, L.M.                    24-Nov-20   Y290

Walters, Frederick J.      Stinson, Evelyn                  7-Sep-20   Y087

Walters, George A.         Friend, Florence O.          25 Dec 1890    E268

Walters, George G.         Houston, Mary                    8-Sep-20   Y091

Walters, George M.         Kessinger, Anna                 17-Feb-14   Q536

Walters, George W.         Callaway, Edyth G.                          R479

Walters, Glenn             Hockett, Ethel                   4-Apr-20   X303

Walters, J. Faye           Kenison, Elmer H.                6-Oct-21   Z328

Walters, Jacob             Jones, Hazel                    11-Aug-17   T568

Walters, James             Mooso, Pauline                              T101

Walters, John              Lytle, Emma                     20-Nov-09   M533

Walters, Leonora F.        Sampsell, Richard L.            29-Jan-10   M635

Walters, Lizzie B.         Kaltwasser, Charles G.       18 Sep 1889    D608

Walters, Marie             Mumford, A.E.                    2-Jul-21   Z102

Walters, Mary J. (Mrs.)    Garrison, Charles M.         02 Nov 1884    C153

Walters, Maud              Simpson, Everett(te)         31 Dec 1891    E466

Walters, Tiny              Jones, D.J.                     24-Sep-10   N354

Walters, William           Simpson, Lorena              31 Dec 1891    E467

Walterscheid, Margaret     Ernstmann, Henry                25-Jun-07   L031

Walterscheid, Mayme        Fisher, Henry                   27-Jun-17   T469

Walterscheid, Rose         Harter, Francis                 26-Jan-21   Y434

Walthall, Clinton B.       Rich, Marie                      9-Jan-10   M612

Walthall, Elmer            Lanham, Eva                      2-Mar-18   V017

Walthall, Sadie E.         Winters, William W.          08 Sep 1879    A445

Walther, Nicholas George   Dennis, Della(etia) Fay         18-Nov-04   J419

Walton, Alpheus            Pettit, Lindsay H.              24-Oct-14   R209

Walton, Arthur N.          Wood, Hazel                     14-Oct-19   W513

Walton, Charles F.         Bell, Clara S.                  24-Dec-03   J115

Walton, Claude             Mitchell, Virginia Daisy         2-Jun-01   H603

Walton, Edith May          Nelson, Glenn Grisby             4-Aug-09   M364

Walton, Edward S.          Shay, Mollie E.              24 Dec 1888    D461

Walton, Ethel L.           DeVore, J. Paul                  9-Nov-18   V475

Walton, Eva May            Kirk, Joseph                 30 Nov 1893    F259

Walton, Jane               Wise, John B.                   23-Jan-20   X148

Walton, Jeannette          Kirwin, William J.              22-Oct-20   Y216

Walton, John E.            Spencer, Jessie M.               8-Sep-00   H394

Walton, Julia E.           Hoover, E.G.                     1-Jan-00   H242

Walton, Mary               Hill, Clyde G.                              T139

Walton, Mary M.            Hart, William A.             17 Feb 1886    C388

Walton, May                Scott, H.W.                     25-Feb-19   V630

Walton, Mayme A.           Bennett, John N.                 5-Nov-02   I393

Walton, Neva               Hanes, Clyde                     2-Apr-18   V068

Walton, Vera               Cusick, Henry                   26-Jul-19   W314

Walton, Viola B.           Bennett, Frank S.               11-Oct-05   K066

Walton, W.F.               Heckendorn, Beulah              27-Oct-12   P483

Walton, W.H.               Miller, Bessie A.                9-Jul-19   W276

Walton, Wade               Carter, Iva                                 S112

Walton, William            Kinahan, Emily               16 Aug 1899    H138

Walton, Winfield S.        Hickcox, Ella T. (Mrs.)      03 Dec 1892    F029

Walty, Clarence C.         Yager, Bessie M.                20-Sep-08   L571

Walty, Clarence C.         Yeager, Bessie M.               20-Sep-08   L571

Walty, Goldie              Lyons, Elmer A.                  3-Nov-13   Q408

Waltyen, Ione              Green, Frank E.                 21-Mar-11   O061

Waltz, J.H.                Culp, Lizzie B.                 28-Dec-09   M594

Waltz, John H.             Kinly, Luella                               H051

Waltz, John H.             Rush, Sarah Belle            24 Oct 1889    E003

Waltz, Thelma              Wallace, Herman A.              14-Feb-20   X199

Walworth, Leta F.          Moore, Otis L.                   3-Oct-08   L591

Walz, C.W.                 Harrison, Anna                              R624

Wamer, Mary                Williams, Aaron                 13-Aug-10   N273

Wampler, Della             Barger, S.M.                    28-Mar-00   H297

Wampler, F.W.              Davis, Myrtle                   18-May-04   J238

Wampler, John W.           Barnes, Hannah               20 Dec 1879    B015

Wampler, Myrtle            Weiss, M.                        1-Jun-12   P253

Wampler, Susanah           Bowman, Charles R.           25 Dec 1883    C017

Wampler, William           Stover, Ida E.                              D214

Wampler, William           Stover, Ida E.               01 Feb 1888    D212

Wamsley, O.E.              Branson, Florence May           19-May-18   V154

Wanbaugh, Joseph L.        Hite, Alice L.                  27-Sep-06   K384

Wandel, Leta               Gable, S.H.                      2-Aug-13   Q267

Wandel, Susie              Jones, Hugh                  26 Aug 1882    B288

Wandell, A.B.              Hardy, Nellie                   14-Apr-13   Q106

Wandell, Leota             Benhoff, Henry               02 Mar 1889    D503

Wander, Emma               Risdon, W.N.                    19-Jun-09   M303

Waner, Marie               Clark, F.A.                     21-Aug-00   H381

Wann, Alice                Thomas, R.W.                     3-Dec-06   K469

Wanner, Elizabeth Anna     Winfrey, James Franklin         23-Aug-10   N290

Wantoon, Rosebud           Christjohn, Alpheus             12-Nov-19   W600

Wanzer, Harry T.           Anderson, Mary E.            15 Jun 1896    G106

Wanzer, Henry              Johnson, Lillian                28-Apr-07   K616

Wanzer, James M.           Sampson, Malinda             26 Aug 1887    D087

Wanzer, Minnie             Carpenter, Alvin                26-Aug-08   L535

Wapelhorst, Joseph         Strunk, Mary                    23-Sep-02   I341

Waples, A.R.               Smith, Gracie M.             03 Mar 1898    G473

Waples, Bee R.             Corwin, Cornelia A.                         T024

Waples, Fred R.            Mitchell, Bessie M.             13-Sep-10   N324

Waples, Minola             Staley, Fred                    20-Dec-05   K143

Waples, Mona               Hughes, Orval                   29-May-17   T392

Waples, Sadie              Shannon, Charles W.          15 Nov 1893    F252

Wappelhorst, Arnold        Wiesing, Mary                   27-Apr-09   M225

Warble, Oscar              Gray, Nora L.                04 Oct 1892    E624

Warburton, Frederick L.    Grove, Tillie                22 Oct 1893    F234

Warburton, Paul            McMullen, Lucy                   1-Jan-08   L265

Ward, Allison I.           Ott, Bethel                     27-Jun-10   N210

Ward, Anna E.              Compton, Thomas                 14-Sep-04   J344

Ward, Bettie               Cooney, Amros                   17-Jun-12   P285

Ward, Blissie              Gorman, John Dave               12-Feb-19   V609

Ward, Clara                Markey, P.H.                 12 Mar 1899    H053

Ward, Clarence             Alexander, Hazel                25-Dec-17   U389

Ward, Cleveland            Junod, Ruth                                 R572

Ward, David Edwin          Morlan, Lillie               08 Nov 1892    F010

Ward, Earl A.              Rosenstiel, Edna                10-Mar-18   V029

Ward, Edith                Walker, James K.                18-Jul-17   T513

Ward, Emma M.              Buy, Jack B.                    21-Nov-10   N461

Ward, Ernest               Shirley, Orpha                   1-Sep-20   Y074

Ward, Ethel                Luckie, W.E.                    21-Aug-11   O290

Ward, Farrarl C.           Bryant, Nellie                   3-Nov-19   W573

Ward, Flossie May          Shomber, Clarence F.                        T080

Ward, Francis              Pollard, Charley                13-Apr-08   L366

Ward, Francis Marion       Golladay, Bell               21 Oct 1888    D412

Ward, Frank O.             Crummette, Martha May            2-Jun-17   T407

Ward, Fred                 Kidney, Belle                   27-Jun-10   N209

Ward, George               Mainz, Susan                     3-Jun-13   Q168

Ward, Grace                Harrison, Edward                11-Feb-11   O012

Ward, Hattie               Harndon, Jesse               14 Sep 1876    A224

Ward, Henritta(rietta)     Widdows, Robert              19 Feb 1899    H043

Ward, Inez                 Edwards, John H.                 1-Jul-02   I282

Ward, Ira                  Hulse, Grace                    26-Nov-17   U266

Ward, J. Calvin            Phillips, Elizabeth             29-Mar-14   Q578

Ward, J.M.                 Lankford, L.M.               07 Jan 1896    G030

Ward, J.W.                 Allen, Josie                    19-Jul-04   J295

Ward, James F.             Evans, Emma F.               11 Apr 1891    E322

Ward, Jennie C.            Lankford, W.H.                  24-Apr-01   H565

Ward, Jesse A.             Masters, Anna R.                10-Dec-05   K128

Ward, John F.              Georges, Maggie                             D020

Ward, John P.              Wolcott, Olive S.            13 Oct 1872    A046

Ward, Joseph William       Spindel, Anna W.                16-Jan-07   K520

Ward, Laurie A.            Stagg, George W.             01 Jan 1882    B231

Ward, Leo                  Metcalf, Gladys                             R543

Ward, Lewis E.             Hobson, Sadie                   12-Jul-13   Q239

Ward, Lewis M.             Lockwood, Lurena                17-Sep-11   O322

Ward, Lewis S.             Stilley, Mary                21 Apr 1895    F526

Ward, Lillian M.           Wood, Louis E.                  15-Dec-14   R268

Ward, Lizzie               Helfer, David                   22-May-13   Q150

Ward, Lizzie               Preston, Frank               24 Dec 1881    B223

Ward, Lorene N.            Smith, Guy L.                   22-Mar-05   J529

Ward, Mable D.             McKee, Clyde I.                  6-Jun-17   T424

Ward, Mary E.              Rosenberger, Samuel          07 Dec 1898    G627

Ward, Mary O.              O'Connor, W.H.                              T151

Ward, May                  Vesser, C.L.                    27-Mar-12   P162

Ward, Minnie               Longnecker, N.W.                25-Sep-11   O340

Ward, Nellie               Crays, George E.                11-Jan-11   N547

Ward, Ora B.               Harley, Thomas                  29-Oct-00   H446

Ward, Oral Franklin        Lyons, Minnie                   17-Sep-12   P416

Ward, Ota                  Harrison, Benn                  27-Feb-07   K560

Ward, Ronie                Wyers, W.H.                     30-May-01   H601

Ward, Rose M.              Hughett, Harley S.               8-Jun-04   J257

Ward, Roy L.               Williams, Rose B.               17-Apr-07   K607

Ward, Rue B.               Sanford, Grace Irene             2-Mar-15   R375

Ward, Rufus                Smith, Francis M.               12-Aug-01   I017

Ward, Ulysses E.           Warren, Frances L.           14 Jan 1897    G236

Ward, Victoria E.          Drollinger, Joseph Orville      20-Jun-06   K297

Ward, W.H.                 Campbell, Flora B.           10 Jul 1887    D056

Ward, William              Oxford, Lulu                    12-Jun-07   L016

Ward, William F.           Daughhetee, Delia C.         12 Jan 1888    D196

Ward, Williston B.         Culver, Agnes Frances           16-Aug-20   Y027

Ward, Wilma W.             Clark, Paul V.                              R512

Ward, Winnie               Dorner, Henry J.                 1-Jun-10   N163

Warde, Arthur F.           Roberts, Anna                   29-Nov-05   K124

Wardell, Arch              Elliott, Maude                   7-Jun-05   J594

Wardell, Caroline          McCullough, Ichabod              7-Feb-12   P096

Wardell, Edith             Dial, C.W.                      17-Dec-17   U355

Wardell, T.D.              Jackson, Louise M.                          S028

Wardell, T.D.              Stafford, Hester R.          19 Oct 1887    D136

Wardell, Thomas D.         Moon, Carrie E.              09 Nov 1882    B319

Warden, Chauncey           Bodine, Nell                     6-Jun-20   X409

Warden, Elza N.            Bellar, Carrie P.                4-Oct-06   K396

Warden, Lue                Wilson, George N.               18-Sep-20   Y118

Warden, Rose Bell          Cross, Edwin E.                  1-Sep-00   H386

Warden, Theodosia          Ringeisen, Arthur                6-Oct-10   N379

Warders, Alta May          Fissel, William Roy                         T032

Wardrip, Emma Lucretia     Pollard, Frank G.               13-Jun-01   H610

Wardsworth, J.F.           Cain, Josie                  19 Apr 1899    H074

Wardwell, Mabel F.         Norman, Heber L.                 3-Aug-13   Q266

Ware, Harold M.            Spencer, Libbie              08 Apr 1884    C066

Ware, Henry                Wilson, Geneva                   2-Dec-06   K469

Ware, J.D.                 Fleming, Bessie                 11-May-10   N135

Ware, John                 Martin, Hattie                  15-Jul-17   T506

Ware, Lida                 Evans, John T.                  18-Nov-05   K113

Ware, Mabel                Griffith, H.M.                   3-Jun-11   O181

Ware, Thomas K.            Smith, Louisa S.                17-Jul-01   I002

Warefield, A.O.            Wood, Eva                    07 Aug 1898    G548

Wareham, Abraham L.        Bailey, Marion W.            29 Apr 1890    E130

Wareham, Manly C.          Franck, Emma C.                  3-Oct-06   K397

Wareham, Manly C.          Gay, Erma L.                    31-Dec-17   U416

Wareham, Robert E.         Blalock, Myrtle C.E.            22-Feb-21   Y486

Warfield, Bertha           Mann, Walter                     4-Oct-20   Y161

Warfield, Della            Debusmann, William           30 Jan 1892    E487

Warfield, Earl V.          Carter, Annie                               T182

Warfield, Flossie          Vail, Randolph                   8-Aug-18   V311

Warfield, Frank            Carouthers, Katie                8-May-01   H585

Warfield, Ida May          Cline, Perry T.                  7-Aug-04   J311

Warfield, Mary             Kratzer, William                 1-Oct-21   Z323

Warfield, Oscar            Brown, Bertha                   15-Oct-12   P460

Warfield, W.G.             Rohrback, Mabel                 30-Mar-10   N076

Warfield, Walter           Kauffman, Pearl                 19-Aug-00   H377

Warfield, William          Schroeder, Emma                 23-Dec-02   I431

Warhurst, Marguerite       Reeves, Thomas                              R520

Waring, Ermel              Rash, Lloyd                      5-Sep-17   T613

Waring, James B.           Hubbard, Dana                01 Sep 1889    D596

Warinner, F.W.             Freeland, Eska                              S579

Waris, Kaleel(liil)        Caraboolad, Falamina         26 Mar 1894    F332

Waris, Thomas              Eboorababe, Vader            03 Dec 1894    F451

Warlon, Ola                Lewis, Ernest                   14-May-22   Z763

Warlow, Gladys             Friend, Laurence                18-Oct-21   Z361

Warlow, Julia              Larson, Lewis                   20-May-22   Z775

Warmeth, T.C.              Anderson, Sudie              09 May 1889    D536

Warnberg, Eugene           Blom, Jennie                    16-Jun-10   N191

Warne, J.P. Jr.            Hays, L.J.                   23 Dec 1885    C364

Warne, J.W.                Rutherford, Fern                26-Aug-13   Q290

Warne, Paul                Marx, Zetha                                 S130

Warne, Roy A.              Campbell, Lois                   4-Jun-17   T416

Warneke, Cecelia           Nissen, George P.               19-Dec-14   R281

Warneke, Ethel             Teel, Glenn                     28-Feb-21   Y497

Warneke, Friedrick         Kreig, Caroline              02 Jul 1887    D055

Warner, Addie (Mrs.)       Gregory, George W.           13 Dec 1896    G211

Warner, Albert Lee         Holen, Gladys Mabel              9-Oct-18   V437

Warner, Byron              Mann, Hattie                                T263

Warner, Charles H.         Baxter, Lula M.                  6-Jun-12   P267

Warner, E.M.               Pitman, Mary                 11 Jul 1887    D058

Warner, Ella               Williams, George B.          18 Jan 1888    D203

Warner, Emma J.            McCarty, John                   23-Dec-01   I137

Warner, Erma               Boyd, Andrew J.                 10-Jun-09   M291

Warner, Ethel              Earll, William Howard           20-Oct-20   Y210

Warner, Ethel M.           Thomas, B.O.                    15-Nov-05   K108

Warner, Filena             James, H.W.                                 R596

Warner, Gladys A.          Cantrell, P.M.                  17-Aug-18   V326

Warner, Goldie             Kendall, D.B.                               R633

Warner, Harry I.           Connor, Margaret                13-Dec-05   K138

Warner, Mable A.           Yoder, Silas B.                 25-Feb-14   Q545

Warner, Margaret(tt) E.    Bratley, Hugh J.                26-Jun-07   L036

Warner, Martin             Smoot, Abbie                     6-Nov-12   P499

Warner, Nettie             Cline, Merle D.                 28-May-21   Z002

Warner, Paul R.            Ford, Verna Cleo                            T078

Warner, Priscilla P.       Howey, William J.                1-Mar-19   V641

Warner, R.E.               Speer, Bertha                               T263

Warner, R.Z.               Sawyers, Eulah                  18-Apr-18   V102

Warner, Roy E.             Stevens, Mary                    6-May-02   I236

Warner, Thomas             Turner, Georgia                 12-Feb-08   L280

Warner, W.C.               Wallace, Alice                   1-Apr-07   K589

Warner, W.F.               Schoonover, Alice            28 Oct 1897    G390

Warner, William            Stancer, Mary M.                            D318

Warner, William C.         Barnes, Jessie M.               11-Apr-10   N094

Warner, William Charles    Thomas, Ella                    25-Mar-10   N065

Warnes, Mary               Creamer, Daniel              13 Mar 1887    C607

Warning, George W.         Markel, Hasil B.                21-Jan-10   M578

Warnock, David             McHollan, Martha J.          24 Nov 1872    A051

Warnock, Wray              Kirkland, Beatrice              10-May-11   O153

Warnstaff, J.S.            Walker, Laura                   25-Sep-19   W473

Warrell, Agnes             Jackson, Everett                            S618

Warrell, Velma             Genzler, Walter                 18-May-18   V157

Warren, Abbie              Patterson, W.F.              15 Nov 1883    C006

Warren, Albert E.          Hawes, Hazel Lucile                         T131

Warren, Beulah Pearl       Groat, Harry B.                             S441

Warren, C.H.               Young, L.F.                  10 Feb 1889    D491

Warren, Claudine T.        Bowdish, Gordon Stone           10-Jun-08   L432

Warren, Cora May           Chase, B.D.                     11-Nov-06   K441

Warren, Edna               Gould, Ray                      26-Jun-20   X530

Warren, Ethel M.           Huffman, E.W.                   17-Jan-18   U486

Warren, Ezra T.            Warren, Mary J.                  9-Feb-21   Y465

Warren, Felix              Drake, Anna                  27 May 1880    B071

Warren, Frances L.         Ward, Ulysses E.             14 Jan 1897    G236

Warren, Fred P.            Bardshar, Marie                  8-Aug-11   O264

Warren, Georgia E.         Grandfield, Ernest A.           26-Sep-19   W475

Warren, Harold             Black, Ella                                 S571

Warren, Helena Rose        Higgins, Maurice James          19-Oct-11   O369

Warren, Howard             Black, Arrena May               29-Sep-20   Y148

Warren, Ira M.             Carrothers, Edythe              16-Apr-12   P196

Warren, J.S.               Plumlee, Hazel Dora             10-Jan-21   Y404

Warren, J.S.               Warren, Leta Zoe                17-Nov-17   U217

Warren, Jane               Markey, C.D.                    26-Dec-18   V531

Warren, Jerry Allen        Brown, Ruth Inez                            R499

Warren, Joe S.             Hopkins, Leeta Z.               16-Jun-13   Q202

Warren, John H.            Riegel, Geralda                 25-Dec-21   Z483

Warren, Leta Zoe           Warren, J.S.                    17-Nov-17   U217

Warren, Lewis A.           Waterfall, Maggie A.         18 May 1893    F138

Warren, Lora May           Gould, Charles                  12-Oct-08   L597

Warren, Maibelle M.        Fitzpatrick, W.S.                6-Dec-11   P008

Warren, Margaret           Groat, Grant L.                             S367

Warren, Mary               Gaines, Andrews              01 Mar 1894    F319

Warren, Mary J.            Warren, Ezra T.                  9-Feb-21   Y465

Warren, Mel W.             Tiffany, Lizzie H.           25 Jul 1885    C282

Warren, Minnie             Wisdom, James L.                20-Dec-14   R286

Warren, Minnie (Mrs.)      Temple, William T.              10-Jun-03   I579

Warren, Molly(lie) O'Brien Wilcox, Edwin Francis           14-Jun-11   O195

Warren, Nellie             Leighter, Homer                 19-Dec-17   U366

Warren, Richard            Yarnall, Laura               30 Apr 1898    G497

Warren, Sam                McCurdy, Viola Fern             26-Apr-19   W095

Warren, Susie              Donahoe, John                    2-Sep-19   W402

Warren, Wayne H.           Johnson, Bertha                             S572

Warren, Wesley             Hollen, Roxey                   28-Dec-06   K504

Warren, William            Tilford, Leta                               W406

Warren, William C.         Merrill, Addie               13 Mar 1887    C607

Warren, William E.         Hussey, Laura S.                12-Feb-13   Q030

Warrenberg, Mamie          Stinson, Claud Lee              10-Jan-20   X121

Warrenburg, George         Luker, Minnie                               S170

Warrenburg, Jasper N.      Morris, Carrie M.            26 Mar 1884    C062

Warrenburger, Minnie       Hubbard, Charles A.             24-Dec-17   U387

Warrender, Albert          Rowland, Cliffie                15-Aug-21   Z205

Warrener, Julia A.J.       Goodyear, James                             S503

Warrens, Mary A.           Dobson, Garret S.            15 Mar 1893    F098

Warrensburg, David P.      VanBuskirk, Getty            12 Aug 1896    G131

Warrick, M.P.              Keller, Hazel                   24-Nov-17   U257

Warrick, William T.        Thompson, Hattie L.             28-Jul-13   Q258

Warthman, Lena Fay         Exelby, Walter Wellington       28-Sep-21   Z310

Wartick, Archie            Martin, Ella                    14-Oct-20   Y190

Waruken, Gertrude          Rutkowski, Frank                25-Feb-01   H529

Warwick, Daniel A.         Snow, Pearl D.               02 Apr 1889    D517

Warwick, Dawson S.         Johnson, Floy M.                16-Oct-13   Q382

Warwick, Florence          Gardner, Harry W.                4-Apr-12   P165

Warwick, Harry G.          Shew, Leonora L.             20 Sep 1891    E389

Wasciewitz, Frank Max LudwiZenor, Myra                  19 May 1890    E143

Waselewsky, Caroline       Sengpiehl, John E.           11 Dec 1892    F017

Washburn, Clara A.         Hammond, Lyman B.                2-Jan-06   K168

Washburn, Clinton M.       VanAllen, Ruth Eileen            1-Jan-20   X097

Washburn, Ella             Penn, William                28 Sep 1886    C506

Washburn, Frank W.         Schuenemann, Hattie             11-Jun-02   I268

Washburn, George H.        Antrim, Hazel May                1-Jan-20   X102

Washburn, Harold           Veich, Berthina                  9-Jul-18   V267

Washburn, Harvey T.        Huffman, Josephine           15 Oct 1882    B308

Washburn, J.E.             Lattin, Mabel Ruth              29-Aug-06   K359

Washburn, J.E.             Martin, Elnora                  13-May-14   Q621

Washburn, J.F.             Graves, Nettie               24 Aug 1882    B290

Washburn, James Royce      Holstine, Eula Jane             15-Oct-19   W524

Washburn, Jessie E.        Carter, Calathiel A.            19-Aug-00   H380

Washburn, Joseph E.        Dietz, Lucile Katherine          8-Feb-10   N059

Washburn, Lena             Rogers, E.C.                 19 Jul 1899    H124

Washburn, Mabel E.         McNabb, Monroe                   5-Aug-14   R086

Washburn, Mary             McGann, Henry                24 Dec 1872    A055

Washburn, Nettie E.        Elswick, Ira                     4-Sep-01   I034

Washburn, Paul E.          Callahan, Lillian A.            24-Dec-20   Y360

Washburn, William Harold   Lines, Lucile Aurita            23-Feb-21   Y487

Washburne, Florence E.     Craig, J.F.                  05 Sep 1895    F589

Washierd, Delila           Hanes, John W.               11 Aug 1878    A347

Washington, A.R.           Thompson, Lula(lu)              25-Dec-07   L256

Washington, Ada            Tyler, Amos                     24-Jun-07   L033

Washington, George         Burt, Mary                      23-Dec-11   P037

Washington, Georgia        Gardner, Harry C.               18-Feb-12   P113

Washington, Henry          Wells, Anna                  14 Jan 1886    C376

Washington, J.L.           Slaughter, Sarah                            K028

Washington, John           Spears, Angeline                23-Feb-18   V006

Washington, John Emeriel   Thomas, Edith                               S551

Washington, Lillian        Rowland, J.W.                    7-Jun-21   Z028

Washington, Marcia         Russell, Lane                   18-Aug-19   W366

Washington, Merle          Spears, Della                   17-Oct-19   W529

Washington, Ruth           Williams, James                  1-Feb-13   Q014

Washington, Vivian         Durley, Sam                      4-Nov-21   Z405

Wassen, Martha             Mickey, Robert B.                5-Nov-08   L635

Wasser, Grover C.          Hupp, Myrtle Alta               23-Sep-17   U004

Wasser, Lida               Bluff, Augustus                  2-Feb-21   Y451

Wasson, Dorothy Aseneth    Grier, Andrew                               S353

Wasson, Frances            Fitzgerald, E.J.                30-Mar-21   Y551

Wasson, Maude              Stott, R.G.                  07 Dec 1898    G628

Wasson, Roy                Betch, Mildred                   6-Oct-13   Q361

Wassung, Maria Barbara     Muller, John Jos.                           D308

Wassung, Maria Barbara     Muller, John Jos.            30 May 1888    D309

Wastier, Janie E.          Harper, Frank M.                 7-Dec-20   Y322

Waterbury, Carl E.         Tanksley, Edith M.              10-Jul-20   X575

Waterbury, Jewell F.       Hurley, Marie E.                10-Jul-07   L047

Waterbury, Lizzie          Williams, Perry L.              21-Dec-04   J445

Waterbury, Otis E.         Carroll, Liddie F.               4-Mar-08   L328

Waterbury, R.E.            Mountz, Eva L.                  30-Oct-07   L187

Waterbury, Russell         Carroll, Lenora                  9-Dec-08   M041

Waterfall, C.J.            Burget, Alice J.                28-Sep-04   J359

Waterfall, Grace F.        Chaney, Walter D.            07 Mar 1894    F322

Waterfall, Lewis G.        Jackson, Belle A.                7-Mar-04   J182

Waterfall, Louis G.        Chambers, Abbie                 15-Jan-12   P065

Waterfall, Maggie A.       Warren, Lewis A.             18 May 1893    F138

Waterhouse, Ellen          Smith, Samuel B.             20 Mar 1885    C229

Waterhouse, Emma           Kinney, Edward               26 Jan 1885    C202

Waterhouse, Emma           Kuhen, Ruben                 17 Jan 1878    A309

Waterman, Alta             Parker, Merle D.                11-Aug-20   Y014

Waterman, Harry A.         Ball, Bessie P.                             S602

Waterman, Mary             Trablie, J.                  07 Nov 1878    A374

Waterman, Orpheus          Long, Lena Waterman          04 Aug 1889    D578

Waterman, S.M.             Walker, Fanny                06 Jun 1880    B072

Waters, America            Thompson, Henry                  6-Aug-03   I622

Waters, Emanuel            Gray, Ora                        5-Sep-11   O313

Waters, Emanuel            Johnson, Mary                    7-May-13   Q135

Waters, Emma M.            Murry, John F.               12 Oct 1893    F226

Waters, George D.          Gates, Bessie V.                16-Oct-06   K407

Waters, Harrietta B.       Hempsmyer, William               9-Jul-00   H355

Waters, Harry              Wolf, Nora                      20-Aug-12   P378

Waters, Harry T.           Anthony, Bertha L.               5-Jul-06   K317

Waters, James Bennett      Butts, Pluma Edna                           S539

Waters, John               Shaver, Sarah E. (Mrs.)      07 Feb 1894    F309

Waters, Julia              Wadell, Charlie A.           29 Apr 1888    D283

Waters, Lucy M.            Lawson, A.A.                    28-Jan-04   J151

Waters, Lydia              Smith, P.A.                     30-Jul-21   Z173

Waters, M.J.               Bixler, Alice M.                22-Sep-03   J025

Waters, Mary Jane          Shaul, Edwin E.                 14-Sep-20   Y105

Waters, May                Maihn, W.W. (M.)             10 May 1881    B158

Waters, Sarah              Murchison, Walter               19-Jan-21   Y422

Waters, Stewart N.         Howard, Birdie                  24-Oct-00   H444

Waters, W.L.               Clark, Lucy M.               04 Aug 1885    C288

Waterscheid, Elizabeth     Heser, Philip                               S079

Waterson, Joseph           Wilson, Lola                                S447

Waterson, Joseph E.        Shaffer, Mabel                  23-May-07   K635

Waterson, Verna            Osborn, Frank                   18-Dec-12   P567

Waterstradt, Fannie        Tyler, E.D.                      3-May-11   O129

Waterstradt, Julius        Beck, Caroline(na)           25 Feb 1894    F318

Watkins, A.P.              Reed, Mattie                    20-Jun-14   R027

Watkins, Ben               Hart, Luella                 05 Aug 1898    G547

Watkins, Ben               Reed, Grace                     15-Apr-18   V098

Watkins, Bernice           Tullis, Fred                                R434

Watkins, Blyden            Daniels, Florence                           R597

Watkins, Bruce             Moore, Ivy                                  S124

Watkins, Carrie            Hazelton, Lee                   28-Sep-18   V418

Watkins, Carrie A.         Lamb, H.W.                   26 Feb 1896    G055

Watkins, Charles P.        Cloud, Georgia               27 Apr 1892    E536

Watkins, Clarence          Sites, Mary                     27-Jul-17   T529

Watkins, F.A.              Wiltrout, Carol B.              22-Feb-18   V002

Watkins, Faye              Miller, Frank O.                 3-Aug-10   N266

Watkins, Fred C.           Cox, Mildred                    27-Jun-11   O220

Watkins, Garnett G.        Reece, H.R.                      2-Oct-01   I063

Watkins, Garrett           Coleman, Leota                   5-Oct-10   N378

Watkins, Gracia            White, Forrest E.               15-Sep-20   Y109

Watkins, Homer             Jackson, Lela                   28-Aug-20   Y063

Watkins, Ida (Mrs.)        Patterson, G.W.                 12-Sep-00   H394

Watkins, J.H.              Hulbert, May                                R505

Watkins, James A.          Andrew, Myrtle                  31-Dec-21   Z527

Watkins, John W.           Carothers, Mary L.                          S316

Watkins, Joseph I.C.       Evans, Ida Alice             06 Nov 1889    E009

Watkins, Juel              Owens, Myrtle                    6-Sep-21   Z261

Watkins, Lee               Hill, Ida                        4-Apr-13   Q094

Watkins, Leonard Fisk      Stone, Elsie                    28-Nov-19   X004

Watkins, LeRoy E.          VanDiver, Ina                   18-Mar-20   X261

Watkins, Lew G.            See, Lillian Lewellen                       T275

Watkins, Lewis             Owens, Rosie                    20-Aug-18   V332

Watkins, Louise            Craig, Z.T.                      5-Jan-09   M088

Watkins, Lucy M.           McQuown, R.A.                03 May 1899    H079

Watkins, Maggie J.         Singer, Joseph I.            26 Jan 1885    C200

Watkins, Mary              Clark, Lewis C.                  2-Jul-21   Z103

Watkins, Mary M.           Winders, George E.           23 Feb 1887    C594

Watkins, Mattie            Hooker, Joseph               30 May 1872    A036

Watkins, Milton            Ballantine, Jannette         18 Oct 1881    B202

Watkins, Myrtle I.         Yates, John S.                   4-May-08   L376

Watkins, Nola B.           Whitaker, Jesse A.                          S188

Watkins, Pat               Fail, Nannie                     6-Aug-21   Z193

Watkins, Rena              Leachman, Leonard               12-Jul-01   H637

Watkins, Robert D.         Sickler, Ada E.              07 Sep 1887    D097

Watkins, Rovilla           Stickney, Robert C.                         T144

Watkins, Samuel W.         Herndon, Elle                17 Apr 1884    C070

Watkins, Susie E.          Davies, Albert                  28-Mar-21   Y549

Watkins, Thomas            Barbrick, Mamie              19 Sep 1890    E199

Watkins, Violet            Ray, Fred A.                     2-Sep-09   M396

Watkins, W.B.              Churchwell, Mattie L.            4-Jun-06   K283

Watkins, Walter Cloud      Nelson, Opal Pearl                          S479

Watkins, Warren A.         Harney, Maude A.                26-Jun-17   T470

Watrous, Jennie M.         Coy, Louis B.                19 Feb 1896    G052

Watson, A.W.               Palmer, Evelyn                  27-Apr-18   V117

Watson, A.W.               Story, Ruth                     26-Jan-20   X154

Watson, Albert M.          Campbell, Mary                   1-Mar-22   Z636

Watson, Alice              Parker, S.A.                 27 Nov 1884    C168

Watson, Alta               Compton, Dewey                              S191

Watson, Bert               Stratch, Viola                   6-Sep-18   V378

Watson, C.R.               Dunkin, Bertha May               4-Nov-00   H453

Watson, Caroline Vera      Talley, H. B.                   30-Jun-13   Q225

Watson, Catherine          Vaden, A.W.                     20-Oct-13   Q386

Watson, Charles A.         Jackson, Genevieve                          R583

Watson, Charles S.         Harrover, Mary H.            18 Oct 1888    D408

Watson, Charles V.         Smith, Grace M.              11 May 1899    H083

Watson, Chauncey           Thompson, Gladys                            S130

Watson, Clarence           Edwards, Lida                   10-Feb-09   M135

Watson, Della              Smith, O.G.                     11-Dec-20   Y332

Watson, Dora               Cruse, Francis M.            01 Aug 1889    D581

Watson, Dwight             Smith, Ethel E.                 19-Dec-07   L241

Watson, E.F.               Harris, Mary                 10 Oct 1895    F610

Watson, Edith              Mitchell, Ralph                 16-Mar-22   Z658

Watson, Edna E.            Sanford, Audrey                  4-Apr-06   K238

Watson, Eletha Fern        Wright, Charles W.              16-Oct-12   P459

Watson, Elizabeth C.       Corwin, Joseph               24 Dec 1874    A147

Watson, Ella               Heynen, Henry F.             25 Oct 1893    F239

Watson, Ella               Tihen, Herman B.             24 Apr 1894    F341

Watson, Ethel              DeVaughn, W.B.                  16-Feb-21   Y478

Watson, Francis Lindley    Glaser, Cora Lucile             19-Nov-19   W620

Watson, Frank L.           Hudson, Hattie A.            30 Nov 1896    G198

Watson, Frederick          Winger, Belle                31 Oct 1872    A047

Watson, Frederick F.       Baehr, Marie                    27-Dec-17   U395

Watson, George             White, Nettie                               V110

Watson, George P.          Munger, Mollie E.            16 Jul 1874    A127

Watson, Grace B.           Stalker, Edward W.              19-Nov-19   W621

Watson, H.H.               Coup, Lula                   03 May 1888    D288

Watson, Harold B.          Norris, Myrtle C.               22-Apr-18   V108

Watson, Hazel Mary         Dosien, Raymond G.              18-Aug-20   Y038

Watson, Howard Maurice     Jones, Mary Louise              25-Mar-22   Z672

Watson, Ida B. (Mrs.)      Adamson, M.B.                07 Aug 1892    E590

Watson, Ira C.             Holcroft, Elizabeth             12-May-14   Q623

Watson, Ivy J.             Plummer, Roy F.                 12-Sep-09   M419

Watson, John Arlington     Miller, Marie Lucille           23-Jul-21   Z148

Watson, John Thomas        Gilmore, Grace Ethel             8-Oct-17   U059

Watson, Kate E.            Johnson, Henry               12 Mar 1877    A258

Watson, Katherine J.       Tyler, Ernest E.                30-Mar-13   Q085

Watson, L.A.               Kracaw, Lola (Eva)              20-Nov-00   H459

Watson, Lena               Smith, Noble                    30-Dec-08   M075

Watson, Lena L.            Mitchell, Charles E.         22 Feb 1893    F081

Watson, Lena M.            Franks, C.L.                     3-Mar-01   H534

Watson, Lillian            Lyda, Elmer                     18-Feb-14   Q538

Watson, Lillian Belle      Preston, C.A.                    3-Oct-00   H420

Watson, Lloyd              Harris, Virgie                  24-Jul-20   X604

Watson, Lucy               Donalson, Burrell               20-Oct-11   O376

Watson, Lydia Ann          Potts, William               16 Jun 1873    A076

Watson, Mable(bel)         Foley, James                 28 Dec 1895    G022

Watson, Mahlon W.          Carr, Oreltta C.                 1-Dec-19   X012

Watson, Mary               Shaffer, Howard W.           07 Feb 1893    F069

Watson, Maud               Sullivan, B.C.                  21-May-11   O153

Watson, Maude              Dillard, Joseph E.           25 Feb 1891    E305

Watson, May (Mrs.)         Gain, Charles                04 Dec 1889    E031

Watson, Minnie             Colvert, Manuel                 12-Aug-12   P369

Watson, Nancy Jane (Mrs)   Bryant, Nedom                18 Jun 1890    E158

Watson, Nisber             Morris, Ambus                09 Sep 1896    G144

Watson, Nora               Cox, H.B.                       27-Dec-20   Y375

Watson, Odessa             Trowbridge, S.M.                11-Apr-02   I219

Watson, Pearl              Sims, Leslie J.                 25-Dec-18   V533

Watson, Richard            Berry, Eva                                  S019

Watson, Roland             Sontag, Anna                     1-Jun-17   T400

Watson, Royal E.           Schenebricker, Eda A.           15-Jan-21   Y413

Watson, S.A.               Potter, Florence                 6-Jun-18   V186

Watson, Samuel H.          Chadd, Eliza Ellen           16 Mar 1890    E098

Watson, Samuel W.          Case, Almillda               26 Jan 1879    A392

Watson, Stacy Everett      Donaldson, Grace E.             21-Aug-21   Z226

Watson, Sylvia T.          Young, Walter M.                21-Nov-10   N459

Watson, Thaddeus G.        Bosley, Blanch Lucretia         19-Apr-19   W078

Watson, Violet             Anghis, Peter                    6-Apr-18   V078

Watson, W.J.               Hutchinson, Connie              24-Dec-20   Y367

Watson, W.P.               Ries, Mary                      17-Nov-13   Q423

Watson, Will F.            Ernstman, Catherine                         R451

Watson, William P.         McCory, Katherine (Ca..)        24-Aug-10   N292

Watson, Wilma              Cole, William                               S591

Watt, Beatrice Mae         Patterson, William J.           29-Mar-20   X288

Watt, Bessie               Colver, R.O.                 10 Jan 1884    C026

Watt, Edna Mae             Willett, Clarence J.            16-Aug-18   V324

Watt, Effie                Devine, Eugene                  25-Dec-02   I395

Watt, Emma A.              Church, Maitland H.          25 Feb 1873    A061

Watt, Frank G.             Heinzman, Ada                    8-Dec-20   Y320

Watt, Hugh R.              Webster, Belle               16 Dec 1875    A182

Watt, James E.             Lloyd, Addie                 16 Aug 1876    A218

Watt, John                 Harrington, Rosalie             20-Aug-18   V329

Watt, John E.              Hattan, Mary Cecil              27-May-20   X426

Watt, Laura Lourene        Martin, Eugene DeWitt            3-Mar-21   Y502

Watt, Maude                Montgomery, Doyle               25-Dec-21   Z502

Watt, R.W.                 Hooten, May                     14-Jun-00   H340

Watt, Robert H.            Hall, Gertrude E.               30-Sep-14   R166

Watt, Roy D.               Harding, Byrde                   8-Jun-10   N175

Watters, Marguerite        Jones, David                    22-Jun-12   P298

Wattles, Estella B.        Morris, Virgil E.               23-Aug-18   V342

Wattles, H.A.              Fay, Jennie                  17 Jun 1885    C267

Wattles, Hattie L.         Kimel, Jonathan M.           30 Apr 1890    E131

Wattles, Mary              Morse, Orlin                    15-Oct-12   P457

Watts, A.D.                Graff, Hannah C.                30-Apr-19   W106

Watts, Alfred E.           Cummings, Jennie O.             14-Feb-10   N017

Watts, Allen J.            Anderson, Gertrude              15-Feb-22   Z608

Watts, Carrie E.           Robinson, Alonzo C.             14-Mar-03   I507

Watts, Charles E.          Crabtree, Lamora             13 Mar 1893    F096

Watts, Daphne              Wendling, Leo                               S493

Watts, Emma S.             Reece, William S.            12 Nov 1881    B206

Watts, Florence            Richardson, Henderson           14-Dec-18   V514

Watts, Irene               Harrison, William O.            24-Feb-21   Y490

Watts, James G.            Williams, Ella M.            08 May 1899    H081

Watts, James M.            Manley, Emma C. (Mrs.)           6-Oct-10   N379

Watts, James M.            Milson, Clara L.                            S497

Watts, L.                  Hipple, E.C.                 22 Dec 1884    C178

Watts, Leota G.            Baxter, R.R.                    20-Dec-11   P025

Watts, Loren E.            Roll, Hattie I.                             S330

Watts, Martha J.           Dunn, David Edward           11 Aug 1887    D076

Watts, Mary (Mrs.)         Guyer, Jeremiah              10 Mar 1892    E514

Watts, May Belle (Mrs.)    Thompson, George B.             24-Nov-10   N471

Watts, Ollie               Bullard, Edna                               S261

Watts, Roy S.              Bolton, Louvica E.              25-Nov-14   R258

Watts, Ruby                Williams, R.H.                              S206

Watts, S.L.                Louker, Clara V.                 8-Mar-15   R381

Watts, Sadie C.            Helena, Lee W.               15 Jan 1894    F297

Watts, William M.          Hill, Anna R.                23 Sep 1889    D613

Watzlavek, William         Kuchar, Rosa                    25-Apr-08   L382

Watzlaw, Anna              Osladil, Frank                  30-May-05   J583

Waugh, C.A.                Lille, Alvie                    13-Nov-01   I100

Waugh, C.H.                Hill, Blanche                    8-Oct-12   P448

Waugh, Charles H.          Nachtrieb, Kate              06 Sep 1892    E608

Waugh, Henrietta           Parsons, Charles A.          04 Jan 1888    D195

Waugh, J.E.                Winegarner, Damie            22 Jun 1899    H110

Waugh, Lelia R.            Grimes, Thomas J.            02 Jun 1886    C447

Waugh, Lola May            Foster, L. Carl                 10-Jul-20   X571

Waugh, Martha C.           Jones, Samuel                02 Jan 1873    A058

Waugh, Roy                 Beard, Hazel                     5-Jul-13   Q229

Waugh, S.J.                Barnard, Blanche E.          08 Feb 1885    C208

Waugh, Susie E.            Frantz, A.P.                 10 Sep 1885    C301

Waugh, Van S.              Webb, Sarah J.               02 Jan 1873    A057

Waugh, Viola               Hamilton, Everett B.         12 Sep 1894    F396

Wavada, John               Walker, Ethel                    8-May-11   O138

Way, Charles L.            White, Ella S.               28 Aug 1892    E601

Way, David Harry           Burrows, Ella L.             08 Nov 1893    F248

Way, Helen M.              Grimes, W. Dwight               18-Dec-20   Y344

Way, Herbert William Lewis Kitching, Catherine M.       15 Jul 1890    E171

Way, Howard S.             Norton, Olive                   13-Jan-10   M617

Way, Huldah P. (Mrs.)      Jones, J. Harrison           07 Sep 1892    E608

Way, Irene                 Lowe, Russell L.                13-Feb-21   Y472

Way, Jessie                Patrick, W.L.                    6-Apr-14   Q634

Way, Jessie Elenore        Rector, Tiffin Arthur           27-Oct-09   M502

Way, John W.               Bozarth, Ida                 04 Mar 1891    E308

Way, Loma M.               Gardner, Burt W.                20-May-05   J576

Waybright, Alice           Shuttz, William F.           05 Jun 1887    D024

