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Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society has a scrapbook in their library that contains obituaries, marriages, anniversaries and family notes cut from the Tri-County Scribe, Plymouth, Hancock Co., IL . Here you will find alphabetical listings of the names appearing in that scrapbook. There are a few births included but those names are not included in this index. We would be happy to search the birth index for you upon request. If you need information about a name you find in the list send a SASE along with $5.00 (US Dollars only) for each name and we will abstract the information for you. Mail the name of the person you wish the information on, the year, the date (if given) and the page number it appears on (if given) to: MHGS, P. O. Box 1121, Wichita, KS 67201-1121. Please include your e-mail address if you have one.


Index of Tri-County Scribe Clippings

The Tri-Couty Scribe, Plymouth, Hancock County, Illinois

EVENT       SURNAME        GIVEN NAME                               DATE      PAGE

Anniversary Akers          Mr. & Mrs. Adron (37th)                 14-Feb-74   99

Anniversary Alexander      Mr. & Mrs. Sterling (25th)              24-May-73   18

Anniversary Anderson       Mr. & Mrs. Gailord (42nd)               29-Nov-73   68

Anniversary Beadles        Mr. & Mrs. Orval (50th)                 15-Jan-53   93

Anniversary Beck           Mr. & Mrs. Roy (52nd)                   21-Jun-73   31

Anniversary Bisy           Mr. & Mrs. William (55th)               10-Apr-52   20

Anniversary Braun          Mr. & Mrs. Ed (64th)                    28-Feb-74  101

Anniversary Crook          Mr. & Mrs. James (59th)                 14-Feb-74   99

Anniversary Daniels        Mr. & Mrs. Donald E. (25th)             18-Oct-73   59

Anniversary DeLess         Mr. & Mrs. Wililam (50th)               14-Jun-73   30

Anniversary Donkle         Mr. & Mrs. Harold L. (49th)             12-Jul-73   26

Anniversary Dorethy        Mr. & Mrs. Everrett "Doug" (25th)       23-Aug-73   45

Anniversary Dorsett        Mr. & Mrs. Walter H. (50th)             26-Jul-73   40

Anniversary Downing        Mr. & Mrs. C. M. (Jack) (25th)          29-Nov-51    5

Anniversary Ewing          Mr. & Mrs. Newell (60th)                04-May-33   15

Anniversary Glass          Mr. & Mrs. Roy (60th)                   14-Feb-74  100

Anniversary Grove          Mr. & Mrs. Alva (50th)                  05-Mar-53  113

Anniversary Haines         Mr. & Mrs. Luther (50th)                25-May-67    3

Anniversary Hatch          Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert E. (40th)            28-Mar-74  112

Anniversary Herren         Mr. & Mrs. Harm (50th)                  21-Mar-74  108

Anniversary Hurst          Mr. & Mrs. Grover (60th)                02-Aug-73   42

Anniversary Hurst          Mr. & Mrs. Grover (60th)                16-Aug-73   44

Anniversary Ideus          Mr. & Mrs. Albert (50th)                08-Feb-73    9

Anniversary Johnson        Mr. & Mrs. Ralph (50th)                 12-Feb-53  108

Anniversary Johnson        Mr. & Mrs. Ralph (50th)                 19-Feb-53  112

Anniversary Kniss          Mr. & Mrs. Alvin P. (50th)              05-Mar-53  113

Anniversary Loy            Rev. & Mrs. Ivan R. (47th)              19-Jul-73   39

Anniversary Mark           Mr. & Mrs. Rollin R. (50th)             26-Aug-54   58

Anniversary McIlmoil       Mr. & Mrs. Chester (53rd)               20-Jan-66    1

Anniversary Moon           Mr. & Mrs. R. H. (50th)                 06-Dec-73   72

Anniversary Newell         Mr. & Mrs. Charley (60th)               22-Jan-53  103

Anniversary Osborn         Mr. & Mrs. A. F. (54th)                 25-Oct-34  116

Anniversary Phillips       Mr. & Mrs. Homer (57th)                 20-Jan-66    1

Anniversary Pickard        Mr. & Mrs. C. B. (50th)                 22-Jan-53  103

Anniversary Robison        Mr. & Mrs. Robert (50th)                22-Mar-34  109

Anniversary Royer          Mr. & Mrs. William (24th)               30-Oct-52   76

Anniversary Sanford        Mr. & Mrs. G. Mason (50th)              15-Jan-53   94

Anniversary Simpson        Mr. & Mrs. Jasper T. (50th)             06-Jan-55   84

Anniversary Standley       Mr. & Mrs. Everett (25th)               11-Oct-73   56

Anniversary Standley       Mr. & Mrs. Irwin (50th)                 31-May-73   23

Anniversary Standley       Mr. & Mrs. Irwin L. (50th)              08-Feb-73    9

Anniversary Standley       Mr. & Mrs. Irwin W. (50th)              17-May-73   20

Anniversary Thompson       Mr. & Mrs. E. P. (48th)                 30-Nov-33   69

Anniversary Veff           Mr. & Mrs. George (50th)                21-Jun-73   31

Anniversary Wier           Mr. & Mrs. Travis (50th)                30-Oct-52   76

Anniversary Wilson         Mr. & Mrs. John (50th)                  01-Jan-53   98

Anniversary Wood           Mr. & Mrs. Charles (65th)               01-Feb-73    6

Anniversary Wood           Mr. & Mrs. Charles (47th)               01-Feb-33   96

Death       Akers          Mrs. Kemper                             03-Apr-52   17

Death       Aleshire       Olin J.                                 07-Jun-73   27

Death       Aleshire       Olin J.                                 14-Jun-73   29

Death       Aleshire       Olin J.                                 19-Jul-73   38

Death       Alexander      Mrs. Alice                              12-Jul-73   35

Death       Alexander      Mrs. Alice                              19-Jul-73   37

Death       Alters         Mrs. Josephine                          12-Feb-53  108

Death       Anderson       Mrs. Anna                               07-Sep-33   60

Death       Anderson       Mrs. Inez                               14-Feb-74   99

Death       Andre          Mrs. V.                                 23-Aug-73   45

Death       Andre          Mrs. Vala Dell                          23-Aug-73   46

Death       Aten           Mrs. Bertha F.                          08-Feb-73    8

Death       Bain           William (Bill)                          25-May-67    3

Death       Baker          Mrs. Stella V.                          29-Nov-73   68

Death       Ballard        Herbert T.                              19-Apr-73   14

Death       Barbard        Mrs. Alta louise                        21-Feb-74   91

Death       Bartell        A. T. "Obb"                             31-Aug-33   47

Death       Beckerdite     Lowell Keith                            23-Nov-33   69

Death       Bennett        Mrs. Jesse R.                           06-Jan-55   84

Death       Berry          James Edward                            01-Feb-34   95

Death       Bethards       Theodore                                20-Jan-66    1

Death       Bidwell        Mrs. Hulda                              29-Nov-51    5

Death       Bilderback     Jon William                             19-Jul-73   38

Death       Bishop         Glenn                                   19-Feb-53  112

Death       Blankenship    Mrs. Loretta Pearl                      29-Nov-73   68

Death       Blodgett       Harold                                  09-Nov-33   66

Death       Blodgett       Homer S.                                02-Oct-52   67

Death       Bodenhamer     Charles                                 25-Dec-52   95

Death       Bolton         Mrs. Amy Harris                         10-May-73   16

Death       Boman          Miss Margaret                           21-Sep-33   51

Death       Boston         Frederick O.                            17-May-73   19

Death       Bothwell       Charles Earle                           19-Jul-73   37

Death       Briggs         Mrs. Delores                            07-Feb-74   96

Death       Brooking       Mrs. Melvin                             23-Oct-52   73

Death       Brooks         Mrs. Minnie Belle                       04-Oct-73   60

Death       Brown          Mrs. Laurel                             01-Feb-73    6

Death       Brown          Sidney Merle                            01-May-52   28

Death       Brumback       Daniel M.                               08-Feb-34   98

Death       Brun           Mrs. G. J.                              02-Aug-73   42

Death       Bruner         Clarence C.                             03-Jan-74   82

Death       Bruner         Clarence C.                             10-Jan-74   85

Death       Bunnell        Mrs. Myrtle E.                          24-May-73   21

Death       Burmond        George W.                               14-Sep-33   55

Death       Cain           Ralph V.                                17-May-73   18

Death       Calvin         Miss Edith                              23-Sep-54   64

Death       Campbell       Mrs. Harvey                             31-Aug-33   58

Death       Carson         Mrs. Goldie Dell                        24-May-73   21

Death       Cassidy        Mrs. Lois                               07-Feb-74   98

Death       Castleberry    Jack Eldon                              10-May-73   17

Death       Castlebury     Ed                                      21-Dec-33   79

Death       Cecil          Andrew W.                               16-Nov-33   67

Death       Cecil          Mrs. Roy                                27-Nov-52   87

Death       Clark          Delores                                 08-Feb-34   98

Death       Clark          Donald                                  07-Jun-73   27

Death       Clark          Mrs. Bertha                             31-May-73   24

Death       Clark          Mrs. Pearl M.                           28-Mar-74  111

Death       Clark          Richard Wagner                          17-Jan-74   88

Death       Clary          William                                 19-Feb-53  112

Death       Cludray        Loyd                                    26-Oct-33   52

Death       Collins        Mrs. George (Capandra)                  13-Apr-33   12

Death       Cookson        Mrs. Kay May                            07-Mar-74  105

Death       Copelan        Orval S.                                13-Sep-73   50

Death       Covert         Elbrt F.                                13-Dec-73   73

Death       Cox            Aldo "Kink"                             05-Oct-33   53

Death       Cox            Mrs. Zina                               22-Jan-53  103

Death       Creasey        Vilasco C.                              13-Dec-73   74

Death       Daggett        Mrs. Nannie F.                          14-Jun-73   30

Death       Daly           Charles                                 23-Nov-33   69

Death       Davis          Fred                                    23-Nov-33   69

Death       Dobey          Luther                                  06-Dec-73   71

Death       Doneghue       Merritt                                 29-Mar-73   11

Death       Dooley         Mrs. W. H.                              15-Mar-34  107

Death       Dorsett        Ellis Benson                            07-Sep-33   60

Death       Downing        Clyde                                   07-Jun-73   27

Death       Ellis          Jesse Lee                               20-Jan-66    1

Death       Ellis          Mrs. Elmo                               05-Mar-53  113

Death       Elser          Hattie                                  26-Aug-54   58

Death       Evans          Fred A.                                 27-Dec-73   81

Death       Farrell        Rev. Harold F.                          24-Mar-55  107

Death       Fey            Charles W.                              21-Jun-73   31

Death       Fleming        Mrs. Vera M.                            24-Jan-74   93

Death       Fleming        Robert T. (Bert)                        08-Nov-73   65

Death       Fleming        Willa May                               03-Jan-74   82

Death       Flesner        John                                    05-Feb-53  107

Death       Fowler         Bradford Lee                            22-Oct-53  117

Death       Fowler         Mrs. Mary Edith                         17-Jan-74   89

Death       Frakes         Mrs. Ida M.                             27-Dec-73   80

Death       Frank          Harold J.                               21-Feb-74   91

Death       Friday         Ella F.                                 13-Sep-73   50

Death       Fugate         Jesse C.                                06-Nov-52   79

Death       Garnett        Gladys J.                               01-Jan-53   98

Death       Garnett        James Baker                             08-Nov-73   66

Death       Garwood        Henry W.                                02-Aug-73   42

Death       Gibbs          Mrs. Henry (Mrs. Mary Jones)            15-Mar-34  108

Death       Gibson         Harold Dean                             10-Mar-55  104

Death       Giebel         Jack                                    10-May-73   17

Death       Gillman        Mrs. Katherine Jane                     17-Aug-33   43

Death       Grace          Floyd E.                                20-Sep-73   51

Death       Grafton        Mrs. Gertrude L.                        24-May-73   18

Death       Grandt         Leland "Jim"                            08-Feb-73    8

Death       Gray           LaRoy                                   21-Jun-73   32

Death       Griffin        Mrs. Mary E.                            22-Jan-53  103

Death       Grimes         Mrs. Pearl                              03-Apr-52   17

Death       Haines         Mrs. Pauline                            03-May-73   15

Death       Hampton        Mrs. Stella B.                          28-Feb-74  102

Death       Hancox         Howard B.                               06-Dec-73   71

Death       Haney          Mrs. Emma                               07-Feb-74   97

Death       Harmon         Mrs. James                              01-May-52   28

Death       Harrison       Charles Leon                            31-May-73   23

Death       Hartman        Charles Alkire                          11-Apr-74  113

Death       Hayden         Mrs. Prudence (Daisy)                   17-Jan-74   89

Death       Hayes          Mrs. Harriet M.                         21-Feb-52   12

Death       Healey         Mrs. Amy                                06-Sep-73   48

Death       Hecox          Dr. C. R.                               14-Sep-33   55

Death       Hendrickson    Bert                                    17-May-73   19

Death       Hendrickson    Mrs. Elizabeth (Bess)                   12-Jul-73   36

Death       Hendrickson    Norris                                  12-Feb-53  108

Death       Heslep         Mrs. Emma L.                            17-Jan-74   88

Death       Heston         Miss Gertrude                           13-Mar-52   15

Death       Higgins        Ira Elva                                03-Apr-52   17

Death       Hines          Mrs. Grace                              21-Feb-74   91

Death       Hoelscher      Roy                                     11-Oct-73   56

Death       Hoing          Mrs. Anna Ferne                         14-Feb-74   99

Death       Horton         Mrs. Blanche Nelson                     09-Aug-73   43