Waybright, Marshall B.     Marshall, Nora M.            14 Dec 1889    E038

Waybright, Maude           McNitt, George D.               13-Sep-02   I349

Waybright, Parker G.       Robbins, Maud                27 Jul 1893    F173

Wayman, Afra               Stoker, Joseph                  16-Nov-12   P517

Wayman, Hazel              Carmichael, George              20-Aug-19   W373

Wayman, Mabel              Otstot, Ivan                     7-Feb-21   Y454

Waymin, Grace              Wertz, Melvin                               R622

Waymire, Elsie             Hiler, Fred                      3-Jul-09   M335

Waymire, Valeta M.         Marsh, William H.               24-May-18   V165

Weagley, Dora A.           Weagley, Forest D.              23-Mar-20   X273

Weagley, Forest D.         Weagley, Dora A.                23-Mar-20   X273

Weakley, Christina         Walls, Ed                       17-Aug-13   Q279

Wear, Elna                 Wilson, Ray S.                  20-Oct-19   W537

Wear, Frances              Ellworth, Leo J.                20-Apr-20   X343

Wear, Frank M.             Cordell, Myrtle                 19-Sep-02   I355

Wear, H.C.                 Pottle, Ethel                               R510

Wear, R.S.                 Whittaker, Nora                 28-Nov-12   P537

Weast, Dorothy             Harris, Jacob                    4-Dec-21   Z464

Weatherby, Bessie          Hannon, Walter                  15-Apr-09   M219

Weatherby, Eugene          Talbott, George B.                          R618

Weatherby, Jessie J.       Stoner, Clinton E.              26-Mar-10   N070

Weatherby, R.L.            Sprague, Lettie M.               1-Jun-13   Q169

Weatherby, Robert L.       Heller, Louise                  22-Sep-10   N352

Weatherby, Walter H.       Brown, Frances                  15-Dec-07   L227

Weathered,Pleasant Bush    Bishop, Helen Elizabeth          5-Nov-07   L191

Weatheren, Laura           Whitley, Jesse                  23-Dec-11   P034

Weatherly, Dessa E.        Dunkin, Reuben L.               27-Jan-19   V583

Weathers, Iona             Davis, E.L.                      9-Jul-04   J289

Weathers, J.C.             Ballantine, Amanda                          G178

Weathers, Mary Virginia    Kershaw, Theodore F.         23 Apr 1891    E329

Weathers, Oscar            Longwill, Hanah M.           07 Nov 1898    G604

Weaver, A.R.               Robins, Bessie                   1-Jan-14   Q486

Weaver, Alice              Plummer, B.F.                   25-Jul-11   O260

Weaver, Allie              Plank, Charles D.            05 Jun 1881    B163

Weaver, Anna               Sawbelt, Frank H.            31 Mar 1885    C234

Weaver, Bertha             Callahan, W.G.                   5-Jun-12   P263

Weaver, C. Alberta         Anderson, Paul E.               27-Mar-20   X282

Weaver, C.F.               Atwood, Phebe R.             08 Sep 1895    F588

Weaver, Carrie M.          Mead, James O.               14 Mar 1882    B251

Weaver, Charles A.         McVay, Martha                   17-Aug-14   R102

Weaver, Charles F.         Blood, Zella T.              01 Aug 1897    G332

Weaver, Charles Frederick  McClurg, Effie Pearl            18-Aug-21   Z222

Weaver, Cora E.            Brown, Harlow J.                21-Jun-14   R033

Weaver, Dean E.            Shumaker, Ruby E.               25-Dec-12   P598

Weaver, Ella               Truman, G.A.                    30-Dec-07   L264

Weaver, Elsie              Mitchell, G.W.                  25-Oct-19   W545

Weaver, Elzie E.           Hargrove, Ida                   22-Dec-19   X061

Weaver, Etta               Corey, Fred J.                   1-Mar-12   P132

Weaver, Gertrude           Lushbough, John H.           13 Oct 1894    F417

Weaver, Grace              Waggoner, Flesher                6-May-19   W121

Weaver, Hazel Trimmer      Brown, M.A.                      1-Dec-17   U298

Weaver, Helen              Ash, Orville                    13-Jan-18   U470

Weaver, Henry              McCutchan, Lou               21 Jun 1883    B383

Weaver, Ira A.             Mason, Mary A.                   3-Jun-20   X450

Weaver, J.E.               Rumberger, Alma C.           16 Sep 1886    C498

Weaver, Jack               Utt, Ethel                      18-Oct-19   W535

Weaver, James G.           Wood, Margaret                  12-Sep-21   Z274

Weaver, James W.           Rush, Manda E.               17 Jul 1884    C102

Weaver, Jessie N.          Lent, Hugh Perry                            S057

Weaver, John               Monie, Williamine               25-Jan-08   L287

Weaver, John F.            Helsby, M. Fay                  21-Jan-07   K524

Weaver, John F.            Moore, Annie                 21 Sep 1893    F206

Weaver, Kate               Mathewson, O.I.                 21-Nov-00   H462

Weaver, L.H.               Lowe, Ruth M.                               S231

Weaver, Lora               Myers, Gladys                   24-Dec-07   L238

Weaver, M.L.               Clapper, H.B.                   30-Apr-03   I543

Weaver, Mabel              Turner, J.H.                     6-Mar-05   J514

Weaver, Maggie L.          Shirley, George Jr.             26-Dec-07   L261

Weaver, Marie              Sloan, Walter                   19-Aug-18   V329

Weaver, Martin M.          Havens, Flora H.                16-Mar-20   X257

Weaver, Maude              Hopper, E.E.                                S266

Weaver, Maude              Winegarner, Homer                5-May-19   W118

Weaver, Minnie M.          Walker, S.A.                    12-Jan-05   J469

Weaver, N.P.               Hutchinson, Artemesia C         19-Sep-08   L579

Weaver, Peter              Langston, Jennie             13 Dec 1886    C550

Weaver, Ralph              Steinhoff, Irene M.              6-Nov-12   P498

Weaver, Rhoda E.           Parker, George E.            07 Jan 1892    E472

Weaver, S.O.               Brown, Minnie (Mrs.)            16-May-10   N141

Weaver, Sarah L.           Johnson, Richard K.          29 Dec 1881    B222

Weaver, Sue M.             Stevens, Herbert U.          16 Feb 1893    F077

Weaver, T.W.               Dorsey, Helen                    8-Jun-11   O177

Weaver, Viola              Cunningham, T.S.             18 Aug 1895    F577

Weaver, Walter             Ford, Lillian                   21-Dec-11   P027

Weaver, William L.         Burns, Besse M.                 16-Apr-18   V100

Weaver, William L.         Helm, Dora B.                    7-Dec-10   N489

Web, Roy                   Cruea, Leurena                  20-May-22   Z773

Webb, A.L.                 Rister, Ida M.                  31-Dec-19   X096

Webb, Alice                Greene, Charles F.              19-Apr-14   Q597

Webb, Alta                 Smith, Roy                                  S537

Webb, Anna Lee             Kreie, Earl E.                  31-Oct-19   W564

Webb, Belle                Gile, Clyde C.                   4-Sep-07   L108

Webb, Beulah Edna          Davidson, John                  24-Oct-17   U123

Webb, Blaine               Kelley, Freda                    2-Jul-19   W260

Webb, Carl E.              Bean, Ruth                      24-Sep-21   Z298

Webb, Charles B.           Cameron, Inez                   24-Sep-21   Z305

Webb, Charles Edward       Montgomery, Ora                 18-Jun-21   Z066

Webb, Charles H.           Hendrix, Edna L.                22-Mar-14   Q572

Webb, Cleo                 Eads, Albert R.                  7-Apr-20   X312

Webb, E.E.                 Delp, L.                        11-Oct-10   N388

Webb, Earl                 Rowley, Grace                   18-Dec-18   V516

Webb, Earl J.              Boyer, Ruth                                 T276

Webb, Edward S.            McPherson, Margaret E.       12 Mar 1890    E097

Webb, Ethel                Simpson, H.A.                   20-Oct-20   Y207

Webb, Frank C.             Nystrom, Ellen E.               29-Dec-20   Y384

Webb, George F.            Casserly, Margaret                          S364

Webb, George W.            Ballentine, Lillie           13 Jan 1889    D479

Webb, Gertrude             Moore, Russell                  14-Feb-22   Z604

Webb, Grace Marie          Orr, Marvin M.                   8-May-20   X386

Webb, Grover C.            Eamren, Roda                                K566

Webb, J.W.                 Pierce, Flora                   22-Aug-05   K019

Webb, Jeff                 Brown, Olive                    15-Jul-17   T505

Webb, Jeff                 Phelps, Pearl                               X025

Webb, Jessie Marguerite    Richardson, David B.             6-Jul-21   Z117

Webb, Job                  Pollitt, Margaret J.         15 Mar 1885    C224

Webb, Joseph Wallie        Boynton, Lulu                   30-Jan-18   U513

Webb, Julia Ellen          Pickerel, William L.            20-Aug-18   V332

Webb, Leona A.             Armstrong, Harry M.              1-Jan-02   I151

Webb, Leonidas John        Dedrick, Laura Anna             20-Oct-04   J384

Webb, Leota M.             McLean, T.E.                                S110

Webb, Lorinda J.           Hammon, Milton E.               25-Jun-19   W243

Webb, Ludia                Roberts, William             05 Jun 1890    E150

Webb, Mamie                Holmes, George                  23-Dec-08   M059

Webb, Mary                 Grundy, John                     9-Oct-04   J372

Webb, Mary W.              Walker, George L.            02 Mar 1884    C048

Webb, S.E.                 Lee, H.G.                    12 Oct 1896    G166

Webb, Sadie F.             McKee, Warren M.             18 Feb 1890    E080

Webb, Samuel F.            White, Rhoby C.              01 Oct 1889    D618

Webb, Sarah J.             Waugh, Van S.                02 Jan 1873    A057

Webb, Sebastian C.         Counsil, Retta Y.               17-Sep-00   H401

Webb, Susie M.             McDonald, Andrew W.          29 Apr 1891    E336

Webb, William              Moore, Grace                    21-Apr-07   K610

Webb, William E.           McDaniel, Stella F.             28-Feb-06   K215

Webb, William H.           Robertson, Grace                            S510

Webb, Wilma C.             McCreary, Arthur J.                         R481

Webb, Xarissa              Hall, Thomas F.              24 Jun 1876    A207

Webber, A.G.               Huntsinger, M.E.                24-May-04   J241

Webber, C.F.               Moore, Jennie E.                22-Sep-04   J354

Webber, Emma C.            Blakeley, Charles A.         28 Mar 1888    D257

Webber, I.I.               Gensman, Faye                               S534

Webber, Joseph             Browder, Minnie G.              22-Aug-04   J321

Webber, Louis              Robinson, Sarah              18 May 1889    D543

Webber, Margaret           Douthitt, James                             S363

Webber, Minnie G.          Long, Frank E.                   2-May-13   Q134

Webber, R.R.               Stauffer, Edna                              T356

Webber, Rose               Orth, Nick                      18-May-20   X401

Webber, Thomas             Bass, Mary                      23-Aug-06   K356

Webber, Tula F.            Ellas, Mark E.                   9-Oct-18   V436

Weber, Aggie               Kerschen, Nick                  18-Nov-19   W613

Weber, Alban J.            Holden, Edna V.                 28-Mar-22   Z676

Weber, Aloysius            Kampling, Gertrude              26-Apr-21   Y592

Weber, Anton               Sommerhauser, Mary           24 Jun 1884    C090

Weber, Bernhard            Nilles, Katharina (Mrs.)     01 Jul 1890    E154

Weber, Carrie A.           Whaley, James E.                25-Jun-08   L457

Weber, Clara               Kraus, Peter                                T289

Weber, Edward              Hein, Katharina (Cat..)      02 Apr 1891    E313

Weber, Edward              Wolke, Katherine                21-Feb-22   Z595

Weber, Emma                Grimm, Oscar                                S293

Weber, Floran              Schild, Clara                   22-Jan-13   P624

Weber, John                Thimmesch, Kate                 25-Nov-19   W599

Weber, John D.             Berr, Annie                  15 Oct 1895    F611

Weber, Katherine (Ca..)    Kerschen, Victor                30-Jan-11   N551

Weber, Katrina (Cathrina)  Pantenburg, John Adam        03 Apr 1894    F322

Weber, Leo                 Rau, Eva                         5-Oct-21   Z317

Weber, Maggie              Poage, R.B.                                 T372

Weber, Martha              Patry, Frank                                T360

Weber, Nickolous           Kerschen, Virginia              30-Jan-12   P079

Weber, Nikolaus(Nickolaus) Mankowski, Mary              17 Sep 1895    F583

Weber, Peter               Laggart, Dora                24 Jan 1899    H016

Weber, Peter               Vedder, Mary                    12-Aug-19   W337

Weber, Philip J.           Crouse, S. Irene             18 Feb 1892    E498

Weber, Sopha               Smith, Grover E.                26-Dec-07   L261

Webster, A.                Brightly, Clara E.               5-Jan-20   X112

Webster, Addell            Giesen, Anna                    27-Nov-12   P535

Webster, Alveretta         Gamble, Thomas H.            27 Oct 1882    B318

Webster, Anna              Hutchison, Samuel            30 Mar 1879    A413

Webster, Anna              McCune, Guy C.                  14-Jun-17   T433

Webster, Barzil            DeBaun, Lonie                   19-May-18   V159

Webster, Belle             Watt, Hugh R.                16 Dec 1875    A182

Webster, Bonnie C.         Metzker, Fred B.                 1-Dec-05   K126

Webster, C.D.              Rolf, Angie                  10 Nov 1897    G404

Webster, Daniel            Hogan, Grace                    20-Jan-18   U494

Webster, Emma              Miller, David P.                 4-Apr-05   J537

Webster, Ethel F.          Green, Almontie J.              15-Aug-20   Y026

Webster, George H. Jr.     Hohn, Ann K.                     5-May-06   K263

Webster, George W.         Firestone, Susie                21-Dec-04   J446

Webster, Grant M.          Hall, Elsie Jewett           01 Nov 1893    F245

Webster, Hal               Neal, Susie                      6-Dec-18   V509

Webster, Harold            Williamson, Gladys               5-Nov-17   U168

Webster, Ina               Boyer, Homer                     2-Apr-12   P173

Webster, Ina               Duncan, William Jr.          08 Mar 1896    G058

Webster, Iva               Brown, H.E.                     22-Jul-06   K331

Webster, Jennie C.         Carr, Lloyd Ellis            16 May 1897    G299

Webster, Joseph S.         Smith, Mayvis E.                            T081

Webster, Josephine         Lemme, Forrest W.               31-Oct-20   Y234

Webster, Leon              Yates, Anna                     26-Mar-22   Z674

Webster, Luella M.         Davenport, Nelse J.             31-Jan-15   R346

Webster, Luther            DeBaun, Lovie                    2-Jun-17   T408

Webster, M.F.              Russell, Samuel H.           24 Oct 1886    C519

Webster, Mable Lillian     Smith, Forrest Lee              30-Aug-11   O297

Webster, Mary E.           Hilts, Cecil J.                  5-Sep-17   T612

Webster, Merle             Meldrum, Pearl                   3-Feb-22   Z587

Webster, Myrtle Mae        DeVaughn, Arthur J.             15-Jun-19   W214

Webster, N.C.              Murphy, Myrtle               29 Mar 1886    C418

Webster, Nira              Cuykendall, Murray E.            8-Nov-19   W585

Webster, Norman R.         Brown, Gladys                   29-Oct-14   R215

Webster, Paul M.           Needham, Nellie Edith           22-Apr-22   Z722

Webster, Rose              Meyer, E.C.                     16-Dec-20   Y340

Webster, Sarah             Bluff, S.A.                     17-Aug-18   V315

Webster, Stella            Clemenson, Clarence Ed.         16-Sep-08   L567

Webster, William O.        Sampson, Hazel I.                2-Sep-21   Z253

Weckner, Beatrice          Ruggs, Irvin William            30-Jan-19   V588

Weddel, Joe                Cox, Alla Lee                   13-Sep-17   T626

Weddell, G.N.              Grubbs, Thelma                   5-May-19   W120

Weddle, Bertha             Powell, Earl W.                  5-Jul-17   T490

Weddle, Lena               Holloway, M.R.                   2-Mar-20   X227

Weddle, W. Thompson        Bowlin, Stella G.               11-Feb-14   Q529

Wedekend,Dora Elizabeth    Langley, Leo                    21-Oct-12   P472

Wedel, Jacob D.            Voth, Elizabeth                 17-Nov-05   K111

Wedel, Milford             Schmiehausen, Lucia              8-May-22   Z753

Wedge, Edith               Whitmore, A.J.               12 Dec 1888    D453

Weed, H.C.                 McNichols, Abbie                19-Dec-17   U365

Weed, Hallie               Fish, Philip                    16-Jun-12   P277

Weedman, Georgia           Branan, Howard                   7-Feb-12   P096

Week, H.S.                 Wilson, Lena                 30 Sep 1898    G578

Weeks, Adelia              Stigers, Johnn               15 Jun 1878    A338

Weeks, Clara Alice         Hogue, A.W.                     14-Feb-15   R358

Weeks, Cora Mabel          Kennard, Ray Hartwell           15-Sep-20   Y112

Weeks, Cynthia             Palmer, Ransom               26 Aug 1891    E375

Weeks, Fannie M.           Burr, George P.              27 Oct 1877    A292

Weeks, Florence Mae        Kipers, John Golden             29-Dec-17   U417

Weeks, Frank               Bright, Maude                    7-Sep-10   N314

Weeks, Harmon J.           Jones, Mary A.               04 Feb 1879    A395

Weeks, Harvy Oscar         Shaffer, Myrta Ellen            14-Dec-10   N494

Weeks, Ida L.              Boyd, Charles T.             16 Jul 1885    C278

Weeks, Kasenia             Bradley, W.C.                14 Feb 1879    A398

Weeks, Mary A. (Mrs.)      White, James C.              28 Jun 1899    H115

Weeks, Neva V.             DeMoss, Clarence H.              4-Apr-20   X305

Weeks, Rosa                Davis, Thomas                   16-Nov-05   K111

Weeks, Sadie               Taylor, W.E.                    14-Feb-15   R357

Weeks, Samuel D.           Mitchell, Olive O.           11 May 1898    G504

Weeks, Wilmina             McFadden, Claude E.             31-Dec-21   Z527

Weese, James A.            Ramsey, Alice (Mrs.)            10-Apr-13   Q102

Weese, Mary                Gray, Walter                    27-Nov-20   Y301

Weese, Mary E.             Davis, Frank                    24-Nov-20   Y291

Weese, Maude E.            Dye, Joseph E.                  20-Aug-19   W357

Weger, Elymus              Johnson, Neva                               S568

Weger, Mary                Williamson, Edward               6-Jul-10   N229

Wegerer, Alexander         Stockemer, Lena                 30-Apr-07   K601

Wegerer, Magdalena         Brand, John                  14 Nov 1893    F240

Wegerer, Mary              Debrecht, Frank              23 Feb 1897    G257

Wegley, Austin James       Wright, Helen Dorothy Goul      11-Oct-19   W514

Wegley, Belzoia M.         Palmer, Emory B.                31-Aug-19   W397

Wegmann, Emma              Brown, Lee                   30 Nov 1899    H217

Wegmiller, Lena Floy       Sanders, Virgil Victor L.       11-Feb-22   Z600

Wegner, Fronika            Heinrich, Michael            28 Apr 1879    A421

Wegner, Henry              Wiske, Mamie                    23-Jan-10   M593

Wegner, Maude              Haskin, William                  5-Sep-14   R131

Weh, Mary Elizabeth        Schlief, A.J.                   27-Apr-10   N114

Weh, Mary Elizabeth        Slief, A.J.                     27-Apr-10   N114

Wehe, Frances M.           Olson, Paul W.                  20-Jul-21   Z142

Wehlage, Joseph            Sommerhouser, Rose              22-Apr-13   Q099

Wehlage, Josephine(na)     Brand, John Gerhard             11-Mar-07   K564

Wehlage, Katie (Cath.)     Gegen, William                  12-Oct-09   M423

Wehlage, Lizzie            Helten, Peter                   27-Apr-10   N089

Wehland, Harry             Clark, Margaret                 19-Dec-17   U364

Wehling, Andrew Henry      Benke, Rebecca Josephine         5-Nov-12   P492

Wehling, William           Michael, Pearl                  16-Apr-12   P194

Wehrman, C.G.              Shinn, Bessie                   25-Mar-22   Z673

Weibley, Edward P.         Thomas, Lelia Lubetta           22-Feb-10   N028

Weickert, Margareth        Winner, Herman               15 Jan 1887    C575

Weide, Fred W.             Bacon, Emolin                   13-Sep-09   M424

Weidenbach, Adelheid       Bosworth, M.C.                  21-Apr-03   I532

Weidenbach, Harry C.       Southwell, Inez                  3-May-18   V128

Weidenbach, Ruby A.        Fisher, Henry M.                30-Jul-19   W322

Weidenheimer, Lola E.      Taylor, C.E.                                S598

Weidlein, E.R.             Butts, Hazel                                R425

Weidman, Clara M.          Morrell, Frank M.               11-Feb-02   I178

Weidman, D.T.              Atwood, Esther                  28-Mar-20   X278

Weidman, Ella Mae          Abel, Rudolph F.                18-Sep-21   Z276

Weidman, Lena              Smith, Elmer V.                 25-Dec-13   Q468

Weidner, Ada S.            Miller, Nathan M.            08 Jan 1876    A188

Weigand, Mary              Chapman, J.N.                    7-Jul-10   N230

Weigand, William Alford    Shea, Marie Catherine           15-Feb-22   Z606

Weight, J.M.               Edwards, Hannah              19 Jul 1887    D062

Weight, Louise             Holder, Elisha                  24-Dec-19   X072

Weight, Mary A.            Swart, J.B.                     24-Jul-12   P345

Weightman, Adelaide        Russell, David                  10-Mar-03   I505

Weik, Nettie F.            Winters, Fred M.                 2-Apr-03   I520

Weil, A.C.                 Denning, Henry                  28-Mar-21   Y548

Weil, George C.            Cooper, Mattie W.H.          14 Feb 1889    D495

Weiland, Chancie           Clark, Marcellia                 3-Feb-20   X174

Weiler, F.H.               Hadley, Mabel G.                28-Apr-14   Q609

Weiler, Lewis E.           Viney, Nettie C.                20-Oct-01   I082

Weinberger, S.W.           Bone, Kate                       3-Mar-12   P134

Weindorf, Marie R.         Ramsey, Robert E.                2-Jul-12   P318

Weingand, J.R.             Blades, Leona                   11-Dec-08   M042

Weinheimer, E.H.           McClung, Nellie                 25-Feb-09   M158

Weinschenk, A.M.           Shea, Agnes T.               11 Apr 1888    D266

Weinsheimer, Carl          Mitchell, Ina                   19-Jan-19   V573

Weinshenk, Elisabeth       Gorges, Peter                12 Jan 1881    B135

Weir, Anna                 Lockard, James A.            28 Jun 1877    A274

Weir, Annie Laura          Christman, Benjamine A.         23-Jun-09   M311

Weir, Cora                 Stephens, E.O.                              R636

Weir, F.B.                 Furnas, May                     19-Oct-08   L610

Weir, Georgia A.           Potter, Oscar J.                 4-Dec-01   I116

Weir, Laura J.             Taylor, Jacob B.             05 Jan 1876    A186

Weir, Martha J.            Stevens, William J.             12-Dec-01   I122

Weir, Oliver F.            Teet, Josephine                             S182

Weir, Robert K.            Todd, Ollie                      7-Jan-01   I153

Weirick, Carrie            Holloway, H.C.                  27-Nov-20   Y302

Weirick, Charles           Benton,                                     C084

Weirick, Charles E.        Vaughn, Maggie                  14-Jan-02   I158

Weirick, Claytie           Henricks, Harvey J.             16-Mar-10   N057

Weirick, Mary E.           Jones, Edward                   20-Oct-09   M483

Weirick, Nellie Catherine  Erkolein, Henry David            6-Sep-20   Y067

Weirick, Virgie V.         Jones, Arthur C.                29-Jul-03   I615

Weirick, William J.        Hemler, Clara                28 Feb 1889    D503

Weirs, Nellie              Eibing, F.A.                 28 Feb 1883    B353

Weis, H.W.                 Harris, Ruth M.                 28-Aug-20   Y058

Weis, Henry G.             Groff, Sarah E.              14 Aug 1894    F387

Weisbrod, Theodore C.      Armantrout, Daisy (Mrs)      15 Oct 1899    H184

Weise, Henry               Hillman, Rebecca             20 Jul 1879    A435

Weisenburg, William        Huerter, Mary                    6-Oct-19   W500

Weiser, Anna Therssa       Konecny, Rudolph C.             27-Apr-20   X347

Weiser, Jean               Harryman, Harry Brooks          30-Nov-10   N477

Weishaar, Frank N.         Gerety, Mamie                   29-Nov-06   K461

Weishaar, H.H.             McFarland, C.J.                  5-Sep-04   J333

Weishaar, Utie May         Morris, Clare D.                12-Oct-03   J051

Weisner, Adolph            Gors, Minnie                 16 May 1872    A035

Weiss, Bertha              Hladik, Anton                   28-Aug-12   P390

Weiss, Katherine           Peters, W.F.                                R505

Weiss, M.                  Wampler, Myrtle                  1-Jun-12   P253

Weiss, Mae                 Trout, E.R.                     31-Dec-19   X091

Weiss, Marie               Kenyon, B.F.                    30-Jun-09   M329

Weiss, Mary E.             Pollock, Cloral J.              27-Oct-12   P471

Weiss, Otto                Wylie, Anna                  09 Jun 1885    C264

Weiss, William             Stein, Bertha                10 Dec 1887    D174

Weist, Hezekiah            Delbridge, Mary E.           23 Dec 1888    D458

Weitz, Samuel              Ogden, Grace                    25-Nov-13   Q436

Weitzel, J.F.              Smith, Marie                    12-Nov-08   M002

Weitzel, Lewis             Burns, Catherine             23 Apr 1898    G494

Weitzel, Minnie            Witturn, Miles                   2-Apr-04   J201

Welch, Alice               Schroeder, A.L.                 23-Aug-17   T591

Welch, Anna L.             Riley, Watson A.                23-Jun-03   I584

Welch, Anna Louisa         Nicholson, J.L.                             I322

Welch, Anna(nie)           Young, George H.             07 Dec 1891    E439

Welch, Bess M.             Jacobs, Leroy Arthur                        S126

Welch, C.A.                Rogers, Rosa                 26 Sep 1898    G573

Welch, Charles E.          Rizer, Mary E.               10 Jun 1891    E347

Welch, E.V.                Triplett, Virginia May       30 Dec 1896    G230

Welch, Ed M.               Ray, Anna                                   T175

Welch, Ernest C.           Joyner, Sadie D.                15-Apr-06   K244

Welch, Eunice              Manns, Charles                              T163

Welch, Flo                 Hill, Orpha B.                              S230

Welch, Florence Opal       Polk, C.H.                       7-Oct-20   Y172

Welch, Francis H.          Geohegan, Laura E.              21-Nov-00   H461

Welch, Fred                Woodruff, Etta Grace            24-Sep-14   R160

Welch, George H.           Jones, Gertude H.               29-Nov-05   K119

Welch, Gladys Cross        Brant, Vern                     21-Nov-18   V488

Welch, Harry               Miller, Mary Sophia             23-Dec-07   L248

Welch, Hazel               Smith, John J.                   5-Mar-19   W011

Welch, J.S.                Brown, Jessie Madoline          13-Jan-09   M100

Welch, Julia A.            Anthony, T.J.                21 Dec 1885    C364

Welch, Lillie May          Brazill, W.P.                   27-May-03   I562

Welch, M.J.                White, Eliza                 02 Apr 1888    D258

Welch, Martin K.           Minson, Ethel Doris             28-Jan-22   Z577

Welch, May(ary)            Kelly, W.S.                  23 Dec 1899    H234

Welch, Minnie              Fager, Phillip                              S072

Welch, N.J.                Barnes, May                     21-Apr-20   X345

Welch, Nancy E. (Mrs.)     Jurgens, J.N.                    4-Jul-00   H351

Welch, Pearl Marie         Beaty, Frank Mitchell           21-Oct-07   L176

Welch, Rosa M.             Fraser, Samuel H.                8-Mar-12   P140

Welch, Ruth                Wilson, J.H.                    23-Dec-17   U383

Welch, S.A.                Cheap, Carrie B.                10-Apr-01   H551

Welch, Samuel Meade        Blagg, Clara                    17-Sep-18   V397

Welden, L.A.               Zieber, John                    20-Oct-20   Y211

Weldon, Chloe              McGuffin, Robert E.             26-Apr-09   M233

Weldon, Mary               Stewart, Edward              25 Jun 1878    A340

Weldy, Gladys              Scott, V.C.                     19-Aug-17   T582

Weldy, Leonard             Blake, Hazel                                T134

Welk, Anna                 Specht, Sam G.                  12-Dec-17   U338

Wellborn, Curtis R.        Bryant, Emma Charlotte          27-Apr-21   Y603

Wellborn, Harry            Kraff, Mabel                    12-Feb-11   O012

Wellborn, Stella           Dunn, George F.                 20-Jan-01   H504

Weller, Anna               Shatto, Newton               01 Jul 1886    C461

Weller, F.W.               Hicks, Myrtle                    5-Mar-22   Z642

Weller, Julia              Willis, John C.              20 Feb 1885    C214

Weller, Lorene             Giberson, Glenn                 12-Apr-22   Z705

Weller, Ralph E.           Snyder, Ruby                    14-Jul-18   V278

Welliever, A.F.            Carlisle, Lida (Mrs.)           17-Oct-00   H437

Welliever, Maude E.        O'Hair, John W.                 25-Feb-01   H529

Welliver, Vernin           Cooper, Bessie                  30-Jan-13   Q011

Welliver, Walter C.        Caulkins, Mary J.                           T166

Wellke, May                Shipley, Albert                  9-Nov-17   U185

Wellman, A.C.              Clark, Charlotte                20-Jul-20   X598

Wellman, Hattie            Collop, Emmett                   4-Nov-00   H453

Wellman, Laura I.          Robinson, Oliver T.          27 Dec 1894    F467

Wellman, Paul              Tobias, Florence                13-Jul-18   V276

Wellman, Ruth              Proctor, Calvin Jr.             22-Mar-22   Z668

Wellmon, Robert            Brown, Estelle               15 Sep 1898    G568

Wells, Agnes M.            Palmer, W.E.                    27-Sep-20   Y143

Wells, Anna                Ross, Orville                               T337

Wells, Anna                Washington, Henry            14 Jan 1886    C376

Wells, Annie E.            Collins, Thomas              26 Aug 1883    B402

Wells, Athel               Burrows, Effie                   1-May-10   N112

Wells, Bell                Hendryx, C.W.                03 May 1896    G097

Wells, Bennett             Morgan, Gertrude                29-Jul-14   R077

Wells, C.C.                Miller, Rosa Alice               8-Oct-13   Q366

Wells, C.E.                Engert, Lena                    18-Oct-14   R196

Wells, C.T.                Alexander, Lucy Esther          19-Sep-17   T633

Wells, Charles E.          Woodall, Daisy               23 Jan 1892    E482

Wells, Charles T.          Hamerson, Frances A.            16-May-09   M253

Wells, Charlotte B.        Root, J.W.                      29-Nov-06   K467

Wells, Chester             Kindred, Merle                  17-Jun-11   O200

Wells, Clyde B.            Wolfe, Alma Harriet              5-Jun-07   L004

Wells, Cora                Gossett, Marion                             O320

Wells, Cora                Gossett, Myron                              S172

Wells, David S.            Lamb, Eliza J.                   8-Mar-13   Q056

Wells, Dollie E.           Arnote, W.C.                    31-Jul-07   L069

Wells, E.F.                Orr, Virgie                     12-Jan-20   X125

Wells, E.R.                Penny, Cora                  08 Sep 1887    D099

Wells, Earl                Burrow, Mary Isabelle           12-Sep-11   O319

Wells, Ella (Mrs.)         Conway, Cornelius A.         05 Aug 1890    E179

Wells, Elsie               Smith, Warren                   19-Oct-17   U102

Wells, Fannie Tay          Schroeder, John                  3-Mar-02   I193

Wells, Fern Hope           Beck, Carl Otto                             T134

Wells, Flora               Murray, E.L.                     2-Mar-18   V015

Wells, Fredonia            Seneker, J.L.                16 Jun 1899    H107

Wells, Gaylord C.          Mills, Susie                                S401

Wells, Gertrude            Elvin, J.A.                     10-Jul-19   W277

Wells, Harry J.            Wilson, Kathryne J.              8-Jun-01   H607

Wells, Hazel               Smith, Lee R.                   18-Jun-18   V230

Wells, Horace O.           Reiman, Emma S.              11 Jun 1890    E145

Wells, Ina                 Parker, Charles                 15-Feb-19   V614

Wells, Irene               Ford, Clifford                  24-Apr-12   P213

Wells, Ivy Alice           English, J.M.                    1-Jun-03   I566

Wells, Joseph L.           Lough, Edna B.                  31-Aug-08   L542

Wells, Josephine           Willis, George               28 Dec 1882    B335

Wells, Leona               Berge, E.M.                      6-Jun-14   R016

Wells, Lillian             Barnhisel, Edward Stewart       18-Mar-09   M185

Wells, Loretta B.          Tremain, John L.                24-Aug-18   V345

Wells, Margaret F.         Bennett, Thomas E.               5-Oct-07   L156

Wells, Marian H.           Cronin, S. Hugh                 27-Jun-20   X528

Wells, Mary E.             Soldani, S.J.                   27-Jun-21   Z088

Wells, Mary Ellen          McGuinn, Thomas F.               7-May-18   V133

Wells, Mary M.             Carl, Earl R.                   16-Oct-20   Y201

Wells, Maud C.             Ledlie, H.F.                                T320

Wells, Maud M.             Barnes, J.F.                     1-Dec-04   J432

Wells, May P.              Foster, Alpheus P.                          T038

Wells, May P.              Johnson, William J.             22-Aug-12   P382

Wells, Moline              Morgan, Harry Ray                8-May-20   X386

Wells, Myrtle              Wilson, Ed                      16-Mar-11   O054

Wells, Paul C.             Vestring, Marie                 17-Oct-17   U086

Wells, Roy                 Peirsol, Minnie                             S537

Wells, Samuel G.           DeGeer, Mabel                    4-Oct-05   K057

Wells, Stella              Stice, Harrison                 16-May-21   Y640

Wells, T.M.                Parsons, Cora                17 May 1885    C254

Wells, Thomas A.           Nantell, Malena              25 Nov 1896    G196

Wells, V.D.                Mills, Florence                  2-Dec-21   Z461

Wells, V.K.                Elliott, Lois                    4-Feb-03   I475

Wells, Vera Dorothy        Coulson, Frederick N.                       S001

Wells, Virgil L.           Rowland, Beulah S.              21-Mar-21   Y538

Wells, W.H.                Murphy, Kate L.              20 Dec 1898    G636

Wells, William E.          Roy, Mayme L.                               R534

Wells, William I.          Martin, Jean Lois                4-Feb-20   X176

Wells, Willie F.           Fuller, Nellie               13 May 1871    A009

Welmon, Angie A.           Cooke, Charles E.            04 Jun 1894    F364

Welmon, Daisey             Colvin, Isaac                24 Nov 1895    F633

Welr, Leo W.               Orr, Florence B.                            Q195

Welsh, Catherine (KatherineMurphy, J.A.                 19 Jan 1898    G444

Welsh, D.W.                Stahl, Emma                  01 Nov 1888    D424

Welsh, Frank J.            McCune, Helen E.                15-Jul-08   L482

Welsh, Glen H.             Parmley, Edna E.                25-Dec-19   X062

Welsh, Harry               Curtis, Lena                    29-Feb-08   L323

Welsh, Helen               Saunders, Stewart A.            12-Apr-22   Z700

Welsh, Julia A.            Truitt, Samuel               01 May 1883    B369

Welsh, McKee               Rudd, Ella Mae                  20-Apr-10   N105

Welsh, Myrtle              Crose, Fred J.                  30-Apr-09   M240

Welshimer, Harry J.        Brown, Lillie                    7-Mar-15   R379

Welshimer, Nellie Louise   McRoberts, George H.            11-Aug-20   Y018

Welshimer, William J.      Silverwood, Annie G.         15 Mar 1893    F096

Welshimer, William Samuel  Carmichael, Ella Marie                      T140

Welte, Joseph A.           Newcom, Margaret                 2-Jun-17   T415

Welte, Mable(ble) E.       Thrall, Herbert C.               5-Apr-08   L358

Welter, F.H.               Peck, I.W.                       1-Jun-20   X442

Welter, Margaret           Winderlin, Fred              04 May 1899    H079

Welter, Will W.            Doyle, Maude M.              16 Nov 1897    G407

Welter, William            Doyle, Bessie                   25-Aug-14   R112

Welty, Cecil May           Hawkins, A.M.                   22-Oct-19   W545

Welty, Dora                Priest, John B.              17 Sep 1897    G359

Welty, Maude               Lane, T.C.                      16-Jan-15   R330

Welty, Minnie              Tweedy, Arthur L.                7-Jun-05   J595

Welty, Pearl Elizabeth     Fitzpatrick, J. John                        S109

Welwood, M. Virginia       Boynton, Chester A.             24-Jun-18   V238

Welz, Charles              Bron, Sadie                     19-Mar-14   Q564

Welz, Julius               Tuchscheer, Amalia(lla)          3-Feb-00   H265

Wemple, Agnes E.           Thomas, James                    9-Sep-03   J015

Wemple, Cora D. (E.)       Hayden, Alfred R.               17-Mar-09   M183

Wemple, May E.             Nelson, Ogle P.                 16-Oct-21   Z349

Wemple, Myndert D.         Odell, Lizzie                04 Oct 1874    A133

Wencl, Henry               Subera, Rosa                    25-Oct-21   Z383

Wendel, H.F.               Miles, Katie M.                  3-Sep-19   W406

Wendell, Adolph            Clapper, Linnie                 11-Jul-06   K323

Wendhausen, Ruth           Steffen, Julius E.              24-Jan-11   N564

Wendling, Leo              Watts, Daphne                               S493

Wenger, Fannie E.          Cook, Robert S.              17 Nov 1885    C341

Wenger, Lemen B.           Copeland, Fannie             18 Aug 1874    A129

Wenigar, Mildred           Armstrong, R.G.                 20-Aug-19   W374

Wentworth, Charles Wm.     Howell, Lydia                    2-Nov-11   O396

Wentworth, Ethel           Batka, Frank                     7-Jan-09   M080

Wentworth, Leo V.          Baker, Wanona                   19-Jan-18   U493

Wentworth, Ralph           Wolfe, Josephine                 4-Nov-09   M515

Wentworth, Richard B.      Millison, Marion             16 Apr 1895    F524

Wentz, Alva R.             Mueller, Emma June               8-Aug-11   O276

Wentz, Florence            Zaun, C.E.                      21-Sep-21   Z296

Wentz, Loyd R.             Mueller, Maggie              25 Sep 1894    F404

Wentz, Marie               Steele, Clyde                   20-Feb-18   U576

Wentz, Minnie              Johnson, J.W.                   13-Mar-21   Y520

Wentz, R.F.                Jennings, F.H. (Mrs.)           20-Oct-10   N402

Wentzel, Frank             Daugherty, Ella                  9-Jan-01   H503

Wenzel, Ernest T.          Findeiss, Estella               23-Nov-10   N470

Wenzel, John               Botkin, Anna E.                             S605

Wenzel, Maggie             Borstner, George             14 Mar 1887    C611

Weppner, Frank C.          Werner, Louise A.            24 Jun 1891    E353

Weraks, Emma E.            Mendenhall, Edwin E.            23-Sep-08   L575

Werbin, Louisa             Phelps, W.J.                 03 Nov 1897    G398

Werbin, Nellie(Nillie)     Phelps, I.N.                 15 Oct 1897    G381

Werby, Eva H.              Friedman, Joseph                 4-Jul-04   J284

Werner, Avis Vivian        Hall, Frank Reynolds                        R577

Werner, Emil               Hartman, Mary                20 Jul 1898    G541

Werner, F.                 Boulton, Libbie              30 Nov 1898    G624

Werner, Frank Jr.          Schober, Anna                    8-Apr-02   I216

Werner, Johanna Wilhelmina Smith, Archie Lee                           S361

Werner, L.                 Tatman, W.                   18 Aug 1896    G134

Werner, Lester C.          Louie, Emma                     11-Mar-14   Q563

Werner, Louise A.          Weppner, Frank C.            24 Jun 1891    E353

Werner, Rhoda              Bish, Ernest H.                 31-Jul-13   Q261

Werner, Rosa               Foster, James                22 Aug 1898    G559

Wernett, Nina              Johnston, H.P.                   6-Nov-17   U170

Werries, J. Henry          Green, Katherine (Mrs.)         17-Apr-11   O104

Wertheimer, Ida            Brunswick, David             14 Jan 1891    E286

Werther, Cora              Higbee, Bert                     1-Jun-10   N169

Wertz, Ben                 Clark, Iowa                     30-Apr-13   Q128

Wertz, Harry Scott         Kirkpatrick, Mae                27-Dec-10   N514

Wertz, Howard G.           Norris, Dolly                    8-Oct-17   U057

Wertz, John S.             White, Daisy A.                             S292

Wertz, Lena                Dixon, James G.                             T193

Wertz, Melvin              Waymin, Grace                               R622

Wertzberger, Henry W.      Pusch, Margaret                  4-Dec-12   P552

Weshimer, William J.       Silverwood, Annie G.         15 Mar 1893    F096

Wesley, David J.           Lewis, Anna                     11-Jul-08   L477

Wesley, Jessie May         Barnard, R.R.                   18-Nov-09   M531

Wesley, Leora              Sanford, W.                                 S315

Wesley, Marie              Linn, Harry D.                  20-May-08   L406

Wesner, George S.          Wilbur, Cora R.              03 Jan 1881    B126

Wesner, Willie             Rodgers, Jesse A.               31-Jan-20   X168

Wess, Theodore             Gilbert, Ellen                              S142

Wesselhoft, Sadie          Hartman, Charles             10 Sep 1890    E195

Wesson, Oliver             Ross, Mable(bel)                25-Apr-10   N111

West, A.J.                 Carnahan, Edwina                11-Aug-20   Y017

West, A.W.                 Blevins, Maggie                 29-Oct-21   Z392

West, Alfred               Wiles, Maggie                    6-Dec-09   M553

West, Belle E.             Bunnell, L.B.                28 Jun 1880    B074

West, Betha                Boyle, Wallace                  26-Apr-11   O121

West, Calvin D.            Flock, Frances A.            30 May 1889    D548

West, Carl Dudley          Sould, Ethel                    19-Oct-18   V452

West, Chester              Casteel, Zephie May             12-Nov-03   J079

West, Clyde Ellsworth      Rimmel, Anna Jane               27-Oct-18   V461

West, Cora A.              Hatton, C.A.                    30-Dec-08   M074

West, Daisie E.            Kuhlmann, Grover F.                         S294

West, Donald C.            Harrison, Oneita                16-Sep-20   Y108

West, Dora                 Wolfe, William                  19-Apr-22   Z718

West, Earl                 Ford, Faral                                 R577

West, Emma R.              Jett, William A.             03 Jul 1888    D333

West, Estelle              Martin, Oliver A.                4-Sep-11   O309

West, Frank                Ray, Inez                       19-Jan-18   U490

West, Genevieve            Furnish, Benjamin F.            18-Dec-19   X049

West, George               Cross, Vera                     27-Aug-18   V353

West, George               Curtis, Cora                    10-Apr-09   M213

West, Grace                Horton, James R.                19-Apr-21   Y590

West, Harry T.             Oliver, Lena                 11 Apr 1888    D268

West, Hattie               Roys, Reuben H.              22 Aug 1883    B401

West, Hazel                Harding, Bert                   14-Sep-21   Z277

West, Henry Edwin          Garringer, Clarsey              25-Feb-22   Z628

West, Ida                  McGinnis, J.S.                  12-Jul-20   X579

West, James Fulton         Brewer, May                     28-Feb-04   J176

West, Joseph G.            McGlade, Lettie                  9-Apr-02   I218

West, Josie                Wilson, Earl                                T049

West, Julia                Gallaway, Charles R.            24-Apr-20   X349

West, Katie A.             Gillespie, George W.            27-Feb-18   V011

West, Lizzie               Vredenburg, D.C.                 8-Feb-05   J493

West, Louella              Ingram, A.R.                 12 Nov 1895    F624

West, Lovica               Lewis, Charles                   3-Aug-12   P358

West, Mabel                Branson, H.H.                   31-Dec-18   V549

West, Mabel                Scott, Elliott                   5-Mar-10   N048

West, Mabel                Woodring, Howard                15-Oct-21   Z353

West, Mary E.              Trimbo, D.S.                 14 Jun 1888    D320

West, Merta                Shaffer, Harry H.            25 Oct 1896    G176

West, Paul V.              Dobson, A. Loave                10-Sep-08   L560

West, R.A.                 Wood, G.G.                   07 Sep 1888    D360