Death       Hoskinson      Ottis                                   24-Mar-55  107

Death       Huddleston     Orville L.                              14-Dec-33   76

Death       Huff           Mrs. Addie J.                           27-Dec-73   80

Death       Hughes         Mrs. Emma                               25-May-67    4

Death       Hughes         Mrs. Kate                               17-Jan-74   90

Death       Hurst          Mrs. Ruby Cain                          03-Jan-74   83

Death       Huston         Emmett Wendell                          29-Mar-73   11

Death       Irwin          Dr. Wentworth Lee                       05-Jun-52   36

Death       Jackson        Luther                                  21-Aug-52   53

Death       James          Mrs. Minnie E.                          01-Mar-34  105

Death       Johnson        Albert J.                               17-Jan-74   90

Death       Johnson        Frank                                   28-Aug-52   58

Death       Johnson        Mrs. Bert                               11-Oct-73   56

Death       Johnson        Mrs. Elizabeth (Hendricks)              25-Sep-52   66

Death       Johnson        Mrs. Ethel                              18-Oct-73   59

Death       Johnson        Mrs. Henry                              13-Apr-33   12

Death       Jones          Mrs. Mary (Mrs .Henry Gibbs)            15-Mar-34  108

Death       Kee            Samuel                                  16-Aug-73   44

Death       Kee            Samuel T.                               23-Aug-73   46

Death       Kenneday       Mrs. Randolp                            24-Sep-53  115

Death       Ketchum        Jacon                                   31-Aug-33   58

Death       Knowles        James Franklin                          01-Nov-73   64

Death       Kramer         Edith E.                                25-Sep-73   54

Death       Krieg          Ernest David                            03-May-73   15

Death       Lancaster      Mrs. Buford (Lillie)                    01-Feb-73    6

Death       Lane           Mrs. Lena Bell                          25-May-33   20

Death       Lantz          Mrs. Mabel V.                           03-May-73   16

Death       Lawyer         George William                          13-Apr-33   12

Death       Lester         Kyle L.                                 01-Jan-53   98

Death       Lewis          Miss Mabel R.                           22-Apr-55  114

Death       Lipe           Franklin Orin                           23-Dec-54   78

Death       Lipe           Orin                                    07-Dec-33   73

Death       Loring         Abraham (Abe)                           06-Apr-33   11

Death       Lowe           Earnest Larry, Jr.                      12-Apr-73   13

Death       Loy            Mrs. Sarah                              15-Feb-34  101

Death       Mackey         Mrs. Grace Mae                          24-Jan-74   93

Death       Mackey         Mrs. Mayme Metcalf                      15-Jan-53   93

Death       Magin          Mrs. Glen                               12-Jul-73   35

Death       Manley         Richard                                 09-Nov-33   66

Death       Manlove        Lynn L.                                 03-Mar-55   92

Death       Maple          Rev. G. G.                              14-Sep-33   55

Death       Massie         Fred W.                                 14-Mar-74  106

Death       Matheny        Mrs. James                              08-Mar-34  107

Death       Matheny        William                                 18-Jan-73    5

Death       McCormick      Alex                                    04-May-33   15

Death       McCutcheon     Mrs. Leona F.                           07-Mar-74   14

Death       McDaniel       James H.                                23-Oct-52   73

Death       McDaniel       Ray I.                                  01-Oct-73   54

Death       McDaniel       Ray I.                                  11-Oct-73   56

Death       McGinnis       Mrs. Elizabeth                          28-Mar-74  110

Death       McKinley       Captain W.                              05-Mar-53  113

Death       McLean         Donald                                  01-Nov-73   63

Death       McMinimy       Guy Emerson                             22-Oct-53  117

Death       McVay          Henry                                   03-Jan-74   82

Death       McVay          Henry                                   10-Jan-74   87

Death       Mercer         Mrs. Marcella Jane                      28-Feb-74  101

Death       Meredith       Fred                                    23-Sep-54   64

Death       Merideth       Mrs. Susie E.                           05-Jul-73   26

Death       Mickle         John A.                                 08-Jan-53  101

Death       Miller         Eugene L.                               19-Jul-73   38

Death       Miller         W. L. "Red"                             21-Aug-52   52

Death       Moore          Archibald C. (Archie)                   25-May-67    4

Death       Moore          Mrs. Henry                              07-Apr-55  112

Death       Motter         Joseph M                                26-Oct-33   66

Death       Mullen         Mrs. Anna L.                            26-Oct-33   52

Death       Munger         Howard                                  03-May-73   16

Death       Myers          Mrs. Pearl Marlow                       20-Oct-55  116

Death       Neill          Mrs. Alice M.                           16-Aug-73   44

Death       Nelson         John M.                                 19-Feb-53  112

Death       Nelson         Mrs. George C. (Mary Jane Nooner)       28-Mar-74  112

Death       Newcomb        John E. (Dad)                           26-Aug-54   58

Death       Nussman        Frances M. (Frank)                      22-Feb-34   93

Death       Ogilvie        Jesse Lewis                             11-Sep-52   52

Death       O'Neal         Robert L.                               06-Sep-73   48

Death       Or             Edward                                  15-Nov-73   67

Death       Osborn         Mrs. Essie Pearl                        16-Oct-52   70

Death       Owen           Chauncey                                18-Jan-34   90

Death       Payne          Mrs. Donald                             10-Jan-74   85

Death       Payne          Thomas Calvin                           19-Oct-33   61

Death       Peters         Mrs. Lola Lucille                       29-Nov-73   68

Death       Phelps         Harry                                   16-Nov-33   67

Death       Phelps         Virgil                                  01-May-52   28

Death       Phillips       Art                                     14-Jun-73   29

Death       Phillips       Miss Mary Jane                          22-Feb-34   92

Death       Phillips       Mrs. Rovena Mary                        17-May-73   19

Death       Pickett        LeRoy                                   07-Jun-73   27

Death       Pittenger      John J.                                 17-Jan-74   88

Death       Plenty         Mrs. Mildred                            02-Oct-73   60

Death       Predmore       Mrs. Lena M.                            07-Mar-74  105

Death       Price          Everett  L.                             06-Jan-55   84

Death       Prunty         Donald J.                               26-Jul-73   40

Death       Quesenberry    Harry                                   08-Feb-34   98

Death       Quesenberry    Harry H.                                01-Feb-34   95

Death       Ray            Phillip                                 07-Sep-33   60

Death       Reans          Carl                                    16-Oct-52   70

Death       Reeves         John Franklin                           28-Feb-74  103

Death       Riser          Willis E.                               13-Sep-73   50

Death       Roberts        Leland Stanford                         28-Feb-74  102

Death       Roberts        Mrs. Everett                            21-Aug-52   53

Death       Roberts        Mrs. Mary Kirkwood                      25-Sep-52   66

Death       Rolston        Bill                                    26-Sep-74  115

Death       Roudebush      Mrs. Lottie May                         20-Dec-51    8

Death       Ruffcorn       Dale A.                                 26-Sep-74  115

Death       Runtie         Mrs. Charles                            20-Dec-51    8

Death       Salisbury      A. C.                                   11-Oct-73   57

Death       Sanford        Mrs. Guy                                06-Dec-73   71

Death       Sanford        Mrs. Melinda                            01-Feb-34   95

Death       Sanford        William A.                              07-Dec-33   73

Death       Sapp           Mrs. Ben                                20-Jan-66    1

Death       Schwanke       Paul W.                                 06-Sep-73   48

Death       Shanks         Delmar I.                               25-Oct-73   52

Death       Shelor         H. Ben                                  31-Jan-74   94

Death       Shelor         Virden                                  08-Jan-53  101

Death       Shelts         Arthur                                  16-Aug-73   44

Death       Sherrick       Mrs. Martin (Alma)                      14-Feb-74  100

Death       Shryack        Faye H.                                 27-Sep-73   53

Death       Slater         Dennis                                  07-Mar-74  105

Death       Smith          Alma E.                                 11-Oct-73   56

Death       Smith          Larry                                   25-May-66    2

Death       Smith          Mrs. Emma                               05-Feb-53  107

Death       Smith          Mrs. Fred                               11-Dec-52   90

Death       Smith          Ray W.                                  11-Oct-73   57

Death       Smith          Rev. Christopher                        17-Aug-33   43

Death       Standley       Mrs. Edna                               10-May-73   16

Death       Stankiewicz    William                                 06-Sep-73   48

Death       Stark          Mrs. Emily Nicol                        03-Feb-55   96

Death       Steiner        Clarence F.                             25-Dec-52   95

Death       Stewart        Chester                                 20-Jan-66    2

Death       Stodgell       Henry                                   12-Oct-33   58

Death       Stoneking      Clarence "Doc"                          09-Aug-73   34

Death       Stoneking      Mrs. Mary                               12-Apr-34  114

Death       Stoneking      Thomas                                  15-Mar-34  108

Death       Stoner         Guy                                     10-Mar-55  104

Death       Stoner         Mrs. Rosella May                        01-Feb-74   97

Death       Swanson        Orville H.                              18-Oct-73   60

Death       Thomas         Guy A.                                  19-Jul-73   39

Death       Thomas         Mrs. Fred                               25-May-67    2

Death       Thompson       J. E.                                   27-Sep-34  115

Death       Thompson       Mrs. Ethel A. (Carden)                  31-Mar-55  109

Death       Toland         I. Glen                                 01-Feb-73    6

Death       Tuck           Mrs. Alice M.                           24-Aug-52   47

Death       Vail           Willis E.                               24-May-73   22

Death       VanFleet       Claude L.                               20-Dec-73   77

Death       Wade           Mrs. W. D. (Isabelle)                   13-Apr-33   12

Death       Walton         Miss Zeka                               19-Feb-53  112

Death       Waner          Glen C.                                 01-Feb-73    7

Death       Wardell        Mrs. Susie C.                           11-Oct-73   59

Death       Watts          Mrs. Frances                            13-Dec-73   74

Death       Wear           Ben S.                                  20-Sep-73   51

Death       Wear           Mrs. Ben                                27-Nov-52   87

Death       Wear           Mrs. J. A.                              17-Aug-33   43

Death       Webb           Mrs. Margaret                           14-Mar-74  106

Death       Weinberg       Dearborn                                26-Apr-73   14

Death       Welborn        Amos Scott                              27-Nov-52   87

Death       Welchans       Mrs. Fred (Lida Belle)                  05-Apr-73   12

Death       Welchans       Mrs.Fred                                12-Apr-73   13

Death       West           Mrs. W. D.                              16-Sep-54  115

Death       West           Mrs. W. D. (Jessie H.)                  16-Sep-54   55

Death       West           Theodore F. (Ted)                       28-Jun-73   33

Death       White          Mrs. Melvina (Mellie)                   09-Sep-54   60

Death       White          Mrs. Raymond (Marjorie)                 28-Aug-73   45

Death       White          Mrs. Stella                             28-Mar-74  111

Death       Wiegand        Henry                                   25-May-67    2

Death       Wiegand        Henry W.                                05-May-67    3

Death       Wier           Mrs. Ray (Lee Elnola)                   14-Jun-73   29

Death       Williams       Lawrence Leon                           08-Nov-73   65

Death       Williams       T. V.                                   03-Mar-55   92

Death       Window         Mrs. Grace Young                        02-Aug-73   41

Death       Winfield       Mrs. Violet Agnes                       01-Nov-73   63

Death       Witt           Samuel                                  01-Mar-34  104

Death       Wolfe          Mrs. Mary Anna                          01-Jan-53   98

Death       Wood           Jess J.                                 14-Feb-74   99

Death       Wright         Beryl O.                                26-Jul-73   40

Death       Wright         Clarence "Goodie"                       21-Aug-52   52

Death       Wright         Mrs. Lucy Ann                           17-Jan-74   90

Death       Young          Charles                                 05-Jul-73   26

Death       Young          William D.                              14-Sep-33   55

Divorce     Jones          Dale Byron from Linda Mirlene           02-Aug-73   42

Divorce     McMahan        Nancy J. from Ernest R.                 06-Dec-73   72

Divorce     McMahan        Nancy J. from Ernest R.                 20-Dec-73   78

Engagement  Clark          Gene to Pam Fowler                      21-Jun-73   32

Engagement  DeJaynes       Randy L. to Teresa Bernadett MacCarthy  24-May-73   21

Engagement  Fowler         Pam to Gene Clark                       21-Jun-73   32

Engagement  MacCarthy      Teresa Bernadett to Randy L. DeJaynes   24-May-73   21

Engagement  Moore          Ken to Marlene Waddell                  19-Apr-73   14

Engagement  Roberts        Marla Anet to Richard LeRoy Rosendale   31-May-73   23

Engagement  Rosendale      Robert LeRoy to Marla Anet Roberts      31-May-73   23

Engagement  Waddell        Marlene to Ken Moore                    19-Apr-73   14

Estate      Blunt          Fae M.                                  04-Oct-73   54

Estate      Blunt          Fae M.                                  11-Oct-73   57

Estate      Bruner         Clarence C.                             21-Feb-74   92

Estate      Burnett        Mary A.                                 03-Feb-55   96

Estate      Garvey         Marjories E.                            13-Dec-73   74

Estate      Garvey         Marjories E.                            20-Dec-73   78

Estate      Lord           Kenneth F.                              10-Jan-74   86

Estate      Lord           Kenneth F.                              17-Jan-74   89

Estate      Melvin         Nida                                    06-Dec-73   70

Estate      Melvin         Nida                                    13-Dec-73   75

Estate      Melvin         Nida                                    20-Dec-73   78

Estate      Miller         Lewis V.                                04-Oct-73   54