West, Robert M.            Mullins, Elizabeth                          T370

West, Sadie (Mrs.)         Botts, Samuel                12 Nov 1894    F436

West, Silas A.             Toweill, Edith M.               14-May-02   I244

West, Simon B.             Rossler, Annie M.            18 Jun 1891    E348

West, Thomas Arch          Williams, Kittie Emma           24-Dec-02   I441

West, Viole                Harmon, J.B.                    12-Jan-10   M616

West, Walter Andrew        Piersol, Constance Elsie         8-Oct-19   W506

Westbrook, Virginia D.     Simons, Earl M.                  1-May-12   P216

Westburg, Helen            Gabrielson, Emil                20-Jun-05   J606

Westerberg, Amanda         Benson, W.E.                    26-Sep-06   K381

Westerfeld, Bertha(Mrs)    Westerfeld, William             30-Nov-12   P546

Westerfeld, William        Westerfeld, Bertha(Mrs)         30-Nov-12   P546

Westerheide, Charles W.    Herbison, Lula Lee           29 Sep 1893    F214

Westerhouse, Jennie        Hunt, S.R.                      28-Mar-00   H296

Westerman, Herman          Crouch, Anna Grace           02 Dec 1894    F451

Westerman, William Henry   Mitchell, Ida C.                11-Mar-08   L337

Westermayer, George J.     Miner, Ruth Marie               15-Dec-20   Y337

Westfall, Earl G.          Kennedy, Grace                  11-Aug-17   T571

Westfall, Edward E.        Rennick, Rosella             05 Sep 1899    H152

Westfall, Fannie           Roby, William T.                25-Nov-09   M539

Westfall, Frank S.         Camp, Marie Jones               26-Nov-17   U267

Westfall, Georgie (Mrs.)   Kirchner, John                              A170

Westfall, Goldie           Deeds, Adrian                    2-May-22   Z744

Westfall, Hazel Verna      Hall, Charles E.                11-Oct-19   W512

Westfall, Ida J.           Hoover, Charles H.           19 Jul 1899    H128

Westfall, Martin           Francis, Eva                                S125

Westfall, Mary J.          Fouts, Price                    28-Aug-18   V356

Westfall, Nelle M.         Buzick, Henry S. Jr.            13-Feb-22   Z603

Westfall, Ora Bell(le)     Maddy, S.H.                  29 Apr 1893    F124

Westfall, S.D.             Edwards, Olive M.                4-Aug-13   Q268

Westfall, Stella M.        Beaver, G.F.                    29-Apr-03   I542

Westfall, T.B.             Dugan, Myrtle                               T191

Westfall, T.B.             Willis, Ethel                   18-Nov-20   Y279

Westfall, Texie D.         Davies, Wilburn B.              26-Jan-11   N569

Westfield, Thaddaus        Duncan, Ophelia                 22-Mar-13   Q075

Westgate, Avanel C.        Finch, Adrian N.                 3-Aug-11   O266

Westgate, George L.        Pyle, Clara                     11-Apr-00   H304

Westgate, Lloyd A.         Ireland, Lillian P.             20-Nov-17   U241

Westgate, Ora A.           Anderson, A.W.                  21-Sep-04   J351

Westgate, Rosa M.          Alexander, Phillip H.        06 Jun 1894    F367

Westhafer, Josephine       Wingart, Harry J.            15 May 1889    D538

Westhaver, Mary L.         McCartney, James W.          02 May 1872    A034

Westhoff, Harold S.        Briggle, Chloe                              T300

Weston, Charles Francis    Hopkins, Neva Beatrice          20-Oct-20   Y208

Weston, E.E.               McGovney, C.W.               06 Apr 1880    B060

Weston, Frank M.           Clifford, Fredonia M.        25 Dec 1890    E271

Weston, Gladys             Shaffer, Ralph                  14-Jan-11   N552

Weston, Mary Anna          Schwartz, Walter A.             26-Oct-19   W551

Weston, Moses W.           Brown, Sarah L.              28 Sep 1891    E394

Weston, Ruby               Marsh, Fred                     18-Oct-21   Z362

Westover, Count I.         Pentico, Flo E.                 28-Feb-11   O034

Westover, Earl             Dickerson, Ivora                11-May-14   Q624

Westover, Izora            Thomas, Julian                  25-Aug-20   Y057

Westphal, Frances          Carothers, J.C.                  9-May-19   W131

Westphal, John             Farmer, Ida                      9-Feb-09   M132

Westrup, Ollie M.          Scott, Sam C.                    5-Nov-12   P496

Wetherholt, Julia          Brown, Thomas                25 Jan 1886    C383

Wetherlow, Stella          Meskimen, O.B.                   5-Sep-13   Q305

Wethers, Augusta           Viney, Charles R.            21 Nov 1880    B093

Wethers, Ben               Mason, Mary A.                  18-May-05   J573

Wetherworth, Maria         Barton, George               20 Feb 1887    C590

Wetig, George D.           Tate, Grace                     28-Jan-03   I473

Wetmore, Bruce             Winthrop, Psyche Sue            10-Sep-19   W429

Wetmore, Carrie            Wilkins, John S.             13 Aug 1888    D357

Wetmore, Earle D.          Edmondson, Maude                17-Jul-09   M349

Wetmore, Ida               Cotton, Emery E.                 9-May-10   N131

Wetmore, Lillian M.        Clinton, Victor E.               4-Apr-20   X306

Wetmore, Maebelle Izora    Fox, Frank Edward               22-Jun-04   J268

Wetmore, Minnie            Jurgena, Herman                 30-Jun-17   T481

Wetta, Albertina           Sittler, Louis A.               23-Jul-12   P326

Wetta, Emma C.             Albers, Herman H.                6-Feb-07   K525

Wetta, John B.             Spexarth, Bernardina             2-Jun-14   Q640

Wetta, Joseph              Durham, Mary                 15 Apr 1879    A418

Wetta, Josephine           Winter, Albert                              T358

Wetta, Leo J.              Spexarth, Anna K.               24-May-10   N145

Wetta, Rose                Voegeli, Frank                   8-Oct-12   P438

Wetterhold, A.R.           Adamson, Flossie                26-Jun-12   P308

Wetterhold, Olive M.       Legate, James E.                 2-Nov-19   W566

Wetterhold, W.C.           Garber, Myra Amelia             15-Jun-19   W214

Wetterhold, William        Marshall, Mary Anna          15 Mar 1887    C594

Wetterholdt, Frank         Pratt, Mary Kyle             20 Jun 1897    G317

Wetzlaw, Matilda           Elgin, Paul Herbert             27-Dec-05   K150

Weurst, Kate               Jenkins, Mark                   10-Oct-19   W509

Weurst, Marian             Seip, Dick                                  W509

Wever, Eva                 Craw, Sylvester T.              18-Aug-03   I633

Wey, Edith Catherine       Kenny, William Dennis                       S313

Wey, Hilda Jeanette        Francis, E.M.                               S098

Wey, Oscar Herman          Rosenberger, Clara Marie         6-May-19   W116

Wey, Walter                High, Lula                      21-Jan-08   L283

Weyeneth, Edith A.         Nighswonger, Frank           06 Oct 1898    G583

Weyeneth, Marcus R.        Rhodes, Achsa M.             07 Jul 1887    D052

Weygandt, Eleyne           Wooten, Alphia C.               22-Mar-21   Y540

Weygandt, Flora E.         Howard, J.N.                 24 Dec 1877    A303

Weygandt, H.               Barnard, Laura F.               19-Apr-06   K250

Weygandt, Hymeneus         Morris, Anna                                S228

Weygandt, Lula H.          Widdoes, Alonzo                 16-Mar-05   J522

Weygandt, May              Sladek, Tom                      2-Aug-14   R082

Weyl, Deerwood             Fowler, Doris                   20-Nov-18   V489

Weyl, Harry F.             Becket, Alice                   26-Apr-13   Q121

Weyms, George              Isler, Ethel                    24-Dec-02   I435

Whalen, Katie              Bentley, Charley                 3-Feb-03   I477

Whalen, Maggie             Baker, George W.                22-Aug-06   K354

Whaley, Almira Ella        Ayres, Dick Hervin              15-Mar-11   O050

Whaley, Anna               Brennan, C.F.                03 Jul 1899    H120

Whaley, Anna               Rimel, Robert                   17-Sep-03   J020

Whaley, Blanche            Bozarth, F.P.                   25-Sep-11   O340

Whaley, Ethel G.           Stafford, Harry                 23-Dec-06   K493

Whaley, H.A.               Heath, Martha                31 Oct 1887    D145

Whaley, H.F.               Wilson, T.B.                    28-Mar-03   I518

Whaley, James E.           Weber, Carrie A.                25-Jun-08   L457

Whaley, L.B.               Turner, H.W.                    30-Mar-19   W043

Whaley, Minnie Pearl       Toepke, Herman                  31-May-17   T396

Whaley, Percie             Mitchell, Will                   7-May-13   Q137

Whaley, Samuel             Stuber, Minnie Pearl             5-Apr-11   O085

Whaley, Samuel P.          Bottjer, Ella                07 Mar 1880    B047

Whalin, J.M.               Roof, Nancy D.                  11-Feb-22   Z601

Wharf, Clifton Blaine      Davis, Ellen May                30-Dec-08   M081

Wharry, Elizabeth V.       Orr, N.B.                       22-Mar-14   Q575

Wharry, Robert             Rice, Alice                     28-Jun-11   O221

Wharton, Harry C.          Bridenstein, May M.                         R546

Wharton, Joe M.            Dennis, Edith                   25-Sep-06   K383

Wharton, Lloyd             Norton, Irene                    4-Oct-11   O354

Wharton, Pearl             Kinnear, Wilbur                  2-Jun-21   Z014

Whayland, Lizzie           Gibbs, Charles               16 Aug 1892    E595

Wheat, George N.           Huffman, Alice               29 Dec 1886    C567

Wheaton, Alfred E.         Massey, Rachel               12 Dec 1884    C171

Wheaton, John Edwin        Stotts, Cora                                S091

Whedbee, Earl Franklin     Hughes, Harriet(tte)            12-Dec-12   P563

Whedbee, Earl Franklin     Whedbee, Harriet                 7-Sep-18   V384

Whedbee, Harriet           Whedbee, Earl Franklin           7-Sep-18   V384

Whedbee, Vina D.           Quigley, Charles W.              5-Oct-13   Q355

Whedon, Carrie             Winegarner, Charles             26-Mar-08   L348

Wheeler, Albert A.         Eitel, Sarah E.                 25-Oct-11   O381

Wheeler, Anna              Wherry, Samuel                   4-Oct-05   K062

Wheeler, B.H.              Stewart, Jessie                  5-Sep-03   I601

Wheeler, Bertha            Huggins, C.W.                    4-Sep-09   M406

Wheeler, Beth              Garner, John T.                  2-Aug-11   O268

Wheeler, Beulah            Stevens, Floyd                  23-Mar-20   X272

Wheeler, Bridget           March, John H.                  24-Dec-08   M066

Wheeler, Carrie Coiner     Hall, W.L.                       9-May-22   Z758

Wheeler, Cecil C.          Layton, Martha Velma            26-Jun-19   W247

Wheeler, E.C.              Offerle, Blanche Z.             25-Jul-21   Z150

Wheeler, Ernest N.         Cox, Nina Vera                   4-Oct-05   K062

Wheeler, Ethel             Howard, Fred C.                 30-Jul-13   Q260

Wheeler, Eura Redmond      Moss, J.L.                                  X579

Wheeler, Eva J.            Uhler, Ira                      22-Dec-04   J448

Wheeler, Florence          McDole, C.                       8-Feb-21   Y464

Wheeler, Frances           Edmond, George W.            01 Aug 1885    C286

Wheeler, Guy               Stinnett, Pearl                 24-Sep-14   R160

Wheeler, Guy E.            Addington, Lillian E.            4-Oct-10   N375

Wheeler, Harry             Gregory, Veneta                             S582

Wheeler, Harry Elmer       Wallace, Grace                  31-Aug-14   R122

Wheeler, Howard            Sluss, Mary Myrtle           09 Nov 1898    G605

Wheeler, Iva Louise        Zenner, Michael J.                          S628

Wheeler, J.H.              Fiebelman, Idella Maude          3-Dec-17   U304

Wheeler, J.P.              Butler, Katie                               D152

Wheeler, Jennie            Simmons, Luther                 29-Dec-17   U420

Wheeler, Jesse E.          Armstrong, Zilpha               15-Aug-00   H374

Wheeler, John Jefferson    Harms, Sophia                   28-Aug-12   P441

Wheeler, Joseph T.         Lethers, Maggie E.           26 Feb 1885    C216

Wheeler, Laura E.          Mitchell, Chester               10-Jan-13   P628

Wheeler, Lillie            Cook, E.H.                       9-Mar-09   M175

Wheeler, Lillie M.         Ray, Francis M.              31 Jan 1899    H035

Wheeler, Maggie            Jones, Mithra C.             28 Apr 1875    A156

Wheeler, Maggie E.         Doud, Palmer                 26 Aug 1893    F189

Wheeler, Marion Jr.        Lehmann, Nell M.                 3-Oct-06   K395

Wheeler, Mary              Abernathy, Samuel            15 Jul 1886    C466

Wheeler, Myrtle            Tackett, Warren J.              24-Dec-21   Z508

Wheeler, Nora E.           Cunningham, George              11-Aug-05   K011

Wheeler, O.A.              Cline, Frances S.            01 Jan 1885    C188

Wheeler, Roy               Chambers, Annabelle             25-Feb-22   Z628

Wheeler, Troy              Stewart, Evaline                10-Sep-17   T619

Wheeler, Virgil            Chance, Margery                  9-Jun-20   X467

Wheeler, Walter S.         Houchin, Iva Louise              6-Jan-15   R316

Wheeler, William O.        Gillette, Agnes M.              17-Sep-19   W445

Wheelis, Ben               Threlkeld, Ruby                 15-Sep-13   Q322

Wheelis, Thomas P.         Stephens, Annie                  5-Sep-08   L554

Wheelock, Clifford         Wilson, Emily                   17-Mar-19   W026

Wheless, Arthur D.         Grieve, Ruth E.                 15-Jul-18   V279

Whelpley, Alma Ann         Turner, Charles Ballou           5-Sep-18   V374

Whelpley, Elma             Gleason, Edgar                  29-Apr-20   X361

Whelpley, Henry W.         Hibbitts, Eula                  26-Nov-13   Q444

Whelpley, James            Ruggs, Laura                    23-Dec-11   P034

Whelpley, Myrtle           Schauf, Edward               14 Nov 1896    G189

Wherrel, George Edmond     Shuffleburger, Rosie M.         11-Mar-00   H288

Wherrel, William F.        Hope, Eva Ruth                  21-Jun-11   O198

Wherrell, Annie            Rochette, J.A. (D.)          23 Apr 1899    H074

Wherrell, Ed               Fermin, Myrtle                   2-Mar-10   N038

Wherrell, Lydia            Davies, J.L.                     4-Nov-00   H450

Wherritt, Alonzo C.        Francesco, Cora I.           07 Dec 1890    E258

Wherry, Samuel             Wheeler, Anna                    4-Oct-05   K062

Whetzell, Harry S.         Chambers, Vida L. (Mrs)          3-Feb-09   M128

Whims, Ada Marion          Patton, Henry (Harry)C.         30-Jan-09   M121

Whims, Rachael             Golden, P.W.                     8-Sep-08   L556

Whinery, Clara Pauline     McFarland, Millard Merle         2-Oct-20   Y156

Whinery, Glenn             Harbold, Ethel                              S226

Whinery, Walter V.(Rev)    Robison, Dona F.                 3-Aug-13   Q263

Whipple, Bertha N.         Willhite, Leander C.            16-Mar-19   W024

Whipple, Daniel Raymond    Harrison, Floy                  26-Feb-08   L320

Whipple, Gallarn           Porter, Fletcher                16-Apr-21   Y583

Whipple, Grace             Moore, Ralph                     5-Oct-21   Z329

Whipple, W.B.              Arbaugh, Susan               28 Dec 1898    H002

Whippo, C.W.               Ambrose, Daphne                 16-Dec-19   X042

Whistler, Katherine        McNeill, G.E.                   28-Jun-21   Z090

Whitaker, Addie D.         Dunlap, Lycurgus             11 Dec 1883    C014

Whitaker, Archie           Markey, Grace                   18-Mar-21   Y532

Whitaker, Clara            Walker, Fred                    27-Jun-18   V251

Whitaker, Eliza            Vandiver, Epp                19 Aug 1884    C120

Whitaker, Harold R.        Goforth, Violet F.               3-Jun-17   T407

Whitaker, Izola            Lindsay, Nimrod                 17-Jan-10   M622

Whitaker, Jesse A.         Morris, Faye                    20-Nov-21   Z438

Whitaker, Jesse A.         Watkins, Nola B.                            S188

Whitaker, John Perry       Chenoweth, Berenice Rose         8-Jan-18   U462

Whitaker, Lena             Crow, Hollie E.                  1-Sep-09   M397

Whitaker, Leta             Brewer, George A.               10-May-11   O142

Whitaker, R.E.             Cunningham, Georgianna D.       24-Jul-05   J637

Whitaker, Robert           Kluseman, Eva                    6-Mar-22   Z644

Whitaker, Stella           McCullough, O.M.                28-May-00   H329

Whitaker, Thelma           Evans, Claude                    6-Mar-20   X240

Whitaker, William O.       Dawson, Margarette               1-Jul-18   V256

Whitbeck, Harry            Bruner, Opal                    11-May-20   X392

Whitbeck, Judson L.        Burroughs, Mary                  9-Mar-18   V028

Whitbeck, Lena             Fogelstrom, Walter              16-Mar-04   J184

Whitbey, Mollie            Henry, Alfred                   12-Aug-19   W350

Whitby, Edna               Hogle, Edwin A.                 15-Oct-11   O369

Whitby, William            Dennis, Emma C.              06 Jan 1886    C371

Whitcomb, Claude H.        Wagoner, Chloe A.               22-Feb-10   N026

Whitcomb, Ruth             Day, Robert N.                  25-Dec-13   Q475

White, A.L.                Dennis, Mary J.              17 Feb 1889    D494

White, Aaron               Moore, Effie                    14-Sep-21   Z279

White, Agnes               Rose, E.L.                      10-May-22   Z760

White, Albert              Coleman, Mary H.             27 Mar 1893    F105

White, Alfred A.           Silsby, Delia Mae                4-Nov-10   N429

White, Alice               Bland, Francis               18 Nov 1884    C164

White, Alice               Miller, Albert F.H.          15 Sep 1887    D105

White, Alma                VanSant, John L.             02 Oct 1894    F405

White, Amanda J.           Plotner, C.R.                29 Mar 1899    H062

White, Amelia              Hoyt, F.C.                       3-Oct-04   J367

White, Anna                Black, Charley                   2-Oct-07   L150

White, Anna                Redmond, O.J.                    2-Apr-18   V066

White, Anna E.             Jackson, T.A.                    6-Nov-00   H455

White, Aubrey O.           Marshall, Pearl M.              23-Feb-01   H527

White, Beatrice            Brown, Carroll P.                4-Jun-19   W185

White, Benjamin F.         Russell, Mary B.             26 Nov 1885    C348

White, Benjamin(ne) S.     Deets, Ella                  13 Aug 1893    F180

White, Bert R.             Hyskell, Theda Grace                        S244

White, Bessie              Smith, Charley L.               12-Sep-10   N322

White, Bessie              Woods, George                   23-Dec-12   P585

White, Bessie May          Emery, William H.                           T266

White, Beulah E.           Osborn, George H.                7-May-18   V135

White, Blanch              Huey, Frank G.                  23-Jul-17   T523

White, C.C.                Reece, Dosie                 09 Apr 1887    C625

White, C.J.                Hutchens, Gertrude              26-Feb-21   Y496

White, C.J.                Debbs, P.E.                                 S202

White, Campbell            White, Ophelia                  11-Jan-11   N550

White, Caroline            Parker, Miles                   17-Feb-10   N020

White, Carrie              Clark, Louis                                R544

White, Cash                Martin, Carrie                   7-Apr-09   M210

White, Charles C.          Kohler, Josie                   18-Oct-11   O374

White, Charles E.          Gerrard, Jennie L.               1-Oct-06   K390

White, Charles M.          Shumaker, Fay                    9-Mar-10   N051

White, Charles O.          Avery, Marguerite                1-Jan-07   K506

White, Clara L.            Melson, John W. Jr.              5-Jul-04   J285

White, Claude              Pryor, Lottie                               T160

White, Clayton S.          McClure, Ruth E.                 5-Oct-20   Y161

White, Clyde               Otti, Ruby                      18-Jul-21   Z140

White, Curtis E.           Baldwin, Hattie                  5-Oct-10   N376

White, Cyntha C.           Gear, John A.                05 Feb 1882    B241

White, Daisey              Nolan, Samuel                24 Nov 1886    C534

White, Daisy               Porterfield, Leander J.         12-Sep-07   L118

White, Daisy A.            Wertz, John S.                              S292

White, Daisy Pearl         Overstake, Howard W.            23-Nov-20   Y289

White, Doris               Honeyman, Milburn               11-Jun-21   Z042

White, Dudley D.           Garringer, Louisa            07 Nov 1887    D150

White, E.B.                Revard, Carrie (Mrs.)            7-Feb-09   M131

White, Earl                Callahan, Bertha                 1-Jan-22   Z528

White, Edith               Phillips, Claude C.             25-Dec-20   Y350

White, Edith M.            Smith, H.A.                      9-Mar-19   W015

White, Edna M.             Maxwell, T.E.                   24-Dec-02   I437

White, Edwin D.            Smith, Genorie E.            26 May 1894    F357

White, Eliza               Welch, M.J.                  02 Apr 1888    D258

White, Elizabeth           Byrne, John E.                  23-Jan-13   P638

White, Ella Mae            Judd, Carl K.                   16-Jan-01   H507

White, Ella S.             Way, Charles L.              28 Aug 1892    E601

White, Ellen O.            Johnson, Andrew              25 Sep 1897    G366

White, Elsie               Hanchett, R.B.                              T240

White, Emma                Ross, J.A.                      19-Jul-04   J297

White, Emmett              Stamback, Lenna E.           29 Jan 1896    G040

White, Enoch               Ransdell, Affa                   4-Mar-06   K216

White, Ephraim             Richmond, Eva E.             21 Feb 1894    F316

White, Essie               Hallman, John                   12-Nov-19   W600

White, Ethel               Craig, Richard                   2-Mar-21   Y501

White, Ethel               McDaniel, R.C.                              S282

White, Ethel Elva          Bishop, Roy Stanley             12-Oct-13   Q372

White, Ethel Virginia      Bray, Clyde Rea                 27-Dec-20   Y377

White, Eva M.              Hall, Edward E.                             S558

White, Everett             Baldock, Ethel Maud             29-Oct-13   Q397

White, Fannie              Fearom, William              07 Mar 1886    C402

White, Farris              Minard, Pearl                   26-Mar-08   L348

White, Faye Irene          McNally, Frank E.               13-Dec-19   X033

White, Flora               Moore, Ira J.                13 Aug 1894    F387

White, Flora B.            Reimers, John C.             03 Jun 1886    C448

White, Flossie             Paulin, O.V.                                S415

White, Forrest E.          Watkins, Gracia                 15-Sep-20   Y109

White, Frank G.            Grush, Blanche F.                           S402

White, Fred                McKinzie, Reola Louise          10-Sep-18   V388

White, Fred B.             Gilbert, Mollie              15 Oct 1899    H181

White, G.P.                Proctor, Bertha C.           23 Aug 1897    G344

White, George              Fox, Leona M. (Mrs.)         01 Mar 1898    G471

White, George E.           Craig, Alice                    16-Jun-20   X500

White, George W.           Bell, Jennie Garber             16-Jan-21   Y411

White, Gertrude            Logan, Thomas P.                17-Nov-06   K449

White, Gertrude            VanKirk, Edward W.           14 Jun 1898    G524

White, Glen                Norwood, Gertrude                           S086

White, Grace               Crow, Merle A.                  13-Oct-09   M473

White, H.D.                Hupp, Tillie Adaline             4-Jul-10   N224

White, H.I.                Walker, Anna Belle              20-Sep-20   Y119

White, H.J.                Cole, Grace Marie                8-Apr-22   Z693

White, Harrison            Niethamer, Clara                17-Dec-21   Z485

White, Harrison Earl       Martindale, Fay R.              10-Nov-07   L196

White, Harry J.            Geis, Amelia                                T350

White, Harry Louis         Stahl, Elizabeth                23-Jul-02   I304

White, Hazel               Sanders, Arthur B.              18-Sep-21   Z284

White, Henrietta           Strope, William              02 Dec 1894    F449

White, Hettie E.           Cummins, A.B.                   20-Dec-06   K490

White, Howard              Dennett, Blanch                 26-Jun-17   T471

White, Ida                 Martin, William B.              24-Dec-14   R298

White, Ida M.              Tower, Harry F.              24 Dec 1885    C366

White, Idona               McCorgary, John L.              18-Jun-21   Z058

White, Iva Azile           Byars, Earl                     17-May-21   Y644

White, J.W.                Ross, Bessie E.                 25-Dec-12   P586

White, Jacob               Henshaw, Myra                30 Jun 1891    E357

White, James C.            Carpenter, Phebe Jane           20-Nov-01   I105

White, James C.            Trunkey, Amy                     4-Apr-21   Y561

White, James C.            Weeks, Mary A. (Mrs.)        28 Jun 1899    H115

White, James H.            Reid, Myrtle Violet             10-Jul-04   J289

White, James H.            Unger, Mary                  02 Aug 1877    A281

White, James W.            Sutherland, Ella R.          05 Feb 1886    C386

White, Jenn Robinson       Cunningham,John Wallace          5-Feb-07   K535

White, Jesse               Collier, Mary                    6-Jan-12   P055

White, John                Montgomery, Cora             25 Dec 1886    C560

White, John                Tipton, Bonniebell              30-Mar-21   Y554

White, John Allen          Seaman, Lenora                   9-May-00   H317

White, John D.             Dewey, Laura R.                  5-Mar-02   I193

White, John Francis        Nettles, Iva                    15-Nov-20   Y268

White, John P.             Alexander, Effie Rea             1-Sep-08   L542

White, John S.             Peterson, Nila                  28-Sep-20   Y145

White, John W.             Longstreth, Myrtie E.        27 Mar 1887    C617

White, John Z.             McDowell, Zoe Bessie             4-Jun-03   I571

White, Katie L.            Boynton, Frank E.            04 Jun 1890    E159

White, Lee Roy             Lambert, Emma                               R473

White, Lena                Gardner, James M.                           T106

White, Leona               McGuire, R.E.                    1-Jan-07   K507

White, Lester              Stark, Mary                      1-Sep-04   J330

White, Lillian A.          Connet, Orthy M.                 2-Jun-10   N162

White, Lillie C.           Tear, Arthur L.              23 Sep 1894    F403

White, Lizzie H.           Swayze, Jacob C.             13 May 1874    A118

White, Louie               Kennedy, Elizabeth              21-Dec-10   N507

White, Louis H.            Russell, Bertie              19 Sep 1889    D609

White, Lovette             Engle, Lavon                    25-Nov-19   W632

White, Luella              Henderson, George               29-Apr-08   L389

White, M.C.                McKinzie, Bulah                 30-Nov-11   O431

White, M.J.                VanGieson, A.L.              12 Feb 1882    B242

White, Mabel               Cox, H.L.                                   T087

White, Martha              Yerton, Wyth                     7-Feb-20   X181

White, Martha Ruth Thelma  Hullet, John Forest             16-Jul-03   I607

White, Mary                Bell, Ollie                  18 Mar 1892    E518

White, Mary                Carter, George                  10-Jun-12   P270

White, Mary E.             Rush, B.M.                   18 Mar 1886    C410

White, Mary E.             Wilson, George               13 May 1899    H085

White, Mary Elizabeth      Adams, William Roy              14-Nov-01   I098

White, Mary Ethel          Smith, Hebert(erbert)           31-Jan-13   Q012

White, Mary T.             Smith, H.W.                     29-Jul-14   R019

White, Maud(de)            Butterfield, Lewis S.        31 Aug 1892    E604

White, Mayme               Lichlyter, Gibbs                            S587

White, Melvin E.           Morgan, Ruth May                11-Mar-01   H537

White, Michael J.          Furnish, Mary Jane(Mrs)      10 Dec 1891    E440

White, Mildred             McCoin, Henry                   18-Dec-12   P568

White, Mina Naomi          Wickham, John L.                29-May-18   V176

White, Mina S.             Silknitter, Charles F.       09 Feb 1891    E298

White, Minnie              Carter, Will                     2-Jan-18   U442

White, Minnie              Gonce, Rolyn                    17-May-20   X408

White, Minnie              Hughes, Walter                   4-Aug-18   V303

White, Minnie              Mitchell, Bert                  22-May-14   R002

White, Minnie              Whitehead, I.C.                 12-May-22   Z761

White, Minnie V.           Linot, Thomas J.                10-Feb-04   J160

White, Mossey(sie) L.      Reece, Mevel W.                  9-Jun-08   L427

White, Myron L.            Nickerson, Rosa M.              18-Aug-14   R105

White, Myrta               Hubbard, Bert                               S288

White, Myrtle              Lewis, George W.                28-Dec-10   N530

White, Nelle               Jacob, Arthur W.                            T112

White, Nettie              Hill, Thomas Lee                 5-Jun-09   M282

White, Nettie              Watson, George                              V110

White, Neva                Trull, Willis T.                14-Jun-17   T444

White, Nora                Fisk, Robert                    28-Feb-07   K561

White, Nora L.             French, George E.                           S056

White, Novella             Williams, Willie                            W519

White, Ophelia             White, Campbell                 11-Jan-11   N550

White, Ora                 Haley, Clara F.                 23-Sep-07   L132

White, Otis Irvin          Graves, Margie                  18-Oct-20   Y203

White, P.W.                Logan, Josie                 24 Aug 1886    C486

White, Rhoby C.            Webb, Samuel F.              01 Oct 1889    D618

White, Robert              Daub, Katherine                  1-Oct-08   L588

White, Rose D.             Ingram, Ralph C.             09 Feb 1897    G251

White, Roy A.              Gable, Edith                     6-Jul-19   W269

White, Roy L.              Lewis, Thelma M.                            S078

White, Roy Lee             Barnes, Jennie Faye             27-Apr-22   Z731

White, Ruben               Edwards, Rosa                   14-Aug-11   O280

White, Ruth Luella         Green, Charles H.                           R474

White, S.T.                Fisk, Fern                       2-Jan-20   X103

White, Sam                 Coleman, Mary                   20-Oct-20   Y213

White, Samuel K.           Mann, Nellie May                24-Dec-01   I136

White, Sarah               Creed, Albert                04 Jan 1893    F049

White, Sarah (Mrs.)        Lungester, Jacob Anderson       20-Apr-10   N106

White, Sophia L.           Hurlbut, J.F.D.                  8-Jan-03   I459

White, Sterling P.         Bright, Sarah Jane              12-Jun-06   K291

White, Susan J.            Nugent, Edward H.            20 Jun 1876    A208

White, Theodore            Downey, Mary Alice              22-Sep-20   Y131

White, Theodore C.         McClaren, Lillie J.          23 Mar 1884    C059

White, Thomas              Johnson, Lula                               T269

White, Vera                Carlin, Clarence                            R639

White, Vera                Rector, V.L.                    25-Sep-21   Z305

White, W.C.                Fulton, Warrene                 25-Jun-13   Q216

White, W.H.                Jones, Lucy                  23 Dec 1899    H235

White, W.S.                Bell,                        10 Oct 1880    B106

White, W.S.                Sebastian, Susan             27 May 1887    D018

White, Walter              Landol, Estella                             T376

White, Willard W.          Hickman, Edith Lenore           16-Mar-19   W025

White, William H.          Gossett, Nellie M.           09 Jun 1897    G310

White, William J.          Baker, Helen M.              21 Jan 1894    F298

White, William Jr.         Scroggins, Dora                             S338

White, William L.          Goodrich, Elma               15 Jan 1880    B026

White, Willie              Murry, Florence                 23-Jul-21   Z151

White, Wilson Chester      McPherson, Jeanette E.           9-Jul-21   Z120

Whitebeck, Marion          Dick, L.C.                      24-Jan-00   H261

Whitecotton, Carrie        Broer, John                  16 Feb 1893    F079

Whitecotton, E.            Prosser, Laura               19 Feb 1899    H046

Whitecotton, E.            Sawyer, Laura                19 Feb 1899    H046

Whitecotton, Eva           Gordon, Charles F.           13 Jan 1884    C026

Whitecotton, Francis R.    VanZandt, Muriel                24-Jan-18   U503

Whitecotton, Pearl         Hyde, Harve T.                   5-Apr-05   J538

Whited, Simon Alfred       Kramer, Ruth A.                 25-Dec-20   Y364

Whitehead, Ann E.          Harding, Thomas                             T340

Whitehead, Effie           Hutchinson, Marion              26-Aug-14   R111

Whitehead, F.E.            Ullery, Hazel                   20-Mar-18   V045

Whitehead, Frank           Atkinson, Sarah J.               7-Mar-21   Y507

Whitehead, Frank G.        Hanes, Lottie Mae                           R367

Whitehead, I.C.            White, Minnie                   12-May-22   Z761

Whitehead, John D.         Bevis, Miney                 03 Apr 1887    C619

Whitehead, John L.S.       Solburg, Josephine F.           15-Jul-05   J629

Whitehead, L.A.            Minick, L.W.                 21 Apr 1895    F526

Whitehead, Lawson          Olinger, Serephina D.           17-Aug-11   O285

Whitehead, Losson          Gregory, Minnie              24 Dec 1897    G433

Whitehead, Mable(bel)      Greene, Robert A.               17-Aug-12   P373

Whitehead, Mary E.         Remington, O.R.              18 Jun 1899    H108

Whitehead, Maude M.        Howard, A.H.                    30-Sep-01   I058

Whitehead, Rosaline        McIntosh, James H.                          O295

Whitehead, Theresa J.      Tracy, Frank                                S616

Whitehead, Thomas E.       Love, Orpha M.                  18-Aug-18   V326

Whitehouse, Cecil          Metzger, Dollie                  1-Mar-14   Q550

Whiteid, Nancy             Grindstaff, F.M.                24-Jan-21   Y431

Whiteker, Elijah N.        Nance, Ohee B.               11 Feb 1892    E496

Whiteker, Flossie L.       Grinstead, R.W.              28 Dec 1898    H007

Whiteker, Lelia            Nance, Harry C.                 24-May-13   Q157

Whiteker, Leola            Bolan, Martin                   18-Dec-07   L244

Whiteker, N.C.             Hon, Nannie                  03 Jul 1895    F565

Whiteker, T.J.             Campbell, E.A.               06 Sep 1888    D381

Whitelaw, Blanche          Minick, Charles                 29-Oct-04   J399

Whitelaw, Edward H.        Armstrong, Edith                 5-Jul-19   W272

Whitelaw, Ella             Sexton, W.L.                    23-Jun-18   V091

Whitelaw, Hattie           Rader, J.E.                      3-Aug-21   Z182

Whitelaw, Isabel           Haggard, Neal V.                            S391

Whitelaw, J.E.             Brown, Lola E.                  30-Jul-02   I308

Whiteley, Clyde Charles    Goode, Clarice Grace             4-Sep-10   N312

Whiteman, Fern             Charters, L.J.                  22-Apr-19   W090

Whiteman, Ora E.           Bovard, Abner St. Clair      29 Aug 1888    D371

Whitemore, F.B.            Chamberlain, Candace         17 Mar 1886    C411

Whitenburg, Belle          Ratzell, Frank               14 Feb 1885    C210

Whiteneck, Martin F.       Hart, Hessie                 24 Feb 1892    E503

Whitenger, Hazel Esther    Davis, Frank                    17-Jul-19   W292

Whitesell, Clarence        McDougall, Sarah                17-Aug-02   I314

Whitesell, Cora            Young, G.H.                  16 Feb 1896    G047

Whitesell, J.B.            Rosencrans, Otha Leila          24-Dec-10   N516

Whitesell, Mabel Irene     Walker, Claud                    3-Nov-12   P491

Whitesell, Myrtle M.       Hukle, Louis C.                 19-Apr-11   O110

Whitesell, R.T.            Davis, Ida M.                   16-Nov-04   J417

Whitesell, Russell G.      Bachtel, Ada E.                  7-Dec-19   X022

Whitesell, Zillah          Bodle, E.M.                     14-Feb-01   H521

Whiteside, Albert N.       Wadsworth, Carrie A.         05 Aug 1894    F384

Whiteside, Edith           Sites, Edward L.             30 Aug 1888    D372

Whiteside, Edward L.       Anderson, Amanda L.(C.)      02 Aug 1894    F384

Whiteside, George          Parcel, Hazel                               R585

Whiteside, Libbie          Duncan, George M.               24-Dec-19   X068

Whiteside, Lillian M.      Fresh, Jacob C.                 17-Apr-07   K608

Whiteside, Pansy           Wood, Casler Loyd               11-Dec-11   P013

Whiteside, Pansy Catherine Cowing, Levi                    15-Aug-10   N276

Whiteside, Pearl           Bratton, James                  30-Aug-08   L540

Whiteside, Ray             Nocks, Grace                     7-Apr-09   M183

Whiteside, T.F.            See, Effie                       6-Nov-18   V472

Whiteside, Victor          Miller, Clara Louise            23-Dec-14   R285

Whitfield, E.B.            Miller, A.G.                     1-Mar-18   V012

Whitfield, Mabel           Bennett, Elbert                             S462

Whitfield, Maud            Savage, William Roswell Jr      20-Feb-04   J168

Whitford, F.G.             Hale, Vinnie                    12-Jan-20   X126

Whithorn, Roy              Carlile, Lula                   16-Apr-18   V099

Whitiker, Lorena           Payne, C.G.                                 R444

Whiting, Alice L.          Pearce, Chester A.               8-Jun-09   M280

Whiting, Charles L.        Hoefgen, Louisa D.              24-Nov-02   I409

Whiting, Edmond            Thompson, Edith L.           02 Mar 1882    B248

Whiting, Emma H.           Hicklin, Edward F.              30-Mar-04   J195

Whiting, Fred H.           King, Clara F.                  25-Dec-19   X067

Whiting, George D.         Bardshar, Marjorie F.                       S039

Whiting, Perry             Barrick, Ada P.              27 Nov 1898    E030

Whitinger, Eliza           Shawly, Eugene                  28-Jun-21   Z090

Whitley, Grover Grady      Barrett, Florence Emma          25-Dec-19   X079

Whitley, Jesse             Weatheren, Laura                23-Dec-11   P034

Whitley, Roy               VanBuren, Nellie                29-Dec-17   U422

Whitlock, Albert           Skinner, Roberta             12 Jun 1893    F155

Whitlock, Carrie E.        Fegtly, J.J.                 12 Sep 1881    B186

Whitlock, Ellis N.         Fanning, Nannie              08 Jun 1892    E562

Whitlock, Eudora           Patton, Robert B.               16-Oct-11   O368

Whitlock, F.G.             Cone, Mabel                     18-Jun-12   P290

Whitlock, George F.        Redfield, Kate               16 Oct 1889    D633

Whitlock, George L.        Garver, May                     30-Jun-08   L465

Whitlock, George S.        Sefton, Gertrude I.             28-Apr-03   I540

Whitlock, Gertrude         Nossaman, Ober D.                           S098

Whitlock, Grace            Culp, Ralph                     24-Nov-10   N468

Whitlock, Jessie E.        Callender, Harry B.              4-Apr-06   K237

Whitlock, John B.          Middleton, Laura E.          23 Apr 1891    E332

Whitlock, John L.          Cecil, Dora                      7-Oct-19   W503

Whitlock, Leslie G.        Gibson, Georgia M.                          S236

Whitlock, Leulla           McClendon, Harry                18-Sep-12   P420

Whitlock, Roberta          Harper, F.H.                    19-Aug-19   W369

Whitlow, C.                Richardson, Mary                            S451

Whitlow, Jim               Carless, Pearl                  24-Nov-19   W629

Whitlow, M.F.              Chase, Esther A.                 4-Oct-08   L590

Whitman, Anna              Davis, Jeff                  11 Jan 1894    F294

Whitman, Arthur            Hunt, Grace Ivirn               21-Sep-07   L131

Whitman, Mary C.           Brelsford, Charles           25 Feb 1890    E088

Whitmer, E.K.              McCrary, Edna                   24-Jun-17   T462

Whitmer, Elsie R.          McChesney, Lee                  29-Jun-10   N213

Whitmer, Eva               Rhodes, D.W.                     4-Jun-17   T417

Whitmer, Flora             Perfect, Frank N.               20-Feb-20   X210

Whitmer, Leila             Wilson, Fred J.                             T338

Whitmer, Lettie            Wohlgemuth, Ben                 15-May-10   N116

Whitmore, A.J.             Wedge, Edith                 12 Dec 1888    D453

Whitmore, B.F.             Wolf, Lizzie                 13 Nov 1888    D430

Whitmore, Deforest S.      Curtis, Tillie (Mrs.)        11 Oct 1891    E402

Whitmore, Don H.           Hussey, Alice B.                 5-Jan-22   Z534

Whitmore, Eli              Kennedy, Sarah J.            22 Jul 1877    A278

Whitmore, Fordis           Blanger, Della                   1-Jan-00   H247

Whitmore, George MontgomeryRose, Marguerite E.             18-Sep-13   Q332

Whitmore, H.B.             Osburn, Grace Lee               26-Sep-00   H410

Whitmore, Louise           Gager, Harry D.                 11-Oct-09   M469

Whitmore, Lowell           Porter, Lena                 27 Nov 1890    E253

Whitmore, Madge Helen      Herndon, Price                  24-Aug-18   V342

Whitmore, Max              Pence, Davida                   31-May-20   X432

Whitmore, Roy W.           Lintner, Mary Agnes             30-Jun-18   V249

Whitmoyer, Minnie          DeFrance, George M.              9-Feb-11   O010

Whitmoyer, Minnie          Kerns, A.T.                     10-Aug-02   I319

Whitney, Alice Fay         Schwyhart, Harrison             28-May-13   Q162

Whitney, C.A.              McConnell, Velma                13-Oct-18   V444

Whitney, C.K.              Hoffman, Margaret Catherin      17-Jun-21   Z055

Whitney, Cecilia           Arthur, R.J.                                T034

Whitney, Charlotte         Barrett, Theron Vinton           3-Jun-08   L419

Whitney, Emma              Fricke, Edmund                  18-Mar-13   Q066

Whitney, Ethel             Crabtree, D.T.                              S521

Whitney, Florence          Beauchamp, George M.            15-Sep-06   K374

Whitney, G.                McPherson, Pearl                29-Nov-00   H468

Whitney, George M.         Aley, Nora D.                24 Aug 1880    B087

Whitney, H.E.              Whittinger, Eva                 12-Oct-21   Z345

Whitney, Helen             Myers, Clarence E.              24-Dec-21   Z507

Whitney, Hugh Innes        Dunham, Mabel Cleo               7-Oct-11   O359

Whitney, J.S.              Vance, Vida V.                              S501

Whitney, J.S.              King, A.R.                      16-Feb-18   U563

Whitney, John P.           Lewis, Hattie                05 Jan 1881    B127

Whitney, Joseph E.         Greenwood, Grace E.             30-Jul-05   K003

Whitney, L.C.              Blythe, Myrtle                   4-Sep-18   V319

Whitney, Lemuel            Saddler, Ella                    6-Nov-02   I399

Whitney, Minnie            Thoman, Ernest               24 Dec 1889    E042

Whitney, Robert M.         Sealock, Gladys                             R600

Whitney, Vernon E.         Lewis, Maud A.                  10-Oct-07   L164

Whitny, John A.            Lee, Fay                         3-Jul-11   O237

Whitsell, Hester May(ary)  Kerwin, Fred William            15-Jun-12   P284

Whitsitt, Richard Roy      Bussell, Pauline                29-Jan-10   M636

Whitson, C.D.(W.)          Snyder, Maggie                  16-Mar-07   K574

Whitson, David E.          McKay, Nettie                26 Aug 1879    A441

Whitson, Emma A.           Carrothers, William H.          31-May-10   N160

Whitson, Lena              Barber, Lawrence L.                         T271

Whitson, Russell C.        Davis, May                      18-May-19   W146

Whitson, W.J.              Parsons, E.J. (Mrs.)         15 Sep 1899    H157

Whittaker, A.L.            Bryant, Lena May                15-Jul-01   I001

Whittaker, C.A.            Blumenshine, Tillie E.       28 Dec 1898    H009

Whittaker, Claude D.       Bash, D. Veda                   12-Mar-21   Y521

Whittaker, Cleo            Yaggy, John                     10-Sep-19   W430

Whittaker, Clive Charles   Harding, Adaline Wight          12-Jun-07   L012

Whittaker, Harriett M.     Frambers, Raymond L.             8-Feb-11   O007

Whittaker, Nora            Wear, R.S.                      28-Nov-12   P537

Whitted, Alice M.          Ferguson, Elmer E.           04 Oct 1896    G160

Whitted, C.L.              Smith, Emma                     18-Dec-19   X048

Whitted, Emma              Arnold, Walter                  19-Aug-14   R106

Whitted, Eva G.            Albright, Edward R.              2-Feb-10   M634

Whitted, Harold G.         Riggs, Vera                     27-May-19   W163

Whitted, Jennie            Davis, B.B.                     26-Dec-00   H483

Whitted, Lizzie            Humphrey, James                  1-Oct-08   L587

Whitted, Mabel E.          Newton, Ernest                   4-May-10   N119

Whitted, Maria             Lee, Bud                        18-Jul-09   M348

Whitted, Nellie            Cole, Joe                       30-Dec-20   Y382

Whitted, William           McCurdy, Nonnie                  2-Sep-13   Q301

Whitten, Harriet           Horton, Will                                S287

Whitten, John J.           Covell, Florence C.                         T057

Whittenberg, G.S.          Sundback, Jessie M.          01 Oct 1897    G373

Whittenberg, J.W.          Hawes, Mary Frances              7-Nov-14   R226

Whittenburg, Cyril         Curtis, Mabel                               R604

Whittenburg, Hazel Ellen   Hampton, C.M.                   25-Jun-21   Z084

Whitters, E.R.             Kancher, Alma                    2-Mar-22   Z637

Whittier, Edward L.        Hatfield, Mable                 22-Sep-13   Q334

Whittinger, Eva            Whitney, H.E.                   12-Oct-21   Z345

Whittle, A.C.              Harrow, Vesper Mae              30-Apr-19   W109

Whittle, Arthur C.         Redinger, Margaret C.            4-Oct-05   K063

Whittle, Benjamin          Rogers, Sarah Jane                          T054

Whittle, Lillian A.        Maas, Chris. C.                 23-Aug-05   K015

Whittle, Maude             Frier, W.T.                      2-Jun-17   T401

Whittle, Oliver I.         Owens, Minnie O.                12-Feb-05   J496

Whittle, Thomas            Schulz, Nettie M.                1-Feb-05   J488

Whittmeyer, Mary J.        Scroggins, Jesse C.              4-Dec-10   N485

Whitton, Carrie            McGrew, Clarence                            T099

Whitton, Glenn             Rosenstel, Juanita                          T004

Whitton, Samuel E.         Ludrick, Nettie May              7-Sep-19   W418

Whittridge, Lelia M.       Duplan, H.B.                                C545

Whitworth, Mary Louisa     Duncan, J.G.                 31 Mar 1880    B058

Whomans, Belle C.          Benjamin, June R.               23-Mar-13   Q067

Wiant, George W.           Smith, C.H.                     17-May-13   Q147

Wibb, Edward S.            McPherson, Margaret E.       12 Mar 1890    E097

Wibking, L. Belle          Chase, Edwin M.              23 Jun 1896    G111

Wible, H.M.                Reynolds, Augusta               28-Apr-04   J222

Wible, Minnie L.           Herb, Severian Z.                3-Nov-10   N428

Wible, Rene                Stobie, Stewart P.           04 May 1892    E540

Wible, Willa               Kennedy, Bryon E.                           T193

Wibley, Chester S.         Ross, Margaret M.                6-Sep-04   J334

Wicham, Anna               Zimmerman, M.                    3-Mar-09   M165

Wichman, Henry             Lorenz, Bertha                  15-Feb-01   H521

Wichman, Lennis W.         Browne, Gladys H.                           S252

Wichman, Louis F.          Hall, Myrtle                 31 Oct 1894    F427

Wichman, Mattie            Reiz, Charles L.                 1-Dec-04   J432

Wick, Blanche Hazel Belle  Mitchell, Orville C.             5-Mar-19   W009

Wick, C.H.                 Moore, Lydia                     1-Mar-18   V014

Wick, George G.            Scranton, Allie F.              10-Nov-04   J413

Wick, Martin               Blount, Willa                   19-Jul-18   V283

Wickendoll, George Arthur  Mullins, Mabel                  20-Dec-18   V523

Wickersham, G.H.           Dunning, Forestine               6-May-02   I237

Wickes, June Andrews       Owen, Kirk C.                    8-Jun-11   O183

Wickham, Altha A.          Wyckoff, Samuel              16 Nov 1880    B110

Wickham, C. Laurence       Howard, Julia F.                 5-Dec-17   U314

Wickham, C.H.              Floeder, Pauline J.          25 Sep 1883    B410

Wickham, Erna G.           Kerr, James C.                  18-Jul-06   K325

Wickham, F.E.              Doud, Maude                      7-Nov-00   H451

Wickham, F.E.              Dowd, Maude                      7-Nov-00   H451

Wickham, Horace            Martin, Lena                 03 May 1897    G293

Wickham, John B.           Cook, Armanda M.             18 Apr 1889    D527

Wickham, John L.           White, Mina Naomi               29-May-18   V176

Wickham, William J.        Yates, Olive                                R620

Wickiser, Frank            Smith, Susie                    13-Feb-20   X196

Wickman, Elisabeth         Rosenow, Curt                    5-Sep-21   Z259

Wickmiller, C.P.           Mun, M.C.                                   C440

Wicks, Madge               Fullum, Earl                    16-Jul-21   Z134

Widder, Lizzie G.          Hoyt, Charles C.             05 Feb 1895    F488

Widdoes, Alonzo            Weygandt, Lula H.               16-Mar-05   J522

Widdoes, Aura              Noel, Walter J.                 22-Mar-03   I512

Widdoes, Cora Linnot       Metz, Walter                    18-Apr-03   I530

Widdoes, Dora M.           Mount, Smith J.                             D253

Widdoes, Eliza Jane        Gaines, Edwin                21 Jul 1872    A041

Widdoes, Fontley           Roth, Anna                       2-Sep-02   I339

Widdoes, Laura             Nester, Jake                     4-Aug-06   K345

Widdoes, Mary S.           Dale, John T.                10 Apr 1894    F336

Widdoes, Meredith B.       Carter, Harriet N.           04 Jul 1876    A212

Widdoes, Meredith B.       Miletz, Emma                    25-May-10   N154

Widdoes, Stella            Kanatzar, Earl                  18-Jan-15   R332

Widdows, Constance         Meeker, James Edward Jr.         9-Aug-18   V161

Widdows, Eddie             Poynter, Edward S.               8-Apr-03   I526

Widdows, Hattie (Mrs.)     Sherman, Henry T.            31 Oct 1893    F221

Widdows, Jennie            Davis, John N.               05 Nov 1892    F008

Widdows, Robert            Ward, Henritta(rietta)       19 Feb 1899    H043

Widenheimer, Anna          Stutes, David Edward         14 Oct 1899    H176

Widick, C.O.               Hamilton, Mary Louise           30-Jul-11   O264

Widick, Earl               Wait, Vina                       1-May-18   V125

Widick, Luella             Hall, Chester A.                11-May-18   V141

Widner, Elias E.           Clarke, Mary (Mrs.)          14 Dec 1879    B014

Widner, Zoe                Canon, Joe                                  T096

Widows, Winifred           Smith, Charlie                  15-Jul-08   L481

Widstrom, Mabel            Owens, Ben V.                   23-Jun-12   P300

Wiebe, Catherine           Harder, Willie                              T380

Wiebe, Elizabeth           Banze, W.A.                     30-Sep-13   Q348

Wiebe, Henry               Eckert, Ada                      4-Jun-03   I571

Wiebrecht, Mae             Patten, Roy C.                  11-Jun-14   R022

Wiechman, Elise            Just, William J.                11-Mar-08   L325

Wiechman, Martha           Lungwitz, Ernest                 8-Feb-22   Z593

Wiechman, Minna(nie)       Hillman, John D.                28-Nov-07   L203

Wiechmann, Charles         Conklin, Mabel                   1-Jun-21   Y668

Wiechmann, Herman          Burdorf, Dora                   26-May-09   M250

Wiechmann, Meta            Berger, Karl Edward             15-Nov-00   H459

Wiedeman, Edith            Bosworth, Ernest H.             31-Dec-14   R309

Wiedeman, John L.          Smith, Emma D.                  31-May-13   Q168

Wiedenbach, Susie E.       Thrush, Ray C.                  31-Jan-07   K534

Wiedenback, Louise         Hunsaker, A.E.                  21-Jun-17   T461

Wiederman, Lyman C.        Cook, Carrie E.                  1-Aug-08   L501

Wiedman, Phillip W.        Williamson, Ada                  7-Dec-07   L228

Wiegand, Anna Eugene       Brickman, W.E.                   7-Jan-08   L275

Wiegand, John Edward       Carter, Anna Belle               3-Mar-18   V018

Wiegand, Josephine         McGinley, E.C.                   1-Nov-13   Q404

Wiegand, Lena              Engelbrecht, Casper             28-Feb-22   Z634

Wiengand, C.H.             Dabertz, Cora M.             27 Mar 1887    C618

Wienholt, August           Woldt, Lydia                    24-Oct-04   J391

Wier, Carl Abner           Holmes, Josephine                8-Oct-12   P447

Wier, Frank C.             Barnard, Jennie B.           15 Dec 1880    B119

Wier, Roy Earl             Hickerson, Mayme Gertrude       16-Apr-13   Q112

Wiershing, Dot             McGinnis, S.A.                              T137

Wiese, Henry               Asendorf, Anna                  22-May-07   K620

Wiesing, Mary              Wappelhorst, Arnold             27-Apr-09   M225

Wieske, Martha             Henn, William                08 Mar 1892    E512

Wifley, C.R.               Bentley, Emma                    6-Apr-03   I527

Wiggers, Elmer             Hainline, Lucy                  29-May-18   V177

Wiggers, John              Thomas, Georgia Anna            16-Feb-09   M143

Wiggins, Bess              Sander, Aaron L.                27-Jun-18   V250

Wiggins, Blanche           Jackson, Robert L.              22-Apr-21   Y595

Wiggins, Charles A.        Huggins, Alice M.                3-May-19   W115

Wiggins, Charles A.        Radke, Hazel M.                 10-Aug-20   Y016

Wiggins, Charles A.        Wiggins, Hazel M.               11-Dec-20   Y330

Wiggins, Hazel M.          Wiggins, Charles A.             11-Dec-20   Y330

Wiggins, John L.           Thomas, Pauline              07 Mar 1895    F508

Wiggins, Luella            Attebery, L.P.                  22-May-09   M261

Wiggins, Martha            McNeil, C.R.                    24-Dec-20   Y367

Wiggins, Milo E.           Honberger, Leona M.             15-Jun-13   Q199

Wiggins, Minnie V.         Dunagan, Jacob A.               20-Mar-21   Y536

Wiggins, Nellie            Schaefer, John B.               19-Nov-17   U233

Wiggins, Thomas            VanHaverbeke, Anna               2-Jul-17   T485

Wiggins, Thomas J.J.       Howland, Maud M.             29 Jun 1892    E572

Wiggs, A.H.                Farmer, Grace D.             25 Aug 1882    B291

Wight, Addis               Logan, Cora                  13 Aug 1890    E182

Wight, Arie A.             Neagle, M.A.                 15 Jul 1896    G120

Wight, Clara               Hershey, Harry L.                7-Dec-10   N464

Wight, Henry E.            Brunscher, Minnie A.            22-Jun-01   H620

Wight, Marie M.            Paulin, Milo J.                 28-Dec-21   Z515

Wightman, Nina E.          Gorham, Herbert M.               6-May-19   W119

Wigington, Carrie E.       Leffer, William R.              24-May-08   L410

Wike, Lottie R.            Ridgeway, William T.                        S057

Wike, Vesta                Murry, Amber                    14-Sep-11   O321

Wiklund, Hilda             Green, I.A.                     26-Sep-17   U015

Wikoff, Allie M.           Reece, Miles E.              01 Oct 1884    C143

Wikoff, C.B.               Cope, Lillie May             16 Feb 1887    C589

Wikoff, Carrie             Coleman, J.H.                12 Feb 1874    A104

Wikoff, Ellen E.           Coffman, John D.                14-Dec-10   N496

Wikoff, J.E.               Miles, Lea                      25-Jun-21   Z079

Wikoff, James E.           Unger, Agnes L.                 18-Nov-14   R238

Wikoff, Lizzie             Nichols, James               26 May 1880    B070

Wikoff, Lula A.            Swaim, William E.            25 Nov 1894    F442

Wikoff, Mary G.            Glaser, Clarence                10-Oct-06   K403

Wikoff, Nettie             Herron, Orin C.              26 Nov 1890    E251

Wikoff, Othello I.         Brown, Ada May                  18-Sep-07   L125

Wikoff, Ruth               McConahie, A.H.              27 Nov 1878    A379

Wikoff, William            Huffman, Eliza J.            10 Mar 1880    B049

Wilber, Altha              Carey, Thomas                14 Apr 1887    C628

Wilber, Charley            Doran, Nettie                    1-Dec-19   X011

Wilber, Edgar              Kungle, Naomi W.                11-Mar-15   R384

Wilber, Harriet N.         Lindemuth, Lewis             27 Mar 1890    E108

Wilber, Lillian A.         de Mundvello, Rudolph H.     25 Jun 1892    E569

Wilber, Mattie (Mrs.)      Boltjes, John J.                30-Apr-04   J223

Wilbert, Ennis             Jackson, Anna                01 Dec 1899    H218

Wilbourn, G.E.             Toms, Myrtle                    25-Jun-17   T468

Wilbourne, Eva M.          Robbins, Amos L.                            S404

Wilbur, Alta S.            Tebben, Alfred H.               23-Jun-14   R034

Wilbur, Amelia             McMurry, Elihu J.            28 Nov 1876    A238

Wilbur, Bertha F.          McClallen, George S.            11-Jun-01   H607

Wilbur, Bess               Schwensen, J.M.                             R411

Wilbur, Cora R.            Wesner, George S.            03 Jan 1881    B126

Wilbur, Earl               Shacklett, Fannie               29-Feb-12   P130

Wilbur, Elwyn              Robins, Olive                   18-Dec-01   I126

Wilbur, Frank              Holland, Maggie              08 Nov 1885    C335

Wilbur, George Washington  Langford, Ethel                 23-Jun-19   W234

Wilbur, Gwynn Wesley       Porter, Carrie Bell             14-Feb-12   P103

Wilbur, Harry Samuel       Ray, Dora Edna                  22-Sep-09   M442

Wilbur, Helen G.           Sowers, C.R.                    23-Apr-20   X349

Wilbur, Herbert L.         Bayne, Kattie M.             22 Sep 1897    G363

Wilbur, Leon               VanDeventer, Laura           15 Nov 1896    G188

Wilbur, Lestie             Lane, Louis H.                   8-Oct-09   M464

Wilbur, Levi B.            Collins, Frances P.             19-Feb-14   Q537

Wilbur, Margaret           Barrows, G.L.                    2-Jul-02   I287

Wilbur, Margaret           Leslie, Preston L.               5-Nov-21   Z404

Wilbur, Richard            Carlisle, Anna May               3-Sep-17   T609

Wilbur, Robert Alexander   Sowder, Edna Frances            14-Apr-20   X331

Wilbur, S.S.               Wise, Ara L.                                C221

Wilbur, William            Davis, Mattie                    1-Dec-00   H471

Wilburn, Eleanor           Davis, J.W.                     17-Oct-20   Y195

Wilch, Mabel               Winrick, Clarence               19-Nov-20   Y283

Wilcott, Clarence D.       Smith, Maude                     3-Jan-05   J462

Wilcox, Agnes M.           Brucke, J.A.                     7-Jul-09   M338

Wilcox, Arthur E.          Butler, Lottie E.            14 Oct 1894    F417

Wilcox, Edwin Francis      Warren, Molly(lie) O'Brien      14-Jun-11   O195

Wilcox, F.E.               Spallinger, Emma                     1913   Q242

Wilcox, Gladys Mae         Estes, Roy R.                               W259

Wilcox, Grace              Hemenover, Harry                12-Aug-14   R094

Wilcox, H.C.               Rogers, Margaret M.          21 Oct 1884    C149

Wilcox, J.H.               Briggs, Berenice                26-Sep-18   V413

Wilcox, James P.           Ireland, Josie               26 Dec 1893    F281

Wilcox, John               Hollingsworth,Josephine      22 Oct 1896    G175

Wilcox, Mae                Smead, Grover                   26-Mar-10   N071

Wilcox, Mae                Snead, Grover                   26-Mar-10   N071

Wilcox, Marie              Rash, Oval                      23-Jan-13   Q005

Wilcox, Marie              Roch, Orval                     23-Jan-13   Q005

Wilcox, Myrtle M.          Golightley, Robert J.            3-Apr-04   J198

Wilcox, Olive C.           Akin, Dudley H.                 24-Nov-07   L209

Wilcox, Ray Milton         Bauer, Audrey Lucretia           1-Jun-17   T396

Wilcox, Stella             Brant, Glen                     21-Sep-18   V406

Wilcox, W.E.               Grant, Pearle                   30-Jun-09   M327

Wilcoxson, Bailey B.       Blankenship, A.M.                           T122

Wilcoxson, Lucy C.         Hutchison, G.A.                  8-Jan-06   K173

Wilday, Austin             Smith, Ella                      9-Aug-11   O278

Wilday, Ella               Tabeling, William L.                        S536

Wilday, Minnie M.          Barry, John G.                  30-Sep-06   K390

Wilde, Alvina A.           Putnam, M.N. (Dr.)               7-Jan-03   I457

Wilde, Emma                Gillette, Rollin             09 Mar 1896    G063

Wilde, Johanna Emelia      Buechel, Charles J.             17-Dec-03   J108

Wilder, Alice M.           Hoffman, William A.             20-Apr-09   M224

Wilder, Clyde Preston      Lintner, Iva Leila              31-Oct-21   Z397

Wilder, Eleanor            Jackson, Paul R.                15-Oct-19   W521

Wilder, Hazel C.           Hicks, William J.                           S201

Wilder, Helen              Harter, Harry                               T212

Wilder, Irene Mildred      McConachie, W.E.                            S263

Wilder, L.S.               Sickler, A.M.                21 Apr 1897    G284

Wilder, M.C.               Wilhelm, W.H.                24 Nov 1885    C347

Wilder, O.T. Jr.           Mathews, Ada I.                 26-Dec-00   H490

Wilder, Ruby               Draper, Delmar W.               16-Apr-13   Q111

Wilder, W.A.               Hartzell, Bessie M.              3-Aug-00   H371

Wilderman, Isabella        Myrick, W.F.                    19-Jul-13   Q246

Wilderom, A.P.             Hillegaard, Catherine            3-Oct-17   U040

Wilderom, Cornelis M.      Graves, Emma J.                 25-Dec-01   I141

Wilderom, P.               Leendertse, M.A.                12-Oct-07   L165

Wildman, Charles L.        Moore, Edna                     22-Oct-10   N406

Wildman, Walter D.         Simison, E.M.                    7-Apr-09   M208

Wildy, Jessie D.           Spencer, George K.           05 Nov 1896    G181

Wiles, Earl                Wood, Rena                       8-Jun-21   Z031

Wiles, Maggie              West, Alfred                     6-Dec-09   M553

Wiley, Albert E.           Dosien, Mabel E.                12-Jun-12   P272

Wiley, Alice               Scarth, George R.            18 Oct 1893    F230

Wiley, Alta May            Eccles, Henry W.                10-Sep-02   I346

Wiley, Elva                Atkison, Carl                               S001

Wiley, Etta Bernice        Nelson, P. Arnold            23 Dec 1897    G430

Wiley, F.M.                Taylor, Mary J.              04 May 1872    A034

Wiley, Frank K.            Patton, Grace E.                            S313

Wiley, Geneva              Talbert, A.R.                   27-Dec-12   P600

Wiley, Gertrude L.         Jacobs, Fred L.                 29-Dec-19   X088

Wiley, Hazel               Williford, Harry                27-Apr-08   L385

Wiley, Homer E.            Wirrick, Grace M.            24 Sep 1899    H164

Wiley, Jessie Elsie        Vincent, Alfred Herbert          1-Jan-11   N537

Wiley, Joseph L.           Sattle, Sarah E.                 5-Jul-08   L473

Wiley, Joseph O.           Bechtel, Effie               27 Oct 1892    F002

Wiley, Junius B.           Smith, Artie May                29-Nov-21   Z459

Wiley, Kate                Hayes, Jack                  07 May 1874    A117

Wiley, Lottie              Sisson, Dana                     8-Jan-19   V560

Wiley, Merril              Press, Louis                    13-Feb-22   Z603

Wiley, Pansy Wino          Brown, Jacob Bert               22-Jun-19   W226

Wiley, Pearl               Jaquith, Bret W.                16-Apr-02   I222

Wiley, Raymond             Elliott, Beatrice               29-Jun-11   O229

Wiley, Smith               Skinner, Inez                09 Mar 1881    B143

Wiley, T.C.                Bartlett, Hazel                 19-Sep-20   Y120

Wiley, Tina                Brown, Reuben V.                12-Apr-22   Z704

Wiley, William N.          Tilten, A.L.                     1-Nov-05   K096

Wilffarth, R.C.            Maricle, Ava                    30-Oct-20   Y235

Wilfley, C.R.              Smith, Nannie                   11-Jul-20   X551

Wilfong, Mollie            Booth, C.R.                  15 Jul 1889    D574

Wilford, Edward            Frizzle, Mary Ann            16 Jul 1877    A277

Wilford, Thomas E.         Starkey, Clara L.               24-Dec-07   L259

Wilgus, Edith              Marshall, W.H.                  16-Jul-19   W289

Wilhelm, Arthur E.         Kupper, Luella                  24-Jun-08   L454

Wilhelm, W.H.              Wilder, M.C.                 24 Nov 1885    C347

Wilhite, A.T.              Sutton, F.M.                     2-Sep-03   J011

Wilhite, E.W.              Fetrow, Ida A.                   3-Sep-11   O306

Wilhite, E.W.              Noteware, Sarah L.           22 Feb 1885    C214

Wilhite, Erroll Lamonte    Smith, Myrtle Elenor            12-Feb-21   Y473

Wilhite, Eva F.            Mollet, Jacob                18 Mar 1888    D249

Wilhite, H.A.              Furlong, Lula(lu)            03 Jul 1898    G534

Wilhite, Helen C.          McCormick, Pearl                21-May-05   J575

Wilhite, Icilone           Wilmarth, Fred J.               18-Sep-14   R153

Wilhite, Isis F.           Deming, Charley W.              24-Nov-09   M531

Wilhite, L. Errol          Jackson, Neva Belle              1-Nov-19   W566

Wilhite, Lois May          Mullenix, J.R.                  20-Aug-10   N286

Wilhite, Lula H.           Buckingham, Lewis V.             5-Mar-21   Y504

Wilhite, May(ary) E.       Brewer, Charles M.              24-Dec-03   J119

Wilhite, Nellie            Bridenfield, John               25-Dec-00   H488

Wilhite, Ollie             Breeden, Robert              17 May 1891    E340

Wilhite, P.E.              Johnson, Essie A.            02 Jun 1897    G305

Wilhite, Paschal E.        Hamilton, Mary E.            22 Jun 1890    E158

Wilhite, Rex M.            Billings, Grace May             28-Dec-11   P045

Wilhite, W.H.              Jacques, Effie                  25-Dec-00   H487

Wilhoite, Jasmine          Jackson, Charles A.             19-Aug-01   I023

Wilk, George               Shoemaker, Hazel                            S497

Wilk, H.R.                 Kiddoo, Ethyl                   23-Feb-18   U572

Wilkason, Farrel           Sedgwick, W.A.                   4-Dec-20   Y316

Wilke, Ferdinand           Shoemaker, Francis           __ May 1877    A267

Wilke, George F.           Pryor, Myrtle                   17-Apr-12   P195

Wilke, Harry               Stafford, Michie C.          25 Jan 1894    F302

Wilke, Victoria May        Hasbrook, Arthur                17-Sep-11   O323

Wilkerson, Arah            Swan, Hugh                      19-Apr-22   Z717

Wilkerson, Cora            Swan, E.H.                      12-Nov-13   Q418

Wilkerson, Elbert          Schriner, Goldia                            S020

Wilkerson, Ella            Berry, David W.              29 May 1890    E146

Wilkerson, G.V.            Fisher, Dora                    10-Aug-13   Q270

Wilkerson, Hattie E.       Ryno, Roy E.                    26-Oct-08   L616

Wilkerson, Ida             Gunn, A.W.                                  S511

Wilkerson, Ida C.          Gunn, Alva W.                   30-Apr-18   V123

Wilkerson, Jesse T.        Jones, Meta                      6-Apr-07   K595

Wilkerson, Josephine       Deyo, C.L.                      16-Aug-19   W363

Wilkerson, Lenora          Winchester, George              10-Oct-17   U073

Wilkerson, Marion M.       Mitchell, Hattie             03 Sep 1891    E380

Wilkerson, May             Tollett, Sam                    14-Oct-20   Y189

Wilkerson, Nannie D.       Healy, P.V.                  07 Jan 1883    B338

Wilkie, Anna S.            Sickler, Charles E.             24-Apr-01   H565

Wilkie, Emma L.            Reisner, J.                  15 Dec 1885    C357

Wilkie, G.N.               Mitchell, M.F.               02 Feb 1896    G042

Wilkie, George W.          Adams, Carmie Alice             10-Jul-02   I296

Wilkie, Nell C.            Goldsmith, Cameron S.            7-May-21   Y627

Wilkie, W.A.               Brown, Gertrude E.              27-Jan-04   J149

Wilkie, William            Nester, Mary                    30-Jan-15   R345

Wilkin, L. May             Frooman, Elam E.             12 Nov 1895    F624

Wilkin, Mary F.            Schaefer, Charles            18 Feb 1888    D226

Wilkins, Anna              Lewis, Charles F.               22-Aug-02   I330

Wilkins, Charles W.        Marshall, Mattie             17 Aug 1898    G554

Wilkins, Ernest L.         Godfrey, Maud                28 Feb 1897    G265

Wilkins, Ethel             McAvoy, C.P.                    16-Oct-05   K078

Wilkins, Frank S.          McAfee, Bernice                  9-Aug-20   Y014

Wilkins, J.R.              Jay, Elizabeth                  17-Mar-14   Q571

Wilkins, James             Harris, Gertrude                29-Mar-13   Q073

Wilkins, John              Benton, Mary                 11 Apr 1876    A197

Wilkins, John S.           Wetmore, Carrie              13 Aug 1888    D357

Wilkins, Loren B.          Glenn, Ruth                     18-Jun-20   X505

Wilkins, W.H.              Richey, Lottie               30 Apr 1896    G088

Wilkins, Wellington WilliamWilliams, Carrie                            R626

Wilkinson, Austin          Thompson, Myrtle                25-Nov-21   Z453

Wilkinson, Bess Marie      Miller, Leon Russell             3-Jul-13   Q228

Wilkinson, Ed Roy          Retheford, Emma                 28-Dec-12   P606

Wilkinson, Elizabeth LouiseMoon, James A.                   3-Mar-12   P101

Wilkinson, Elmer Thomas    Calloway, Aletha Delores        18-Dec-20   Y334

Wilkinson, Emma            Rouse, Aaron                 16 Jun 1886    C454

Wilkinson, Emma E.         Waddell, Albert J.           13 Nov 1884    C159

Wilkinson, Emma R.         Herman, Homer H.                27-Dec-04   J453

Wilkinson, F.M.            Stevens, Alex H.(N.)            23-Apr-02   I225

Wilkinson, Frank           Fink, Leta Fay                  18-May-21   Y648

Wilkinson, Fredrick E.     Hall, Ivy May                   15-Feb-00   H271

Wilkinson, George E. (Dr.) Joseph, Anna                    16-Sep-09   M430

Wilkinson, Hattie          Chegwidden, Bert                12-Jun-17   T442

Wilkinson, Hattie          Hopkins, Charley                10-Apr-09   M214

Wilkinson, Lucy            Pearson, D.B.                    1-Apr-09   M201

Wilkinson, Nina            Sullard, J.G.                   10-Feb-13   Q028

Wilkinson, Reba            Keen, Fred S.                    4-Dec-19   X017

Wilkinson, Roy             Morgan, Lula                    28-Mar-22   Z677

Wilkinson, Roy Richard     Korber, Alma Malinda            10-Nov-20   Y259

Wilkinson, Ureth           Lane, Guy                       22-Dec-09   M570

Wilkinson, Walter          Getter, Anna                     1-Aug-07   L070

Wilkinson, Walter W.       McPherson, Carrie            27 Aug 1886    C491

Wilkison, Leona            Otis, W.W.                       5-Oct-03   J045

Wilks, James               Stevens, Sarah                   1-Jan-09   M085

Wilks, Mary                Young, Wesley                   30-Mar-12   P168

Wilks, Sophia              Hendricks, O.A.                 22-Feb-19   V626

Wilkus, Elisabeth          Kasmirsky, Anton             18 Feb 1878    A313

Will, Ann Amanda           Will, D.W.                   17 Dec 1884    C187

Will, Bertha               Cabaniss, Bradley                7-Jul-10   N231

Will, Bertha H.D.          Bell, Frank C.                  19-Mar-03   I510

Will, D.W.                 Will, Ann Amanda             17 Dec 1884    C187

Will, Freda Carolina       Caster, Clem                     3-Jun-14   R013

Will, John Conrad          Jones, Alice                    27-Jan-09   M116

Will, P.B.                 Batdorf, Annabel                            S438

Will, W.K.                 Marshall, Nettie Harrietta       9-Nov-14   R228

Will, William Karl         Schenck, Stella May             14-Sep-06   K375

Willard, Albert Leslie     Miller, Ruby                     8-Feb-20   X185

Willard, Clarence H.       Robison, Flossie M.              4-Jul-21   Z111

Willard, George W.         Strong, Ellen                   16-May-05   J571

Willard, Grace             Jason, John                     28-Oct-02   I388

Willard, Helen Josepine    Shankel, L.E.                   20-Sep-19   W458

Willard, Loran Chauncy     Willard, Viola Blanche          15-Mar-14   Q568

Willard, Mary A.           Melville, George             12 Jan 1880    B025

Willard, Raye              McCool, Earl J.                 18-May-14   Q635

Willard, Viola Blanche     Willard, Loran Chauncy          15-Mar-14   Q568

Willday, Kate              McKelvie, A.R.               08 Sep 1899    H154

Wille, Dora                Maechtlen, Robert                5-Apr-08   L355

Willet, Mary E.            Bruhn, Fritz                 14 Nov 1880    B109

Willett, Clarence J.       Watt, Edna Mae                  16-Aug-18   V324

Willett, Lou E.            Sensor, Cecil A.             08 Apr 1889    D521

Willett, Orva A.           Huffman, Ida                     2-Jun-04   J249

Willey, B.H.               Halsey, Mamie                   31-Oct-03   J068

Willey, Bertha J.          McKibben, Robert G.             27-Mar-01   H544

Willey, Hattie             Streeter, Charles W.         03 Apr 1890    E110

Willey, Lydia M.           Strickler, Richard L.        25 Nov 1890    E252

Willey, Rosa (Mrs)         Ford, William                16 Feb 1899    H044

Willey, Stella M.          Jamieson, Walter S.                         S052

Willfer, Lucy              Taylor, Andrew                  30-Sep-07   L146

Willford, Millie J.        Denem, James Marion                         Q265

Willham, George B.         Barnes, Ida                  30 Dec 1897    G434

Willham, May               McLaughlin, Clyde                1-May-12   P199

Willhite, Leander C.       Whipple, Bertha N.              16-Mar-19   W024

Willhoite, Gracia Merle    Goodrich, B. Gordon              1-Jul-13   Q226

Willhoite, Ora Marie       Folger, Earl J.                 14-Jun-21   Z047

Willhour, Gertrude         McLaughlin, F.J.                24-Aug-04   J323

Willhour, Ida M.           Hunter, Jay A.               30 Aug 1892    E603

Willhour, Jennie           Frank, Clarence                 19-May-12   P236

William, Flora Fitz        St. Clair, B.H.                 29-May-20   X438

William, John              Martin, Jane                 30 May 1882    B273

Williams, A.V.             Butler, J.P.                                T005

Williams, Aaron            Wamer, Mary                     13-Aug-10   N273

Williams, Abe A.           Jones, Arlene                   24-Oct-21   Z378

Williams, Addie            Reed, W.B.                      10-Jul-04   J288

Williams, Addie B.         Goode, John F.                  25-Dec-01   I135

Williams, Addie May        Butler, Isaiah               20 Aug 1890    E185

Williams, Adolph           Wright, Lucille                  4-Mar-22   Z641

Williams, Agnes E.         Hill, Harry W.                  24-Nov-07   L208

Williams, Albert H.        Long, Lillie M.              27 Sep 1896    G154

Williams, Albert S.        Thompson, Blanche               11-Oct-20   Y183

Williams, Alberta          Able, Hallie                    16-Aug-12   P373

Williams, Alexander        Steenrod, May                02 Apr 1889    D515

Williams, Alice            Bruce, Donald N.                21-Feb-20   X214

Williams, Aline Alexander  Kistler, Edwin Gordon           10-Jun-14   R018

Williams, Alma             Roberts, Dall                13 Apr 1892    E526

Williams, Alonzo C.        Smalley, Mamie I.               13-May-19   W137

Williams, Alta             Clark, Alexander                            N279

Williams, Amanda Evalena   Taylor, H. Emmett               15-Dec-03   J107

Williams, Anna             Adair, Jesse                    10-Aug-21   Z196

Williams, Anna             Beverstock, W.H.                22-Apr-09   M231

Williams, Anna Lee         Woods, Marshall                  2-Oct-18   V423

Williams, Annie            Swan, C.                     05 Jul 1899    H121

Williams, Annie Flora      Snyder, Charles I.              22-Sep-04   J355

Williams, Arthur           Cleaveland, Jessie               7-Sep-18   V383

Williams, Arthur           Harper, Agnes                   15-Dec-20   Y340

Williams, Arthur           Pettis, Mary                                T310

Williams, Barbara          Isley, Edward                   26-Nov-13   Q440

Williams, Beatrice         Pond, Douglas W.                26-Sep-10   N358

Williams, Belle            Williams, H.R.                  21-Oct-09   M492

Williams, Benjamin         Woodcock, Affie              01 Jun 1876    A206

Williams, Bertha           Hatfield, Edward Franklin    17 Oct 1891    E405

Williams, Bertha           Mouton, Albert                   2-Apr-13   Q090

Williams, Bertha           Nelson, Augie E.                 2-Jun-17   T398

Williams, Bryle D.         Palmer, Charles F.               4-Jan-11   N543

Williams, Burt             Haynes, Lottie                  17-Sep-21   Z287

Williams, C. Fred          McDonald, B. Grace               5-Sep-06   K368

Williams, C. Lester        Longmire, Mingon M.          27 Aug 1890    E189

Williams, C. Lester        Rhoades, Effie C.            12 Jul 1894    F379

Williams, C.J.             Ray, Lena                       21-May-02   I250

Williams, C.W.             Busch, Katie                 10 Jul 1884    C100

Williams, Carrie           Wilkins, Wellington William                 R626

Williams, Carrie E.        Ellis, James A.                 29-Feb-04   J176

Williams, Celia Amanda     Sponenbarger, George V.         23-Sep-02   I359

Williams, Charles          Collins, Pearl                  21-Jan-01   H510

Williams, Charles          Jackson, Emma                   31-May-11   O166

Williams, Charles          Wilson, Lottie                  11-Apr-21   Y574

Williams, Charles AlexanderAdams, Lucille                   1-May-22   Z741

Williams, Charles E.       Dumont, Zella                   31-Mar-09   M199

Williams, Charles F.       Collins, Jennie                 12-Jun-06   K292

Williams, Charles H.       Delano, Mary E.              21 Jun 1896    G109

Williams, Charles H.       Lane, Clara E.               25 Aug 1886    C487

Williams, Charles H.       Mickelbery, Debora              19-Aug-12   P377

Williams, Charles J.       Bush, Jessie M.                  7-Apr-12   P179

Williams, Charles N.       Thompson, Margaret              21-Jan-10   M628

Williams, Charley          Chamberlain, Ella            04 Feb 1882    B239

Williams, Charlie          Pryor, Eugenia                   5-Apr-19   W058

Williams, Christina        Gilbert, William N.             14-Oct-18   V446

Williams, Clara            Freeland, Charles            19 Aug 1883    B400

Williams, Clara            Moutray, R.B.                   12-Oct-14   R185

Williams, Clarence         Crumbley, Alice                 18-Feb-20   X205

Williams, Clarence I.      Abbott, Ethel A.                24-Jan-12   P078

Williams, Clarence R.      Proctor, Edith R.                2-Apr-04   J200

Williams, Claud W.         Merritt, Bessie              04 Jun 1894    F363

Williams, Cora B.          Carter, John D.              08 Jun 1893    F150

Williams, Cora Belle       Vanselous, Thomas               21-Dec-21   Z495

Williams, Crystal          Orr, Levi                       16-Jun-18   V218

Williams, Daisy            Buford, Clarence                            S276

Williams, Daisy            Terry, Ed                        7-Aug-18   V310

Williams, Daisy (Mrs.)     Conrad, Fred Oscar              14-Sep-08   L565

Williams, Daisy J.         Martin, Alfred B.               19-Apr-05   J550

Williams, Darius J.        Hager, Maggie E. (Mrs.)      23 Nov 1892    F020

Williams, David X.         Munger, Melissa L.           10 Jan 1876    A189

Williams, Donald O.        Jones, Ada Pauline              10-Aug-19   W345

Williams, Dora             Acuff, Mitchell              25 Nov 1888    D437

Williams, Dora A.          Booth, LeRoy N.                 22-Feb-21   Y485

Williams, Dora E.          Greaves, Pansy                  16-Nov-01   I103

Williams, Dothulia         Wilson, J.W.                    21-Aug-14   R108

Williams, E.C.             Lee, Lora E.                 27 Sep 1899    H169

Williams, E.C.             Wilson, A.C.                 28 Apr 1890    E122

Williams, E.E.             Swigart, Anna                   27-Aug-02   I333

Williams, E.I.             Price, Hannah A.                14-Sep-04   J343

Williams, E.M.             Pollard, Evangeline             14-Jun-00   H338

Williams, E.S.             Jones, Effie                    14-Jul-20   X582

Williams, Ed               Stricklin, Hilda                 5-Oct-20   Y164

Williams, Edna Blanche     Nelson, Lawrence A.             10-Jan-19   V562

Williams, Effie            Myers, Charles H.               18-Mar-12   P151

Williams, Effie C.         Tuttle, S.T.                 25 Apr 1882    B268

Williams, Effie Lena       Blake, Charles                  26-Mar-02   I209

Williams, Elda             Conner, Clara Alice             20-May-06   K271

Williams, Eli              Holmes, Laveta                  28-Apr-13   Q126

Williams, Elisabeth M.     Ogden, J.W.                  19 May 1880    B067

Williams, Eliza            Hayse, William               27 Dec 1875    A183

Williams, Eliza E.         Thompson, R.O.                  10-Nov-11   O410

Williams, Eliza P.         Gidley, Walter C.               20-Mar-04   J190

Williams, Ella             Harper, Carl D.              22 Nov 1899    H211

Williams, Ella K.          Smith, Malcolm                   7-Oct-20   Y171

Williams, Ella M.          Watts, James G.              08 May 1899    H081

Williams, Ellis B.         Golden, Cora                 04 Sep 1894    F394

Williams, Emma             Davis, Joseph P.                14-Mar-21   Y522

Williams, Emma             Robertson, Thomas A.         29 Dec 1891    E466

Williams, Emma             Robinson, George E.             19-Jun-11   O205

Williams, Emma (Mrs.)      Emmerich, Carl                  22-Aug-09   M385

Williams, Emma Frances May Kyte, Hartley                   17-Nov-08   M010

Williams, Emma J.          Sinkhorn, William W.            31-Aug-09   M398

Williams, Emorette         McClurg, William C.          27 Jan 1876    A190

Williams, Estella          Brazil, Samuel                   7-Jul-04   J288

Williams, Ethel            Fleshman, Charley R.            22-Jun-10   N196

Williams, Etta             Smith, A.J.                  31 Oct 1896    G182

Williams, Eva M.           Jorgensen, John F.               4-Jun-05   J586

Williams, Evaline          Carter, Thomas                              T365

Williams, Evelena          Wilson, Loxie                   13-Jun-11   O195

Williams, Evelyn           Sturgeon, John D.               10-Oct-05   K065

Williams, F.B.             Timmons, Maryella               21-Apr-09   M228

Williams, F.M.             Tull, Isa                    30 Sep 1877    A290

Williams, Fay              Brady, George E.                 9-Jul-20   X571

Williams, Florence         Seavey, George P.            10 Dec 1886    C549

Williams, Florence M.      Potter, R.A.                     4-Oct-05   K058

Williams, Floyd            Skelton, Ella Alice             17-Aug-19   W361

Williams, Frances E.       Springer, P.A.                  27-Jun-20   X536

Williams, Frank            Held, Mary                   29 Sep 1896    G157

Williams, Frank A.         Stice, Annie(na)                15-Aug-07   L086

Williams, Frank E.         Tucker, Ethel Luella Alden       9-Oct-01   I071

Williams, G.               Vickers, Varsee                             H377

Williams, G.               Vickers, Versie                  8-Aug-00   H373

Williams, G.W.             Ludwick, Elsie N.               24-Jan-06   K185

Williams, George           Drew, Bessie                     3-Jan-20   X105

Williams, George           Gardner, Ida                                S550

Williams, George           Johnson, Stella                 24-May-20   X423

Williams, George           Osborn, Della                    5-Jun-12   P266

Williams, George B.        Warner, Ella                 18 Jan 1888    D203

Williams, George G.        Basore, Viola                   21-Oct-08   L612

Williams, George Lawrence  Carpenter, Bell M.              30-Dec-12   P615

Williams, George W.        Lane, Katie E.                  26-Jan-02   I168

Williams, Georgia          Pyles, Richard                  25-Aug-19   W385

Williams, Georgia          Snyder, H.E.                    20-Sep-11   O333

Williams, Gertrude         Goddard, Billy F.               25-Jun-17   T466

Williams, Gertrude         Rice, William Franklin          30-Sep-18   V419

Williams, Gertrue(ude)     Collier, Charlie                 5-Nov-08   L634

Williams, Gilbert V.       Unruh, Helen                                T212

Williams, Goldie           Harrison, E.                     5-Apr-05   J538

Williams, Grace            McKinsey, E.M.                  29-Apr-08   L388

Williams, Grace            Yewell, Alvin D.                16-Jun-09   M299

Williams, H.E.             Emslie, Agnes                28 Jul 1887    D072

Williams, H.H.             Brainard, Rose                  22-Dec-06   K496

Williams, H.R.             Williams, Belle                 21-Oct-09   M492

Williams, Harry            Freeman, Janie                              T173

Williams, Harry W.         Hollenbeck, Maud                23-Oct-01   I088

Williams, Harvey C.        Crabbs, Jessie B.            17 Apr 1892    E532

Williams, Hattie           Gorl, James                  24 Jul 1876    A214

Williams, Hattie           Grant, W.H.H.                   20-Jan-09   M104

Williams, Hattie           Hackett, G.H.                20 Oct 1887    D138

Williams, Hattie           Lyon, Omar                   24 Oct 1892    E641

Williams, Hattie T.        Hobbs, Henry R.              11 Jun 1889    D556

Williams, Hazel            Herwig, Lewis C.                            S146

Williams, Hazel            Stewart, L.E.                   21-Mar-14   Q576

Williams, Helen M.         Deam, Warren G.              16 Oct 1887    D134

Williams, Henrietta        Tennery, John Wintzel            4-Sep-19   W415

Williams, Herman           Rickords, Jessie                 8-Sep-20   Y088

Williams, Hester           Duke, Paul                      28-Dec-21   Z517

Williams, Horace           Martin, Joanna                  23-Mar-18   V051

Williams, I.N.             Larkin, Vera                    30-Sep-21   Z302

Williams, Ida              Crabb, Guy W.                01 May 1893    F127

Williams, Ida              Guyer, Charles C.               23-Dec-08   M064

Williams, Ida              Timmons, E.L.                   28-Mar-00   H297

Williams, Ida L. (Mrs.)    Myers, D.L.                  13 Sep 1898    G567

Williams, Irene            Abel, Oscar                                 R634

Williams, Irene            Parsons, William A.             11-Mar-15   R385

Williams, Isabelle         Piper, W.B.                     21-Jul-02   I303

Williams, Isaiah           Fassett, Mary J.             23 Feb 1888    D230

Williams, J.A.             Drake, Ella                  27 May 1887    D018

Williams, J.A.             Sherman, Mary C.             29 Aug 1888    D371

Williams, J.A.             Williams, Sina E.               31-Jul-11   O265

Williams, J.D.             Wilson, Lou                      6-Aug-20   Y004

Williams, J.E.             Raines, Annie                17 Nov 1885    C341

Williams, J.J.             Gustine, Alice                   8-Sep-13   Q309

Williams, J.S.             Walker, Ida                      7-Nov-08   L636

Williams, James            Adams, Amelia                31 Mar 1889    D514

Williams, James            Washington, Ruth                 1-Feb-13   Q014

Williams, James A.         Drury, Irene                     8-Dec-08   M039

Williams, James C.         Brinley, Maria               25 Dec 1874    A146

Williams, Jay              VanDorsten, Madge                7-Jan-20   X116

Williams, Jeff             Craig, Frankie                   5-Mar-20   X237

Williams, Jessie G.        Rising, Orin H.                 20-Dec-05   K141

Williams, John             Dennett, Zulia               25 Dec 1892    F038

Williams, John             Martindale, Minnie M.                       S260

Williams, John             McCree, Ola                     11-Sep-18   V390

Williams, John             Strickland, Eunice           08 Aug 1886    C478

Williams, John             Thompson, Sallie (Mrs)       27 Feb 1890    E089

Williams, John             Young, Marie                    11-Jun-19   W205

Williams, John B.          Keeran, Della D.             25 May 1889    D534

Williams, John B.          Yale, Norah                  13 Dec 1871    A022

Williams, John C.          Rhoades, Josie A.            03 May 1896    G088

Williams, John E.          Armour, Margaret E.          03 Aug 1892    E587

Williams, John Edgar       Schwerdfager, Ella              23-Dec-14   R293

Williams, John H.          Gray, Eunice                    10-Jan-06   K173