Estate      Miller         Lewis V.                                11-Oct-73   57

Estate      Miller         Lewis V.                                13-Dec-73   75

Family      Agans          John                                    03-Mar-55   92

Family      Agans          Mr. & Mrs. Lora & children              03-Mar-55   92

Family      Aleshire       Edgar                                   25-Sep-52   66

Family      Aleshire       Edgar                                   27-Sep-34  115

Family      Aleshire       Mrs. Lulu                               25-Dec-52   95

Family      Aleshire       Ralph                                   25-Dec-52   95

Family      Alexander      Mr. & Mrs. Larry                        01-Feb-73    7

Family      Allen          Lucille                                 28-Mar-74  110

Family      Anderson       Mrs. Ellen                              25-Oct-34  117

Family      Bagent         Marvin L.                               31-May-73   24

Family      Ballard        Mr. & Mrs. W. B.                        17-Aug-33   43

Family      Beadles        Eleanor                                 24-Oct-74  117

Family      Beadles        Mrs. Orval                              01-Feb-73    6

Family      Bell           Mrs. R. K.                              22-Jan-53  103

Family      Berry          Mr. & Mrs. John                         31-May-73   23

Family      Blair          Mrs. William                            21-Sep-54   64

Family      Bloomster      Rev. D. A.                              25-Oct-34  116

Family      Bodenhamer     Arthur & Elmer                          25-Dec-52   95

Family      Bodenhamer     William                                 25-Dec-52   95

Family      Bradley        Mr. & Mrs. Kendall                      10-Jan-74   85

Family      Bradshaw       Mrs. Dean                               15-Nov-73   67

Family      Braun          Mr. & Mrs. Ed                           17-Aug-33   43

Family      Brown          Mr. & Mrs. Laurel                       22-Oct-53  117

Family      Bruner         Rev. Clifford                           20-Oct-55  116

Family      Burdett        Mrs. Roscoe (Glenn)                     20-Dec-73   77

Family      Burmood        Mrs. Gladys                             01-Feb-73    7

Family      Bushnell       Mr. & Mrs. Bert                         24-May-73   21

Family      Cain           Miss Bernice                            04-Jan-34   84

Family      Cain           Mrs. Fred H. & Donald                   23-Sep-54   64

Family      Cain           Mrs. Mary                               22-Oct-53  117

Family      Campbell       Mrs. Eva                                25-Oct-73   52

Family      Campbell       Mrs. Jeanne & Loris                     05-Apr-73   12

Family      Carter         Mr. & Mrs. Archie                       03-Jan-74   82

Family      Casley         Family Reunion                          02-Aug-73   41

Family      Chapman        "Uncle Billy"                           20-Dec-73   77

Family      Clark          Family Reunion                          23-Aug-73   45

Family      Clark          Mr. & Mrs. Jesse                        10-Jan-74   85

Family      Collins        Mildred                                 28-Mar-74  110

Family      Collins        Mrs. Gene and Dana                      01-Feb-73    7

Family      Collins        PFC M. D. (David)                       20-Oct-55  116

Family      Conway         Mr. & Mrs. Robert                       25-Oct-34  117

Family      Cook           Family Reunion                          02-Aug-73   41

Family      Cookson        Mr. & Mrs. Orin, Jerry & Rod            30-Aug-73   47

Family      Cox            Mr. & Mrs. A. E.                        23-Nov-33   69

Family      Cox            Mr. & Mrs. Leo                          21-Jun-73   31

Family      Crain          Mrs. B. B.                              23-Nov-33   69

Family      Cravens        Mrs. Homer H.                           27-Sep-34  115

Family      Crawford       Mr. & Mrs. Ernest                       21-Sep-54   64

Family      Crawford       Mr. & Mrs. Marco                        21-Sep-54   64

Family      Crawford       Mrs. Vern (Pauline)                     06-Dec-73   71

Family      Custer         Proper                                  07-Sep-33   60

Family      Daniels        Mrs. Lewis                              15-Nov-73   67

Family      Daniels        Mrs. Loretta                            22-Oct-53  117

Family      Davis          Mr. & Mrs. Irvin & Jeff                 25-Oct-73   52

Family      Davis          Mr. & Mrs. Robert & family              25-Oct-73   52

Family      Davis          Mrs. Bertha                             25-Oct-73   52

Family      Davis          Mrs. Lola                               29-Nov-51    5

Family      DeJaynes       Mr. & Mrs. Russell                      20-Oct-55  116

Family      Dennis         Family Reunion                          21-Sep-33   64

Family      Denny          Mrs. Alex                               23-Sep-54   64

Family      Denny          Mrs. Jean                               21-Jun-73   31

Family      DiGiacomo      Mrs. J. N.                              23-Sep-54   64

Family      Diseron        Mr. & Mrs. Vern, Russel, Richard & Way  03-Mar-55   92

Family      Diseron        Mrs. Betty                              03-Mar-55   92

Family      Dooley         Melissa                                 08-Feb-73   10

Family      Dooley         Mrs. Debra                              08-Feb-73   10

Family      Douglas        Frankie                                 10-Jan-74   85

Family      Douglas        Mr. & Mrs. Frank (Family Reunion)       12-Jul-73   35

Family      Drake          Glen                                    01-Feb-73    7

Family      Drake          Mr. & Mrs. Mike                         01-Feb-73    7

Family      DuBois         Family Reunion                          12-Jul-73   35

Family      Dunham         Mr. & Mrs. E. E. & Bob                  05-Apr-73   12

Family      Dunn           Mrs. Ed                                 25-Oct-34  117

Family      Elsbury        Paul                                    21-Feb-74   91

Family      Endsley        Max                                     17-Aug-73   42

Family      Etter          Mr. & Mrs. Junior                       23-Sep-54   64

Family      Fain           Charles                                 08-Feb-73    8

Family      Faulkner       Mrs.                                    21-Sep-54   64

Family      Faulkner       Mrs. Darlene Smith                      08-Feb-73   10

Family      Ferguson       Mrs. Beulah                             21-Jun-73   31

Family      Ferguson       Mrs. Beulah                             23-Aug-73   46

Family      Ferguson       Mrs. Beulah                             10-Jan-74   85

Family      Fey            Bernard                                 01-May-52   28

Family      Fowler         Mr. & Mrs. Clay                         27-Nov-52   87

Family      Fowler         Pam                                     28-Jun-73   33

Family      Futhey         Mr. & Mrs. Ed                           20-Oct-55  116

Family      Garlick        Archie                                  01-Feb-73    6

Family      Garlick        Mr. & Mrs. Ernest                       25-Oct-34  117

Family      Garlick        Mr. & Mrs. Lewis                        25-Oct-34  117

Family      Garlick        Mrs. Myrtle                             23-Aug-73   45

Family      Gibson         George, Cloyd, Ross & Chester           10-Mar-55  104