Williams, John L.          Cooper, Mary E.              14 Jul 1892    E580

Williams, John M.          Ford, M.C.                       3-Sep-20   Y080

Williams, John S.          Dick, Della D.               15 Mar 1893    F098

Williams, Josephine        Arment, Frank                24 Dec 1878    A389

Williams, Josephine        Eames, Harry T.                 10-Jun-08   L431

Williams, Juanita          Almond, Clarence                 6-Jan-18   U453

Williams, Juanita          Horton, Claud T.                 6-Aug-21   Z188

Williams, Juanita Orilla   Bolser, Robert W.               15-Sep-20   Y108

Williams, Judson T.        Bell, Lottie M.                 24-Oct-07   L183

Williams, Julia V.A.       Nall, F.R.                      23-Apr-05   J553

Williams, Kate             Hannum, Jonas                03 Oct 1876    A234

Williams, Kittie Emma      West, Thomas Arch               24-Dec-02   I441

Williams, Laura            Krauss, Herman                  19-Mar-19   W030

Williams, Laura            Moutray, Bert F.                26-Feb-10   N032

Williams, Laura M.         Shoap, Phillip E.                1-Jan-18   U437

Williams, Leah L.          Armour, Alexander R.            21-Sep-18   V402

Williams, Lee              Bradford, Ella                  15-Apr-18   V095

Williams, Lee              Bradley, Janie                  18-Mar-08   L342

Williams, Lee              Loney, Mary                                 S210

Williams, Lena             Paleski, Louis                              S029

Williams, Leroy C.         Foster, Lelia                    6-Apr-10   N086

Williams, Lillian M.       Fulton, B.F.                 15 Nov 1888    D432

Williams, Lillian M.       May, L.D.                       23-Jun-00   H343

Williams, Lillie M.        Kerley, Albert M.               19-Dec-09   M565

Williams, Lima             Price, Sam Jr.                              S369

Williams, Lizzie           Creson, Frank A.                19-Jan-10   M624

Williams, Lizzie           Thurman, R.S.                   26-Sep-12   P432

Williams, Lizzie T.        Foster, George W.            06 Apr 1881    B150

Williams, Loretta          Gifford, Benjamin            __ Feb 1872    A029

Williams, Lottie           Harrigan, L.J.                   9-May-22   Z757

Williams, Lucretia G.      Fuller, S. Knight               12-Sep-05   K037

Williams, Lucy             Patten, W.T.                 27 Apr 1898    G495

Williams, Lulu B.          Focht, H.G.                                 S314

Williams, Lulu Belle       Jones, Francis Edward            1-Sep-12   P394

Williams, M. Alice         Allen, Frank M.              26 Mar 1892    E524

Williams, M.L.             Follmer, Katie               27 Aug 1893    F188

Williams, M.M.             Carter, J.A.                     7-Feb-18   U536

Williams, M.M.             Gay, C.R.                    13 Aug 1887    D082

Williams, M.V.             Howard, Dakota                  10-Jun-17   T435

Williams, Mabel            Sanborn, H.M.                   12-Apr-20   X324

Williams, Mabel            St. Clair, Roy A.                6-Jul-21   Z116

Williams, Mabel L.         Fisher, E.V.                    17-May-13   Q148

Williams, Mae A.           Burke, Charles Ellis             7-Dec-02   I419

Williams, Maggie           Cutting, F.E.                23 Jul 1898    G543

Williams, Mamie            Walker, Marion                  18-May-18   V155

Williams, Mammie           Moore, Ernest P.                28-Nov-06   K462

Williams, Margaret B.      Hamlet, Roy                     20-May-20   X413

Williams, Margaret H.      Reed, Elmer W.                  24-Aug-19   W379

Williams, Margaret L.      Grim, Ernest B.                 17-Nov-01   I102

Williams, Marie            Dallas, Charles                 25-Dec-07   L250

Williams, Marie            Edmunds, Edward G.              10-Mar-06   K222

Williams, Martha           Cravens, Charles                13-Aug-21   Z204

Williams, Martha M.        Flint, Lyman B.              20 Aug 1888    D364

Williams, Mary             Barnes, Willie                  28-Apr-14   Q610

Williams, Mary             Etherton, James                 22-Sep-19   W462

Williams, Mary             Geissler, Charles            08 Apr 1886    C422

Williams, Mary             Hatton, Granville               19-Oct-12   P469

Williams, Mary             McCoy, J.B.                                 D451

Williams, Mary             Reeves, Ralph R.             27 Aug 1888    D367

Williams, Mary E.          Morton, Edward S.                5-Sep-00   H389

Williams, Mary L.          Sutherland, S.H.                10-Apr-21   Y573

Williams, Mary Louise      Phelps, William J.B.            16-May-22   Z768

Williams, Matilda          Brown, Anderson                 28-Nov-18   V500

Williams, Mattie           Hall, John F.                               X574

Williams, Mattie           Mitchell, James A.           06 Aug 1890    E180

Williams, Mattie           Price, George W.                 2-Aug-03   I619

Williams, Maud             Nason, L. Earl                  24-Dec-19   X070

Williams, Maude            Joy, William G.                 14-Jun-19   W204

Williams, May              Campbell, D.B.                  24-Nov-17   U254

Williams, Mildred          Graves, John                    15-Feb-21   Y475

Williams, Miles H.         Schwarz, Carolina               25-Aug-13   Q291

Williams, Milton H.        Young, Dorothy H.               10-Nov-19   W592

Williams, Minnie Esther    Jordan, William C.                          T317

Williams, Minnie P.        Mason, Curtis G.                            S532

Williams, Myrtle           Gibney, Don                      8-Sep-08   L555

Williams, Myrtle           Kasamis, James                  30-Dec-20   Y387

Williams, Myrtle G.        Smith, Chester E.               14-Mar-18   V037

Williams, Myrtle Maybelle  Hill, Willis Crook                          R475

Williams, N.               Hansen, Martha                   5-Mar-21   Y506

Williams, Nannie D.        Baker, James Henry              13-Nov-12   P512

Williams, Naomi Emma       Brower, Hammond Ireneus          2-Sep-12   P394

Williams, Neal             Jones, Marjorie                 19-May-21   Y650

Williams, Nellie J.        Bailey, Guy D.                  30-Oct-17   U145

Williams, Norine C.        Wright, Losson A.                1-Jul-20   X552

Williams, Oneita           Robinson, Dale W.               20-Jan-21   Y423

Williams, Oral             Merryfield, Marie               24-Aug-18   V341

Williams, Parthinia        Glover, Thomas               28 Dec 1875    A185

Williams, Paul             Everett, Edna                   10-Jul-17   T498

Williams, Paul             Stiger, Effie                    1-Jul-11   O231

Williams, Paul S.          Evans, Marvel                   14-May-19   W133

Williams, Pearl            Frager, C.N.                    22-Apr-03   I535

Williams, Pearl M.         Cass, L.F.                      23-Dec-12   P580

Williams, Pearl O.         Bailey, Earl                     5-Oct-19   W499

Williams, Perry L.         Waterbury, Lizzie               21-Dec-04   J445

Williams, Phebe G.         Laughlin, Simon              25 May 1879    A425

Williams, Preston M.       Wood, Garess H.                 24-Mar-18   V052

Williams, R.B.             Borum(unn), Sarah E.             4-May-05   J563

Williams, R.H.             Watts, Ruby                                 S206

Williams, R.J.             Mackey, J.W.                 17 Jul 1878    A343

Williams, R.M.             Rice, C.E.                   09 Oct 1879    A452

Williams, R.W.             Love, Nettie                    21-Jan-22   Z569

Williams, Ralph            Vaughn, Margaret                25-Jul-17   T525

Williams, Ray H.           Martin, Edith                   19-Jan-14   Q508

Williams, Raymond          Wright, Edna                     2-Apr-18   V066

Williams, Raymond M.       Gilchrist, Elizabeth            11-Apr-19   W068

Williams, Rex Glenn        Brockman, Donnie(Din..)         29-Nov-09   M545

Williams, Robert           Fallmer, Lena                12 Feb 1896    G046

Williams, Robert C.        Stultz, Lelia C.                15-Jan-03   I467

Williams, Robert Wallace   Dietsch, Salome C.               2-Dec-11   O441

Williams, Rollin E.        Laidlaw, Florence               27-May-11   O161

Williams, Romeyn S.        Burke, Mildred                              S368

Williams, Roscoe           Morris, Iris                    25-Oct-21   Z381

Williams, Rose B.          Ward, Roy L.                    17-Apr-07   K607

Williams, Roy              Johnston, Geneva                            S115

Williams, Roy              Silknitter, Franklyn E.         25-Jun-18   V244

Williams, Roy L.           Lucas, Fannie                    9-Mar-08   L332

Williams, Ruth             Childers, F.B.               21 Sep 1897    G360

Williams, Sadie            Pulliam, Joseph                  2-Sep-09   M403

Williams, Sam              Roach, Ella                                 S532

Williams, Samantha         Young, J.A.                  08 Sep 1882    B297

Williams, Samuel E.        Swan, Hattie                 17 Aug 1884    C119

Williams, Samuel Everett   Little, Addie                               R554

Williams, Samuel H.        Millsap, Cloey A.            23 Jan 1881    B130

Williams, Sardena A.       Dugan, Frank M.              07 Feb 1885    C209

Williams, Shelton          McDivitt, D.                     1-Jul-08   L468

Williams, Sina E.          Williams, J.A.                  31-Jul-11   O265

Williams, Stella L.        Axton, N.L.                     12-Oct-02   I369

Williams, Susie            Heredeen, J. Ryan                9-Sep-08   L558

Williams, Susie            Mayo, M.                        24-Sep-09   M374

Williams, Susie            Perry, Charles J.            17 May 1893    F138

Williams, Ted F.           Massey, Anna                     2-Feb-18   U525

Williams, Theodore         Givens, Catherine               12-Mar-03   I506

Williams, Theresa Marie    Ragland, Walter John             4-Dec-21   Z466

Williams, Thomas J.        Taylor, Nellie               17 Nov 1891    E424

Williams, Thomas V.        Farris, Frances H.              24-Dec-20   Y362

Williams, Tom R.           Howe, Mary Jane                             S239

Williams, Tuelda H.        McKissen, Sarah M.           29 Aug 1885    C296

Williams, Vera             Darling, Howard Upson           13-Dec-10   N498

Williams, Viola            Rogers, N.F.                                S090

Williams, Viola(ida)       Elston, George L.            27 Jul 1899    H130

Williams, Virgie           Clark, Wilbur R.                 4-Mar-07   K565

Williams, Virgil           Crouch, Moscelyn                19-Apr-11   O108

Williams, W.C.             Hughes, Maria                06 May 1888    D290

Williams, W.E.             Dunlap, Renie                27 May 1883    B374

Williams, W.E.             Stathem, Laura M.                5-Apr-04   J204

Williams, W.H.             Brooks, Ida E.               04 Jul 1887    D054

Williams, W.J.             Parker, Luella Madge             9-May-14   Q622

Williams, W.L.             Dodd, Tempa                     14-May-13   Q141

Williams, Walter           Anderson, Abbie                 21-Aug-08   L526

Williams, Walter           Hunter, Winnie                              S565

Williams, Walter W.        Ray, Marie                      21-Jul-18   V288

Williams, Wiley            Gregory, Jennie                 11-May-10   N136

Williams, Will Wilbert     Kane, Nina                      18-Feb-22   Z608

Williams, William          Crabb(bs), Maud              22 Aug 1893    F187

Williams, William          Gerah, Rose                     20-Apr-11   O113

Williams, William          Palmer, Nellie                   8-May-08   L399

Williams, William H.       Law, Davidena                   17-Jul-17   T509

Williams, William J.       Jewett, Josephine            08 Nov 1874    A140

Williams, Willie           Smith, Nettie                   10-Apr-20   X320

Williams, Willie           White, Novella                              W519

Williams, Wilma            Sailor, Roy                      7-Sep-19   W422

Williams, Zella            Arrington, Floyd C.                         S102

Williamson, Ada            Wiedman, Phillip W.              7-Dec-07   L228

Williamson, Addiline       Winters, Ray Ross               30-Jan-07   K532

Williamson, Anna(nie)      Fox, Newton S.               04 Mar 1895    F501

Williamson, Avice          Dennett, Lloyd                  15-May-18   V145

Williamson, C.H.           Fountain, Florence Edith        14-Dec-20   Y335

Williamson, Charles F.     Edwards, Susie B.            19 Mar 1890    E103

Williamson, Charles M.     Ollinger, Jennie                 6-Apr-21   Y565

Williamson, David B.       Brown, Ella M.               24 Mar 1889    D511

Williamson, David M.       Berry, Annie D.              13 Oct 1884    C227

Williamson, Dollie         Boone, Lewis                    30-Sep-19   W482

Williamson, Dolly M.       Fulmer, James                09 Sep 1884    C132

Williamson, Dwight B.      Newton, Mary L.              22 Feb 1887    C592

Williamson, Edith          Littlejohn, Frank            05 Apr 1898    G487

Williamson, Edward         Weger, Mary                      6-Jul-10   N229

Williamson, Ella           Baughman, John W.               12-Jul-02   I297

Williamson, Emma M.        Sander, William A.              17-May-18   V153

Williamson, Ensworth L.    Baker, Fannette                 19-Feb-08   L312

Williamson, Ethel          Vinson, George J.               28-Jan-08   L289

Williamson, F.K.           Fuller, Alma                    21-Sep-11   O335

Williamson, F.M.           Tull, Isa                    30 Sep 1877    A290

Williamson, Florence Pearl Allen, J.F.                     14-Oct-05   K074

Williamson, Gladys         Webster, Harold                  5-Nov-17   U168

Williamson, H.L.           Carlton, Augustine               7-May-21   Y625

Williamson, Hallie N.      Roy, Robert I.               18 Mar 1880    B053

Williamson, Iva            Cowan, Charles                              T003

Williamson, J.F.           Schwandt, Hedwig                15-Nov-13   Q421

Williamson, Jackson G.     Murphy, Mamie O.                            R634

Williamson, James          Bridgman, Wyda                  10-Mar-15   R383

Williamson, James F.       Struthers, Jennie Belle         16-Feb-21   Y477

Williamson, John Lewis     Harpstrite, Gertrude            14-Nov-06   K445

Williamson, King H.        Hullet, Lester L.               28-Oct-08   L623

Williamson, Lamartine      Flood, Sarah                 29 Feb 1880    B041

Williamson, Lois           Wilson, Milburn                 20-Mar-18   V045

Williamson, Lola           Behee, L.A.                      6-Apr-12   P181

Williamson, Mabel R.       Blakey, L.W.                    12-Dec-06   K476

Williamson, Nellie         McAllister, S.C.                 2-Jun-17   T402

Williamson, Pearl          Murney, L.M.                    25-Nov-14   R254

Williamson, Ralph Ernest   Wirtz, Ursie Catherine          18-Aug-20   Y040

Williamson, Ray            Baker, Cecil                    18-Feb-14   Q536

Williamson, Rue            Hartke, George                              S572

Williamson, Samuel S.      Ralls, Ida                      19-May-19   W149

Williamson, W.W.           Freeman, Annie                  12-Nov-18   V479

Williamson, Walter Scott   Park, Anita                     30-Jun-08   L464

Williamson, Wilbur Dwight  Wirtz, Pearl Frances            23-Feb-21   Y487

Williamson, William        Lawler, Julia (Mrs.)            26-Jan-09   M118

Williamson, William F.     Bryan, Sarah F.              28 Dec 1893    F280

Willian, Edna C.           Burns, Joseph E.                12-Jun-09   M292

Williard, Pansy            Brown, Charles P.               25-Aug-18   V348

Williever, Irene           O'Hair, Irven R.                 5-May-02   I237

Williford, Harry           Wiley, Hazel                    27-Apr-08   L385

Willinger, Teresa          Rice, John                   31 Jul 1899    H131

Willingham, Dorothy        Maxwell, William H.                         T249

Willingham, E.G.           Lewis, Nina May                 23-Sep-18   V408

Willingham, Fred           Robinson, Gertrude                          R565

Willis, Albert P.          Springer, Anna               03 Mar 1885    C221

Willis, Alice J.           Lyde, William                   22-Mar-05   J529

Willis, Belle              Thompson, W.M.                  18-Aug-14   R104

Willis, Blanch             Finn, Dave                      25-May-21   Y663

Willis, Blanche            Goodrich, Clyde                  1-Oct-06   K392

Willis, C.F.               Codner, Maud                    18-Feb-07   K552

Willis, Charley A.         Hubbard, Estelle R.             25-Nov-14   R256

Willis, Clarence Ray       Newingham, Florence Edna        30-Jul-08   L499

Willis, Claude             Seed, Ruby                      17-May-19   W144

Willis, Daisy              Barnard, E.C.                               R539

Willis, Effie              Lovett, Lee                      6-Feb-07   K538

Willis, Estie              Magazine, Walter                 4-Sep-09   M407

Willis, Ethel              Taylor, William L.              26-Apr-13   Q121

Willis, Ethel              Westfall, T.B.                  18-Nov-20   Y279

Willis, Fred S.            Sutton, Adda (Mrs.)          15 May 1893    F136

Willis, George             Wells, Josephine             28 Dec 1882    B335

Willis, George Burgess     Brown, Genoa Stella             23-Dec-19   X007

Willis, George M.          Fisher, Anna L.              03 Oct 1878    A365

Willis, Glenn Hatfield     Hadley, Hazel A.                19-Nov-21   Z438

Willis, Grace              LeKron, Victor                   7-Nov-07   L194

Willis, Hattie B.          Manion, Edward F.            28 Dec 1895    G023

Willis, Hazel M.           Herron, A.J.                    17-Feb-12   P110

Willis, Irene(nie) L.      Carnahan, W.H.               15 Dec 1896    G212

Willis, Jay H.             Haymaker, Maud               29 Jan 1896    G041

Willis, John C.            Weller, Julia                20 Feb 1885    C214

Willis, John W.            Myers, Effie M.                 21-Aug-21   Z228

Willis, Julia A.           Baker, Ray R.                   20-Jun-07   L025

Willis, Kathryn A.         Loxley, Leslie E.               25-Nov-14   R255

Willis, Katie              Curran, C.W.                                D089

Willis, L.H.               Rogers, Flowery May                         T147

Willis, Luke               Thompson, Rosa               05 Dec 1878    A384

Willis, Mabel M.           Dyer, William D.                 1-Jun-13   Q166

Willis, Mary               Barce, Simeon                24 Sep 1880    B094

Willis, Mary               Glendening, West                12-Jun-13   Q193

Willis, Mary F.            Blake, E.B.                     25-Oct-19   W550

Willis, Mildred Gladys     Lavender, O.O.                   6-Sep-14   R134

Willis, Mona Lee           Jones, Jean P.                              S451

Willis, Neva Staples       Morris, D.E.                     5-Sep-06   K367

Willis, O.F.               Jones, Nora                      6-Apr-10   N088

Willis, Oliver F.          Gilchrist, Denah                            R572

Willis, Oliver F.          Grant, Ethel M.                             T098

Willis, Paul S.            Davis, Leona B.                 21-Mar-21   Y520

Willis, R.C.               Major, Maggie                31 Mar 1881    B149

Willis, Thomas             Wilson, Mary                 27 Dec 1884    C184

Willis, Walter             Mathias, Blanche                18-Oct-14   R188

Willis, William T.         Hatfield, Estella            30 Sep 1886    C503

Willis, Willie             Dunaway, Sallie                  7-Sep-07   L109

Willison, John C.          Layman, Ida B.                  20-Feb-02   I185

Williver, Laura            King, V.T.                      24-Sep-08   L577

Willott, Edward A.         Ulrich, Lena                    26-Jun-20   X539

Willoughby, Joseph F.      Miller, Jessie E.               29-Oct-03   J067

Wills, A.E.                Gilbert, Mary E.                28-Feb-09   M161

Wills, Alvah               Finley, Delila                   6-Nov-09   M517

Wills, Anna B.             Arthur, John                 11 Jan 1885    C193

Wills, C.                  Jason, Mary Etta                            T068

Wills, Carl Daniel         Sharp, Stater                   23-Nov-18   V491

Wills, Charles Irven       Falk, Ida Belle                  8-Mar-22   Z646

Wills, Henry               Dewees, Mary                 06 May 1894    F348

Wills, Henry               Deweys, Mary                 06 May 1894    F348

Wills, Henry Raymond       Nickles, Hazel Alberta                      S229

Wills, J.H.                Sayler, Susie                   12-Jul-18   V275

Wills, John T.             Porter, Myrtle                   9-Jun-21   Z026

Wills, Lillie              Level, Julius                26 Apr 1885    C245

Willsey, Elva              Anderson, Ernest W.              5-Jun-20   X461

Willson, Ira K.            Hamblet, Jennie                 26-Sep-04   J357

Wilmarth, Fred J.          Wilhite, Icilone                18-Sep-14   R153

Wilmore, Alice P.          Stigenwalt, C.W.                 5-Oct-04   J369

Wilmore, C.F.              Hoover, Rachel                  26-Feb-01   H518

Wilmot, Arthur J.          Mayfield, Veta                   4-Apr-08   L358

Wilsey, Edith              Ellison, Lurrel Denis           11-Jan-15   R322

Wilshusen, Opal F.L.       Roark, John W.                              S245

Wilshusen, Richard         Brophy, Annie                               R578

Wilson, A.C.               Oyler, Pearl                    17-Oct-00   H435

Wilson, A.C.               Williams, E.C.               28 Apr 1890    E122

Wilson, A.H.               Martin, Nettie                  14-Oct-14   R192

Wilson, A.R.               Bennett, Lula                   27-Jul-17   T531

Wilson, Aaron              Hudson, Ethel                   17-Aug-05   K014

Wilson, Ada                Bayman, J.C.                 30 Jun 1888    D334

Wilson, Adeline I.         Nevins, Mason C.                 5-May-03   I546

Wilson, Albert             Hamlin, Salina F.            25 Jan 1885    C198

Wilson, Aletha B.          Snider, Hiram W.                            S281

Wilson, Alice              Chastain, E.C.               30 Oct 1899    H197

Wilson, Alice              Perry, Thomas G.                20-Dec-19   X052

Wilson, Alma Rozella       Aschenbrenner, David            27-Nov-07   L214

Wilson, Amos A.            Gibbons, Julia E.                3-Jul-04   J281

Wilson, Amos R.            Henderson, Maude Viola                      S345

Wilson, Andrew W.          Siever, Matilda              30 Apr 1885    C248

Wilson, Anna               Collier, R.E.                01 Feb 1888    D210

Wilson, Anna M.            Blain, W.E.                  05 May 1897    G294

Wilson, Anna May           Johnston, Guy                   28-Mar-14   Q579

Wilson, Annie C. (E.)      Morrissey, John A.              15-Aug-05   K012

Wilson, Annie L.           Jackson, Franz S.            02 May 1892    E539

Wilson, Arthur L.          Crissup, Juletta E.              1-Jun-11   O171

Wilson, Aubrey V.          Hunt, Mae Belle                  3-Jul-17   T488

Wilson, B.K.               Denney, Mary B.              29 Aug 1877    A280

Wilson, Benjamin F.        Harrod, Gertie M.            26 May 1885    C251

Wilson, Berta M.           Moorhead, Harry C.               3-Aug-07   L072

Wilson, Bertha             Maxwell, Ralph T.                6-May-22   Z751

Wilson, Bessie             Taylor, J.R.                 22 Aug 1898    G558

Wilson, Bessie (Mrs.)      Goss, H.W.                   23 Mar 1898    G481

Wilson, Byron              Ketchel, Grace                   1-Jan-12   P047

Wilson, C. Buford          Hickman, Grace M.                4-May-11   O135

Wilson, C.B.               Chapman, Fannie              26 Apr 1884    C074

Wilson, C.C.               Bell, C.H.                      27-Apr-02   I229

Wilson, C.D.               Harpstrite, Grace                           S169

Wilson, Callie J.          Heath, Stella                    4-Jan-11   N542

Wilson, Carrie             Biggs, William                  24-Jun-18   V244

Wilson, Carrie             Smith, Harry A.                 17-Apr-11   O105

Wilson, Celia              Smith, Daniel W.             19 May 1880    B070

Wilson, Charles            Bladley, Edna                   23-Jun-19   W235

Wilson, Charles            Coker, Mabel(ble)            10 May 1892    E545

Wilson, Charles            Drake, Ruth                     22-Feb-07   K557

Wilson, Charles            Laws, Mollie                 24 Apr 1887    C631

Wilson, Charles C.         Cave, Dicy L.                   21-Nov-06   K453

Wilson, Charles H.         Hitchcock, Edna                 20-Dec-09   M568

Wilson, Clara              Wilson, Harry                   24-Dec-02   I441

Wilson, Clarence           Snyder, Geneva                   1-Jan-03   I451

Wilson, Clarence H.        Dawson, Beulah M.                6-Sep-08   L553

Wilson, Cora Eudell        High, Waitman Emmor              1-Jan-02   I150

Wilson, D.F.               Page, Grace M.                  16-Mar-03   I508

Wilson, David A.           Smith, Harriet               25 Nov 1891    E429

Wilson, Denna              Haskins, A.V.                   30-Jan-02   I170

Wilson, Donna Faye         Chambers, R.K.                  21-Sep-20   Y125

Wilson, Dora May           Hagerman, Charles S.             1-Aug-06   K341

Wilson, Dorothy            Dunne, Glen M.                  24-Feb-20   X217

Wilson, E.C.               Logue, Retta                 03 Mar 1897    G266

Wilson, E.D.               Gardiner, Ethel                  5-Oct-07   L154

Wilson, E.E.               Matthews, Fern                   2-Jul-20   X553

Wilson, E.F.               Costello, Iva                    6-Jan-21   Y376

Wilson, Earl               West, Josie                                 T049

Wilson, Ed                 Wells, Myrtle                   16-Mar-11   O054

Wilson, Edith              Carter, Charles E.           20 Jun 1896    G110

Wilson, Edith              McKinney, Benjamin A.           14-Sep-14   R143

Wilson, Edith              Smith, Otho                     25-Dec-13   Q477

Wilson, Edith L.           Dorr, William V.                 4-Dec-01   I116

Wilson, Edna               VanFleet, Charles M.                        S310

Wilson, Edna Francis       Nelson, Oney M.                             S077

Wilson, Edna Miley         Hawkins, George                 22-Dec-18   V527

Wilson, Elizabeth          Doyle, George W.             20 Oct 1889    D637

Wilson, Ella               Ballard, Fred A.                25-Feb-06   K209

Wilson, Ella A.            Green, William               17 Jul 1890    E170

Wilson, Ella P.            Helms, George                16 Nov 1882    B321

Wilson, Elma               Fulton, Del L.                   5-Aug-11   O273

Wilson, Elmer              Crawford, Volina                 4-Mar-09   M168

Wilson, Elsie              Kelly, W.B.                      5-Mar-14   Q555

Wilson, Emily              Wheelock, Clifford              17-Mar-19   W026

Wilson, Emma               Briggs, Clarence E.              4-Feb-03   I478

Wilson, Emma C.            Sexton, Levi H.              11 Mar 1884    C053

Wilson, Emmett E.          Fergus, Louise                  12-Oct-21   Z343

Wilson, Emogine            Brown, Oliver                               R548

Wilson, Ethel              Forsythe, R.S.                              S220

Wilson, Ethel              Richards, Harry G.              30-Oct-04   J394

Wilson, Eva Mae            Heimer, Ovel M.                 13-Aug-18   V320

Wilson, Evaline            Dennett, Frank E.               23-Feb-03   I489

Wilson, F.E.               McCallum, Marian D.          10 Mar 1886    C405

Wilson, Fannie             Smith, John W. Sr.              12-Nov-05   K106

Wilson, Fay                Everitt, Vern D.                22-May-20   X421

Wilson, Fay                Wise, C.B.                      15-Dec-19   X040

Wilson, Ferdinand M.       Packard, Hattie F.           03 Dec 1876    A239

Wilson, Florence           Coleman, D.S.                               T215

Wilson, Florence           Folkers, Roy                     8-Dec-20   Y325

Wilson, Florence           Kerr, Thomas                    25-Sep-07   L135

Wilson, Florence           Wilson, Ira L.                  11-Dec-11   P012

Wilson, Floyd              Duvall, Nova                    27-Jun-17   T478

Wilson, Francis B.         Schuessler, Susie            28 Dec 1898    G635

Wilson, Francis M.         Pegram, Sadie E.                30-Dec-05   K167

Wilson, Frank              Adams, Ora                      26-Jun-01   H626

Wilson, Frank              Todd, Frankie M.                            T200

Wilson, Frank G.           Oldfather, Bertha B.         25 Oct 1899    H164

Wilson, Frank T.           Elder, Estle(tele)              16-Jul-01   I002

Wilson, Fred               Armstrong, Flora                28-Sep-11   O348

Wilson, Fred               James, Dorothy                  10-Apr-21   Y572

Wilson, Fred B.            Church, Vivian Viola            10-Jun-20   X476

Wilson, Fred E.            Teal, Minia(nnia)            15 Jun 1898    G526

Wilson, Fred G.            Lydick, Helma                   25-Aug-21   Z236

Wilson, Fred J.            Whitmer, Leila                              T338

Wilson, Fred Lee           Curley, Lula May                18-Jun-10   N193

Wilson, Garn A.            Semler, Celia                               T082

Wilson, Geneva             Ware, Henry                      2-Dec-06   K469

Wilson, George             Black, Minnie                20 Dec 1886    C557

Wilson, George             Capper, Lydia M.             15 Jun 1878    A338

Wilson, George             Clapper, Lydia M.            15 Jun 1878    A338

Wilson, George             Franklin, Lena                  17-Jul-12   P338

Wilson, George             Mocabee, Mabel                   9-Jan-05   J468

Wilson, George             White, Mary E.               13 May 1899    H085

Wilson, George A.          Briggs, Anna                     7-Jul-02   I293

Wilson, George A.          Ryder, Bertha V.                            S225

Wilson, George C.          Overstreet, Mabel A.            29-Sep-04   J361

Wilson, George E.          Aldrich, Mary C.                            T053

Wilson, George H.          Young, Bessie                05 Dec 1889    E033

Wilson, George L.          Brown, Alice                 08 Feb 1893    F069

Wilson, George M.          DeLair, Gertie               03 Oct 1887    D119

Wilson, George N.          Warden, Lue                     18-Sep-20   Y118

Wilson, Gertrude E.        Geiger, A.D.                     7-Aug-12   P364

Wilson, Gladys             Ballew, J.T.                    15-Jun-21   Z052

Wilson, Goldie             Rudell, Stella                  26-Sep-14   R164

Wilson, Granville O.       Wisecarver, Rachel                          T073

Wilson, Guy E.             Stuckey, Lilly F.               17-Nov-01   I102

Wilson, H.H.               Fryer, Florence                 14-May-09   M252

Wilson, Hallie             Kibbe, W.E.                     20-Aug-11   O288

Wilson, Harold             Jarvis, Nina                     1-Aug-18   V301

Wilson, Harry              Varner, Lucile                              S444

Wilson, Harry              Wilson, Clara                   24-Dec-02   I441

Wilson, Harry C.           Ballard, Bessie J.               7-Jan-18   U456

Wilson, Harry C.           Hawks, Bertha M.                 3-Apr-07   K592

Wilson, Harry E.           Knightley, Katherine F.         25-Aug-08   L532

Wilson, Harry E.           Myler, Nettie A.                 1-Oct-02   I368

Wilson, Harry F.           Marshell, Lou                25 Apr 1889    D530

Wilson, Harry G.           VanBuskirk, Capitola         25 Sep 1890    E205

Wilson, Harry L.           Crume, Kate                  22 Jan 1896    G037

Wilson, Hazel              Bowen, Guy                                  S349

Wilson, Helen              Jensen, Agnar                   29-May-18   V175

Wilson, Helen              Meanor, Harry                   11-May-14   Q625

Wilson, Helen E.           Lewark, J.H.                    26-Feb-10   N032

Wilson, Helen H.           Matson, Roy L.                  26-Nov-10   N475

Wilson, Henry              Wright, Jessie                  27-Sep-19   W478

Wilson, Henry A.           Baker, Georgia W.               27-Aug-08   L537

Wilson, Henry W.           Buck, Mary                   19 Jun 1882    B277

Wilson, Herbert N.         Green, Anna M.                  28-Jul-03   I616

Wilson, Herbert Spencer    Banard, Gertrude                 1-Nov-11   O394

Wilson, Hettie M.          Tear, J.W.                   16 Jun 1887    D036

Wilson, Homer              Rosenberry, Roxie               17-Jan-14   Q508

Wilson, I.N.               Lipp, Maud                      19-Feb-02   I184

Wilson, Ida                Hill, Herman A.              02 Sep 1888    D374

Wilson, Ida M.             Pendergraft, Leroy A.            1-Apr-18   V064

Wilson, Ida May            Payne, Lewis Albert              1-Jun-13   Q171

Wilson, Ina Belle          Mueller, Harrie S.                          S070

Wilson, Ira L.             Wilson, Florence                11-Dec-11   P012

Wilson, Irene E.           Bartoo, Harry Nlmont             1-Apr-22   Z684

Wilson, Isaac H.           Bingham, Ann                 14 Feb 1886    C390

Wilson, J. Albert          Pool, Elizabeth E.              11-Jun-02   I266

Wilson, J.A.               Haines, Maud                 08 Feb 1899    H038

Wilson, J.A.               Moore, Alcinda A.            24 Mar 1895    F513

Wilson, J.F.               Grasham, Edith T.                1-Jul-19   W257

Wilson, J.H.               Welch, Ruth                     23-Dec-17   U383

Wilson, J.L.               Cromwell, Edith E.              17-Nov-02   I404

Wilson, J.M.               Stamback, Mima               15 Apr 1896    G079

Wilson, J.M.               Beard, J.L.                     27-Jun-09   M320

Wilson, J.R.               Corwin, Jane                 11 Aug 1898    G549

Wilson, J.W.               Miller, Martha                              O014

Wilson, J.W.               Williams, Dothulia              21-Aug-14   R108

Wilson, James              Fletcher, Nora B.            29 Oct 1893    F241

Wilson, James              Gregory, Louiza J.           15 Sep 1872    A044

Wilson, James              Hathaway, Margaret M.           20-Jun-12   P296

Wilson, James              McFrederick, Ella                4-Jul-00   H353

Wilson, James E.           Grimes, Alice                   26-Dec-19   X081

Wilson, James J.           Reid, Annita M.                 24-Mar-21   Y544

Wilson, James T.           Taylor, Elizabeth            18 Sep 1892    E613

Wilson, Jane               Hobson, Milton P.            28 Nov 1880    B113

Wilson, Janet              Pitt, Alexander                 24-Nov-10   N463

Wilson, Jasper             Helvie, Rettie               02 Dec 1895    G001

Wilson, Jay W.             Bush, Martha                    29-Jun-12   P315

Wilson, Jennie E.          Baer, William L.             07 Mar 1887    C603

Wilson, Jessie             Pirl, Charley W.                13-Dec-06   K478

Wilson, John               Bratcher, Eva                   23-Aug-06   K355

Wilson, John               Varner, Asenath E.               9-Feb-01   H517

Wilson, John A.            Creasor(ssor), Mabel L.      04 Oct 1893    F216

Wilson, John A.            McMillen, Ada Belle              1-Sep-01   I032

Wilson, John A. Logan      Berberich, Anna C.              22-Apr-08   L380

Wilson, John H.            Speer, May B.                   20-Aug-05   K017

Wilson, John L.            Briggle, Gladys                 28-Dec-12   P604

Wilson, John T.            Nicoll, Christine                8-Apr-20   X312

Wilson, Joseph E.          Parker, Bernice Lulu            30-Oct-12   P488

Wilson, Josiah E.          Ervin, Minnie M.                14-Sep-10   N329

Wilson, Julia              Speer, Henry Jr.                11-Sep-07   L117

Wilson, Julia E. (Mrs.)    Sinex, Sherman                  31-Mar-10   N079

Wilson, Kate               Mock, Fred. L.                  19-Nov-04   J420

Wilson, Kate E.            Johnson, Henry               12 Mar 1877    A258

Wilson, Kathryne J.        Wells, Harry J.                  8-Jun-01   H607

Wilson, Katie D.           Edwards, Marion H.           18 Mar 1883    B356

Wilson, L.C.               Armstrong, Lizzie            18 Jan 1883    B341

Wilson, L.C.               Boyle, Anna E.                  22-Dec-03   J117

Wilson, L.C.               LeGard, I.N.                    27-Nov-12   P535

Wilson, Lafayette          Lyons, Marietta              09 Jul 1877    A276

Wilson, Lambert C.         Singletary, Mona C.             15-Jul-09   M347

Wilson, Laura (Lora)       Flippen, W.F.                   24-Dec-11   P030

Wilson, Laura (Lora)       Shutts, John W.              06 Mar 1892    E509

Wilson, Laura K.           Huey, Samuel P.              24 Jan 1892    E480

Wilson, Lawrence           Chipps, Bell                 05 Apr 1893    F108

Wilson, Lawrence M.        Ross, Lela B.                    9-Feb-10   N013

Wilson, Lawrence R.        McKie, Bessie L.                26-Jul-21   Z157

Wilson, Lee R.             Allen, Hulda                    11-May-18   V142

Wilson, Lena               Cole, Arthur J.                 19-Apr-19   W080

Wilson, Lena               Meek, H.S.                   30 Sep 1898    G578

Wilson, Lena               Runyan, J. Wesley               29-Jul-20   X614

Wilson, Lena               Week, H.S.                   30 Sep 1898    G578

Wilson, Lena A.            Brooks, C.F.                 26 May 1897    G303

Wilson, Leona              Hall, Charley                    3-Jan-21   Y395

Wilson, Lillian            Taves, Davis S.                 10-Sep-19   W430

Wilson, Lillie             Hinckle, George M.D.         10 Nov 1874    A140

Wilson, Lina               Hicks, Frederick J.          23 Sep 1893    F209

Wilson, Lina               Peterson, Eric               20 Jun 1888    D323

Wilson, Lloyd M.           Bartlett, Hazel Z.              12-Oct-14   R186

Wilson, Loda               Turner, William                 11-Mar-22   Z649

Wilson, Lola               Waterson, Joseph                            S447

Wilson, Lorenzo D.         Ross, Dora E.                21 Mar 1894    F328

Wilson, Lottie             Williams, Charles               11-Apr-21   Y574

Wilson, Lou                Williams, J.D.                   6-Aug-20   Y004

Wilson, Louise             Foster, Floyd E.                13-May-19   W138

Wilson, Louise             Fuller, Manuel                  13-Jul-10   N238

Wilson, Loxie              Williams, Evelena               13-Jun-11   O195

Wilson, Lucinda F.         Rogers, E.L.                 18 Oct 1896    G169

Wilson, Lula               Brazill, Harry                              R431

Wilson, Lula E.            Abbott, Lew L.               15 Nov 1887    D157

Wilson, Lula E.            Pearson, Warren C.           16 Oct 1881    B201

Wilson, Lular              Haynes, Ellis                               S291

Wilson, Lulu               Hyatt, Dora J.               04 May 1890    E133

Wilson, Lyda               Packard, Bryan                   8-May-19   W128

Wilson, Lydia B.           Austin, Francis E.           13 Jan 1887    C573

Wilson, M. Margaret        Augustine, C.R.                             T368

Wilson, M.A.               Green, J.C.                  07 Dec 1885    C353

Wilson, M.E.               Tope, A.W.                   27 Jan 1889    D483

Wilson, M.L.               Hunter, Edna May                22-Jun-04   J270

Wilson, M.W.               Atwood, Rhoda                    8-Nov-06   K439

Wilson, Mabel A.           Stisser, G.H.                    4-Feb-15   R345

Wilson, Maggie             Boyer, Lewis                 10 Sep 1879    A446

Wilson, Maggie             McLain, Charles S.              22-Nov-14   R243

Wilson, Mamie              Cook, H.C.                                  S553

Wilson, Mamie              Merrill, C.C.                03 Jan 1899    H017

Wilson, Mark E.            Ford, Beatrice E.                9-Nov-21   Z418

Wilson, Martha             Chaney, Beryl                   28-May-21   Y668

Wilson, Marvin             Shadinger, Carrie E.             3-Sep-04   J333

Wilson, Mary               Gallardo, Luis                              N311

Wilson, Mary               Powell, Ed                                  T185

Wilson, Mary               Trum, Jacob                  21 Jul 1875    A161

Wilson, Mary               Willis, Thomas               27 Dec 1884    C184

Wilson, Mary Anna          Orr, J.F.                       15-Jun-21   Z050

Wilson, Mary E.            Burns, Thomas                04 Oct 1880    B095

Wilson, Mary E.            Jordon, Ralph                08 Apr 1886    C424

Wilson, Mary E.            Rogers, Thomas W.            05 Apr 1878    A328

Wilson, Mary E.            Young, Walter Albert                        S505

Wilson, Mary Rhea          Aley, Frederick D.           24 Jun 1896    G111

Wilson, Mattie             Kelley, William O.               6-Apr-18   V077

Wilson, Mattie E.          Coffman, George              07 Jan 1893    F051

Wilson, Maud(de)           Drennan, D.W.                   28-May-03   I563

Wilson, Max                Lowe, May                       24-Dec-19   X067

Wilson, May B.             Vincent, Isaac B.            17 Feb 1892    E500

Wilson, Mernie (Mrs.)      Land, James M.                   8-Oct-01   I070

Wilson, Milburn            Williamson, Lois                20-Mar-18   V045

Wilson, Milo               Butcher, Oral                               T007

Wilson, Minnie             Hall, J.M.                   03 Jul 1887    D048

Wilson, Minnie E.          Cartwright, Walter L.        01 Dec 1889    E025

Wilson, Minnie F.          Tunnicliff, W.W.                18-Oct-00   H437

Wilson, Mira A.            Rhoads, Edward H.            28 Dec 1892    F044

Wilson, Mollie             Martin, Edward P.            25 Oct 1898    G597

Wilson, Mont               Holbrook, Garnet(tt)            12-Aug-03   I626

Wilson, Myrtle             Buchanan, J.T.                  23-May-18   V164

Wilson, Myrtle             Lefever, Levi                    9-Nov-06   K442

Wilson, Nancy              Metger, Joseph               10 Jan 1889    D476

Wilson, Nellie             Benson, Bruce                    4-Sep-09   M408

Wilson, Nellie             Miller, Ralph                   10-Jun-11   O185

Wilson, Newland A.         Beltz, Viola                    11-Mar-14   Q561

Wilson, Nida E.            Dodson, Silas L.                15-Oct-03   J054

Wilson, Nina               Perry, C.L.                      5-Apr-14   Q583

Wilson, Nora               Dillon, C. Chalmers             28-Feb-08   L322

Wilson, Olive              Carr, Harry E.                   8-Jan-21   Y403

Wilson, Oliver             Harkins, Beulah                  4-Jun-13   Q178

Wilson, Opal May           Atherton, George H.             16-Mar-21   Y528

Wilson, Ordela A. (Mrs.)   Swentzell, George L.         01 Jul 1886    C461

Wilson, Ottie Elizabeth    Rose, Roy W.                    30-Apr-13   Q129

Wilson, Pauline            Jordan, Alford                  11-Sep-20   Y097

Wilson, Pearl              Baxter, John                    18-Mar-20   X262

Wilson, Pearl              Bertrand, Jerome                            R439

Wilson, Pearl (Mrs.)       Renaud, John L.                 19-Jan-05   J476

Wilson, Perry C.           Motter, Lorena M.               31-Aug-13   Q297

Wilson, Peter              Staley, Alice A.             22 Mar 1887    C615

Wilson, R.P.               Hill, Lottie May                16-Dec-02   I427

Wilson, Rachael            Duncan, Clyde W.             __ Aug 1921    Z176

Wilson, Ralph J.           Hawkins, Blanche                10-Apr-18   V088

Wilson, Ray S.             Wear, Elna                      20-Oct-19   W537

Wilson, Raymond            Hill, Pearl                                 Z578

Wilson, Raymond            Lee, Lucile                     23-Feb-22   Z625

Wilson, Raymond            Rosenborg, Eileen                9-Dec-19   X027

Wilson, Robert J.          Wolfe, Lucy                      5-Apr-10   N081

Wilson, Robert W.          Peairs, Helen C.                 4-Jun-12   P260

Wilson, Rose B.            Cole, D.J.                      24-Nov-21   Z453

Wilson, Roy                Mathews, Lena                   25-Jan-10   M630

Wilson, Roy                Wise, Mary E.                               R558

Wilson, Roy M.             Biby, Olive E.                  21-Apr-20   X346

Wilson, Rudie              Overman, E.H.                21 Mar 1888    D253

Wilson, Russel J.          Redford, Bessie V.              20-May-14   Q637

Wilson, Ruth               Cooley, Alfred M.               23-Sep-13   Q337

Wilson, Ruth               Kelsey, H.S.                    29-May-17   T392

Wilson, S. Boyd            Montgomery, Ruth                12-Sep-17   T623

Wilson, S.A.               McCorkle, Lillie                25-Nov-20   Y284

Wilson, S.G.               Speares, Armanta(Amanta)     06 Sep 1886    C495

Wilson, Sade Eaton         Hall, Edward P.                  2-Jul-19   W264

Wilson, Sam H.             Dunn, Emma                       7-Nov-21   Z412

Wilson, Samuel             Rothrock, Ellen                 10-Oct-11   O361

Wilson, Samuel D.          Stansbury, Emma              09 Jan 1888    D198

Wilson, Samuel E.          Rutkowski, Elizabeth             7-Jun-04   J254

Wilson, Samuel E.          Spidal, Beula(ah)            11 Jun 1898    G522

Wilson, Sarah Gertrude     Hart, Robert G.                 23-Apr-21   Y598

Wilson, Sarah L.D.         Johnson, Thomas              16 Jul 1872    A039

Wilson, Sarah M. (Mrs.)    Dever, Arthur                07 Feb 1889    D488

Wilson, Snow               Wooldridge, M.B.                25-Aug-09   M390

Wilson, Solomon            Squire, Lillian Pearl           28-Dec-21   Z517

Wilson, Stephen            Hoover, Capitola             15 Aug 1895    F577

Wilson, Stone              McClamroch, Opal Gladys                     S633

Wilson, Sue                Smithe, Charlie              22 Jul 1891    E362

Wilson, Sue B.             Mawdsley, C.R.                   9-Jul-00   H355

Wilson, Susan (Mrs.)       Hays, Lewis                  01 Mar 1877    A255

Wilson, Susana             Bulwer, Christ.              04 Sep 1887    D094

Wilson, Susie              Parkes, Lewis A.                 3-Nov-19   W574

Wilson, T. Scott           Franklin, Helena M.                         R502

Wilson, T.B.               Whaley, H.F.                    28-Mar-03   I518

Wilson, Thomas             Dunbar, Mary Jane            30 Jan 1884    C033

Wilson, Thomas C.          Clement, Julia B.            20 Dec 1888    D455

Wilson, Thomas H.          Cox, Eva L.                  07 Dec 1880    B117

Wilson, Tim                Riley, Agatha                   18-Jun-11   O202

Wilson, Urban              Gifford, Lucy B.                 1-Jun-11   O170

Wilson, Vesta              Montgomery, Phil                17-Oct-14   R199

Wilson, Victoria (Mrs.)    Sherell, Coleman             24 Feb 1892    E505

Wilson, Virginia           McDannald, Carl H.                          U210

Wilson, Virginia           McDannald, Carl H.               7-Jan-18   U458

Wilson, Vivia              Friend, E.L.                     3-May-04   J224

Wilson, Volney E.          Green, Naomi                    26-Sep-21   Z308

Wilson, Volney E.          Joseph, Lillian I.                          R502

Wilson, W.                 Halter, Phronie                  2-Oct-20   Y156

Wilson, W. Newton          Brown, Louise                   11-Mar-05   J517

Wilson, W.A.               Causey, Bessie                  18-Mar-20   X263

Wilson, W.B.               Steinbuchel, Dorothy Elizabeth              T107

Wilson, W.E.               Hayford, Ivy M.                             R600

Wilson, W.H.               Bacon, Margaret May             10-Jul-10   N235

Wilson, W.M.               Regen, Mary                  08 Oct 1882    B304

Wilson, W.R.               Eccles, Hilda A.             25 Dec 1896    G222

Wilson, Wallace W.         Thompson, Katherine E.           7-Sep-04   J336

Wilson, Walter J.          Peters, Maud                     3-Jul-12   P324

Wilson, William            Beal, Ella                   18 Dec 1895    G010

Wilson, William Colvin     Armstrong, Helen Ruth           17-Sep-09   M433

Wilson, William H.         Hurt, M. Lena                27 May 1892    E555

Wilson, William J.         Faulk, Lorraine Faye            22-Mar-22   Z669

Wilson, William M.         Ellsworth, Lydia V.          07 Jan 1877    A246

Wilson, William R.         Harvey, Susannie             01 Jan 1877    A244

Wilson, William T.         Donaldson, Nora (Mrs.)           4-Sep-00   H388

Wilson, Willie G.          Vogt, Pearl                     11-Nov-19   W596

Wilson, Winnie             Menschke, Jesse E.                          R429

Wilson, Wyatt              Major, Jessie                   19-Oct-05   K084

Wilt, Garnett R.           Rogers, Howard R.               24-Dec-12   P590

Wiltimore, Flora           Donnelly, William            11 Jul 1898    G538

Wiltimore, Flora K.        Lee, William                    27-Jan-01   H512

Wiltrout, Carol B.         Watkins, F.A.                   22-Feb-18   V002

Wiltrout, Frances Hays     Drake, Maynard H.               28-Oct-21   Z370

Wiltse, Cash               Nabors, Lillian May             12-May-22   Z762

Wilty, Ruie                Shaw, Grant A.                  31-Dec-20   Y389

Wilxox, Eva C.             Clevenger, Ernest C.             1-Sep-18   V361

Wimmer, Carrie             Stewart, C.H.                   23-Nov-14   R247

Wimmer, Herbert B.         Palmer, Ada B.                              S235

Wimp, Eva May              Caffrey, Harley L.              16-Feb-10   N019

Wimp, Frank                Lovelace, Gay                    8-Jan-03   I459

Wimp, J.A.                 Deming, Kate                     7-Aug-11   O273

Wimp, Mary A.              Howell, F.A.                 11 Oct 1898    G588

Wimp, Myrtle               Bailey, C.H.                    15-Apr-13   Q108

Wimp, William              McClintock, Maria (Mrs)      04 Sep 1894    F393

Winans, Alta               Stancer, E.M.                05 Jul 1897    G322

Winans, Lulu(la) E.        Harper, Leslie H.               19-Jul-06   K330

Winants, Carrie Bertha     Pratt, Clarence D.           09 Jan 1895    F474

Winbish, Harvey            Henderson, Myrtle Belle          5-Dec-11   P005

Winch, Lida                Husey, A.C.                  11 Oct 1881    B197

Winch, Ora B.              Kelly, John R.                  24-May-03   I560

Winch, S.G.                Maunch, Gertie               03 Jan 1884    C025

Winch, Vera Alberta        Blake, Truman H.                16-Oct-12   P466

Winchell, Eunice           Thompson, Willard               22-May-18   V162

Winchell, Mary Ruth        Hilterbrand, Charles Jeffe       7-Jun-19   W195

Winchell, Paul H.          Hottle, Gladys Lucile           26-Nov-19   X001

Winchell, Zelda Lorena     Fritz, C.H.                      5-Jun-20   X464

Winches, Frankie           Hollis, Frank                01 Feb 1885    C203

Winchester, Cora Emily     Stanley, Otto                   15-Nov-17   U154

Winchester, George         Wilkerson, Lenora               10-Oct-17   U073

Winder, Octavia S.         Munsell, William A.O.        25 Jun 1891    E354

Winderlin, Fred            Boylan, Mary                 12 Jun 1879    A429

Winderlin, Fred            Welter, Margaret             04 May 1899    H079

Winderlin, James A.        Conner(nor), Rachael V.         21-Apr-09   M226

Winderlin, Julia           De Roche, William L.             1-Jan-08   L266

Winders, George E.         Watkins, Mary M.             23 Feb 1887    C594

Winders, Henry J.          Long, Matilda A.             04 Oct 1881    B196

Winders, Ira D.            Cooper, Minnie Marie            26-Apr-11   O122

Winders, Mary Alice        Kinkead, Clark               15 Jan 1879    A391

Windhorst, Edith           Exton, John Joseph              26-Mar-13   Q083

Windhorst, H.F.            Pitt, Edith                     29-Jan-07   K529

Windhoven, Katie           Fink, Wendelinus             25 Jul 1885    C282

Windle, Clydia S.          Price, Harvey C.                 9-Jan-08   L277

Windle, Eulalie B.         Handley, Clyde C.                2-Jul-01   H630

Windle, James H.           Schramm, Sophia M.               6-Jan-09   M087

Windmiller, Bliss C.       Balch, Lulu                                 S439

Windmiller, Mable Waldine  Moore, Roderick                  3-Feb-15   R349

Windolph, Wilda P.         Talbot, George L.               30-Dec-21   Z519

Windover, Gertrude         Lewis, J.H.                      3-Mar-02   I192

Windsor, C.L.              Longhofer, Lydia                14-Aug-18   V321

Windsor, Celia             McMullin, J.J.                   1-Jul-03   I595

Windsor, Frank P.          Stoner, Louie G.                19-Jul-06   K329

Windsor, George            Bynum, Bertha                    8-Sep-20   Y091

Windsor, James             Brinkman, Mary                   9-Aug-08   L509

Windsor, James E.          Swank, Hazel                    23-Dec-14   R296

Windsor, L.A.              Blumenthal, Lena                17-Sep-19   W444

Windsor, Mae               Pasters, Albert                 16-Jun-09   M301

Windsor, Margaret Florence Luling, Albert Woodcock         17-Nov-17   U219

Windsor, Myrtle Lillian    Loomis, W.C. (M.D.)             18-Mar-15   R393

Windsor, William           Buckner, Addie                  24-Dec-10   N517

Wine, Abraham              Max, Sarah                   13 Aug 1893    F181

Wine, Nora                 Kline, Claude                   22-Apr-20   X348

Wine, Samuel D.            Risley, Mabel Rose               4-Jul-18   V258

Winegar, Mildred           Sutton, R.H.                    14-Aug-20   Y024

Winegarner, Bertha E.      Mallory, Webster O.             25-Dec-01   I144

Winegarner, Charles        Whedon, Carrie                  26-Mar-08   L348

Winegarner, Clyde          Bucher, Marie                               S588

Winegarner, Damie          Waugh, J.E.                  22 Jun 1899    H110

Winegarner, Ethel          Smith, Forrest                              T088

Winegarner, Florence       Benbrook, Ira                    3-Dec-21   Z463

Winegarner, Harry          Burch, Fay                      24-Dec-07   L249

Winegarner, Homer          Weaver, Maude                    5-May-19   W118

Winegarner, I. Clinton     Bradley, Ada M.                  1-Oct-02   I366

Winegarner, Irene M.       Buchanan, Albert L.             21-Apr-14   Q601

Winegarner, Milton         Gregory, Mattie                  7-Aug-07   L078

Winegarner, Vintson        Hagerty, Pearl M.               29-Nov-05   K120

Winegarner, Walter         Hagerty, Eva                    30-Apr-05   J558

Wineman, Alcin             Allen, Mabel(ble)            28 Nov 1894    F447

Wineman, Minnie            Hoskinson, George W.             7-Dec-12   P557

Wines, Effie Marie         Maddox, Raymond Lawrence        25-Mar-19   W037

Winesberry, Emma           Hilbert, Lank                               T171

Winesberry, Henry          Stewart, Willa                   6-Sep-19   W419

Winesberry, Marie          Pierce, Samuel T.               11-Jul-17   T499

Winesberry, Rosa Lee       McAdams, Thomas E.              22-Oct-19   W544

Winesberry, William        Buttner, Mildred L.             15-May-22   Z765

Winesberry, Willie         Pritchard, Bessie                           T042

Winesbery, Amy             Fogle, W.D.                      9-Feb-20   X185

Wineteer, A.               Roach, Cora                  21 Jun 1898    G528

Wineteer, Arthur           Smith, Ollie                    28-Oct-07   L186

Wineteer, Delbirt(bert)    Hoyt, Bertha M.                 24-Oct-00   H443

Wineteer, James Daniel     Miller, Mary Jane            18 Apr 1888    D276

Wineteer, Maggie           Gillhan, Clark C.            07 Mar 1888    D245

Wineteer, Nephi            Keys, Minnie C.              13 Mar 1892    E515

Wineteer, Olive            Tarr, Simon P.               02 Jan 1890    E055

Wineteer, Thomas L.        Conanay, Kate                20 Dec 1881    B220

Winfery, Laverne           Henderson, Eugene                           T217

Winfield, Beulah           Walker, T.H.                    16-Jan-07   K522

Winfield, R.W.             Lowe, Lula H.                   12-Jun-20   X484

Winfield, Ransom D. Jr.    Sloat, Hazelle Marie            14-Jul-20   X581

Winfield, Richard W.       Kinney, Valeria                             S335

Winfrey, James Franklin    Wanner, Elizabeth Anna          23-Aug-10   N290

Wing, Alva T.              Livingston, Emma J.          04 Sep 1889    D602

Wing, Amelia               Likes, John                  28 Dec 1882    B334

Wing, Anna E.              Eiler, George L.             29 Nov 1893    F261

Wing, J.M.                 Ruggles, Sarah E.               27-Jan-11   N570

Wing, J.W.                 Fowler, M.E.                    23-Jul-04   J302

Wing, Zella E.             Peachey, Reuben              14 Feb 1894    F314

Wingard, Emma              Thomas, John C.              25 Sep 1895    F601

Wingard, Mary              Tennissen, Henry                21-Feb-00   H276

Wingart, Harry J.          Westhafer, Josephine         15 May 1889    D538

Wingate, F.E.              Magnus, Anna                     2-Nov-18   V469

Wingate, Sadie W.          Ponce, O.F.                  26 Aug 1896    G138

Winger, Belle              Watson, Frederick            31 Oct 1872    A047

Winger, I.C.               Conard, Clara                   15-Jul-12   P335

Winger, Irving C.          Cooper, Estella                 31-Aug-05   K027

Winger, Ruth               Goodrum, J.B.                               S586

Winger, Zelma              Hupp, Frank S.                   3-Nov-21   Z374

Wingert, Joseph H.         Hellar, Mary E.              26 Feb 1896    G056

Wingert, Walter L.         VanBrunt, Mable                             W048

Winget, C.M.               Hutchens, Ruth                  10-Feb-21   Y470

Winget, Evelina            Hentzell, J.M.               16 Jun 1898    G527

Winget, Evelina(lena)      Hetzell, J.M.                16 Jun 1898    G527

Winget, James G.           Stearnes, Lotta G.           07 Jun 1894    F367

Winget, Leona              Menehan, M.P.                   14-Apr-02   I219

Winget, Ruth               Wright, Herman                  16-Feb-22   Z609

Wingfield, May             Best, Clyde M.                  18-Dec-19   X038

Wining, Bertha             Grindle, Arthur                  1-Nov-17   U149

Wininger, Mary M.          Benbow, P.T.                 05 Apr 1888    D261

Winkel, George             Rickman, Opal                    4-Feb-13   Q018

Winkel, Philamena          Enstman, John Bent           28 Jul 1887    D066

Winkelmann, Claus J.       Jordan, Luella M.            23 Aug 1899    H141

Winkels, John A.           Donaldson, Mary Alice           12-Jun-21   Z044

Winkle, Arthur C.          Reece, Minnie M.                 5-Dec-06   K471

Winkle, Bessie E.          Hatfield, Grover C.             23-Sep-08   L573

Winkle, Gertrude           McKinley, William               21-Oct-20   Y214

Winkle, Martin B.          Thoman, Jennie E.            06 Mar 1884    C052

Winkleblick, Howard W.     Hammant, Amelia                             K631

Winkler, Ethel             Martin, Edgar                   26-Jan-19   V568

Winkler, George A.         Burns, Agnes                    14-Sep-20   Y103

Winkler, Maggie K.         O'Brien, John T.             25 May 1892    E553

Winkler, Versa             Sterrett, Elmer E.              14-May-21   Y638

Winkler, Violet            LaCroix, Rodolphe                7-Sep-18   V381

Winlock, Ben T.            Miller, Beatrice H.             12-Mar-19   W020

Winn, Effie M.             Bush, Lawrence D.               16-Nov-04   J418

Winn, Fannie               Jason, Peter                    24-Apr-09   M232

Winn, Fannie A.            McCool, Richard T.           23 Oct 1892    E640

Winn, L.F.                 Cox, Genevieve                              S251

Winn, Lemon                Parkinson, Cecil                24-Nov-13   Q435

Winn, Mae                  Haynes, Daniel Fink             24-Aug-12   P384

Winn, Ottis Elmer          Newell, Daisy                   22-Jun-10   N199

Winn, Roscoe               Mulvehill, Nila                 26-Feb-19   V628

Winn, Sofia                Horstman, Julius M.          30 Dec 1891    E461

Winn, W.J.                 Holston, Cora M.                17-Aug-10   N279

Winn, W.L.                 Kirkbride, Pluma E.          31 Dec 1895    G024

Winne, Fox                 Winne, Mary E.                   5-Jul-18   V257

Winne, Hester E.           Saxe, W.H.                       3-Sep-03   J012

Winne, Mary E.             Winne, Fox                       5-Jul-18   V257

Winner, Herman             Weickert, Margareth          15 Jan 1887    C575

Winner, Roy Guilford       Roiter, Hulda Emma              22-Jul-19   W303

Winpigler, John W.         Crabill, Bessie C.              18-Dec-04   J442

Winpigler, Lucy            Brown, Edward H.             11 Sep 1893    F198

Winpigler, William         Norris, Laura                13 Nov 1889    E017

Winrick, Clarence          Wilch, Mabel                    19-Nov-20   Y283

Winrod, F.E.               Huggins, W.H.                   22-Dec-14   R292

Winrod, Florence           Haynes, Floyd F.                25-Jun-17   T469

Winrod, John W.            Craig, Mabel E.              16 Apr 1899    H068

Winrod, Ward               Sonderup, Susan                  9-Jul-17   T497

Winscott, Lillian June     Cox, John Elmer                 10-Oct-01   I074

Winsel, Alda E.            Gale, George W.              29 Apr 1889    D531

Winset, Mary               Harris, Benton                  30-Jul-13   Q262

Winslow, Calvin Grant      Thompson, Orpha Belle           10-Sep-13   Q310

Winslow, Delores           Riegel, Frank                   30-Apr-20   X364

Winslow, Ella B.           Price, James G.              17 Sep 1892    E611

Winslow, James Melvin WilsoTanquary, Ora                   16-Jun-12   P282

Winslow, Nellie M.         Zimmerman, Martin C.            11-Dec-05   K134

Winslow, Nettie            Greene, A.T.                 05 Jan 1881    B128

Winslow, Willis Dodd       Bauer, Myrtle Irene             24-Oct-19   W547

Winter, Albert             Wetta, Josephine                            T358

Winter, Alice Flora        Palm, John W.                   23-Jul-13   Q253

Winter, Anna L.            Bishop, Adelbert E.             31-May-19   W173

Winter, Constantine        Peltzer, Gertrude            02 May 1893    F122

Winter, Constantine        Phillipp, Mary               18 May 1895    F541

Winter, Eleanor            Hecht, Leo                      24-Oct-10   N398

Winter, Helena             Gorges, Andrew John          10 May 1892    E542

Winter, J.C.               Sidles, Julia M.             19 Mar 1880    B047

Winter, John               Vogner, Barbara                 26-Apr-22   Z714

Winter, Joseph E.          Lemon, Maud                     20-May-08   L406

Winter, Josephine          Waite, S.B.                      1-Mar-11   O035

Winter, Julius             Freund, Frances                 29-Jan-13   P627

Winter, William Jr.        Pharney, Lenora                 30-Jun-17   T482

Winterlick, Lena Bertha    Gadeke, August               30 Jul 1896    G126

Wintermote, John William   Clouse, Ruth                    21-Nov-19   W624

Wintermyer, Lewis D.       Gilman, May                  11 Oct 1899    H180

Winters, Ada M.            Brown, James R.              21 Dec 1874    A147

Winters, Alice             Becket, A.N.                                T079

Winters, Alwine            Jackson, A.E.                    7-Sep-21   Z264

Winters, Amy G.            Cox, Aaron B.                29 Oct 1892    F004

Winters, Ayers L.          Ford, Nellie                     1-Aug-21   Z176

Winters, Bessie            Hammond, Myrl                   21-Nov-17   U247

Winters, C.R.              Scott, Jennie                   23-Jun-17   T464

Winters, Cora              Bertschinger, Ernst             19-Jun-12   P293

Winters, Cora E.           Bush, Dannie R.                 27-Sep-09   M448

Winters, Duane A.          Fishback, Marie                 18-Jun-18   V231

Winters, Earl C.           Haley, Floy A.                  17-Jun-20   X506

Winters, Earl J.           Phenneger, Kate B.              14-Feb-00   H270

Winters, Etta              Morris, Will W. Jr.              9-Aug-05   K010

Winters, F.E.              Woolman, Truie                   4-Feb-19   V595

Winters, Fred M.           Weik, Nettie F.                  2-Apr-03   I520

Winters, G.W.              Katterjohn, Venette A.          31-Mar-18   V061

Winters, George            McDaniels, S.W. (Mrs.)       02 Apr 1893    F109

Winters, George Dewey      Young, May Pruda                29-Jun-21   Z092

Winters, George S.         Herrington, Alice               24-Jul-11   O259

Winters, George W.         Bullock, Carolyn Wood           25-Jan-11   N567

Winters, Glenn B.          McCurdy, Mary Agnes                         S365

Winters, Harry S.          Fuff, Ellen                                 R580

Winters, Helen             Sprouse, C.W.                               Z236

Winters, Hulda             Beggs, J.A.                      9-Jan-22   Z544

Winters, J.E.              Black, Roselle M.               27-Jul-21   Z161

Winters, J.W.              Blin, Jessie                 12 Nov 1882    B317

Winters, King C.           Reed, Opal                                  S420

Winters, L.                Durand, Amos M.              18 Feb 1877    A252

Winters, Leota             Newell, Lewis                               T230

Winters, Love              Lamb, Bert                      14-Dec-08   M043

Winters, Maggie Bell       Ragan, Thomas M.             24 Dec 1879    B012

Winters, Mattie            Murphy, William S.           27 Mar 1873    A065

Winters, May B.            Brooks, Lloyd N.                10-Oct-06   K402

Winters, O.L.              Beaver, Clara                   11-May-09   M249

Winters, Oscar Kent        Dufton, Anna Rose                           S182

Winters, Pearl             Braun, W.A.                     14-Dec-10   N501

Winters, Ray Ross          Williamson, Addiline            30-Jan-07   K532

Winters, Ray S.            Moore, Hazel Henryetta          19-Mar-21   Y534

Winters, William F.        Durand, Loretia              02 Apr 1882    B257

Winters, William O.        Highbarger, Rosa B.             11-Feb-14   Q530

Winters, William W.        Walthall, Sadie E.           08 Sep 1879    A445

Winters, Winnie C.         Thornburg, Charles M.            7-Sep-10   N319

Wintersteen, Ino           Boley, E.L.                     10-Aug-21   Z199

Winthrop, Psyche Sue       Wetmore, Bruce                  10-Sep-19   W429

Wintle, Walter Gilbert     Balderson, Edith Grace          29-Sep-08   L581

Winton, Estella            Spears, George W.               20-Jan-09   M101

Wintz, Moses E.            Robison, Ida O.              06 Feb 1887    C583

Winzer, Della              Bruce, J.M.                                 R561

Winzer, Mabel C.           Hetrick, G.B.                    1-Apr-14   Q581

Winzer, Minnie             Kice, Wilbur                    15-Apr-14   Q593

Winzer, Richard O.         Carter, Mamie G.                15-Sep-20   Y101

Winzer, Roy                Brown, Alma                     12-Apr-11   O097

Wire, Bernice              Hamilton, F.M.               04 Sep 1898    G564

Wire, David E.             Murray, Lucille E.                          T010

Wire, Katie                Dean, C.L.                   19 Nov 1899    H211

Wire, Mary                 Parmer, J.E.                                T256

Wirges, Anna G.            Grosz, Edgar V.                 23-Feb-09   M153

Wirrick, Grace M.          Wiley, Homer E.              24 Sep 1899    H164

Wirt, Mary                 Siverd, Frank                   27-Sep-00   H412

Wirth, Emma C.             Martens, Charles R.          03 Jun 1894    F362

Wirth, Gilbert Cecil       Leedy, Marietta                 16-Feb-22   Z610

Wirtz, Daniel L.           Johnston, Jane                  26-May-20   X428

Wirtz, Pearl Frances       Williamson, Wilbur Dwight       23-Feb-21   Y487

Wirtz, Ursie Catherine     Williamson, Ralph Ernest        18-Aug-20   Y040

Wisby, Joseph              Manning, Marguerite          14 Nov 1892    F015

Wischer, Carrie            Lehrling, A.E.               27 Jan 1898    G451

Wisdom, James L.           Warren, Minnie                  20-Dec-14   R286

Wisdom, W.T.               Hostutler, Zona E.           06 Feb 1883    B347

Wise, Anna (Mrs.)          Cavanaugh, Greenville W      02 Nov 1890    E235

Wise, Ara L.               Wilbur, S.S.                                C221

Wise, Arthur E.            Hutson, Ruth                    30-Aug-10   N304

Wise, Aurie                Zimmerman, Gertrude                         S525

Wise, B.R.                 Fisher, Grace                    1-May-12   P219

Wise, C.B.                 Taylor, Nora                 26 Mar 1899    H059

Wise, C.B.                 Wilson, Fay                     15-Dec-19   X040

Wise, Charles L.           Bragg, Helen                    11-May-20   X394

Wise, Clarence             Myers, Lorene                   21-Feb-18   V001

Wise, Cora                 McCoy, Loyd                      1-Mar-09   M162

Wise, Emma                 Falvey, Frank                   22-Oct-10   N406

Wise, F.C.                 Wise, Sarah E.                  14-Jan-14   Q503

Wise, F.W.                 Roth, Josephine                 24-May-14   R003

Wise, Florence             Goodwin, Fred P.                25-May-10   N152

Wise, Floyd A.             Thomas, Nellie                  30-Apr-21   Y611

Wise, George               Hammond, Mary                    2-Feb-21   Y452

Wise, Grace Evelyn         McIntyre, William LeRoy                     R516

Wise, H.S.                 Edmundson, Lois                 27-Nov-20   Y303

Wise, Hagar C.             Stone, Caroline E.           17 Oct 1893    F229

Wise, J.W.                 Robinson, Anna               18 Aug 1878    A353

Wise, Jennie               Kennedy, E.A.                27 Mar 1883    B360

Wise, John B.              Walton, Jane                    23-Jan-20   X148

Wise, John W.              Martin, Ida Vergie              28-Dec-04   J458

Wise, Jonas L.             Clark, Nellie Edith                         S103

Wise, L.H.                 Dalton, Inas                                T306

Wise, L.W.                 Sharp, Della C.                 28-Nov-14   R263

Wise, Lelia                Anderson, W.H.                   5-Oct-17   U044

Wise, Leslie B.            Folkers, Dora B.                26-Dec-13   Q474

Wise, Lida M.              Kinzer, E.A.                 23 Sep 1897    G362

Wise, Lillie               Graham, Willie                              T324

Wise, Mary E.              Wilson, Roy                                 R558

Wise, Mary Frances         Hamilton, Charles R.            15-Nov-08   M005

Wise, Milton Edmund        Bullard, Winifred Gray           5-Apr-22   Z689

Wise, Roy                  Hall, Mabel                     20-Mar-15   R396

Wise, Sarah E.             Wise, F.C.                      14-Jan-14   Q503

Wise, Theodore             Parsons, Maud S.             14 Apr 1895    F521

Wise, Walter Ulysses       King, Alma Rosalie               3-Jun-19   W184

Wise, William Augustus MartShy, Alice Louis Steele          9-Jul-12   P329

Wise, William R.           Dodds, Maud S.                  22-Jul-08   L485

Wisecarver, Carl           Moulds, Aurora B.               20-Feb-18   U578

Wisecarver, Hazel Marie    Shaffer, Albert Denton          20-Jun-18   V235

Wisecarver, Henry          Teachout, Martha                23-Sep-19   W465

Wisecarver, Rachel         Wilson, Granville O.                        T073

Wisehart, C.B.             Cann, M.M.                   28 Jul 1897    G329

Wiseman, Alfred T.         Plummer, Ruth Evelyn            16-May-18   V150

Wiseman, Anna              Smith, Thomas J.                31-Dec-08   M079

Wiseman, Charles M.        Anduss, Maud B.                 29-Nov-10   N478

Wiseman, Mahala A.         Perkins, Joel T.             22 Feb 1890    E084

Wiseman, Mary E.           Smith, Jacob J.              13 Apr 1898    G489

Wiske, Carl H.             Koob, Susie                      6-Feb-22   Z587

Wiske, Elizabeth A.        French, Harry A.                 1-Jun-20   X430

Wiske, Mamie               Wegner, Henry                   23-Jan-10   M593

Wiske, Martha E.           Scheuman, Emil W.                1-Jun-20   X430

Wiske, William A.          Kraft, Mary                  02 Oct 1884    C144

Wiske, William C.          Kuehn, Edith                     5-Dec-20   Y306

Wismeans, E.M.             Scoggins, Howard R.          30 Nov 1898    E030

Wisner, Alta L.            Allen, Grover C.                28-Nov-12   P542

Wisner, Grover C.          Porter, Edith                   19-Jan-10   M625

Wisner, Helen E.(B.)       Clark, Fenton B.             18 Sep 1894    F402

Wissler, Effie             McDaniel, John R.               11-Mar-20   X247

Wissman, Jake              Oatts, Hattie F.                18-Nov-08   M014

Wistercill, Thomas R.      Embrey, Iona                    30-Oct-20   Y231

Witbeck, Carl C.           Turk, Alys                       1-May-20   X367

Witbeck, Clarence A.       Flood, Anna L.               25 Dec 1893    F277

Witcher, Billy             Anderson, Esther                 3-Jan-22   Z536

Witchey, Elmer             Dill, Sarah                  16 Mar 1889    D508

Witfoth, Minnie            Combs, Edwin                 25 Dec 1895    G013

Withers, A.J.              Holmes, Martha J.               16-Jul-18   V280

Withers, Capitolia M.      Ansden, B.W.                    28-Jan-07   K531

Withers, Catheryne         Atkinson, V.E.               10 Dec 1898    G632

Withers, Frank A.          Gillmore, Minnie                29-Dec-09   M598

Withers, Hazel             Betts, Frank E.                             S122

Withers, Lavonie G.        Reynolds, James M.           12 Jun 1877    A272

Withers, Majorie           Clark, Clarence Milton           3-Jul-09   M333

Withrow, Arminta           James, William D.            25 Jun 1876    A208

Withrow, Edna              Cundiff, Charles Wesley         26-Apr-11   O115

Withrow, George            Buffington, Elizabeth        24 Feb 1886    C393

Withrow, James             Parsons, Cora Bell           10 Oct 1887    D128

Withrow, Mae               Richards, Frank H.              31-Aug-13   Q297

Witke, Lillie D.           Dixon, John M.                              S127

Witmer, Jesse G.           Thoman, Ida                     25-Jun-19   W245

Witmer, Lettie V.          Potter, D. Sherman           06 Dec 1886    C546

Witmer, Lillie L.          Hathaway, Henry D.           24 Dec 1873    A098

Witoschek, Josie           Love, A.S.                       1-Sep-18   V367

Witrogon, Benjamin         Doctor, Celia                    3-Jul-21   Z089

Witt, Florence F.          Brenner, Wylie C.                7-Oct-14   R177

Witt, Laura F.             Vincent, James A.            27 Jan 1885    C201

Witt, Lillie               Piper, W.F.                     21-May-20   X417

Witt, Minnie               Brenner, Clyde                              T156

Witt, Orion                Walker, Helen                   28-Jan-21   Y438

Witt, Sadie Marie          Dunkelberger, Harry M.          28-Oct-20   Y230

Witt, Theodore F.          Alphers, Hulda Louise            3-Sep-13   Q301

Witte, J.H.                Harkins, Harriett Helen          6-Mar-18   V022

Witten, Ella               Snider, John J.              28 Dec 1879    B022

Witten, Emma               Anderson, John R.            29 Oct 1883    B424

Witten, Lizzie             Dilday, Noble J.             01 Mar 1885    C219

Witter, Florence E.        Carter, Benjamin F.              1-Feb-05   J490

Wittmeger, Ida             Jacobs, Sam                                 S050

Wittmeyer, Ethel           Woodring, Lloyd                  7-Jan-14   Q497

Wittorff, T.C.             O'Laughlin, Ida                 24-May-21   Y651

Wittum, Herbert            Ringer, Maude                   10-May-20   X391

Wittum, Herbert            Taylor, Maude                   14-Jun-18   V214

Wittum, Lucy L.            Nichols, William R.          21 Aug 1896    G136

Wittum, Luman N.           Smith, Julia Ann                 9-Apr-14   Q588

Wittum, Nellie G.          Rickards, C.C.E.                18-Jun-07   L033

Wittum, Ralph              Benwell, Carrie                             S052

Witturn, Miles             Weitzel, Minnie                  2-Apr-04   J201

Wixson, Raymond Victor     Maxwell, Edith Opal             26-Nov-20   Y299

Woddle, John               Boyles, Ida May(ary)            25-Aug-03   J001

Wodring, Daniel            Naughter, Mary               25 May 1887    D016

Woerz, E.P.                Miller, Bessie                  27-Jun-17   T475

Woffenden, George H.       Sills, Carrie V.                            S091

Woffenden, Percilla        Robertson, Robert            07 Feb 1881    B136

Woffenden, T.C.            McCurdy, Jennie (Mrs.)           6-Mar-04   J180

Wohlentz, Charlie R.       Schmitz, Helena                 14-May-19   W133

Wohler, Frank A.           Stephan, Thresia                21-Jan-02   I164

Wohler, L. William         Holzman, Katharine J.        17 Oct 1899    H183

Wohler, Mary E.            Coburn, William P.               1-Jan-02   I148

Wohlford, Charles H.       Hill, Jennie L.                 22-Nov-11   O427

Wohlgemuth, Ben            Whitmer, Lettie                 15-May-10   N116

Wohrley, Katie             Sahm, Victor                 08 Oct 1885    C320

Wojahn, Ida                Walter, William                  4-Oct-12   P442

Wolcot, Alice              Gooch, John                  14 Sep 1886    C498

Wolcott, Allen W.          Patten, Flora A.             12 Nov 1876    A233

Wolcott, Bettie A.         Patten, John D.              31 Oct 1875    A173

Wolcott, D.A.              Wolcott, Mary                07 Sep 1881    B182

Wolcott, Flora             Stonestreet, Jacob           06 Mar 1884    C051

Wolcott, Jennie M.         Stroup, Henry A.             31 Dec 1874    A148

Wolcott, Mary              Wolcott, D.A.                07 Sep 1881    B182

Wolcott, Olive S.          Ward, John P.                13 Oct 1872    A046

Wolcott, Thomas M.         Herrington, Lillian             28-Jan-13   Q009

Woldt, Lydia               Wienholt, August                24-Oct-04   J391

Wolf, Ada F.               Brown, Everett M.               16-Aug-05   K013

Wolf, Adrian               Lines, Bessie                    7-Feb-09   M131

Wolf, Anna M.              Bullock, Charles L.             28-Mar-22   Z678

Wolf, B.E. (E.B.)          Vasser, Maude                    2-May-04   J224

Wolf, C.                   Brown, Elizabeth                            T315

Wolf, Carrie               Truesdale, Ashley            27 Feb 1881    B140

Wolf, Christina            Suhm, Karl                   21 Apr 1889    D526

Wolf, Clara                McQuiston, A.J.                 16-Mar-15   R389

Wolf, Clyde                Bell, Maud                      18-Jun-07   L021

Wolf, E.C.                 McCormack, Benjamin          02 Oct 1895    F604

Wolf, E.C.                 O'Connor, G.W.               26 Dec 1888    D466

Wolf, Earl                 Bally, Ella                     22-Sep-20   Y133

Wolf, Edna                 Rickards, Roy                   21-Mar-19   W032

Wolf, Ellis                Fortnam, Bessie Ruth            10-Jan-12   P060

Wolf, Emerson              Laurie, Effie Grace             22-Dec-09   M574

Wolf, Emily                Sastrom, Magnus              06 Jul 1880    B077

Wolf, Emma                 Dewey, Charles               07 May 1880    B066

Wolf, Ernest               Bissantz, Emelia                29-Jan-01   H513

Wolf, Eva                  Behrens, Henry               25 Aug 1873    A082

Wolf, Faustina M.          Gilbert, Arthur E.              18-Jan-05   J475

Wolf, Frank W.             Strong, Lena B.                 16-Aug-01   I020

Wolf, Fred                 Ocker, Myrtle                               S282

Wolf, George M.            Budd, Minta                  26 May 1892    E554

Wolf, Georgia              Bone, L.E.                      21-Apr-12   P200

Wolf, Gladys               Young, Seymour L.                           S590

Wolf, H.G.                 Biggs, Mona                      2-Sep-11   O307

Wolf, Henry                Stimebough, Pearl M.            23-Dec-12   P583

Wolf, Henry M.             Eilerts, Florence               16-Oct-20   Y198

Wolf, Herman G.            Melahn, Daisy B.                 2-May-18   V128

Wolf, Irma                 Forney, Stanley S.                          S152

Wolf, John D.              Brown, M. Ellie              23 Mar 1879    A397

Wolf, Karl F.              Bartar, Christiana           25 Feb 1888    D232

Wolf, Katie                Blue, James A.               03 Oct 1894    F407

Wolf, Lewis                Anderson, Gertrude G.        28 Nov 1889    E028

Wolf, Lillian L.           Midghall, Carl G.                4-Jan-11   N533

Wolf, Lillie May           Miller, Stephen              21 Sep 1894    F403

Wolf, Lizzie               Whitmore, B.F.               13 Nov 1888    D430

Wolf, Lucille G.           True, Clarence W.                           S104

Wolf, Lyle                 Melick, Ethelle                  4-Jul-08   L472

Wolf, Lyle                 Milick, Ethelle                  4-Jul-08   L472

Wolf, M.S.                 Ray, H.R.                    13 Mar 1895    F509

Wolf, Martin A.            Smith, Emma                      4-Jul-20   X554

Wolf, Martin F.            Young, Ida K.                23 Feb 1899    H047

Wolf, Mary E.T.            Arbuckle, J.L.                  18-Mar-11   O055

Wolf, Mary F.              Storz, Lawrence Frank        08 May 1890    E139

Wolf, Mary T.              Brett, John                  16 Jul 1883    B392

Wolf, Maud Elizabeth       Miller, George D.               30-Oct-21   Z395

Wolf, Maude A.             Midghall, Alexander H.          29-Mar-22   Z676

Wolf, Minnie               Ringland, Lloyd D.              11-May-10   N133

Wolf, Minnie (Mrs.)        Fredricks, Ferdinand            25-Sep-00   H409

Wolf, Nora                 Waters, Harry                   20-Aug-12   P378

Wolf, Olive Ione           Brown, Myron Ray                 9-Apr-21   Y571

Wolf, P.A.                 Scantlin, Oris                   8-Dec-20   Y323

Wolf, Rosa                 Schafer, John                19 Dec 1886    C555

Wolf, Rosey                Siner, Herschell David          19-Jul-10   N248

Wolf, Sadie A.             Higgins, William A.             11-Nov-03   J076

Wolf, Sophia               Buckner, John                02 Sep 1890    E190

Wolf, Virgil               Conway, Josephine               11-Feb-22   Z598

Wolf, Webster              Kibler, Leona                07 Apr 1890    E113

Wolf, William              Armour, Grace                   12-Feb-19   V609

Wolf, William A.           Mulch, Helena E.                10-Nov-18   V478

Wolfe, Alice               Mahaney, Dellbirt            19 Jul 1892    E582

Wolfe, Alma Harriet        Wells, Clyde B.                  5-Jun-07   L004

Wolfe, B.R.                Wolffe, Lizzie H.               30-Jul-06   K340

Wolfe, Charles A.          Pettit, Fannie F.                           S015

Wolfe, Edith               Cummings, Robert L.             21-Feb-14   Q541

Wolfe, Emma J.             Vanvalzah, F.B.              04 Sep 1883    B400

Wolfe, Estella             Davis, Robert                18 Jun 1895    F555

Wolfe, Esther F.           Wolfe, J.R.                     10-Dec-21   Z476

Wolfe, F.J.                Cox, Fannie A.               05 Jul 1886    C463

Wolfe, Florence Fay        Richardson, Robert Anderso       5-Aug-07   L073

Wolfe, Fred                Schopf, Nellie Piper                        S412

Wolfe, Gladys              Hulsey, Frank J.                19-Nov-19   W622

Wolfe, J.R.                Wolfe, Esther F.                10-Dec-21   Z476

Wolfe, John A.             Huff, Grace M.                   4-Nov-07   L189

Wolfe, John G.             Stutes, Maud(de)                10-Sep-01   I004

Wolfe, Josephine           Wentworth, Ralph                 4-Nov-09   M515

Wolfe, Josiah W.D.         Murphy, Sadie Frances           14-Nov-06   K446

Wolfe, Linnie              Duncan, Charles L.              10-Dec-13   Q452

Wolfe, Lucy                Wilson, Robert J.                5-Apr-10   N081

Wolfe, Maude               Mahaney, Charles E.          13 Aug 1890    E182

Wolfe, Mona                Hicks, John H.                   1-Feb-11   O002

Wolfe, Nona E.             Farrar, Audley A.               16-Aug-11   O284

Wolfe, P.W.                Butters, Edith                  23-Nov-12   P524

Wolfe, S.B.                Tapp, Mamie                  15 Aug 1897    G338

Wolfe, Wanda Virginia      Myers, Fred                     14-Sep-20   Y094

Wolfe, William             West, Dora                      19-Apr-22   Z718

Wolfe, Winnie Ruby         Harrison, John V.               16-Oct-07   L171

Wolfenberger, Margret      Piper, William L.                3-Sep-03   J004

Wolff, Anna J.             Foote, Daniel Charles        07 Jan 1890    E060

Wolff, Charles Howard      Ray, Myrtle M.                  25-Dec-01   I119

Wolff, Frederick           Heimermann, Annie            24 May 1893    F140

Wolff, Goswin              Beck, Fannie                 31 Aug 1888    D373

Wolff, Helen Evelyn        Davis, Raymond Avery             4-Jan-22   Z538

Wolffe, Lizzie H.          Wolfe, B.R.                     30-Jul-06   K340

Wolfforth, Eastin          Fowler, Ruth                    31-Jan-20   X167

Wolford, Frances Euphana   Allen, Thomas Hamer             10-Jun-14   R021

Wolford, Hazle Lucile      Garrety, Richard Charles        14-Mar-18   V035

Wolford, John              Marks, Sadie                 04 Mar 1879    A404

Wolgram, E.D.              Green, Mary                     17-Jun-05   J602

Wolke, Benjamin (Bernard)  Piitz, Anna Maria            24 Jun 1891    E345

Wolke, Eva                 Masterson, George               12-Jan-15   R288

Wolke, Herman              Seiwert, Mary                   29-Apr-20   X323

Wolke, Katherine           Weber, Edward                   21-Feb-22   Z595

Wolkow, Ben M.             Bochkevitz(kavitz), Fannie       1-Jan-05   J459

Wolkow, Fannie             Wood, Max                       29-Aug-11   O301

Wolslecker, Albertina      Ludemann, Adolph             13 Dec 1887    D178

Wolsmith, Adam             Rose, Emma L.                    1-Nov-17   U150

Wolter, E.H.W.             Loffler, Elise               17 Apr 1888    D275

Wolter, Elise Marie        Gregory, Raymond R.             24-Mar-11   O059

Wolter, Herman             Laub, Mary                   16 Dec 1883    C016

Wolter, Hulda              Bowersox, W.I.                  15-Oct-13   Q376

Wolter, Julius             Kaiser, Mary                 18 Jun 1886    C456

Woltz, Adda M.             Hanes, William H.            03 Feb 1887    C581

Woltz, B.O.                Young, Anna Margaret         01 Feb 1898    G454

Woltz, Clara L.            Daugherty, Charles W.        03 Jun 1897    G307

Woltz, E.L.                Cease, Helen                     4-Jul-21   Z110

Woltz, Earl L.             Byler, Fana May                 19-Jul-14   R067

Woltz, Eva E.              Cain, Captain A.                            C391

Woltz, Eva Lee             Cain, Captain A.             16 Feb 1886    C392

Woltz, H.W.                Stecher, Lethe                  27-Apr-21   Y602

Woltz, J.W.                Pryor, Carrie                    4-Jul-00   H352

Woltz, Lula                Martin, Virgil                   9-Sep-12   P407

Woltz, Maude M.            Houck, Robert C.                17-Oct-06   K409

Woltz, Minnie              Hill, Elbert                 20 Nov 1895    F627

Woltz, Myrtle              Lashley, Richard                 1-Mar-09   M162

Woltz, Verna               Carlson, F.W.                01 Feb 1898    G454

Wolverton, Claude F.       Priest, Ethel L.                            T100

Wolverton, Claude F.       Thomas, Gertrude O.             25-Mar-12   P160

Womacks, Bert S.           Harned, Mary Ruth                           S507

Womacks, Eva Ruth          Davis, Ross F.                  17-Nov-19   W615

Wommack, J.M.              Light, Annie B.              19 Sep 1895    F596

Wommack, James M.          Elliott, Ula C.                 16-Jun-01   H613

Wommer, Edith              Case, John Walter               28-Jun-19   W249

Wonner, Walter W.          Redfield, Myra(re)              10-Oct-08   L589

Wonsetler, George M.       Gould, Nellie E.             10 Oct 1886    C512

Wood, A.L.                 Hamel, Alice M.                  5-Jul-20   X555

Wood, Allen A.             Redfield, Flora G.           15 Sep 1878    A359

Wood, Anita                Harryman, Frank S.              15-Jun-09   M296

Wood, Anna                 Cummins, Harry                  18-May-13   Q147

Wood, Asa D.               Roth, Mabel Helen                           S195

Wood, Bert                 Hiatt, Mabel                    14-Jun-09   M295

Wood, Bessie E.            Reppert, F.E.                18 Sep 1899    H159

Wood, Birdie May           Gilbert, James S.               20-Apr-12   P199

Wood, C.F.                 Roskan, Grace                    6-Aug-19   W336

Wood, C.H.                 Bozzell, Anna                   28-Feb-01   H532

Wood, Casler Loyd          Whiteside, Pansy                11-Dec-11   P013

Wood, Cecil                Honberger, Leona                23-Mar-10   N065

Wood, Charles A.           Hammell, Katheleen              16-Jun-17   T451

Wood, Charles P.           Nipper, Lottie M.                6-Mar-05   J514

Wood, Claude Alfred        VanBrunt, Lula Lunetta           6-Feb-21   Y459

Wood, Cleon                Cunningham, R.B.                            T335