Family      Gillespie      Mr. & Mrs. Guy                          03-Mar-55   92

Family      Glass          Roy                                     16-Aug-73   44

Family      Gooding        Mrs. Otto (Martha), Dayne & Wayne       08-Feb-73   10

Family      Graham         Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence                     01-Feb-73    7

Family      Greenleaf      Miss Carol Lea                          24-Mar-55  107

Family      Grove          Mrs. Dessie                             01-Feb-73    6

Family      Grove          Mrs. Dessie                             07-Feb-74   97

Family      Hale           Mr. & Mrs. Bliss                        01-Feb-73    7

Family      Hamm           Glenn                                   25-Oct-34  117

Family      Hamm           Lee                                     23-Aug-73   45

Family      Hanning        Mr. & Mrs. Glen & daughter              23-Sep-54   64

Family      Harris         Mrs. Marilyn                            08-Feb-73   10

Family      Hart           George                                  10-Jan-74   86

Family      Hart           Mrs. Robert (Ina Mae) & family          06-Dec-73   71

Family      Hayden         Mr. & Mrs. Gale                         25-Oct-73   52

Family      Hayden         Mr. & Mrs. Meredith                     25-Oct-73   52

Family      Hedgcock       Miss Grace                              17-Aug-33   43

Family      Hendrickson    Family Reunion                          02-Aug-73   41

Family      Higgins        Gladys                                  15-Nov-73   67

Family      Hillyer        Family Reunion                          06-Sep-73   49

Family      Hoelscher      Mrs. Fred J.                            13-Mar-52   15

Family      Hoeney         Mrs. Wilda                              10-Jan-74   85

Family      Hoing          Mr. & Mrs. Joe                          10-Jan-74   85

Family      Holmes         Lori                                    23-Aug-73   46

Family      Homberger      Mr. & Mrs. Frank                        17-Aug-33   43

Family      Hoskinson      B. Q.                                   21-Sep-54   64

Family      Hoyle          Mrs. Helen                              24-May-73   21

Family      Hoyt           Mr. & Mrs. B. F.                        12-Apr-34  114

Family      Huff           Mr. 8 Mrs. Will & Mae                   12-Apr-34  114

Family      Hughbanks      Mr. & Mrs. George                       10-Jan-74   85

Family      Hurst          Grover, Loren & family                  10-Jan-74   85

Family      Ippensen       Mr. & Mrs. Alfred & son                 23-Sep-54   65

Family      Johnson        Adelaide                                16-Oct-52   70

Family      Johnson        Mr. & Mrs. Albert J.                    21-Sep-54   64

Family      Johnson        Mrs. Sam                                15-Nov-73   67

Family      Jones          Mrs. Glen                               25-Oct-34  116

Family      Jones          Mrs. Leland                             31-May-73   23

Family      Kearby         Mr. & Mrs. Fred & Thomas                03-Mar-55   92

Family      Kearby         Mr. & Mrs. Gerald & children            03-Mar-55   92

Family      Kelly          Mr. & Mrs. Edward & family              10-Jan-74   85

Family      Kelly          Mrs. Margaret & baby                    25-Oct-73   52

Family      Kerker         Jim, Melanie & Jamie                    01-Feb-73    7

Family      Ketchum        Miss Ellen                              12-Apr-34  114

Family      King           Burton                                  22-Mar-34  109

Family      Knight         Helen and Ferne, Ina                    25-Oct-34  117

Family      Knight         Mrs. Stella                             15-Nov-73   67

Family      Knootz         Jess and Ethelinda                      25-Oct-34  116

Family      Kotter         Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy & Dixie                01-Feb-73    7

Family      Kurry          Marion                                  16-Nov-33   67

Family      Lipe           Orin & Mary Provolt                     29-Nov-73   68

Family      Long           Mr. & Mrs. Bruce                        01-Feb-73    7

Family      Lord           Clyde F.                                28-Jun-73   33

Family      Lord           Mrs. Donald                             22-Oct-53  117

Family      Lovell         Mrs. Wayne                              10-Jan-74   85

Family      Lunt           Lois & family                           17-Jan-74   89

Family      Mackey         John                                    01-Mar-34  105

Family      Martin         Mrs. Margaret                           29-Mar-73   11

Family      McClaren       Mrs. Ida                                12-Oct-33   58

Family      McCutchan      Family Reunion                          16-Aug-73   45

Family      McCutchan      J. Don                                  24-May-73   21

Family      McCutchan      Mr. & Mrs. Clarence                     24-May-73   21

Family      McCutchan      Mr. & Mrs. Howard                       24-May-73   21

Family      McCutchan      Mr. & Mrs. Leo                          24-May-73   21

Family      McCutchan      Mr. & Mrs. William                      24-May-73   21

Family      McGlaighlin    Everett and Kenneth                     29-Nov-73   68

Family      McKinley       Rev. Arthur                             05-Mar-53  113

Family      Mead           John                                    09-Sep-54   60

Family      Melvin         Mr. & Mrs. Donald                       23-Sep-54   64

Family      Melvin         Mrs. Floyd                              01-Feb-73    7

Family      Mener          Sara                                    23-Aug-73   46

Family      Merrick        Mrs. Edwin                              12-Apr-34  114

Family      Metzger        Mr. & Mrs. J. P.                        17-Aug-33   43

Family      Middlekauff    Mrs. Norman (Berry) & family            06-Dec-73   71

Family      Miller         Mrs. Dick (Merlene)                     28-Jun-73   33

Family      Miller         Mrs. George                             26-Oct-33   66

Family      Moon           Harvey                                  07-Sep-33   60

Family      Moore          Miss Louise                             05-Jun-52   36

Family      Moore          Mrs. Birdie & Clyde                     05-Jul-73   26

Family      Moss           Mrs. Lloyd                              25-Oct-34  117

Family      Myers          Lillie                                  10-May-73   16

Family      Neve           Alan and Patty                          31-May-73   23

Family      Neve           Mr. & Mrs. Ralph, Tara & Charity Beth   31-May-74   23

Family      Newnham        Herman                                  21-Mar-74  108

Family      Noel           Mrs. Zelma                              10-Apr-52   20

Family      Norris         Mr. & Mrs.William                       29-Nov-51    5

Family      Palmer         Mrs. George P.                          26-Oct-73   66

Family      Parsons        Charles Jacob                           28-Mar-74  110

Family      Parsons        Dwight, Chester, Glen, Elmer            28-Mar-74  110

Family      Payne          Lewis                                   29-Nov-51    5

Family      Pence          Mrs. Harry                              23-Nov-33   69

Family      Perry          Mrs. Russell                            21-Sep-54   64

Family      Peters         Lola                                    06-Dec-73   71

Family      Peterson       Mr. & Mrs. Cleo                         01-Feb-73    7

Family      Peterson       Mr. & Mrs. Cleo                         01-Feb-73    7

Family      Peukert        Mrs. Jean                               01-Feb-73    6