Wood, Clifford A.          Johnson, Eunice                 22-Nov-11   O425

Wood, Cora                 Gragg, George T.                27-Feb-19   V636

Wood, Cora                 Wood, Ira H.                 12 Nov 1893    F246

Wood, Cora B.              Tripp, Edgar                 09 Sep 1878    A358

Wood, Cora W.              Anderson, Edward                11-Feb-21   Y472

Wood, D.D.                 Brew, Ethel M.                   1-Jun-19   W172

Wood, Douglas F.           Ricker, Mary Eudora             31-Oct-05   K094

Wood, E.L.                 Campfield, Jennie            01 Oct 1899    H172

Wood, Earl T.              Gotham, Sue M.                  22-Apr-12   P198

Wood, Edna Burdine         Henderson, Lyde                 15-Aug-10   N276

Wood, Edward M.            Collier, Betty Lee              23-Dec-21   Z498

Wood, Effie                Cross, Guy                      14-Aug-14   R099

Wood, Elgin                Schmidt, Pauline                16-Sep-21   Z283

Wood, Elma K.              Fennell, Charles W.              5-Apr-19   W054

Wood, Elmer                DeBerk, Bernadine                2-Dec-19   X013

Wood, Elmer C.             Wykoff, Nora Alice              15-Jun-02   I271

Wood, Emmett               Ullum, Orma (Mrs.)              20-Mar-00   H293

Wood, Ernest               Powell, Leone                   30-Aug-17   T604

Wood, Ethel May            Smith, J.M.                                 S627

Wood, Eva                  Warefield, A.O.              07 Aug 1898    G548

Wood, Frank C.             Richardson, Emily            30 Sep 1880    B096

Wood, G.G.                 West, R.A.                   07 Sep 1888    D360

Wood, G.L.                 Hoyt, Della                                 S631

Wood, Garess H.            Williams, Preston M.            24-Mar-18   V052

Wood, Genevra R.           Ferguson, Harold J.              6-Aug-13   Q270

Wood, George B.            Gillon, Maggie               09 Dec 1878    A384

Wood, George C.            Pohlmann, Augusta            04 Jul 1887    D049

Wood, Gladys               Hoyt, Joseph W.                 18-Sep-19   W450

Wood, Gladys               Slater, Frank                   11-Oct-11   O363

Wood, Grace                Tinker, James J.                12-Apr-10   N095

Wood, Hazel                Walton, Arthur N.               14-Oct-19   W513

Wood, Hazel Marie          Mills, Willis Wayne             26-Nov-13   Q441

Wood, Ira H.               Wood, Cora                   12 Nov 1893    F246

Wood, Irvin I.             Piercefield, Elizabeth                      T240

Wood, Jennie               Stratton, Lewis H.              13-Oct-10   N390

Wood, John                 Agnew, Pearlie H.            28 Jul 1892    E584

Wood, June                 Wright, Samuel                  19-Jun-11   O205

Wood, Karl A.              Meeker, Ina Ruth                17-Sep-19   W444

Wood, Kate                 Chitwood, Jacob P.           16 Nov 1891    E423

Wood, Lavena               Bott, W.S.                   19 Apr 1899    H073

Wood, Leon F.              Barrett, Helen R.                5-Jun-19   W190

Wood, Letta                Thompson, Wilbur W.             26-Jun-13   Q220

Wood, Lida                 Nilson, Albert M.               30-Sep-14   R171

Wood, Lizzie               Ervin, Francis M.            13 Dec 1885    C356

Wood, Louis E.             Ward, Lillian M.                15-Dec-14   R268

Wood, Loura A.             Lilly, Gustus C.             17 Dec 1876    A241

Wood, Lucius F.            Hatfield, Edna R.               26-Feb-22   Z623

Wood, Lyda Evans           Molett, E.V.                                S566

Wood, Mabel                Robertson, Ralph W.          22 Jun 1898    G527

Wood, Mabel                Shyrer, Albert L.                9-Mar-12   P141

Wood, Margaret             Weaver, James G.                12-Sep-21   Z274

Wood, Marie Violet         Forney, William Edward          30-Jun-21   Z093

Wood, Mattie I.            Dale, Frank                  10 Jun 1885    C263

Wood, Max                  Wolkow, Fannie                  29-Aug-11   O301

Wood, May                  Kraber, Otto                     5-Apr-11   O082

Wood, Meminyoune           Woods, C.R.                                 S621

Wood, Minnie               Kennedy, Edward R.           15 Jan 1888    D200

Wood, Mollie               Overton, Harry               26 Apr 1887    C634

Wood, Myrtle               Todd, Charlie                               T044

Wood, Nell                 Heaton, Floyd W.                 7-Nov-06   K438

Wood, Nellie               Endicott, S.T.               19 Jun 1878    A339

Wood, Nellie Emma          Cooper, Otho C.                 31-Dec-02   I445

Wood, Nora E.              Tucker, Seba M.              05 Nov 1889    E008

Wood, Pearl                Hatfield, Clarence(rance)    04 Jun 1896    G101

Wood, Peter Cooper         Palmer, Mahala                   1-Mar-09   M163

Wood, R.O.                 Lay, Dove                        1-Sep-20   Y071

Wood, Ralph E.             Doty, Jessie May             01 May 1898    G498

Wood, Ray                  Merrick, Luella                 10-Apr-12   P189

Wood, Rena                 Wiles, Earl                      8-Jun-21   Z031

Wood, Rhoda                Mack, Lin                        4-Apr-21   Y561

Wood, Richard C.           Turek, Fannie                    2-Jul-09   M332

Wood, Russell O.           Coleman, Laura P.               17-Sep-04   J349

Wood, Ruth Virginia        Rorick, Floyd O.                 9-Jun-20   X473

Wood, Samuel               Hollis, Clara                15 Dec 1884    C176

Wood, Sarah Lavinia        Haycraft, V.I.                  20-Jun-09   M305

Wood, Shelby W.            Barnett, Minnie M.           25 May 1892    E552

Wood, Truman A.            McCoy, Alice I.                 26-Oct-04   J395

Wood, Viola                Hutton, Raymond                             T302

Wood, W.M.                 Lyman, Edna                     13-May-11   O144

Wood, Wade W.              Farley, Mamie M.                            T270

Wood, Wallace A.           Pope, Gracie                 15 Mar 1882    B253

Wood, Walter B.            Grove, Nettie Helen             13-Jan-20   X129

Wood, Wilford E.           Handy, Lula L.               10 Sep 1893    F194

Wood, William              Hennessey, Anna                 19-Sep-11   O328

Wood, William F.           Darlington, Vivian              30-Apr-13   Q129

Wood, William Henry        Hays, Belle                     23-Oct-19   W540

Wood, Willie               Knight, Bertha               12 Nov 1898    G608

Wood, Wilmar Starr         Haynes, Marjorie Wayne          22-Feb-20   X213

Wood, Winifred Grace       Curyea, George Willard          12-Jan-18   U471

Woodall, Allie             Burnett, Frances                 3-Mar-09   M167

Woodall, Daisy             Wells, Charles E.            23 Jan 1892    E482

Woodall, George W.         Frame, Josie A.              01 Feb 1888    D213

Woodard, A.J. (Mrs.)       Smock, David N.              29 Oct 1885    C328

Woodard, Chalmer Edison    Kintner, Ila Elizabeth          10-Jun-14   R021

Woodard, Howard C.         Hughes, Ethel V.                30-Jun-09   M324

Woodard, Miles C.          McLaughlin, Amelia J.        29 Jul 1876    A214

Woodard, R.C.              Styles, Ellen                    9-Nov-17   U184

Woodard, Stella E.         Ellis, Claude P.                 6-Sep-11   O312

Woodard, T.A. (Mrs.)       Kibbe, L.D.H.                04 Nov 1899    H203

Woodard, William Earle     Dodge, Faye                      7-Aug-12   P361

Woodards, Nina             Cook, A.W.                      24-Dec-14   R301

Woodburn, John W.          Gardiner, Anna Marie            21-Jul-03   I611

Woodburn, Mary Leah        Carr, Willie Ellis              26-Dec-20   Y356

Woodburn, Melville         Largent, Belle               23 Oct 1893    F236

Woodburn, Mildred          Ruggles, Dewey                  29-May-19   W168

Woodbury, C.E.             McBroom, Emma E.                29-Dec-19   X090

Woodcock, Affie            Williams, Benjamin           01 Jun 1876    A206

Woodcock, George A.        Stafford, M.C.               19 Oct 1879    A455

Woodcock, Laura E.         Lytle, Harry W.              05 Jun 1889    D551

Woodcock, Minnie (Mrs.)    Luling, Julius E.            30 Oct 1899    H197

Wooddall, T.I.             Hendrix, Ruth E.                11-Nov-19   W595

Wooden, Carrie             Martin, Charles E.           29 Nov 1886    C540

Wooden, Jewel L.           Starnes, Hazel                  20-Sep-21   Z291

Wooden, Lillie M.          Hughes, Albert W.               11-Jul-08   L478

Woodford, Arthur Pratt     Chritton, Nora Margarete        22-May-04   J239

Woodford, Arthur Pratt     Stevenson, Etna Lurline         10-Dec-21   Z475

Woodford, Etta May Belle   Harris, Thomas Otto             16-Jun-08   L439

Woodford, J.T.             Munn, Emma C.                18 Sep 1895    F595

Woodford, Lucile           McCoy, George I.                17-Nov-21   Z431

Woodhull, Ursula A.        McConnell, John J.           26 Oct 1871    A017

Woodman, Bertha E.         Thomas, V.H.                     6-Nov-19   W584

Woodman, Bessie E.         Nicholson, Clarence J.           3-Jun-03   I570

Woodman, Edward S.         Portens, Alice               22 Apr 1884    C071

Woodman, Elizabeth C.      Manier, John T.              03 Dec 1896    G201

Woodman, Ethel             Norvell, James William                      S461

Woodman, Grace             Dodd, Harry                     19-Nov-11   O421

Woodman, Ida               Clark, Ernest (Earnest) B.       6-Mar-12   P138

Woodman, Jennie Louise     Nicholson, Harry                24-Dec-02   I442

Woodman, John T.           Forward, Olive Fern             31-Jan-12   P084

Woodman, Laura (Mrs.)      Day, Edgar                      10-Jun-12   P271

Woodman, Millie            Graves, Fred                    20-Mar-07   K579

Woodman, Millie            Greaves, Fred                   20-Mar-07   K579

Woodman, Thomas M.         Dupy, Laura A.               13 Feb 1887    C588

Woodmansee, Loucina        Lang, Jacob                  11 Oct 1874    A136

Woodmansee, M.G.           Fish, Ella R.                   27-Sep-05   K051

Woodmency, Vera May        McQuown, Garner                 13-Sep-19   W437

Woodring, Aaron B.         Bull, Mary                   24 Dec 1889    E037

Woodring, Charles Henry    Friend, Edna                    12-Apr-19   W071

Woodring, Harold Edward    Decker, Susie Marie             11-Aug-21   Z202

Woodring, Hazel Ellen      Heins, Ernest Earl              25-Dec-13   Q470

Woodring, Howard           West, Mabel                     15-Oct-21   Z353

Woodring, Jesse            Johns, Dora                  17 Jun 1896    G108

Woodring, John Henry       Moorehead, Ella              25 Feb 1886    C395

Woodring, Letta Pearl      DeBord, Thomas Jefferson        12-Dec-18   V511

Woodring, Lloyd            Wittmeyer, Ethel                 7-Jan-14   Q497

Woodring, Pearl M.         Bailey, Charles C.           27 Oct 1897    G392

Woodring, R.F.             Flowers, Mamie                  28-Oct-18   V463

Woodring, Roy F.           Hill, Flossie                08 Mar 1893    F092

Woodring, Uriah            Hagerman, Cornelia J.        06 Mar 1895    F506

Woodrow, Elizabeth         Fortner, William H.             15-May-19   W142

Woodrow, H.C.              Lam, Effie A.                    8-Nov-13   Q415

Woodrow, Mamie             Nokes, H.R.                  29 Dec 1898    H010

Woodrow, Paul              Cole, Violet                     5-Dec-21   Z468

Woodruff, Abram M.         Rankin, Emma                    31-Mar-10   N080

Woodruff, Etta Grace       Welch, Fred                     24-Sep-14   R160

Woodruff, John             Springer, Elsie                 20-Mar-11   O056

Woodruff, Lottie           Chase, C.T.                     25-Jul-21   Z153

Woodruff, Mary F.          Fuller, Milo E.              02 Sep 1874    A131

Woodruff, Sadie            Bales, Denver W.                15-May-04   J234

Woods, Albert              Snavely, Nora                   19-Dec-06   K485

Woods, Alda                Fell, Arthur                     3-Jul-12   P321

Woods, Andrew              Johnson, Della               15 Oct 1888    D406

Woods, Arnola              McCully, T.R.                26 Jun 1895    F558

Woods, Arthur              Shirles, Tinnie              08 May 1890    E137

Woods, Arthur G.           Smith, Lelar                    12-Dec-14   R279

Woods, Arthur P.           Berry, Liddie A.                25-Oct-11   O384

Woods, Ben H.              Brooking, Mayme                 31-Dec-19   X100

Woods, Benjamine F.        Rader, Sarah M.                 20-Nov-10   N458

Woods, C.R.                Wood, Meminyoune                            S621

Woods, Catherine           Billings, Joe C.                23-Jan-13   Q005

Woods, Daisy               Russell, F.A.                   28-Jun-05   J610

Woods, David               Matley, Rosa                 17 Nov 1887    D160

Woods, Delos P.            Brown, Anna E.                   4-May-04   J225

Woods, Elizabeth Pearl     Sellers, Robert E.              27-Jun-17   T472

Woods, Elsie               Beeman, John H.                 23-Dec-09   M582

Woods, Emma                Behrens, Julius M.              26-Dec-11   P040

Woods, Emma R.             Pelsue, Frank W.             21 Apr 1891    E328

Woods, Frank F.            Sullivan, Pearl                 20-May-09   M257

Woods, George              White, Bessie                   23-Dec-12   P585

Woods, George L.           Merrill, Alice               18 Nov 1882    B319

Woods, Goldie              Ramey, Michael P.                7-Mar-22   Z645

Woods, Grace Pearl         Puls, Herman                 22 Jun 1892    E567

Woods, Harry               Becker, Marie                    3-May-08   L392

Woods, Hazel               Ellis, Frances E.                           R594

Woods, Hazel Acres         Lewis, S.B.                                 T374

Woods, Ida Pearl           Conley, Arthur C.               19-Nov-05   K112

Woods, John D.             Guthrie, M. Belle            02 Sep 1885    C297

Woods, John T.             Compton, Carrie Etta            16-Apr-19   W074

Woods, John T.             Osborne, Isabel                  4-Oct-20   Y160

Woods, Juanita Ruth        McMahan, Albert H. Jr.           5-Jul-17   T489

Woods, Julia M.            Powell, E.R.                 20 Jan 1886    C380

Woods, Katie C.            Taylor, Loring L.               17-Feb-04   J164

Woods, Lake                Cline, Beulah                   23-Dec-12   P582

Woods, Lisha L.            Moorman, Frank P.               25-Apr-11   O120

Woods, Lorene              Arthur, Luke Lanier              1-Mar-18   V014

Woods, Maggie J.           Kendall, J.R.                   22-May-22   Z783

Woods, Margret             Trenkle, Henry               11 Nov 1885    C335

Woods, Marshall            Williams, Anna Lee               2-Oct-18   V423

Woods, Mary E.             Ingham, J.B.                    30-Mar-04   J196

Woods, Mary May            Parcel, William H.              30-Jun-09   M329

Woods, Morris              Campbell, Edith                  2-Sep-09   M402

Woods, Myrtle              Blakeman, N.P.                  30-Sep-08   L585

Woods, Myrtle              Wycoff, G.A.                    25-Dec-18   V535

Woods, Opal                Smith, Jesse                    27-Nov-21   Z456

Woods, Orill               Parkinson, Redding               8-Mar-10   N044

Woods, Robert              Laird, Ester                    26-Aug-09   M391

Woods, Rosa                Bachmann, George N.             15-Jan-01   H501

Woods, Roy                 Wootrus, Mattie                 23-Dec-05   K153

Woods, Ruth                Floyd, Franklin                 29-Aug-01   I029

Woods, Sarah               Rader, Abraham               19 Mar 1895    F510

Woods, Sarah M.            Faust, John G.               09 Mar 1892    E513

Woods, William Pitt        Smedley, Marie Sage              9-Jun-20   X474

Woods, Winnie              Phillip, M.E.                25 Dec 1899    H237

Woodside, Loue             Hunt, Emery I.                   7-Sep-10   N317

Woodside, Winnifriede JosepJust, Robert H.                 10-May-05   J567

Woodson, Charles K.        King, Angie A.               31 Aug 1882    B292

Woodson, Elizabeth         Donnell, R.W.                10 Apr 1887    C625

Woodson, Francia           Ross, Henry                  27 Dec 1893    F281

Woodson, Ray C.            Hockaday, Bonnie                17-Jun-08   L441

Woodson, Thomas P.         Adams, Udora                     8-Jan-19   V561

Woodsworth, William C.     Jordan, Ethel N.                 2-Jan-06   K170

Woodward, David S.         Rucker, Betty(tie) A.            2-Jul-03   I596

Woodward, Earl L.          Bingham, Beatrice               12-Jun-19   W194

Woodward, Edward R.        Allen, Loreta J.                28-Jan-19   V584

Woodward, Eva A.           Griffin, C.W.                31 Mar 1881    B147

Woodward, Eva A.           Griffith, C.W.               31 Mar 1881    B147

Woodward, George J.        Kilgore, Violet Georgia          3-Apr-18   V070

Woodward, Hugh T.          Hough, Mary S.               03 Jul 1872    A038

Woodward, Ira L.           Combs, Nannie Mae                5-Nov-08   L633

Woodward, Minnie           Reyer, Gus W.                15 Jul 1896    G119

Woodward, Minnie           Ryer, Gus W.                 15 Jul 1896    G119

Woodward, Robert           Rice, Katharine E.               1-Jan-03   I449

Woodward, Robert L.        Nowels, Blanch                  14-Oct-08   L604

Woodward, T.V.             Harman, Essie                    8-Mar-14   Q544

Woodward, Vera V.          Hendee, Dudley A.            04 Jun 1899    H106

Woodward, Virginia         Cozart, Robert J.               23-Dec-08   M057

Woodward, Vollie L.        Dotson, Lela                    29-Feb-12   P132

Woodward, Willard          Castor, Gertrude                30-Aug-19   W398

Woodwell, George           Stone, Vera                     15-Dec-07   L233

Woodworth, Bertha M.       Megrue, B.F.                                S620

Woodworth, Bessie Allison  Organ, Charles D.            24 Sep 1889    D613

Woodworth, C.R.            Tracy, Blanche                   2-Jun-09   M273

Woodworth, Mattie May      Young, Samuel Lee               28-Oct-03   J061

Woody, A.L.                Pulver, Pearl                03 May 1896    G087

Woody, Margaret            Moore, R.R.                     20-Jun-00   H344

Woolard, Bessie May        Musser, Jacob L.                16-Oct-09   M476

Woolard, Florence Estella  Conrey, Abram F.             15 Dec 1886    C551

Woolard, James B.          Peckham, Edith                  17-Sep-00   H401

Woolard, Lillian           Gillen, Harry                24 Jun 1885    C271

Woolard, Samuel F.         Davidson, Birdine            05 Jun 1888    D313

Woolcott, Viola            Taylor, Arwood C.            28 Jan 1894    F303

Wooldridge, Alva T.        Murphy, Blanche                 24-Dec-03   J123

Wooldridge, Hallie         Hunt, George                    18-Feb-20   X209

Wooldridge, M.B.           Wilson, Snow                    25-Aug-09   M390

Wooldridge, R.H.           Curtis, Dorothy B.              27-Apr-22   Z731

Woolems, James P.          Roberts, Dora A. (H.)        23 Feb 1893    F084

Wooley, Hannah L.          Shinn, Fred                  23 Dec 1891    E447

Wooley, J.W.               Miller, Lola                    11-Jul-18   V271

Wooley, James              See, Effie                                  R492

Woolf, Ada                 Roessner, Paul F.W.             15-Oct-07   L161

Woolf, Bessie F.           Hinckley, Royal B.              25-Dec-06   K496

Woolf, Hattie G.           Pipkin, Noah L.                  6-Nov-10   N431

Woolf, Millard O.          McClallen, Clara Louise         20-Sep-05   K043

Woolf, Nell                Freeto, R.E.                                T181

Woolf, Paul                Hannaman, Katherine                         T339

Woolf, Roy C.              Black, Willa C.                  4-Mar-03   I421

Woolf, W.M.                Wright, Fannie               24 Dec 1896    G223

Woolfolk, John F.          Brown, Eva A.                               S185

Woolfolk, John F.          Clayborn, Clara B.              13-Feb-11   O013

Woollam, Lulu              Long, E.R.                      30-Mar-19   W040

Woollems, Dulcie A.        Harpstrite, Edward G.            5-Mar-13   Q049

Woolley, Daisy B.          Combs, Carl J.                  20-Sep-19   W457

Woolley, Eva               Starr, John L.                  15-Jan-21   Y413

Woolley, J.M.              Jones, Lizzie                    1-Apr-18   V065

Woolman, Hattie            Brooks, Elmer                   27-Dec-07   L262

Woolman, Leona             Rose, Lee A                     17-Jan-22   Z556

Woolman, Minnie            Cain, James                                 T384

Woolman, Myrtle            Reynolds, F.W.                  29-Jan-22   Z574

Woolman, Truie             Winters, F.E.                    4-Feb-19   V595

Woolridge, Jessie          Carroll, R.                     12-Oct-13   Q373

Woolridge, Mabel           Fauver, Warren                   7-Jan-15   R313

Woolwine, Velma            Lindley, Edgar                  23-Feb-18   V004

Woolworth, Bessie          Bunton, Clyde                   24-Apr-12   P207

Woolworth, Frank M.        Moore, Fay G.                    1-Dec-20   Y311

Woolworth, Gladys          Ottaway, Lester                 13-May-11   O145

Woolworth, Ida M.          McMillen, Claude A.             13-May-11   O145

Wooten, Alphia C.          Weygandt, Eleyne                22-Mar-21   Y540

Wooten, Elsie              Bedwell, E.L.                   15-Apr-22   Z708

Wooten, G. Gurney          Hannum, Nina Adella             31-Dec-20   Y391

Wooten, James E.           Lee, Dot                        21-Nov-18   V490

Wooten, Jasper H.          Davis, Bernice Cornelia         22-Apr-14   Q602

Wooten, Phoebe             Bagby, John G.               16 Mar 1890    E099

Wooton, Isaac C.           Miliken, Martha              28 Oct 1884    C156

Wooton, J.M.               Turner, Alice                   15-Aug-14   R100

Wooton, Thomas P.          Smith, Malissa L.(Mrs.)      19 Nov 1889    E020

Wootres, Bettie            Oldham, William                 21-Oct-19   W541

Wootres, Betty             Cline, Arnold                   16-Nov-20   Y273

Wootres, Eva               Pyne, William Loraine            3-Apr-13   Q093

Wootres, Georgia A.        Hyde, Bowen C.                   2-Apr-04   J198

Wootress, Betty            Wagner, Henry                   20-Feb-13   Q042

Wootress, Emma             Davis, R.D.                     24-Feb-12   P121

Wootrus, Mattie            Woods, Roy                      23-Dec-05   K153

Worbs, Ella                Billingsley, Simeon S.       29 Dec 1891    E465

Worcester, Eddie Dowen     Buhrman, Anna Elizabeth         10-Feb-20   X189

Word, John                 Carter, Lucy                 06 Apr 1886    C421

Worden, Rachel A.          Trull, John E.                              S450

Worden, Robert L.          Sailor, Elizabeth                3-Nov-19   W572

Wordon, Lillian Lorene     Crouch, George W.               14-Nov-21   Z424

Worford, Blanche           Lane, Zack                       7-Mar-06   K219

Worford, Buell             Meadows, Ida                     7-Mar-06   K220

Worford, Lewis B.          Scott, Mary Marie                8-Jul-20   X566

Worford, Robert B.         Hostetler, Mary M.              19-Dec-19   X050

Work, Charles              Ralston, Myrtle                  7-Feb-12   P097

Work, Laura                Brown, Robert C.                 5-Jan-21   Y399

Work, Rosa                 Butler, Isaac                               S283

Workman, Albert J.         Carl, Esther                    19-Sep-17   T635

Workman, Cleo              Holman, India                   13-Nov-20   Y267

Workman, Edna              Kline, Edward Leo                9-Jun-20   X470

Workman, James L.          Leighton, Norma D.           12 Oct 1897    G380

Workman, Ollie E.          Bond, Bert A.                               T278

Worley, Eula               Chinn, Guy Louis                10-Oct-18   V441

Worley, Freda A.           Toler, Homer Pearl               9-Sep-17   T618

Worley, James R.           Sheldon, Inez O.                 7-Sep-14   R130

Worley, Vera               Martin, Philip                  31-Oct-12   P489

Wormald, Frank Abbott      Struthers, Mabel Blanche        28-Nov-08   M024

Worman, Charles            Schwerdfeger, Marie             14-May-19   W140

Worman, Charles G.         Cooley, Kemp                     2-Jul-04   J281

Wormington, Loren Earnest  Vaughn, Frances Cecilia                     T283

Worrall, Isaac S.          Wagner, Clara                07 Nov 1877    A296

Worrell, Barbara Belle     Seymour, Ralph                  26-Sep-21   Z306

Worrell, F.S.              Anderson, Lucile                27-May-20   X431

Worrell, Lloyd             Eastin, Essie                   24-Dec-17   U392

Worrell, Mary Estelle      Hite, Frank Lewis               18-Sep-01   I043

Worsley, A.A.              Wright, L.B.                 05 Jul 1887    D052

Worster, Laura May         Shields, Charlie R.              2-Jul-11   O233

Worth, Ethelyn E.          Nichols, Roswell T.             16-Feb-07   K551

Worth, Lena                Blake, Joseph                   22-Aug-14   R110

Worth, P.L.                Meredreth, Rachael              12-Nov-01   I099

Worth, W.W.                Stanton, Edith                  28-Nov-06   K465

Worth, Willdia M.          Jordan, Harry                               K475

Worthen, W.C.              Palmer, Ella L. (Mrs.)       12 Aug 1899    H136

Worthington, Abraham L.    Elliott, Marvel                 22-Jan-18   U496

Worthington, Edith May     Goforth, Edwin G.                2-Jun-02   I247

Worthington, Emma L.       Blanton, Thomas L.           27 Mar 1889    D513

Worthington, Eva           Banning, A.L.                   16-Jul-19   W290

Worthington, George H.     Cale, Vivian N.                             S418

Worthington, George S.     Hunter, Sarah E.             30 Mar 1893    F107

Worthington, Hugh H.       Coleman, Evalena                            S490

Worthington, John A.       Andrews, Cora V.             27 Jul 1884    C111

Worthington, John A.       Coats, Phebe                 11 May 1885    C253

Worthington, Lizzie M.     Parsons, Floyd F.            24 Dec 1891    E455

Worthington, Mary          Shane, Lewis                     1-Jan-18   U418

Worthington, Sam           Straw, Adah                                 S105

Worthington, William H.    Johnston, Frances            03 Jul 1888    D335

Wortman, A.T.              Gerow, Katherine                 2-Apr-20   X297

Wortman, Alice L.          Stewart, Arthur O.           30 Sep 1897    G506

Wortman, Lola              Marlowe, Charley J.             16-Dec-18   V515

Wortz, Mary                Poggenburg, D.               17 Jun 1879    A431

Wourms, Christine Theresa  Cady, James Alfred              26-Oct-19   W551

Woyame, Floyd S.           Brasier, Flossie                 5-Aug-21   Z187

Woyame, W.H.               Goatley, Hattie                 15-Sep-08   L566

Woytych, L.M.              Clepper, Edith                  22-Jan-21   Y427

Wratchford, P. Ellen       Yankey, William J.           13 Sep 1886    C497

Wray, Laura G.             Stevens, Harry F.               18-Feb-11   O022

Wreath, Lew Pollard        O'Meara, Clara                  16-Jan-10   M618

Wren, Anna                 Walters, Arthur W.              31-Dec-12   P610

Wren, Lillian E.           Comstock, Albert B.          20 Sep 1891    E390

Wren, Lula                 DeLong, Claud                31 Jul 1898    G546

Wren, Margaret (Mrs.)      Bruce, Alexander             14 Dec 1891    E441

Wren, Maude R.             Porter, Frank                    1-Mar-03   I496

Wren, Paul E.              Harberson, Thelma L.            10-Oct-17   U063

Wren, Walter S.            Tateman, Harriet M.          01 Apr 1884    C065

Wren, Walter W.            Smith, Mollie                11 Dec 1891    E440

Wrenn, Samuel J.           Howard, Mamie                   19-Jul-05   J634

Wrider, Ethel May          Smith, Jesse Lonzo              27-Mar-13   Q084

Wright, A. Jasper          Briscoe, Mable E.               27-Feb-01   H526

Wright, A.L.               Nighswonger, Mable           22 Aug 1896    G137

Wright, A.P.               Spore, Georgia G.               19-Jun-01   H611

Wright, A.W.               Evertson, Elma                   2-Mar-18   V016

Wright, Albert             Blevins, Maggie                 29-Nov-17   U277

Wright, Albert             Ganser, Lue                     27-Feb-02   I189

Wright, Albert             Gauser, Lue                     27-Feb-02   I189

Wright, Albert             Lewis, Sallie Will              31-Jan-21   Y444

Wright, Alice              French, L. Gordon                2-Dec-19   X011

Wright, Alvin C.           Hodgson, Grace M.                4-Sep-19   W407

Wright, Amos               Davis, Ella                  28 Apr 1887    C633

Wright, Anna               Kotsiopulos, Sam                16-Sep-19   W443

Wright, Anna B.            Guy, Robert Earl                18-Aug-20   Y036

Wright, Arthur F.          Ferguson, Mary A.                           S637

Wright, B.H.               Rhinehart, Birdie M.         09 Dec 1896    G207

Wright, B.N.               Oglieve, Bessie                  1-Mar-20   X225

Wright, Benjamin           DeVaughn, Luella                15-Feb-11   O015

Wright, Bruce              Rucker, Lorine                              S528

Wright, Carl J.            Hawley, Florence E.                         R496

Wright, Carrie G.          Rouser, H.E.                 12 Jan 1898    G441

Wright, Carter             Brown, Beulah                   27-Nov-07   L217

Wright, Charles G.         Grubb, Lottie                09 Mar 1890    E093

Wright, Charles H.         Costello, Jewell C.          22 May 1895    F543

Wright, Charles W.         Watson, Eletha Fern             16-Oct-12   P459

Wright, David G.           Burson, Mattie                  25-May-21   Y662

Wright, David P.           Bowles, Cassie               05 Aug 1875    A162

Wright, E.E.               Hargiss, Essie                  12-Jan-03   I463

Wright, Edith Elizabeth    Criser, Lester John              4-Oct-08   L589

Wright, Edna               Williams, Raymond                2-Apr-18   V066

Wright, Edna C.            Carpenter, S.O.              09 Aug 1888    D345

Wright, Edward             Mahan, Mary Jane             25 Nov 1886    C541

Wright, Edward J.          Seaton, Amy                                 S111

Wright, Edward L.          Kenoyer, Sara La Vene           17-Dec-05   K139

Wright, Effie O.           Sheppard, Harry A.           26 Oct 1891    E412

Wright, Eliza J.           Gibbs, C.F.                      7-Apr-07   K596

Wright, Ella               Covault, John N.             18 Oct 1893    F228

Wright, Ella               Owen, Elijah                     7-Jun-09   M284

Wright, Ellen              Packard, Wesley N.           10 Oct 1889    D628

Wright, Elmer F.           Asmussem, Grace A.                          S509

Wright, Emma J.            Moreland, Harley J.             12-Jan-09   M097

Wright, Estella Agnes      Bradfield, Leo Burton           24-Dec-06   K499

Wright, Eula               Schooler, Leo                               S436

Wright, Eva                Daymude, Clarence D.            20-Jul-12   P356

Wright, F.A.               Parish, Fern                    16-Nov-20   Y274

Wright, F.C.               DuBois, Margaret J.             26-Nov-01   I111

Wright, F.L.               Garvey, Lillian                 27-Jul-03   I614

Wright, F.W.               Allen, Della A.                  7-Aug-19   W340

Wright, Fannie             Carlile, Jacob P.                5-Feb-19   V597

Wright, Fannie             Woolf, W.M.                  24 Dec 1896    G223

Wright, Fannie (Mrs.)      McCracken, John Mc           28 Aug 1892    E600

Wright, Ford L.            Franklin, Oma                   28-Aug-21   Z240

Wright, Francis C.         Packard, Alice C.            31 Oct 1885    C329

Wright, Frank G.           Rutherford, Ava E.               3-Mar-09   M164

Wright, Frank L.           Parsons, Lilly M.            24 Dec 1896    G223

Wright, George G.          Brown, Olla V.               31 Dec 1891    E462

Wright, George H.          Zug, Dollie R.                   1-Jun-10   N162

Wright, Goldie             Gochis, Pete J.                 26-Apr-22   Z730

Wright, Grant G.           Ferrell, Myrtle Flora           10-Aug-04   J315

Wright, Grover C.          Carter, Ruby J.                  8-Nov-13   Q416

Wright, H.B.               Ray, Ida                        15-Oct-12   P462

Wright, Hannah             Helbert, H.C.                13 Jul 1881    B171

Wright, Harrison           Coker, Laura                 24 Oct 1887    D143

Wright, Hattie D.          Riggins, Harvey                  5-Dec-12   P555

Wright, Hazel D.           Ellam, Edward J.                 5-Dec-05   K127

Wright, Helen              McKee, F.E.                      1-Sep-19   W400

Wright, Helen Dorothy GouldWegley, Austin James            11-Oct-19   W514

Wright, Henry              Steele, Susan                   25-Dec-09   M585

Wright, Henry S.           Crabtree, Mary               28 Jul 1884    C112

Wright, Henry S.           Crabtree, May M.             07 Nov 1875    A175

Wright, Herman             McDonald, Lela                   5-Oct-20   Y164

Wright, Herman             Winget, Ruth                    16-Feb-22   Z609

Wright, Homer E.           Hess, May                       30-Nov-02   I416

Wright, Hugh               Hall, Gail                      26-Dec-19   X080

Wright, Hugh E.            Lawrence, Ruth L.                           S326

Wright, Ida                Brady, Frank                     6-Mar-12   P120

Wright, Iva                Brower, Orval S.                 7-Aug-21   Z188

Wright, Iva                Harvey, R.E.                     3-Nov-17   U155

Wright, Ivan               Minor, Pauline                   9-Aug-19   W343

Wright, J.E.               Miller, Mary                    20-Aug-21   Z227

Wright, J.L.               Aldrich, Lorene                  3-Oct-18   V427

Wright, J.M.               Parker, Maggie               22 Mar 1896    G069

Wright, James A.           Dunmire, Mary E.             14 Jan 1885    C194

Wright, James J.           Tourner, Nora                26 Nov 1891    E431

Wright, James M.           Boyle, Adelia Etta           18 Sep 1884    C135

Wright, James V.           Andrew, Katie                01 Nov 1877    A294

Wright, James V.           Mitchell, Nettie             11 Mar 1880    B048

Wright, James W.           Sharp, Lillian                  13-Dec-19   X036

Wright, Jennie             Irons, Fred L.                  14-Nov-08   M004

Wright, Jessie             Wilson, Henry                   27-Sep-19   W478

Wright, Job                Bull, Ida F.                 02 Mar 1893    F088

Wright, Joe                Burns, Katherine Elizabeth      25-Jul-14   R072

Wright, John               Venice, Edna                    12-Jul-10   N238

Wright, John F.            Friel, Susan                    27-Jan-02   I168

Wright, John Howard        Campbell, Bessie Marie          12-Jun-17   T441

Wright, John S.            Slattery, Grace Dell         31 Dec 1899    H245

Wright, Joseph N.          Remer, Frank (Mrs.)          19 Sep 1893    F203

Wright, Joshua             Cornwell, Ruth               23 Sep 1896    G152

Wright, Katie (Mrs.)       Harper, Wilson               24 Mar 1892    E523

Wright, L.B.               Worsley, A.A.                05 Jul 1887    D052

Wright, L.C.               Nessly, Ida M.                   9-Jan-07   K513

Wright, L.J.               Parker, Laura A.                17-Aug-05   K016

Wright, L.M.               Guyer, William               19 Oct 1887    D138

Wright, Laura              Lininger, F.M.                  20-Nov-12   P521

Wright, Laura              Robinson, S.C.                              T111

Wright, Lena               Cross, I.E.                  30 Mar 1896    G075

Wright, Leola Queen        VanY, Pearl William                         S217

Wright, Lester             Swancey, William                 3-Jun-20   X439

Wright, Lillie             Payne, J.H.                     18-Jan-10   M623

Wright, Lizzie             Adams, Thomas L.             16 Oct 1877    A290

Wright, Lorah E.           Baird, Sidney E.             27 Feb 1889    D500

Wright, Losson A.          Williams, Norine C.              1-Jul-20   X552

Wright, Lou                Roseberry, George W.         12 Sep 1881    B186

Wright, Louis              Corthran, Clara                             T077

Wright, Lovie              Dixon, Henry                    25-Mar-12   P159

Wright, Lucille            Williams, Adolph                 4-Mar-22   Z641

Wright, Lucy               Parris, Eli P.                   4-Dec-12   P552

Wright, Lulu               Caldwell, Jess                   8-Aug-04   J312

Wright, M.B.               Heflin, E.                   30 Sep 1897    G371

Wright, Madge              Brownlee, Oscar L.              18-Jun-11   O201

Wright, Margaret           Arterburn, Cleo                 29-Jan-20   X162

Wright, Margaret M.        Miller, L.E.                    17-Jan-22   Z561

Wright, Marguerite J.      Clay, Walter E.                 20-Jan-20   X141

Wright, Marguerite Louise  Brooks, Earl                    21-Oct-21   Z370

Wright, Mark               Sea, Violet                                 S111

Wright, Martha             Guest, Harold T.                 5-Sep-20   Y085

Wright, Mary               Hudson, O.W.                                T049

Wright, Mary C.            Cryderman, Merit             06 Nov 1881    B204

Wright, Mattie             Umbarger, Charles Kenneth        1-Jan-20   X092

Wright, Maude              Sims, M.E.                       1-May-06   K262

Wright, May                Merkle, Marcus                   9-Jul-00   H356

Wright, Merl R.            Davidson, Ida                    6-Jul-05   J623

Wright, Merle              Doyle, James                                T352

Wright, Millie             Hawkins, Wilson                 21-Jul-05   J635

Wright, Murray E.          Buxton, Eva                                 S516

Wright, Myrtle E.          McViers, T.H.                    3-Dec-13   Q447

Wright, N.A.               Nelson, R.F.                 31 May 1893    F144

Wright, Nathan             Pratt, Laura F.              12 Dec 1883    C015

Wright, Nelle Bly          Kindig, Arthur D.               22-Mar-12   P155

Wright, Nellie             Barnhill, William Edward        16-Jun-19   W217

Wright, Nellie             Jenkins, Henry                              H533

Wright, Nellie             Perry, A.S.                     18-Jul-00   H361

Wright, Nina M.            Craig, Samuel G. Jr.            16-Jun-12   P280

Wright, Noah               Humphrey, Mary(rry)          29 Dec 1898    H012

Wright, Opal F.            McCraner, W.J.                  26-Apr-18   V112

Wright, Opal Ida           Collins, John G.                 1-Jul-20   X551

Wright, Polly              Gosset, John                    11-Jan-04   J138

Wright, Polly              Hunter, Charles Lakin            7-Aug-07   L079

Wright, R.S.               Gillmore, Nona                  14-Feb-19   V613

Wright, Rachael            Peebler, David S.                           R487

Wright, Ralph C.           Mathers, Helen S.            03 Jan 1899    H017

Wright, Raye M.            Henmon, Sidney A.                           R483

Wright, Richard M.         Valentine, Mary B.              16-Jun-01   H611

Wright, Robert E.          Peterie, Matilda M.B.            5-Mar-13   Q054

Wright, Robert W.          Vance, Clara                    18-Jun-21   Z064

Wright, Roberta B.         Easter, E.D.                    15-Aug-21   Z211

Wright, Roland R.          Tucker, Vada                     4-Dec-18   V508

Wright, Rosy               Haskins, Wilber I.           12 Mar 1890    E096

Wright, Ruby               Henderson, Ruben                10-Sep-18   V387

Wright, Rupert R.          Bowman, Cecyle Mae              15-Nov-19   W605

Wright, Ruth               Cone, John F.                   19-Sep-18   V400

Wright, Ruth M.            Hoff, Albert J.                 10-Feb-15   R355

Wright, S.A.               Smith, Zola                     26-Sep-12   P430

Wright, S.L.               James, Ada M.                   28-May-01   H600

Wright, S.M.               Parker, Agnes                20 Oct 1897    G385

Wright, Samuel             Wood, June                      19-Jun-11   O205

Wright, Sarah F. (Mrs.)    Gause, Clifford C.           03 Nov 1892    F007

Wright, Sarah Flora        Ross, William T.                16-Jul-20   X586

Wright, Simon O.           Butler, Cleda C.                 1-May-10   N123

Wright, Sophie             Guy, Fred J.                    19-Sep-20   Y120

Wright, Susan E.           Walker, James P.             14 Mar 1884    C055

Wright, Uberia             Thompson, James W.              15-Nov-10   N448

Wright, Velma              Kaiser, Adolph G.                           T252

Wright, Vera Unice         Koerner, Robert                 16-Sep-20   Y114

Wright, W.D.               Siedfaden, Frederika         22 Mar 1888    D254

Wright, W.N.               Haifley, Viola               19 Dec 1895    G009

Wright, Wesley D.          Brown, Barbara M.               18-Sep-05   K044

Wright, William A.         Staple, Margie F.                6-Oct-20   Y169

Wright, William E.         Nunley, Ruth M.                  9-Aug-20   Y013

Wright, William E.         Siders, Mildred G.               7-Jan-14   Q498

Wright, William F.         Edgar, Jessie H.                18-Jun-13   Q207

Wrightsman, Maisie         Gabrielson, John                19-May-21   Y649

Wrightsman, Sam            Thomas, Beulah                  21-Aug-17   T587

Wrightsman, W.A.           Moore, Margaret                 28-Nov-07   L216

Wuensch, Alfred            Spitzle, Margareth           04 Oct 1886    C509

Wuensch, Lydia             Zeininger, Albert A.         24 Dec 1882    B331

Wuensch, M. Florence       Paulos, George A.                2-Dec-12   P549

Wulf, Carl L.              Brandes, Bernadena(ardina)      14-Jun-06   K289

Wulf, Dietrich F.          Stoehr, Erna                    14-Apr-18   V090

Wulf, Edward E.            Busse, Esther                   17-Jul-18   V281

Wulf, Henry Jr.            Oehlert, Amalia              06 Sep 1896    G141

Wulf, Minnie               Achelpohl, George I.             2-Nov-04   J398

Wulf, Otto E.D.            Jahns, Amanda M.                16-Sep-03   J016

Wulf, Sulie                Biering, Fred                               R450

Wulf, W.A.                 Oehlert, Hulda C.               13-Nov-02   I390

Wulfmeyer, Emil L.         Schumacher, Clara                3-Jul-07   L043

Wulfmeyer, J.H.            Yungmyer, Anna                  25-Dec-00   H488

Wullschleger, Mary A.      Casner, John W.                 22-Nov-04   J423

Wunder, William Boyd HansenBrazill, Evelyn Clark            5-Jan-22   Z540

Wunsch, E. Henry           Rolland, Violet M.                          S326

Wurstbauer, Mary           Blasius, Nichlaus            23 Feb 1892    E490

Wurstbauer, Theresa        Kelsch, Joseph               16 Jun 1887    D033

Wurth, John E.             Bateman, Laura J.               31-Oct-01   I092

Wurzel, Ethel              Straus, Isidor                  15-Sep-10   N328

Wyatt, Elvin               Butterfield, Ora M.              5-Aug-08   L506

Wyatt, Florence            Hankins, Jesse                  26-Mar-10   N068

Wyatt, Florence            Kankins, Jesse                  26-Mar-10   N068

Wyatt, Henry H.            Jeffries, Elizabeth France      16-Feb-20   X202

Wyatt, J.W.                Taylor, Eulah                   17-Oct-14   R199

Wyatt, John                Eck, Elizabeth                  20-Nov-13   Q429

Wyatt, John J.             Davis, Harriet                  29-Apr-06   K258

Wyatt, Marion J.           Renick, Gertrude J.             23-Oct-20   Y221

Wyatt, Robert E.           Pearce, Vella M.                19-Nov-10   N456

Wyckoff, Cora              Hephner, Peter               24 Dec 1888    D459

Wyckoff, Elisabeth E.      Dorman, George               06 Aug 1878    A349

Wyckoff, Irene Belle       Brown, John M.               14 Oct 1894    F418

Wyckoff, Janie             Fulkerson, Hiland            26 Oct 1890    E228

Wyckoff, John              Harkey, Mary Elizabeth       16 Apr 1897    G282

Wyckoff, John              Lambert, Bertha                 16-Jul-01   I001

Wyckoff, John              Parcel, Lillian M.              25-Jan-05   J482

Wyckoff, Marchie Jarrett   Killam, Guy Bee                 14-Sep-18   V396

Wyckoff, Mary F.           Purkey, Purley               28 Nov 1886    C539

Wyckoff, Mattie E.         McCullough, Charles M.           2-Jun-09   M276

Wyckoff, Milberry H.       McCrea, Robert               06 Apr 1885    C237

Wyckoff, Mittie(illie)     Branscum, Napoleon              21-Jul-09   M353

Wyckoff, Samuel            Wickham, Altha A.            16 Nov 1880    B110