Family      Phelps         Billy                                   17-Aug-33   43

Family      Phelps         Miss Jean                               13-Mar-52   15

Family      Phillips       Margaret                                28-Mar-74  110

Family      Phillips       Mr. & Mrs. Glenn                        28-Mar-74  110

Family      Pickinpaugh    Family Reunion                          06-Sep-73   48

Family      Plumlee        Grant                                   12-Apr-34  114

Family      Pollock        Mr. & Mrs. Jess                         23-Oct-52   73

Family      Pollock        Mr. & Mrs. William                      23-Oct-52   73

Family      Pollock        Mr. & Mrs. William                      30-Oct-52   76

Family      Pollock        Mrs. Alma                               15-Nov-73   67

Family      Post           Merle                                   29-Nov-51    5

Family      Powell         Mrs. J. D.                              13-Sep-73   50

Family      Preyt          Mrs. Avis                               24-May-73   21

Family      Pugh           Mrs. Lucy & Ethel                       22-Oct-53  117

Family      Quesenberry    Mr. & Mrs. Roobert                      31-Jan-74   95

Family      Quesenberry    Mrs. Eva                                31-Jan-74   95

Family      Rairden        Wilber                                  29-Nov-51    5

Family      Reed           Mrs. Lela                               25-Dec-52   95

Family      Reeves         Herschel                                01-Feb-73    7

Family      Robbins        Mr. & Mrs. Arlyn & son                  23-Sep-54   64

Family      Robbins        Rollo                                   23-Nov-33   69

Family      Roberts        Family Reunion                          12-Jul-73   35

Family      Roberts        Mr. & Mrs. Hugh                         29-Mar-73   11

Family      Roberts        Mr. & Mrs. Virgil                       01-Feb-73    7

Family      Robinson       Family Reunion                          26-Aug-54   58

Family      Robison        Mr. & Mrs. Halford                      20-Oct-55  116

Family      Robison        Mrs. Charles                            04-Jan-34   84

Family      Ross           Herman                                  24-Mar-55  107

Family      Sapp           Mrs. Myrtle                             25-Oct-73   52

Family      Saunders       Mrs. Elvira                             21-Jun-73   31

Family      Schoonover     Connie                                  10-Jan-74   85

Family      Seigfeid       Mrs. Helen                              07-Feb-74   97

Family      Sharon         Mr. & Mrs. Everett                      01-Mar-34  104

Family      Shaw           Mrs. William                            05-Mar-53  113

Family      Shelor         H. B. (Ben)                             18-Oct-73   59

Family      Shelor         H. B. (Ben)                             01-Nov-73   63

Family      Shelts         Mr. & Mrs. Charles                      03-Mar-55   92

Family      Smith          Fred                                    22-Oct-53  117

Family      Smith          Mrs. Alma                               08-Feb-73   10

Family      Stanford       Mrs. Glen (Opal)                        06-Dec-73   71

Family      Stanley        Mrs. Homer                              23-Sep-54   64

Family      Steiner        Mr. & Mrs. Clarence (Family  Reunion)   23-Sep-54   64

Family      Sticklen       Mr. & Mrs. Floyd Sticklen               25-Oct-34  117

Family      Stoneking      Mrs. Ada                                07-Jun-73   27

Family      Stoneking      Mrs. Mary                               05-Apr-34  113

Family      Sutphen        Mrs. Chet                               22-Oct-53  117

Family      Swarts         S. M. and family                        25-Oct-34  116

Family      Syrcle         Mr. & Mrs. Bill & Frances               22-Oct-53  117

Family      Toland         Don                                     01-Feb-73    7

Family      Toland         Mr. & Mrs. Junior                       01-Feb-73    7

Family      Toland         Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd                        01-Feb-73    7

Family      Twaddle        Family Reunion                          23-Aug-73   45

Family      Twaddle        Mrs. Etta                               24-May-73   21

Family      Tweedell       Mr. & Mrs. Matt                         20-Oct-55  116

Family      Vail           Miss Gladys                             04-Jan-34   84

Family      VanBrooker     Mr. & Mrs. Minor                        20-Oct-55  116

Family      VanFleet       Mr. & Mrs. Harold                       10-Jan-74   85

Family      VanWinkle      Mr. & Mrs. Henry                        03-Mar-55   92

Family      Veff           Mr. & Mrs. George                       05-Mar-53  113

Family      Waner          Mrs. Sylvia                             01-Feb-73    7

Family      Ware           Mr. & Mrs. Clyde & family               03-Jan-74   82

Family      Ware           Mrs. Clyde                              01-Feb-73    7

Family      Ware           Mrs. Clyde                              28-Jun-73   33

Family      Waymack        Mrs. Cleo                               01-Feb-73    7

Family      Wear           Jake                                    10-Apr-52   20

Family      Webster        Mr. & Mrs. Larry & family               28-Mar-74  110

Family      West           Mrs. Walter                             04-Jan-34   84

Family      White          John & Eliza Levi                       29-Nov-73   68

Family      White          Mr. & Mrs. Cecil                        24-Oct-74  117

Family      White          Mrs. John W.                            04-May-33   15

Family      Wickert        Cpl. Ralph M.                           01-May-52   28

Family      Widener        Doris & family                          17-Jan-74   89

Family      Wilckens       Mr. & Mrs. Patrick & Betsy              31-May-73   23

Family      Wilckens       Mrs. LeRoy & Mrs. Patrick & baby        01-Feb-73    7

Family      Wilhelm        Family Reunion                          13-Sep-73   50

Family      Wilson         Mr. & Mrs. N. Seaton                    12-Oct-33   58

Family      Wilson         Nellie                                  25-Dec-52   95

Family      Window         Wayne H.                                14-Jun-73   30

Family      Winfield       Mrs. Alvin                              22-Oct-53  117

Family      Winters        Mr. & Mrs. A. C.                        12-Apr-34  114

Family      Wood           A/3C Carl E. Wood                       09-Sep-54   60

Family      Woodward       Mrs. Annabele                           12-Oct-33   58

Family      Wright         John                                    12-Oct-33   58

Family      Wright         Mr. & Mrs. Frank                        12-Oct-33   58

Family      Wright         Mrs. Hattie                             30-Oct-52   76

Family      Young          Mr. & Mrs. Chester                      01-Feb-73    7

Family      Young          Mr. & Mrs. Vincent                      03-Jan-74   82

Family      Younge         Golda                                   28-Mar-74  110

Marriage    Avery          Allen and Lena Springer                 27-Nov-52   87

Marriage    Baird          Eugene F. and Elsie Osborne             12-Apr-34  114

Marriage    Blunt          George Richard and Joni Lynn Dorethy    14-Jun-73   30

Marriage    Botts          Mrs. Vernie and Fred L. Smith           21-Sep-33   51

Marriage    Breuer         Emery F. and Norma DeGroot              07-Apr-55  112

Marriage    Brown          Martha and Herbert Allen                22-Oct-53  117

Marriage    Burmood        Bert and Marie Watson                   25-Jan-34   94

Marriage    Burmood        Mabel and Fred Knowles                  25-Jan-34   94

Marriage    Burton         Robert and Pauline Kurry                11-Jan-34   87

Marriage    Burton         Wesley and Mrs. Ruth W. Cain            30-Aug-73   47

Marriage    Cain           Mrs. Mary and Dee Smith                 21-Sep-54   64

Marriage    Cain           Mrs. Ruth W. and Wesley Burton          30-Aug-73   47

Marriage    Caldwell       Damon Turner and Esther Dennis          08-Feb-34   98

Marriage    Camp           Dr. Harold and Doris Holt               01-Feb-33   96

Marriage    Carls          Dorothy and Lloyd J. Carnes             23-Sep-54   64

Marriage    Carnes         Lloyd J. and Dorothy Carls              23-Sep-54   64

Marriage    Castleberry    Marie E. and Obie P. Royer              21-Jun-73   31

Marriage    Conway         Robert and Beulah Garlick               25-Oct-34  117

Marriage    DeGroot        Norma and Emery F. Breuer               07-Apr-55  112

Marriage    Dennis         Esther and Damon Turner Caldwell        08-Feb-34   98

Marriage    Diseron        Betty and Charles Shelts                06-Jan-55   84

Marriage    Dorethy        Joni Lynn and George Richard Blunt      14-Jun-73   30

Marriage    Dowacter       Albert and Eleanor Hopping              22-Oct-53  117

Marriage    Dowacter       Alberta May and Forrest Eugene Groves   05-Jun-52   36

Marriage    Downing        Harold and Ocle Smith                   15-Mar-34  108

Marriage    Erdle          Larry and Kristene Wisslead             21-Jun-73   32

Marriage    Garlick        Beulah and Robert Conway                25-Oct-34  117

Marriage    Gibson         Herbert C. and Mary Jane Hendricks      22-Oct-53  117

Marriage    Gish           Dean and Louise Moore                   04-Sep-52   61

Marriage    Greenleaf      Violet and John Rose, Jr.               14-Sep-33   55

Marriage    Groves         Forrest Eugene and Alberta May Dowacte  05-Jun-52   36

Marriage    Hare           Rena Belle and John Henninger           04-Nov-54   67

Marriage    Harl           Darrell and Annette Twaddle             24-May-73   22

Marriage    Hatch          Gilbert Edward and Evelyn Webb          05-Apr-34  113

Marriage    Heine          Lewis and Magdalen Phillips             12-Apr-73   13

Marriage    Hendricks      Mary Jane and Herbert C. Gibson         22-Oct-53  117

Marriage    Henninger      John and Rena Belle Hare                04-Nov-54   67

Marriage    Hill           Morris and Ruby McHone                  31-Aug-33   58

Marriage    Holt           Doris and Dr. Harold Camp               01-Feb-33   96

Marriage    Hopping        Eleanor and Albert Dowacter             22-Oct-53  117

Marriage    Kiesaw         James Thomas and Linda McElroy          26-May-73   17

Marriage    Kiesaw         James Thomas and Linda McElroy          31-May-73   24

Marriage    Kimble         Shirley Ann and Saul Newman             04-Sep-52   61

Marriage    Kimmell        Carl and Gladys Williams                01-Mar-34  105

Marriage    Kindhart       Raymond and Annabel Woods               14-Sep-33   55

Marriage    Knowles        Fred and Mabel Burmood                  25-Jan-34   94

Marriage    Knowles        Theresa Sue and Fred Sanders, Jr.       23-Aug-73   45

Marriage    Kurry          Pauline and Robert Burton               11-Jan-34   87

Marriage    McElroy        Linda and James Thomas Kiesaw           26-May-73   17

Marriage    McElroy        Linda and James Thomas Kiesaw           31-May-73   24

Marriage    McHone         Ruby and Morris Hill                    31-Aug-33   58

Marriage    Moore          Louise and Dean Gish                    04-Sep-52   61

Marriage    Munn           Garnetta and Harley Pickinpaugh         19-Oct-33   61

Marriage    Newman         Saul and Shirley Ann Kimble             04-Sep-52   61

Marriage    Orr            Joanne and Dean Pickett                 22-Jan-53  103

Marriage    Osborne        Elsie and Eugene F. Baird               12-Apr-34  114

Marriage    Owings         Guy Wilson and Pamela Sue Wingate       09-Aug-73   34

Marriage    Phillips       Magdalen and Lewis W. Heine             12-Apr-73   13

Marriage    Pickard        Donna and Lyle Wright                   06-Sep-73   49

Marriage    Pickenpaugh    Harley and Garnetta Munn                19-Oct-33   61

Marriage    Pickett        Dean and Joanne Orr                     22-Jan-53  103

Marriage    Rose           John, Jr. and Violet Greenleaf          14-Sep-33   55

Marriage    Royer          Obie P. and Marie E. Castleberry        21-Jun-73   31

Marriage    Runkle         Margaret and Lonnie Young               04-Jan-34   84

Marriage    Runquist       Steve and Carolyn Stratton              27-Dec-73   81

Marriage    Sanders        Fred, Jr. and Theresa Sue Knowles       23-Aug-73   45

Marriage    Shelts         Charles and Betty Diseron               06-Jan-55   84

Marriage    Smith          Dee and Mrs. Mary Cain                  21-Sep-54   64

Marriage    Smith          Fred L. and Mrs. Vernie Botts           21-Sep-33

Marriage    Smith          Ocle and Harold Downing                 15-Mar-34  108

Marriage    Springer       Lena and Allen Avery                    27-Nov-52   87

Marriage    Stratton       Carolyn and Steve Runquist              27-Dec-73   81

Marriage    Swisegood      Martha Elizabeth and Benjamin G. Zenk   30-Nov-33   69

Marriage    Twaddle        Annette and Darrell Harl                24-May-73   22

Marriage    Twaddle        John Robert and Sharon Marie Youell     31-May-73   25

Marriage    Watson         Marie and Bert Burmood                  25-Jan-34   94

Marriage    Webb           Evelyn and Gilbert Edward Hatch         05-Apr-34  113

Marriage    Williams       Gladys and Carl Kimmell                 01-Mar-34  105

Marriage    Wingate        Pamela Sue and Guy Wilson Owings        09-Aug-73   34

Marriage    Wisslead       Kristene and Larry Erdle                21-Jun-73   32

Marriage    Woods          Annabel and Raymond Kindhart            14-Sep-33   55

Marriage    Wright         Lyle and Donna Pickard                  06-Sep-73   49

Marriage    Youell         Sharon Marie and John Robert Twaddle    31-May-73   25

Marriage    Young          Lonnie and Margaret Runkle              04-Jan-34   84

Marriage    Zenk           Benjamin G. and Martha Elizabeth Swise  30-Nov-33   69


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