Wyckoff, William           Travis, Pearl Ethel             16-Jan-05   J471

Wycoff, C.M.               Clark, Zoe                       8-Sep-00   H395

Wycoff, G.A.               Woods, Myrtle                   25-Dec-18   V535

Wycoff, Martha Hazel       Freeman, Harold E.              20-Jul-20   X584

Wycoff, Myrtle             Trammell, Uril                   8-Apr-22   Z697

Wycoff, Vida               Johnson, George Jr.             27-Oct-17   U140

Wydner, Fern               Kelley, Ed                      12-Jul-13   Q240

Wyer, Bess Allis           Thiele, Fred                     6-Nov-21   Z403

Wyer, Earnest C.           Barker, Luella Edna             20-Dec-19   X052

Wyers, W.H.                Ward, Ronie                     30-May-01   H601

Wygal, Charlie R.          Hartenbower, Ruth               21-Jan-20   X144

Wygal, Clarence H.         Mayfield, Bessie                26-Dec-07   L259

Wygal, George S.           Fellers, Docia M.            15 Jun 1898    G523

Wygal, M.M.                Dean, Edith                     24-Dec-19   X076

Wygal, Mabel Leota         Morris, Henry E.                17-Jun-09   M295

Wygal, R.T.                Davis, Susan                 05 Aug 1886    C476

Wygal, R.T.                De Ved, Evalyne                 15-Jan-00   H244

Wygal, Richard             Taylor, Alma                 03 Sep 1876    A221

Wygant, Mollie C.          Mason, Washington            14 Jan 1874    A100

Wykoff, H.B.               Anderson, Lucy               15 Oct 1879    A459

Wykoff, Lulu               Brown, H.A.                      7-Feb-00   H267

Wykoff, Nora Alice         Wood, Elmer C.                  15-Jun-02   I271

Wykoff, Perry W.           Strobel, Olive                   9-Jan-08   L276

Wykoff, Theodore B.        Pipkin, Mary L.              25 Sep 1879    A450

Wylie, Anna                Weiss, Otto                  09 Jun 1885    C264

Wylie, Bessie              Allen, H.B.                     20-Aug-13   Q283

Wylie, Claude E.           Robbins, Sylvia I.              30-Sep-18   V420

Wylie, E.C.                Townsend, Dorothy H.                        T131

Wylie, H.C.                Comer, R.M.                     22-Sep-17   U002

Wylie, J.A.                Courtney, Ines               21 Jul 1888    D347

Wylie, J.F.                Stoker, Maude                   15-Mar-20   X256

Wylie, J.W.                Patterson, Myrtle               28-Apr-09   M237

Wylie, J.W.                Snyder, Clara Belle             20-Mar-11   O059

Wylie, Kate(ty) E.         Beams, J.W.                  14 Jan 1897    G236

Wyman, A.C.                Kimberland, Winnie           02 Dec 1896    G200

Wymon, Jessie              Aldrich, Walter B.                          S335

Wymore, I.N.               Hutchins, S.L.                  23-Dec-12   P584

Wymore, Jessie E.          Gibson, Archie B.               21-Jun-20   X517

Wymore, Minnie             Garlisch, Herman                 7-Aug-09   M368

Wymore, Saul               McCollum, Lola                  21-Feb-02   I186

Wynkoop, H.A.              Hoyt, Sadie                     21-Sep-10   N347

Wynn, Fannie A.            McCool, Richard T.           23 Oct 1892    E640

Wynn, George E.            LaNone, Eda                     22-Dec-17   U380

Wynn, Helene G.            Beuttel, Herman W.              12-Feb-21   Y467

Wynn, Mary E.              Hart, Joseph A.              22 Apr 1892    E535

Wynn, S.M.                 Asher, R.B.                     10-Sep-02   I346

Xander, G.W.               Reed, Lulu N.                   16-Jul-13   Q243

Yabrof, Henry              Bloch, Bernice                  26-Apr-19   W099

Yager, Bessie M.           Walty, Clarence C.              20-Sep-08   L571

Yager, Charley C.          Leatherberry, Opal I.           16-Mar-12   P147

Yager, W.M.                Moore, Lydia                 28 Dec 1898    H008

Yaggy, John                Whittaker, Cleo                 10-Sep-19   W430

Yahger, Ida                Gibbens, Minor L.               25-Mar-08   L347

Yahn, Minnie               Peasley, Rollin O.           08 May 1891    E339

Yakle, Katie               Barber, Harry                               S101

Yale, Clare B.             Pyle, Lottie Belle           14 Feb 1897    G254

Yale, Norah                Williams, John B.            13 Dec 1871    A022

Yaley, William D.          McQuirk, Katharine V.           19-Dec-06   K487

Yancy, Edward Lillard      Ford, Roxie                     24-Nov-13   Q434

Yancy, Thomas H.           Fitzpatrick, Mary               14-Nov-01   I101

Yandell, James H.          Thompson, Lena L.               27-Jan-08   L288

Yandle, Ethel              Klopfstein, Ernest              16-Jun-18   V214

Yankey, Charles G.         Ashton, Edna S.                  8-Oct-12   P447

Yankey, William J.         Wratchford, P. Ellen         13 Sep 1886    C497

Yanko, Emma                Klaus, Andrew                30 Sep 1878    A363

Yaple, D.W.                Cummings, Ida                04 Jan 1888    D194

Yaple, Willmina            Baker, B.A.                  03 Apr 1887    C621

Yarbary, William           Pipkin, Louisa               28 Mar 1897    G274

Yarbeary, D.B.             Majors, Minnie               02 Jan 1899    H014

Yarbeary, Emma             Boyce, Walter                   22-Feb-00   H279

Yarbeary, Katie            Charley, Walter B.           25 Jul 1898    G544

Yarbeary, Mary M.          Northrop, H.W.               09 Dec 1886    C544

Yarberry, Frank            Anthony, Grace A.               27-Apr-03   I538

Yarberry, Oliver           Pipkin, Anna                 09 Nov 1896    G183

Yarberry, W.F.             Archer, Lillian                 22-Apr-22   Z725

Yarbrough, Allie           McDonald, C.F.                   8-Mar-20   X235

Yarbrough, Lydian          Deal, Claude Eugene              7-Jan-19   V559

Yarbrough, Mary            Duey, G.W.                      19-Mar-18   V044

Yarburry, Alice            Shipley, Cad Walter          03 Mar 1892    E500

Yarburry, Emma             Randolph, Will S.            .. ... ....    E501

Yard, O.W.                 Carroll, Idella B.           23 Aug 1888    D366

Yardley, Nettie            Cannon, T.L.                     1-Dec-11   P001

Yarger, Adelia             Perschbacher, Adam           09 Oct 1882    B310

Yarnall, Laura             Warren, Richard              30 Apr 1898    G497

Yarnell, Elsie             Frederick, W.P.                 24-Dec-20   Y366

Yarnell, Herbert           Nyberg, Eleada                   1-Jun-21   Z011

Yarnell, Mary D.           Lyon, Frank A.                              R477

Yates, Anna                Webster, Leon                   26-Mar-22   Z674

Yates, Bertha              Scott, Carl S.                  18-Apr-21   Y588

Yates, Clyde               Stuck, Rachel                   22-Jan-21   Y429

Yates, F.H.                Priestly, Carrie                31-Mar-03   I520

Yates, Hazel               Greene, Ralph T.                            R619

Yates, John S.             Watkins, Myrtle I.               4-May-08   L376

Yates, Louisa              Hoseney, Alla                   28-Jun-21   Z091

Yates, Mary                Richardson, Charles                         S253

Yates, Olive               Wickham, William J.                         R620

Yates, Stella A.           Grant, Edward M.                20-Oct-13   Q388

Yaw, May                   Lamb, Robert Timothy            10-Dec-12   P560

Yaw, May                   Lomax, George                    6-Jun-08   L424

Yazel, Bertha Orene        Minard, Ira William             31-Oct-06   K425

Yazel, Charles S.          Ivy, Hattie                  22 Mar 1893    F103

Yazel, Charles S.          Kearns, Fay                     10-Sep-13   Q313

Yazel, Clinton Seward      Osterhout, Erma                  1-Feb-12   P088

Yazel, Gertrude            Hibarger, Walter                 1-Jan-07   K505

Yazel, J.L.                Farmer, Ella Belle              18-Jul-01   I003

Yazel, Myrtle              Evans, Bert                      2-Jun-07   L001

Yazel, Owen S.             Ely, Imogene                 02 Nov 1881    B203

Yazel, Rosa M.             Charles, U. Grant            16 Mar 1890    E100

Yeager, Andrew J.          McMurray, Vinnie A. (Mrs.)   29 Sep 1889    D617

Yeager, Bessie M.          Walty, Clarence C.              20-Sep-08   L571

Yeager, Cora               Simmons, F.J.                   18-Dec-01   I124

Yeager, Cyrus              Dotzour,Clara Josephine          6-Sep-06   K370

Yeager, Dora               Callen, E.M.                    24-Jun-19   W239

Yeager, James P.           Thompson, Carrie M.          21 Nov 1894    F440

Yeager, Jerome B.          McKenny, Catharine           10 Apr 1882    B264

Yeager, John               Benson, Leola                               S463

Yeager, Lucy               Moore, Henry                    11-Nov-03   J077

Yeager, M.C.               Crotzer, W.F.                    4-Jul-17   T488

Yeager, Maggie             Moore, Alva R.                  20-Apr-10   N100

Yeager, Mary E.            Abele, Benjamin C.              28-Feb-09   M159

Yeager, Mary N.            Dennett, John R.             02 Mar 1891    E307

Yeagle, Loretta            Dodson, Forrest L.              20-Jul-05   J635

Yeagle, Marie              Carothers, A.G.                  4-Aug-04   J310

Yeaman, Alta May           Murphy, Claud R.                 1-Jul-21   Z099

Yeargain, Wincie           Cales, Frank H.                  1-Sep-21   Z250

Yearout, Joseph E.         Giles, Bertha                05 Oct 1894    F412

Yearout, Mabel E.          Dinkins, Eldon E.               14-Jan-14   Q503

Yearout, Maude M.          Henness, Harlen                  2-Mar-05   J511

Yearout, St. Leon          Bickley, Hazel                  21-Mar-10   N062

Yearwood, Maud H.          Conkle, Sherman I.               8-Jan-03   I460

Yelley, Lulu M.            Evans, Joseph A.                            I365

Yeo, Clyde M.              Hovey, Martha A.                29-Jun-11   O229

Yergler, Frederic D.       Corr, Margaret A.               15-Apr-08   L367

Yergler, John Franklin     Corr, Sarah Jane                 8-Sep-09   M395

Yergler, Josephine M.      Peffly, William B.              24-Feb-03   I491

Yergler, Lila P.           Reece, Virgil A.                 7-Sep-09   M410

Yergler, Sarah Dee Anna    McLaughlin, George Robert       15-Jan-08   L279

Yerkes, Josie              Oneal, John                     27-Feb-10   N033

Yersin, Blanche            Blackshere, E.E.                15-Sep-06   K376

Yersin, George E.          Hale, Jessie                     6-Jan-11   N545

Yersin, George E.          Harrington, Laura I.            15-May-01   H588

Yersin, Helene(llen)       Murphy, James G.                12-Sep-07   L118

Yerton, Wyth               White, Martha                    7-Feb-20   X181

Yetter, Clara Viola        Dawson, C.A.                                S495

Yetter, Eathel             Shuff, Robert H.                 9-Dec-20   Y326

Yetter, Ethel May          Naylor, Clyde Clark                         R509

Yetter, Harvey R.          Eike, Thelma                    12-Jul-18   V272

Yetter, Walter S.          Banisch, Nettie B.               4-Jul-00   H348

Yewell, Alvin D.           Williams, Grace                 16-Jun-09   M299

Yike, Franklin             Carpenter, Mary A.           01 Jan 1876    A187

Yindroe, Anna              Murphy, Joseph                  24-Apr-12   P205

Yoakum, Laura May          Huff, P.A.                      22-Jun-12   P298

Yoce, Hugh L.              Wadsworth, Dollie            03 Jul 1890    E167

Yoce, John W.              Wadsworth, Mary              24 Dec 1891    E457

Yochens, F.C.              Urban, Annie                    14-Dec-04   J439

Yockum, Madge              Kimberling, J.W.                17-May-04   J236

Yocum, Charley             Denney, Belle                   24-Dec-10   N525

Yocum, Edna                Tracy, William H.               27-Oct-02   I386

Yocum, Floyd               Ryals, Pearl                                T321

Yoder, Hester              Goldsmith, E.B.                 21-Aug-18   V335

Yoder, R.H.                Jones, Anna                      7-Jan-01   H502

Yoder, Silas B.            Warner, Mable A.                25-Feb-14   Q545

Yoder, Winifred G.         Morgan, Ote E.                  18-Mar-12   P150

Yohe, Maria C.             Shobber, Arthur E.           05 May 1884    C075

Yohe, Sadie A.             Suddeth, J.M.                23 May 1895    F544

Yokoyma, Frank Y.          Davis, Emma                     30-Jun-14   R048

Yonge, Ella                Luther, W.A.                    14-Aug-17   T575

York, A.J.                 Benton, Ida M.               27 May 1885    C258

York, Anetta               Brice, B.W.                  27 Nov 1888    D440

York, Belle                Horner, Charley F.           24 Apr 1884    C072

York, Bertie(ttie)         Ashworth, Thomas             19 May 1898    G500

York, E.R.                 Davis, Emma                  09 Jul 1888    D338

York, Edna                 Thompson, Dave                   4-Jun-18   V191

York, Eliza                McCollum, John J.            06 Sep 1880    B089

York, Elizabeth            Schulteiss, F.J.                25-Dec-12   P577

York, Emma C.              Hunter, Charles H.              25-Sep-07   L140

York, Eva                  Merriman, Charles F.         29 Nov 1899    H216

York, Harmon Bearl         Kuntz, Mary                     15-Jun-19   W218

York, James M.             Taylor, Teressa A.(Mrs)      02 Apr 1891    E318

York, James M.             Wallace, Sada                25 Dec 1892    F040

York, Julia                Horner, Harvey               16 Oct 1878    A366

York, Louis                Green, Eunice                   22-Jun-07   L032

York, M.D.                 Chapin, Mary E.                 20-Jan-15   R332

York, M.D.                 Querey, Minnie A.                           S040

York, Maggie Z.            Dye, E.M.                    24 Aug 1898    G557

York, Martha Idella        Siegfried, J.R.              24 Nov 1897    G409

York, Maxwell J.           Buchanan, Alice B.              15-Jan-20   X130

York, Minnie               Jones, G.W.C.                02 Jun 1877    A268

York, Myrtle               Fisher, Harry K.                 6-Jul-20   X383

York, Raymond A.           Seeley, Bernice                 18-Sep-11   O325

York, Rosie                Ramiz, J.M.R.                    6-Nov-10   N442

York, Walter B.            Davis, Effie Browing         20 Jul 1899    H125

Yost, Charles B.           Finnan, Hermia                              S599

Yost, Charles W.           Dunbar, L. Montez               24-Sep-03   J028

Yost, Daisy A.             Barnes, Alph H.                 17-Jun-14   R030

Yost, Gunda                Jantz, Daniel B.                            T317

Yost, Mary                 Mans, Jacob                  21 Jan 1885    C191

Youel, Alvin               Porter, Anna E.                 14-Feb-06   K197

Youle, Emma Esther         Talla, Joseph                               R499

Youmans, Charles S.        Buhrlage, Lottie M.             15-Jan-01   H506

Youmans, Emory V.          Pierce, Minnie Belle            30-Jul-05   K002

Youmans, Minnie R.         Ballard, Ira J.              01 Jan 1891    E277

Young, Agnes M.            Britton, W.T.                   22-Jan-12   P075

Young, Alfleda             McCoy, Charles P.                           S081

Young, Alice               Boyer, W.S. (E.)             08 Jan 1879    A390

Young, Alice M.            Gillespie, G.W.                 10-Feb-07   K522

Young, Alice M.            LeBreton, Edward             14 May 1889    D537

Young, Alpheus S.          Landus, Adell                   21-Nov-10   N458

Young, Amanda              Shoaffe, Luke                    8-Oct-07   L160

Young, Anna                Bartholomew, Joseph          19 Feb 1899    H044

Young, Anna Margaret       Woltz, B.O.                  01 Feb 1898    G454

Young, Archie              Bradshaw, Sophia                10-Sep-13   Q315

Young, Arthur G.           Bishop, Helen O.                23-Jan-15   R338

Young, Bertha              Allen, W.W.                  05 Sep 1897    G350

Young, Bessie              Eastin, William Earl            21-Jul-19   W307

Young, Bessie              Wilson, George H.            05 Dec 1889    E033

Young, Bidwell             Ritchie, Nina                03 Apr 1888    D259

Young, Blanche L.          Stelph, Charles W.              18-Mar-09   M185

Young, Blanche Mae         Bolin, W.T.                     19-Feb-21   Y482

Young, C.G.                Ross, Jean                      29-Nov-10   N477

Young, C.H.                Kramer, Ella C.                 26-Nov-03   J090

Young, C.S.                McMurry, Robbie                 11-Jul-13   Q237

Young, Carl M.             Blubaugh, Grace V.              17-Aug-21   Z208

Young, Carolina            Heithaus, Henry              21 Sep 1897    G347

Young, Carrie              Atfield, Job                 29 Mar 1877    A262

Young, Carrie              Miller, Eugene                  14-Jul-07   L050

Young, Carrie T.           Steel, George T.             21 Dec 1893    F273

Young, Cassie M.           Bowman, George W.            20 Jul 1887    D064

Young, Charles E.          Stillman, Irma                  18-Oct-11   O375

Young, Charles J.          Norton, Verda C.                            S243

Young, Clara Mae           Blume, G.A.                     31-Dec-21   Z520

Young, Clara Stone         Richardson, Thomas J.        28 Feb 1888    D235

Young, Cora                Thrush, Charles B.           03 Jul 1879    A433

Young, Cortland E.         Fanati, Ethel Sarah             20-Mar-11   O056

Young, Cyrus A.            Houser, Myrtle E.               13-Dec-11   P015

Young, Daisy               Richardson, Clyde               14-Apr-13   Q107

Young, Daisy               Skinner, P.W.                   21-Nov-00   H460

Young, Davis               Heller, Katie(ttie)              7-Apr-13   Q095

Young, Dorothy H.          Williams, Milton H.             10-Nov-19   W592

Young, Dottie May          Greenfield, Clarence             9-Sep-11   O317

Young, Ed                  Lee, Allie Ethlyn (Mrs)          1-Jun-12   P256

Young, Edgar               Spurgeon, Trella                14-May-11   O148

Young, Edna Frances        Folkers, Charles F.                         R562

Young, Effie               Stapleton, Irvin                11-Dec-19   X029

Young, Eldon               Jones, Vera                     27-Jun-18   V249

Young, Eliza               Cooley, John H.              28 May 1884    C087

Young, Eliza (Mrs.)        Swan, Nelson                    20-Oct-04   J383

Young, Ella (Mrs.)         Payne, J.T.                  22 Dec 1896    G218

Young, Elsie               Schon, H.J.                      8-Sep-12   P405

Young, Emma                Leies, John                  23 Nov 1880    B110

Young, Erma W.             Klein, Frank                    23-Feb-09   M150

Young, Ernest              Dickens, Daisy                  28-May-19   W164

Young, Ernest J.           Thurman, Ester Marshall          9-Mar-19   W016

Young, Ernestine Edna      Brant, Earl William              3-Jun-20   X453

Young, Essie M.            Potts, George                    4-Jan-06   K172

Young, Ethel               Bayer, Harry G.                 19-Sep-12   P421

Young, Ethel               Schulze, Herman F.              14-Oct-09   M477

Young, Ethel               Steven, Fred                     8-Sep-12   P401

Young, Ethel B.            Johnson, Edward C.              16-Dec-09   M558

Young, Eva                 Miller, E.F.                     2-Jun-17   T413

Young, Evadna              Claybaugh, Kelley W.             2-Sep-21   Z250

Young, Feddie              Butler, Estelle Beatrice        15-Sep-20   Y113

Young, Florence            Moore, Ray                      25-Mar-12   P160

Young, Florence Ada        Riggs, Thomas Brandon           23-Dec-09   M550

Young, Floyd A.            Rosebery, Fern H.               14-Apr-13   Q107

Young, Francis T.          Allen, Nina B.                  14-Dec-10   N495

Young, Frank               Rivers, Clara                    4-Aug-02   I312

Young, Frank C.            Firestone, Florence             27-Sep-21   Z312

Young, Frank H.            Turner, Mattie                   1-Jun-09   M275

Young, Frank L.            Davis, Hazel M.                  9-Mar-19   W014

Young, Franklin Leroy      Baldock, Bessie Mae             17-Aug-12   P368

Young, Fred                Benway, Mattie                  26-Oct-09   M500

Young, Fred C.             Payne, Lois M.                  22-Dec-09   M573

Young, Fred E.             Peoples, Ruby                    6-Jul-08   L474

Young, Frederick G.        Mackey, Ella A.                 20-Nov-01   I104

Young, G.H.                Whitesell, Cora              16 Feb 1896    G047

Young, George A.           Taylor, B.L.                 18 May 1899    H091

Young, George Ernest       Holcomb, Georgia Anna        17 Sep 1890    E198

Young, George H.           Welch, Anna(nie)             07 Dec 1891    E439

Young, George Harrison     Cragg, Maud                     19-Jul-11   O254

Young, Goldie              Lee, Isaac                      25-Jul-10   N257

Young, Grace L.            McKnight, Ora B.                17-Jul-07   L053

Young, Gracie(ia) E.       Goul, James M.               31 Mar 1893    F107

Young, H.W.                Griggs, F.                      15-Oct-20   Y195

Young, Harry C.            Ketchel, Nona                    1-Jun-04   J247

Young, Harry C.            Leach, Nettie                04 Dec 1894    F452

Young, Henry               Card, Fannie                    19-Nov-21   Z437

Young, Henry               Erb, Friedereke (Mrs.)       25 Jul 1893    F168

Young, Henry J.            Thomas, Flora M.                12-Feb-06   K196

Young, Ida J.              Neff, William H.             13 Mar 1889    D504

Young, Ida K.              Wolf, Martin F.              23 Feb 1899    H047

Young, Irene               Blasi, John                     14-Sep-20   Y076

Young, J.A.                Williams, Samantha           08 Sep 1882    B297

Young, J.F.                Derr, Marian E.              29 Aug 1887    D090

Young, J.F.                Sandy, Lottie                   15-Oct-17   U089

Young, J.H.                Stigall, Stella                 11-Feb-22   Z602

Young, J.R.                Jennings, Julia              08 Apr 1888    D264

Young, James               Hiser, Lizzie                25 Nov 1876    A237

Young, James               Mahone, Allie                18 Oct 1897    G384

Young, James E.            Huber, Martha L.                15-Jan-12   P066

Young, James M.            Hamlin, Mattie Isabelle         26-Feb-22   Z631

Young, Janettie J.         Greedy, Frank E.                13-Apr-08   L366

Young, Jesse William       Burnett, Dora Belle             24-Oct-17   U125

Young, John W.             Neal, Etta M.                   20-Feb-02   I186

Young, Joseph              Klein, Emma                  15 Sep 1891    E388

Young, Joseph              Kline, Emma                  15 Sep 1891    E388

Young, Joseph              Steffen, Mary McLena         18 Apr 1899    H066

Young, Josie M.            Thrush, John E.              25 Apr 1888    D281

Young, L.F.                Warren, C.H.                 10 Feb 1889    D491

Young, Laura Edna          Lyon, Frank T.                  19-Jun-10   N194

Young, Lawson M.           Griffin, Nellie                  5-Oct-07   L153

Young, Lena B.             Cox, Clarence                   14-Apr-22   Z702

Young, Lettie              Stricklin, J.W.                 12-Feb-19   V608

Young, Lonnie B.           Blankenship, Duanna              2-Jul-20   X554

Young, Loretta             Carswell, William C.         08 Sep 1896    G142

Young, Lorettie            Kendall, Clarence C.            23-May-08   L410

Young, Louise A.           Kidwell, Edson B.                8-Jan-07   K511

Young, Lucile              Dixon, Gilbert J.               23-Nov-13   Q433

Young, Lucy                Guthrie, Charles A.          24 Dec 1891    E454

Young, Lula A.             Hargett, J.S.                   22-Sep-18   V404

Young, Lula M.             Kilmer, Samuel L.            01 Dec 1891    E436

Young, M.H.                Russell, Sarah M.            18 Aug 1898    G555

Young, M.H.                Turner, G.E.                    22-May-11   O152

Young, M.J.                Stockert, George B.          26 Jul 1888    D349

Young, Mabel M.            Hay, Grover C.                  29-Dec-10   N533

Young, Maggie              Neely, W.C.                  .. Oct 1902    I377

Young, Mamie               Edwards, E.B.                               S023

Young, Marguerite A.       Lloyd, William B.               24-Nov-10   N464

Young, Marie               Williams, John                  11-Jun-19   W205

Young, Marion              Moore, Harry                     9-Mar-18   V028

Young, Martha              Snook, Joseph                   29-Sep-19   W481

Young, Mary                Cook, F.W.                       2-Jan-03   I452

Young, Mary                Mancourt, Frederick C.       11 Apr 1894    F338

Young, Mary                Schwartz, Frank              10 Apr 1894    F327

Young, Matilda(thilde)     Kraus, Joseph                10 Oct 1899    H163

Young, May Pruda           Winters, George Dewey           29-Jun-21   Z092

Young, Minnie              Clark, Samuel M.             01 Sep 1886    C493

Young, Minnie              Miller, George E.                           T316

Young, Minnie E.           Hinshaw, Earl C.                 4-Mar-03   I499

Young, Mollie R.           Drake, T.E.                  17 Oct 1886    C516

Young, Myrtle B.           Howard, William                  5-Sep-21   Z258

Young, Netta               Muzzy, J.C.                     26-Sep-00   H408

Young, Newton              Stove, Jennie                04 Oct 1877    A287

Young, Nick                Ternes, Katie                   30-Oct-17   U115

Young, Nina E.             Findley, James H.               26-Jul-21   Z157

Young, Nora                May, Claude                                 R538

Young, Norma Bertha        Ziesenis, Henry                 12-Jun-13   Q189

Young, O.G.                Thompson, Clara                  5-Aug-20   Y001

Young, Olin S.             Bowes, Louise Virginia          15-Apr-14   Q592

Young, Owen                Frem, Lois                                  T260

Young, Pauline             Daves, Isaac                    28-Oct-08   L622

Young, Pauline R.          Hayen, Edwin A.                 24-Aug-20   Y051

Young, Pearl E.            Coffey, J.R.                    10-Dec-03   J105

Young, R. Herndon          Murray, Marian                  20-Dec-13   Q463

Young, Ralph W.            Hardaway, Anna                  12-Dec-18   V513

Young, Richard L.          Green, Orpha B.                 27-Mar-07   K583

Young, Robert Clemet       Rogers, Anna Ermin              27-Feb-07   K559

Young, Robert E.           Martin, Linnie                   2-Sep-13   Q300

Young, Robert L.           Allen, Theresa                  28-Apr-19   W103

Young, Ruth                Milton, Grant                   25-Mar-19   W036

Young, Sam J.              Rieman, Ida                      6-May-12   P227

Young, Samuel Lee          Woodworth, Mattie May           28-Oct-03   J061

Young, Seymour L.          Wolf, Gladys                                S590

Young, Stella              Anderson, Ola F.                31-Dec-05   K164

Young, Theodore B.         Busby, Maggie E.             22 Nov 1879    B016

Young, Theodore Jr.        Robinson, Carrie                23-Apr-07   K614

Young, V. Herbert          Reeder, Mae                      9-Jul-00   H347

Young, Verner              Boll, Gladys Estelle             5-Oct-21   Z326

Young, W. Louise           Dunbar, Frank L.                 2-Jun-10   N170

Young, W.A.                Harr, Wilhelmina                 9-Jun-03   I576

Young, W.D.                Kabler, Essie M.             01 Oct 1898    G579

Young, W.D.                Shepard, Carrie                 14-Mar-03   I508

Young, W.H.                Harrington, Lona                15-Dec-10   N499

Young, W.L.                Schneller, Rosa                 18-Feb-15   R365

Young, W.M.                Tarr, Roxie                     22-Mar-22   Z668

Young, Walter              Longwell, Ina                12 Nov 1894    F434

Young, Walter Albert       Wilson, Mary E.                             S505

Young, Walter M.           Watson, Sylvia T.               21-Nov-10   N459

Young, Wesley              Wilks, Mary                     30-Mar-12   P168

Young, Wilbern             Cronk, May                      26-Aug-01   I028

Young, Wiley Lee           Lindenberger, Anna M.            1-Jun-10   N150

Young, Willard Glenn       Crawford, Mabel                 23-Apr-19   W092

Young, William             Howard, Susie Roe               11-Oct-21   Z341

Young, William             Teter, May                   30 Apr 1884    C076

Young, William A.          Brew, Sadie                  18 Jun 1887    D034

Young, William A.          Smith, Mary F.                  28-Apr-14   Q608

Young, William F.          Brown, Mamie                    12-May-10   N140

Young, William F.          Cox, Florence M.                24-Feb-04   J172

Young, William H.          Day, Dora A.                 23 Dec 1888    D458

Young, Zelvin Ray          Shaner, Bertha Esta             22-Feb-07   K556

Young, Zora Bessie         Scudder, Royal                  30-Dec-05   K166

Youngberg, Harry E.        Fisher, Alice                   17-Dec-11   P020

Youngblood, Clyde H.       Ford, Gracie May                            S515

Youngblood, Maude Aline    Baxter, Turley                              S440

Youngblood, Will           Thompson, Effie                 11-Jun-20   X479

Younger, Arah              McCalla, William             17 Jan 1891    E289

Younger, Arah              McCants, C.C.                25 Jul 1898    G544

Younger, C.L.              Younger, Grace Elmore           24-Mar-19   W037

Younger, Daniel F.         Haney, Gertie                   14-Jun-19   W212

Younger, Emma              Lutes, W.P.                  20 Nov 1887    D161

Younger, Grace Elmore      Younger, C.L.                   24-Mar-19   W037

Younger, W.T.              Berger, Alice                22 Aug 1897    G343

Younger, William           Gilligan, Lettie                25-Nov-03   J089

Youngman, C.M.             Menefee, S.M.                   10-Sep-13   Q312

Youngman, M.I.             Coleman, W.M.                01 Jan 1888    D192

Youngmeyer, Annie          Schnitzler, Charles          09 Dec 1880    B118

Youngmeyer, Earl           Porter, Helen                   14-May-21   Y637

Youngs, Nellie C.          McCall, Reed                    28-Nov-20   Y303

Younkin, G.D.              Dillon, Anna J.                  1-Jun-11   O167

Younkin, John              Tarrant, Minnie                  8-Dec-12   P556

Younkin, John W.           Miller, Selina M.               13-Apr-05   J542

Yount, C.F.                Hicks, Sarah                 01 Jan 1896    G026

Yount, Lewis T.            Hassig, Lillie M.            22 Oct 1891    E408

Younts, Marie              Harnden, C.F.                   17-Jun-20   X506

Youse, William H.          Corey, Flora D.                 14-Sep-10   N325

Youtsey, Ancel             Swoffor, Anna                   31-Mar-18   V063

Yowell, B.J.               Tunnell, Nellie                 25-Jul-00   H365

Yowell, Hunter             McKown, Fern                    20-Sep-14   R154

Yowell, Ray M.             McAtee, Mabel Blanche           19-Jan-18   U492

Yuchter, Annie M.          Miltner, Henry F.            27 Oct 1889    E004

Yungmeyer, C.W.            Fouts, Hildreth                  6-Jan-20   X112

Yungmeyer, Dora            Lohrding, Henry W.           17 Jul 1888    D343

Yungmeyer, Esther B.       Neal, Howard Dudley                         S035

Yungmeyer, Frances         Long, N.R.                      11-Jun-18   V203

Yungmeyer, H.M.            Reeve, Edna E.                   1-Jul-21   Z097

Yungmeyer, Henrietta ElizabZuercher, Sam Milton             5-Dec-17   U312

Yungmeyer, John Maurice    Booth, Hallie                    7-Oct-14   R177

Yungmeyer, Joseph A.       Blakely, Nellie S.           04 Sep 1888    D379

Yungmeyer, Lydia A.        Bowdish, Ambrose Hoy            12-May-09   M251

Yungmeyer, Olivia Carrie   Schumacher, C.W.                29-Apr-03   I541

Yungmyer, Anna             Wulfmeyer, J.H.                 25-Dec-00   H488

Yunker, Anna L.            VanBoskirk, J.J.                 4-Feb-13   Q020

Zacker, John C.            Halderman, Rebecca           12 Nov 1881    B205

Zafiropoulos, Peter        Papagis, Basy                    9-Sep-12   P406

Zahniser, Ada R.           Hoyt, Hiram W.                  24-Nov-10   N473

Zahnley, Harry C.          Hively, Phoebe Alice            25-Jun-13   Q218

Zahradnik, Edward R.       Miller, Atta G.                 16-Oct-17   U087

Zalondek, Louise           Entriken, Orien K.              18-Feb-06   K199

Zamarano, Abundio J.       Hermadez, Ysidra                21-Aug-18   V335

Zamares, Lucia             Sedio, Cesario                  27-Nov-20   Y302

Zamarripa, Frank           Narvaez, Esperanza              17-Mar-19   W027

Zamora, James              Ruiz, Barbara                   10-Mar-21   Y516

Zana, Marion               Childress, Paul                 20-Jan-20   X143

Zander, H.T.C.             Doerksen, Hellna             06 Dec 1897    G416

Zaring, Daisy B.           Hadley, Lawrence N.             17-Jun-13   Q201

Zaring, Harvey O.          Francis, Lydia M.               28-Jun-03   I592

Zaring, Nancy A.           Burson, Jesse A.             11 Aug 1892    E593

Zaring, Nancy A.           Buson, Jesse A.              11 Aug 1892    E593

Zaring, Ottie              Edgington, Charles           25 Dec 1891    E455

Zaring, Simion             Blin, Helen                  23 Feb 1887    C595

Zaring, Winnie Z.          Miller, Frank J.             01 Jan 1896    G023

Zaro, C.C.                 Gleason, Opal                   19-Apr-10   N099

Zaro, Charles Clinton      Brinkman, Edna                  23-Oct-04   J389

Zaro, Edna                 Armke, George E.                23-Mar-09   M187

Zaun, C.E.                 Wentz, Florence                 21-Sep-21   Z296

Zavodnik, Anna             Spicer, Samuel                  18-Apr-01   H561

Zebert, August             Holdridge, M.A.                             R584

Zech, Harry Quinton        Cole, Mabel Claire               7-Mar-18   V026

Zehr, Samuel R.            Thomas, Mary                    14-Feb-09   M139

Zehring, Clarence          Hicks, Ruby                      9-Jun-17   T434

Zeider, John               Vanderstay, Lina                12-Jul-11   O244

Zeigler, J.M.              Sherwood, Maggie                 4-Oct-01   I067

Zeininger, Albert A.       Wuensch, Lydia               24 Dec 1882    B331

Zeininger, Anna R.         Dyer, Frank R.               30 Jun 1897    G320

Zeininger, Esther          Korsmeier, F.A.                 25-Oct-19   W550

Zeininger, Pearl M.        Bailey, John R.                 31-Oct-06   K429

Zeitler, Henry             Hatter, Barbara              27 Apr 1893    F123

Zelleken, E.T.             Barrow, Helen                   14-Nov-18   V483

Zelleken, Frank J.         Hamilton, Lillie M.             15-Aug-11   O283

Zeller, Eve                Dildine, Arthur R.              16-Sep-08   L495

Zeller, Mae                Miller, Fred                     7-Oct-20   Y172

Zeller, Ruth               Davis, L.C.                      8-May-11   O139

Zellor, Lillie             McCormick, F.H.              26 Dec 1886    C562

Zeltner, Beatus J.         Mullen, Catherine               16-Jul-10   N230

Zenner, Edward             Jerrick, Anna                09 Nov 1886    C520

Zenner, Frank              Fettke, Selma                01 Jul 1895    F561

Zenner, Frank              Thome, Kate                     13-Apr-20   X307

Zenner, George             Hoheisel, Anna                              T035

Zenner, John               Buth, Elizabeth              27 Sep 1894    F406

Zenner, Michael J.         Wheeler, Iva Louise                         S628

Zenner, Rosa               Roberts, Frank               20 Nov 1893    F255

Zenor, Myra                Wasciewitz, Frank Max Ludw   19 May 1890    E143

Zensen, Adam               Keiter, Elisabeth            23 Nov 1892    F012

Zensen, Eva                Diefenbach, Joseph           19 Feb 1886    C374

Zentner, Velma             Hallock, Russell                 6-Dec-19   X022

Zenzen, Adam               Steffens, Louisa             01 Oct 1895    F593

Zenzen, Anna               Ternes, Joseph               08 May 1888    D291

Zerbe, A.E.                Fuller, Maggie H.            22 Mar 1893    F101

Zerbe, Daniel M.           Thompson, Harriet E.            20-Feb-08   L314

Zerbe, Jessie              Cox, Jabin Jr.                              T154

Zerener, John H.           Lewis, Lillie                   21-Aug-17   T581

Zerener, Katie             Semsroth, Herman                 4-May-05   J551

Zerner, John               Lentz, Augusta               15 Nov 1891    E421

Zerner, Marie              Lansdown, Erman                  4-Aug-20   X631

Zernia, Mary               Gader, John N.               17 Jul 1882    B285

Zevener, John              Harper, Barbara              14 Apr 1884    C068

Ziebell, Minnie            Larson, Olaf                    18-Jun-12   P287

Zieber, John               Welden, L.A.                    20-Oct-20   Y211

Ziegler, Marvin            Jones, Gladys                   24-Sep-19   W470

Ziener, Henry              Komma, Emma                      3-Jun-13   Q167

Zies, Ray M.               Chandler, Clara                             S148

Ziesenis, Henry            Young, Norma Bertha             12-Jun-13   Q189

Zigler, James D.           Grubb, May                   05 Apr 1890    E114

Zigler, James D.           Martin, Anna F.                             S180

Zigler, Jesse I.           Dills, Mabelle                  11-Dec-07   L230

Ziminger, Tilla            Bergman, George W.           11 Oct 1881    B200

Zimmerly, Nellie A.        Bryon, John C.               -- Jul 1893    F173

Zimmerly, Nettie           Jerome, Lee                  04 Apr 1888    D282

Zimmerman, A.A.            Davis, Lucile                               S609

Zimmerman, A.A.            Hogan, Kathryn A.               18-May-14   Q631

Zimmerman, Alva C.         Buford, Verna                   13-Oct-12   P454

Zimmerman, Alva C.         Burford, Verna                  13-Oct-12   P454

Zimmerman, Anna            Alexander, A.C.              16 Jan 1888    D200

Zimmerman, Bertha May      Aspy, Edward Zartman            12-Jun-07   L009

Zimmerman, C.S.            Fry, Deborah A.              22 Mar 1877    A259

Zimmerman, Carl            Clary, Belle Miranda            12-Nov-21   Z422

Zimmerman, Christine       DuTeil, C.D.                    10-May-19   W130

Zimmerman, Clara           Butterfield, A.B.            28 Apr 1897    G289

Zimmerman, Dora            Shaw, Clarence O.               10-Nov-20   Y260

Zimmerman, Dot             Lovett, B.L.                    26-Sep-21   Z308

Zimmerman, Elnora          Nighswonger, Harry M.                       S255

Zimmerman, Gertrude        Wise, Aurie                                 S525

Zimmerman, Harry           Dunn, Beryl                                 R574

Zimmerman, J.L.            Beal, Tymandra                  19-Aug-12   P376

Zimmerman, Karlene         Thomas, F.M.                    19-Aug-14   R101

Zimmerman, Laura E.        Brown, Emmett H.                 4-Nov-19   W562

Zimmerman, Lena A.         Veail, Harry A.                  1-Nov-05   K098

Zimmerman, Levi E.         Russell, Hazel E.               15-Oct-19   W524

Zimmerman, Louise          Combs, Saul                      5-Dec-06   K471

Zimmerman, M.              Wicham, Anna                     3-Mar-09   M165

Zimmerman, Mable           Gard, Frank                      7-Jan-22   Z541

Zimmerman, Martin C.       Winslow, Nellie M.              11-Dec-05   K134

Zimmerman, Mocaline M.     Mallory, George C.              20-Sep-18   V403

Zimmerman, Myrtle          Kinkead, Henry N.            07 Mar 1892    E509

Zimmerman, Nellie          Barnes, Guy                      5-Jun-18   V193

Zimmerman, Nettie          Dey, William                    16-Sep-08   L568

Zimmerman, Pearl           Fry, Delos                                  S250

Zimmerman, Sue Margaret    Seward, George Carl             30-Oct-11   O390

Zimmerman, Susan           Smith, A.C.                      2-Jul-21   Z107

Zimmerman, Theresa         Getto, Peter                 27 Nov 1872    A052

Zimmerman, Viva Ethyl      Kidder, Earl D.                 14-Sep-19   W438

Zimmermann,Charles J.W.    Sanders, Celia Etta             30-Jan-06   K189

Zimmers, Jacob             Adams, Maud                  21 Dec 1893    F274

Zin, Ira P.                Perkey, Lula M.              31 Oct 1895    F617

Zin, Mary A.               Overman, John W.             07 Mar 1894    F323

Zinet, Herman              Moshkowitz, Cily                            S447

Zink, George W.            Nelson, Flora L.                19-Sep-10   N339

Zink, Mary                 Griswold, Leonard F.         10 Nov 1876    A232

Zinn, Emma                 Breeding, Archie L.                         S015

Zinn, George W.            Gilbert, Lillie M.           17 Nov 1887    D160

Zinn, Harvey               Packer, Armintha             23 Sep 1888    D391

Zinn, Raymond              Hamm, Stella                    18-Sep-19   W449

Zipf, Amelia A.            Tucker, Marshall A.              8-Mar-05   J516

Zirkel, Amelia             Nixon, D.D.                                 S274

Zirkle, Lottie             Sterling, L. Hubert             11-Jun-10   N181

Zissel, Anna L.            Smith, John E.                  26-Mar-05   J526

Ziveig, D.D.               Rogers, Ella F.              27 Dec 1886    C563

Zochart, Silvia R.         Sullivan, Bertie                17-Aug-20   Y039

Zody, Arabella M.          Tombs, William               17 Apr 1881    B152

Zody, Bert                 Jarvey, Christine                           T189

Zody, Florence             Gordon, George               09 Jan 1887    C572

Zody, James McKinley       Hephner, Mattie M.           26 Apr 1887    C633

Zody, Jeremiah             Rose, S.J.                   26 Nov 1879    B007

Zody, Marie                Burke, W.H.                     10-May-21   Y630

Zogelmann, George J.       Fosten, Mary A.                 25-Nov-13   Q431

Zoglemann, Albert          Clasen, Lillie                  23-Apr-07   K594

Zoglman, Anna              Landwehr, Ben                   12-May-14   Q599

Zoglmann, Christian        Lies, Annie                     16-Apr-12   P176

Zoglmann, Henry            Geris, Helena                   19-May-08   L395

Zoglmann, John B.          Kletchka, Kate                              T312

Zoglmann, Joseph           Schild, Anna                    26-May-03   I552

Zoglmann, L.H.             Strunk, Josephine               28-Jul-17   T534

Zoken, Edna                Bays, C.H.                      23-Oct-08   L616

Zongker, H. Earl           Joseph, Violet M.                4-Aug-11   O270

Zongker, H.E.              Snyder, Ethel L.                            T093

Zook, S.L.                 Gentry, Loretta                 14-Dec-19   X036

Zornes, William F.(J.)     Brace, Julia                    22-Jun-11   O214

Zorns, Lilly A.            Martin, Lee A.                   5-May-13   Q134

Zoth, Hazel                Hall, G.W.                      27-Dec-21   Z512

Zuber, Victor              Skidmore, Flora L.              20-Apr-04   J217

Zueber, Henry              Kasten, Bell M.              30 Jul 1874    A127

Zuellig, Charles           Hodgson, Sophia                 22-Sep-19   W461

Zuercher, Emma Lydia       Miltner, Charles E.             24-Mar-15   R397

Zuercher, Minnie           Langenegger, Ernest S.                      T056

Zuercher, Sam Milton       Yungmeyer, Henrietta Eliza       5-Dec-17   U312

Zug, Dollie R.             Wright, George H.                1-Jun-10   N162

Zugler, James D.           Grubb, May                   05 Apr 1890    E114

Zumalt, May                Greenstreet, W.A.                           S379

Zumwalt, Frank M.          Biewend, L.                     26-Dec-19   X082

Zurline, Joseph            Seidl, Anna                     27-Aug-06   K357

Zuschnitt, Nellie L.       Rock, George W.                  7-Aug-07   L080

Zutz, J.O.                 Mills, Louise                   28-Feb-03   I495

Zuyle, James F.            Bidwell, Ada B.                 22-Aug-03   I639

Zwahlen, Samuel Edward     Arnold, Florence                 2-May-07   K618

Zweig, Fred F.             McPherson, Lula              15 Jun 1890    E155

Zwicke, Anna               Linnebur, Joseph                14-Apr-20   X284

Zwiebel, Fred J.           Zwiebel, Ruth B.                20-Feb-18   U581

Zwiebel, Laura Mae         Graham, Harold A.               22-Aug-18   V337

Zwiebel, Ruth B.           Zwiebel, Fred J.                20-Feb-18   U581

Zwisler, Frances           O'Connor, Michael               12-Feb-18   U551


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